A Spot of Tea

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Log Info

  • Title: A Spot of Tea
  • Emitter: Aryia
  • Characters: Aryia, Venom, Vaera, Verna
  • Place: Lower Markets
  • Time: December 6th, 2021
  • Summary: On a snow dusted day, Aryia and Violet are perusing the lower markets in search of some furniture for their barren abode. They run into a warmly wrapped up Vaera buying jewellery. Aryia asks Vaera if she could make some furniture for them, knowing the redscale had that trade in her back pocket as they made their way to a tea house to escape the cold. Verna joins them as well just as they enter. Tea acquired and introductions for those who have yet to meet go around, Aryia reads between the lines with Verna and hands her something that held sentimental value, hoping it would help for a trial to come. Verna excuses herself, and topic shifts to that of nesting mothers, and Aryia's frustration at the cultural divide that she has with aiding them. She is assuaged, somewhat, and ends up meditating on the topic to stave off a growing headache. Violet and Vaera continue conversations, adding a sith-friendly chair to list of the needed furniture items (one that was already quite long) as they eat food that wasn't filling in the slightest. Then they drift off into small talk.

Lower Markets, Midday

It's dim day, with clouds hanging low, dusting the ground with a thin layer of snow. It still didn't stop commerce from taking place, as most just donned heavier coats and caps to ward off the wandering flakes.

A scarred mul'neissa woman was bundled up in a verdant green jacket, buckled shut, with a grey cloak and gloves on. A black shawl was wrapped around her face to ward off the chill, though her eyes were bare. Squinted they were, looking through the window of a shop as they slowly ambled along the road.

By her side, in her usual blue robes with a heavier woolen cloak and scarf, is a pale, freckled human woman known to some as Violet.


It's only at certain angles from up close that one can see the freckles accross her cheeks behind the scarf, and the rosiness of the chill air alters her otherwise typically pale humor. She walks with a light step beside the Mul'niessa, looking around even as she does

Despite only the thin dusting of snow, one would think that winter was in full swing by the way a rather large figure was dressing. A heavy cloak was pulled tightly around them, and a dark red snout poked out of the fur lined hood over their head. Their gait was slow, with an alternating clank against the stone road every other step. She was checking some of the stalls still open, namely those working with jewelry and the like.

The mul was astride the human, a hand around the other's under the cloaks they wore. The other, unoccupied one was flitting about the air. "I was thinking four chairs, just in case we bring some friends over, you know?" she mentions with it, continuing on a conversation.

Red scales were gleamed from afar, and the mute hesitates for a brief moment. Then, 'ah', "Oh, hey, there's Vaera," she gestures, raising a hand and waving to the hunter. <Handspeech>

The small hand gets a gentle squeeze as she starts to sign, and Violet's attention turns her way, eyes first to the animations of Aryia's free hand.

After a moment to absorb her meaning, she nods with a little smile, "That sounds about right. If it seems we'll need more, we can always find them, I'm sure." she says softly.

With Aryia's hesitation and subsequent hails, she turns to get her obsidian peepers turned in the right direction to catch sight of-ah, there she is.

She draws slightly closer to the smaller woman, even as her own free hand emerges from the shelter of her cloak to offer a demure wave in turn. <sildanyari>

Vaera hands over several gold coins and accepts a small pouch from a dwarven merchant, before she turns to leave, which leads her to see the mul'niessa in her travels, accompanied by an unfamiliar face, which she pauses on before returning the wave as she makes her way over.

"Greetings, Aryia. Out seeing the markets with someone?" She asks, before gesturing to the person with her. "I do not believe that we have met, my name is Vaera, and somehow I suppose I managed to become Aryia's friend. You are looking for something in the market? I could not help but overhear. Perhaps I could help you to find it." She asks of the other figure, Sildanyari accented with the harsh yet elegant speech of the mul'niessan tongue. <Sildanyari>

Aryia's face was already a touch red from chill, but now it went a touch further towards that hue as Vaera makes note of the human she was hand in hand with. She clears her throat. "This is V-I-O-L-E-T. I've mentioned her to you before, and I've been meaning for you two to meet," she explains, stepping closer to lean against the freckled woman with a calf long braid. "Uh, yes, we are. She and I just got a place together and we need furniture. Do you kn-"


Blink blink.

"Heeeeeeeeey Vaera, how busy is your free time..?" she grins from under her shawl. <Handspeech>

The union of hands is maintained, whilst the human's other hand alights gently over her heart as she gives a little bow, "It's a pleasure, Miss Vaera, Aryia's spoken of you a great deal." <sildanyari>

As she straightens, with a fond look to the Mul'niessa, then regards the rubyscale anew, "Thank you, so very much for having her back as you have."

There is another little squeeze, then, a nod toward Aryia as she elaborates upon their objectives, though Violet's brows furrow a touch as the elf changes gait midstride.

One brow raised, the red makari regards the woman with Aryia again, before she chuffs and grins to them after seeing what the mul'niessa had to say. "Of me? That is surprising, but I know for a fact that Aryia has spoken a good deal of you. It is a pleasure to meet you, Violet, and I am glad to finally make your acquaintance."

Then, back to Aryia, and Vaera chuckles. "Already moving in together? I know softskin relationships can advance quickly, but that is still a surprise. And now you seek to take advantage of our friendship for furniture?"

The brow remains raised, and the makari remains relatively inscrutable.

Somehow, the shadow elf's face grows as crimson as the scales of the makari. Must be the cold. "B-Because the Ashwings were getting dangerously close and it's easier to keep an eye on each other," she blubbers out with a hand. "Take advanta-? What? No! I just remember you said you made furniture and-"

The mute continues with her explanations and reasonings. Not really digging herself a hole, but digging... something as she flounders about. <Handspeech>

Violet's cheeks color a little more as she shoots a furtive look to Aryia as the Makari points out some of those pacing things that keep popping up.


She extends a placative hand between the two women and offers a thoughtful, if slightly plaintive, "Perhaps we could discuss this over a spot of tea? There's a delightful teahouse just up the way, here. I'm sure we could all use some time out of the chill."

It's probably a smile behind the scarf that briefly closes her eyes as she awaits the answer to her proposition.

Vaera looks down at Aryia and Venom as the elf flounders, and the placating human. The makari blinks, and then loudly chuckle again, throwing the hood off with the movements. "Easy, easy Aryia. And Violet, it is alright. It was merely in jest, of course I would help you make some furniture for your new home. Would not be the first time. Tea sounds like a good idea Violet, we can talk about needs more there. I would happily spend as little time out in this cold as possible."

The peaceful hand causes Aryia's flounderings to peter out, her flushing madly and stepping into Violet to hide her face. She gives a scowl to Vaera, though it wasn't anything truly ireful. "Thank you, Vaera. Really, we just need a bedframe. Everything else we can get here. Unless you want to make that too."

The mute nods at the idea of tea, and gestures for Violet to lead the way. <Handspeech>

Feeling the shift and pivot beside her, Violet turns toward Aryia as the elf tucks some into her, setting that hand upon her shoulder gently.

She smiles warmly to her, though through the scarf, it rests upon her eyes to convey that message, then she nods up to Vaera as Aryia explains their needs, "Very much so, Miss Vaera, thank you!" she more fervent, if only to get past the scarf with proper clarity.

As the ladies give indicate their enthusiastic assent to being somewhere warmer, the human demurely takes the lead, opting to relate, "I found this place the other day as I was returning from a book shop."

The request from Aryia makes the red makari's brow raise once more before she is following alongside the two to where Violet was leading them. "Violet needs a bedframe, or 'we' need a bedframe? I know for a fact that mul'niessa need not sleep. Yet they often have such chambers in their homes." Vaera teases. "Apologies if I am being too crude. You are quite welcome Violet, and you as well, Aryia. I am sure that I could make more than just a bed frame if needed."

The mul'neissa further grows crimson, her shooting back an endearing, "Oh fuck off," to Veara, though the eye roll and slight smile was anything but what the signs intended. "We'll talk over tea, then."

The elf follows after, towed by the human. <Handspeech>

The human in question is somewhat fortunate that the chill has tinted her skin so far already...

Vaera's observation does put a slight half-note divergence in Violet's attempt to answer her, "Yes, ah... well...!"


Very dainty, "Quite."


Perhaps untrusting of her timbre for the moment, she opts to shut up for a little bit.

The red makari chuckles and shakes her head after she see's Violet's response as well. "I am just happy to see you both happy together. And that you were willing to open up with your feelings, Aryia."

"Though I would be careful, I may sweep Violet off her feet with my skills in carpentry. I know that tends to have that affect on some, or perhaps that is just me." She continues to joke, though Aryia picks up a scent from the hunter, one she may have seen when those makari she knew were sad. "What else were you thinking of adding to your home? If you do not have a bed already, I expect it is very sparsely furnished."

Aryia shrugs lightly and scratches the side of her shawled head with a glove. "Ah, uh, well, you know..." she trails off with a hand as they make it to the tea shop. "Doing my best."

There's a moment where Aryia squints at Vaera, thinking she was being serious for a heartbeat before she snorts and rolls her eyes back. "I didn't know you swung that way," she jokes, catching the faint emotion. Being around all those nest mothers has some benefits, it seems. So, she shifts the topic to answer the question. "We have no furniture. Absolutely none. No chairs, no tables, no bed, nothing. Best we have is some boxes that we moved with." <Handspeech>

Tea to comfort and/or warm the soul. Yet not simultaneously fry the brain as some 'warming' drinks are apt to do. As well, it may be that Verna simply approves of tea, or has developed a recently-renewed appreciation of such. It is also convenient that the Soldier's Defense is not so distant, as it is from that direction that the roughly humanoid-shaped draping of robes and cloak approaches.

"Keep doing your best, seems to be doing well enough so far." Vaera chuckles, the moment passing easily. "It is not that strange, is it? Or is it simply hard to believe? Do not worry though, the seasons come much less often, and neither of you are my type. Which means there is nothing to get in the way of me wishing the best for the two of you."

Reaching the tea house, the red makari ducks into the doorframe before straightening out in the room proper, wish a pleased chuff at the warm air. "Shall we find a seat, then?"

"Well, thank you then." Aryia simply snerks after Vaera's assuaged words, her holding the door open for Violet and... oh!" "Verna!" she greets with a wave. "Come in, come in, it's too cold outside." <Handspeech>

"Good eve," Verna responds to the wave as the door opens ahead for the group, "to you all. Indeed, it is somewhat chill." She slows behind the others, waiting her turn to enter. She is not one to attempt to shoulder her way through others, and certainly not of the stature to succeed should she do so.

The human's face is, likewise, fortunately covered by her scarf. Violet glances between the two as the banter continues, and she gives a little shrug, "Nothing is quite like a woman who is good with her hands."

"A friend of yours?" She asks Aryia, with a glance back to Verna as she is welcomed over. "If that is the case, you are welcome to join us. We were just having some tea, perhaps food to go with it, should this place serve anything.

Violet's response is caught, and the sith-makar chuckles. "It is always good to see what joy we can bring to people with them." She agrees. "New furniture and amenities at home are welcome, as is the artistry. And in Aryia's case, there are few who would be more effective, I've seen some of her training at the collosseum. You would think they were made of metal with the things she can break through."

Aryia stops just inside the teahouse as the others enter proper. Her torch-bright gaze is affixed on Violet, and the shawl loosens some to reveal an agape maw as a vivid rubor fills her visage. Her mouth shuts with a 'click' of her teeth, and looks off to wherever the counter is. Hoping, even *praying*, there was some kind of liquor back there...

She shakes her head, rubbing at her face as she takes a seat. "Yes, this is V-E-R-N-A," she motions to the redscale. She blinks a bit owlishly, biting her tongue to not read deeper into any meaning. "Yes, uh, those training targets sometimes have metal backings. They've... kind of soft banned me from training there. I break everything."

She cracks her knuckles before gesturing for the others to sit. <Handspeech>

"A pleasure to make your acquaintances," Verna notes to Vaera and Violet as she is introduced following their entry. After which, she notes, "I expect that you have far greater control over your body than most, and know that you have a far more deft and gentle touch than striking through targets might imply." She would not want Aryia to think herself clumsy when Verna believes otherwise.

Somtimes the only answer one can give is:

Clever girl.

Violet seems to find another, that being in a tone almost saintly in it's innocence, "Absolutely."

As the new arrival chimes in, she turns that way, "Oh, hello, miss Verna, how are you tonight?"

Vaera looks around for a place to sit, but finds no benches or stools. It was not often that makari stumbled into a teahouse, after all. So, she settles for finding a large chair to turn around at one of the tables, gesturing the others over as she removes her cloak to hang up.

Vaera looks to the cleric, and chuckles. "I am sure that she does, though perhaps it is best not to speak about around Violet." She suggests. "If you need other places to train, have you figured out alternatives? I thought that the colosseum was all about inviting the strongest they could showcase to the place."

Aryia rubs her neck as she too removes her cloak to hang up nearby. Gloves are stowed away into a pocket and she sits beside Violet. "Ah... well, sewing does require a careful touch..." she concedes to Verna, giving a weak smile.

She gets an order for a pot of tea for the table situated (lots of pointing and a few flashes of a journal) before turning to Vaera. "Violet knows my job and what I do, no reason to talk around the subject." She purses her lips, and rolls her shoulders. "Well... yes. I still attend tournaments there and perform. But I leave no training equipment for others. So, instead, I punch walls in abandoned buildings and alleys in the Warehouse district." <Handspeech>

Violet draws her scarf down from her face before tipping back her hood to expose the violet streaked raven hair coiled in a braid beneath, as well as the violet blossom tucked into it over her left ear.

She shivers as the warmth reaches her bones in a bit of a shock, then, she follows Vaera's lead toward a table.

A curious eye is turned toward the Makari as she suggests some redirection of discussion for her benefit, but she waits until Aryia has spoken to chime in in turn, "I... understand what she does, and the... dedication it takes."

She settles in, reaching out to lightly pat one of Aryia's versatile, powerful hands, then, "Does anyone want a particular flavor in partiicular?"

Verna pauses at the makari words, hood turning to Violet as she wonders if she has mispoke somehow. An apology is forming when Aryia expounds. She instead doffs her hood, displaying a nod to the gathering table as a whole. "Indeed, and you are quite the seamstress, in my opinion. In addition to demolitionist, it seems."

She takes a seat and then acknowledges Violet's inquiry directly. "I am well enough, thank you. Perhaps more ...anxious than the norm, but times are somewhat not the norm." Her eyes lift from the table to skim the room about them briefly in a short search before returning to her tablemates. "The honeyed lavendar is rather pleasant."

"Ah, fair enough." Vaera relents. It seemed Verna was not a former lover, and it was simply a misunderstanding. "I would hope she has been made aware of what you do. I hope you are not destroying the abandoned buildings in the process, unless they are being used by unsavory folk."

The makari continues making note of how interesting it was to be open with one's favored choice of tea, as many mul'niessa used such knowledge in assassination plots, but decides against it. So she just nods to Violet. "I am partial to black tea steeped with spices, it is quite good, I find that tea does not have enough spice to it otherwise. I do not drink it often, but if I am, I like to enjoy it, at least."

Aryia's scarred hand turns over to hold the patting hand. She nods towards Verna, saying without saying that she'll have that. The compliments make her rub her neck once more. "Ah, uh, thanks.."

The looks to Vaera, blinks, then sloooowly looks away. Choosing the best answer: failure to answer.

The mute settles her gaze on Verna, squinting faintly. Reading... searching for... something. More anxious than the norm..?

She blinks, the shimmer in her eyes intensifying for a beat as she rifles around inside her jacket. She pulls something out, and rests it in her lap, out of sight. "Verna. If... you're doing what I think you're doing. Please, take this. And if a mul'neissa is causing havoc, and needs persuasion to come back, show her this."

She hands over:

A simple, if slightly bent, half used candle. <Handspeech>

Violet gives a little nod as she takes that in, and lifts her free hand to flag down one of the waitstaff.

A modest smile is turned the youn fellow's way as she requests, "Hello, might we start with a carafe of the lavender honey blend, and one of mulled black tea, please?"

A pause, and a glance along the line of her companions, then, "And a snack tray, if you would?"

She smiles to Aryia as she feels the clasp of her hand, though the Mul'niessa's words, and memento trouble her expression to a notable degree.

Verna does not necessarily appear anxious, as it were, though she is hardly known for her deeply expressive visage. That said, a brow lifts slightly at Aryia's hypothetical and more at the offering she gives. Verna glances down at it, then back to the fullblood. Now the seeking gaze is returned for a moment before Verna nods. She may not understand fully, but perhaps enough. "Thank you. If such comes to pass, I shall do so."

The item is carefully stowed within her robes. One avantage to volumous clothing is untold pocket possibiities that may lurk within.

Vaera looks to the candle, but does not say too much on the matter, it was not her place to do so. "I hope your anxiety will pass. Now is as good a time as any to relax and enjoy the day, however."

"So, joking aside, you need furniture. A bedframe for your new home, and something to sit on outside of crates. A table, perhaps?" She offers, before turning to Verna. "You are part sil, Verna? Perhaps you would have some suggestions on what they may need for their new place?"

Aryia visible relaxes as Verna takes the seemingly innocuous object. She closes her eyes. And takes a moment to breathe. In. A motion, "Thank you." <Handspeech>

But a mouthed, "Come back," Out. <Celestial>

Recentered, and refocused now, the mute aligns her gaze on the redscale. A brief flash of a reassuring smile is sent Violet's way, along with a squeeze of the hand. "A table to eat off of, a workbench, maybe... five or six chairs. And yes, a bedframe. But, uh, that's a lot. I... remember some furniture from my past, but it's a bit... much for my tastes." <Handspeech>

Verna nods lightly to Aryia, which is then shared to Vaera. "Indeed, I am, and it is. I made my way here for a modicum of respite." She admits this followed by another brief glance from the table before Vaera's statement and inquiry to Aryia draw her curiosity. "You have not yet a bed? I would expect that a priority..." Her eyes shift from Aryia to Violet and back. "Even if you do not spend your time in sleep, per se."

Violet's concern remains apparant as the two elves discuss... contingencies.

Her hand squeezes slightly about Aryia's, before her dark eyes swivel toward Verna, "Do be careful, won't you?" she requests gently.

After Aryia's elaborated on their shopping list, she blinks and wonders, "That many?"

"Well, they are a luxury, and an unneeded one to some. A pile of warm furs is just as pleasant for rest and the like." She suggests to Verna, before turning her attention back to Aryia and Violet. "That is not many. Back home, in the longhouses, tables could span the entirety of the length, where everyone was able to eat and share stories together." Vaera offers to Violet. "Though I think Aryia simply would like space to invite guests over. I can do a table and bed frame easily, and a workbench is just a specialized table. Though, I will admit, the chairs may take some work."

She raps a knuckle against the back of the one in front of her. "I am not used to making them for non makari, who would not have these seats that make it nigh impossible to be comfortable with a tail. I will need to seek out some patterns and books on the matter."

Aryia blinks at Verna, tilting her head slowly. Though, her face tinges red some. "Uh... no. The move was a bit sudden. And we hadn't the time to arrange such things. So... we have a couple of bedrolls for the time being. And maybe for you, Vaera, but after resting on the ground for most of my life, I'd rather rest in a bed any day."

She looks up at Violet, cocking an eyebrow. "Well... two for us, plus two more for friends if they come over. Another for the workbench, so I can sew, and one more for sitting. Vaera's got the right of it."

The mute waves a dismissive hand as their tea arrives at the table. "Then perhaps just the bed and tables for now. You're wrapped up helping the nest mothers." <Handspeech>

"I meant only as a comfortable place to rest, in whatever form the rest or resting place might take," Verna concedes. "Even the tombs at the temple provide a resting place, and most would not likely consider them an excess." She then nods to Violet's request in silent assurance that she has noted it and (one would expect) intends to.

There is a little nod, as she can't fault the logic presented, and so Violet seems content to let the matter lie. Though, as the conversation continues along avenues of rest, she lets things flow around her as the server makes his way out to see fo their order.

"To each their own, I do not consider that sleeping on the ground, I have done that enough." Vaera shrugs. "A couple of tables, a bedframe, yes, I can do that, and think nothing of it. It is important to assist the nest mothers, I am doing that when I am free, and it was not asked of me to do more. There are already those with more experience, and success than I."

She accepts the pot of tea, snifs, and begins pouring herself a cup. It looked almost comically tiny in their hand. "Meditation is for most sil, and the only thing particularly important to some is the appearance of the area they are. Such chambers are usually the most well decorated in any mul'niessa home, from what I remember."

After having clarified her comment, Verna is content to listen to the conversation. She does observe Aryia and Violet for the majority, though does not stare. Perhaps. Not intentionally at the least. Minding Vaera when she speaks helps to break this. Yet her eyes also wander beyond the table more than once as well.

At one point, they seem to catch something, or someone, of interest. Verna softly interrupts. "My apologies. Excuse me." With that, she rises and moves off to approach another table.

Aryia raises a brow at Verna. "Most usually rest in a tomb only once, and they don't get to feel how uncomfortable it is, since, you know, they're dead," she dead pans.

The pugilist tilts her head to the side at Vaera, her growing pensive in thought. "... yes, I remember as such. It is important to have detail as it is easy to remember its vividness and splendor. To make a distant memory easier to recall." Which, to say, Aryia has had shit luck in doing for the most part without outside help.

The mute blinks as she sees the half-mul rise and slide over to another table. With a wave, she bids farewell to her.<Handspeech>

"It's nice to see a community so invested in looking to each other's wellbeing.' Violet comments thoughtfully.

She reaches out for a cup apiece for herself and Aryia, setting them to their respective places even as Vaera gathers her own.

Her attention to that end is somewhat scuttled by Verna's sudden departure. The human blinks once, then, "Ah, alright, then, er... be well!"


The brunette turns back to Aryia and wonders, "Would you like the black tea or the lavender?" as her hand extends to hover between the carafes.

"I hope it has not been too hard on Aryia, but she seems to have done an admirable job it seems. There is one there, Metzli? Who has sung many praises of Aryia." Vaera replies with a chuckle. "It is nice, everyone looks out for each other, yet it is never taken for granted. Well, at least when none are nesting. Then, they can expect much, but they also deserve much care at the same time. It does not make it easier on those helping, however."

She waves to Verna, who is leaving and offers them farewell, before she reaches to a biscuit to try. "It is strange, they serve such insubstantial food with tea though. When one is drinking lots, it is the best time to fill up on a meal." She muses.

Aryia points towards the lavender tea, her giving a soft smile and showing her thanks by resting her head against the human's arm for a moment.

The mute sighs heavily at that. "It's been hard, to be honest. The cultural barrier has had me on edge. Coupled with the inane requests, the sniffing, and overall hormonal confluence it all is, and my chronic headaches as of late, it's been very testing on my patience. The goldscale has been the most amiable of all of them."

The elf shakes her head. "It's more a social gathering or relaxation activity than anything more." <Handspeech>

The lavender carafe is taken up with a crisp nod of assent, and the human carefully pours out a serving for her dear.

After a moment's consideration, she pours herself a cup, then sets it back in it's place.

She looks to Vaera as the Makari speaks, arching an eyebrow, "I've never known why that is, either, I'm afraid. Was that the blend you wanted?"

"I did not expect it to be easy, no. It never is. I do not understand the aversion to sniffing though, it would be worse if they were avoiding you or not wishing to get to know you. And not all the requests are inane. There are many needs that the mothers themselves do not understand entirely, but are necessary for their health." she explains to Aryia. "If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me."

"It is a good blend, yes, but a bit mild. That is likely so the flavor of the tea leaves is not overpowered, but I like the spices. Still, quite pleasant, especially after that cold. I guess the food they serve is not simple despite its size. It is clear a lot of work goes into preparing things."

Aryia raises the poured cup towards violet, her giving a smile and taking a sip. A satisfied sigh leaves her. Though, she does sigh once more, this time to Vaera. "It's really annoying is all. My friend said it's like getting someone's name from them. But imagine Vaera, if every time Vaera, I spoke with you. I constantly keep using your name Vaera. Do you see what I mean Vaera? It gets old, fast, Vaera. And the requests /are/ inane if it's random food cravings that make zero sense. I've midwifed before, and I can tell the difference between what is necessary and what is random shit." <Handspeech>

The human seems to be taking this in with a certain cruiosity, though she takes up her teacup to return Aryia's silent toast with a brief smile.

She takes a sip, making a slight puzzled face for a moment, before she rejoins the conversation, "It sounds like a lot to get used to, on many levels."

Her attention turns then to Vaera's remarks on the tea with a slight pout, "I'm sorry, Vaera, I imagine we could ask for another pinch or two of the spices the next time we see the server?"

"It is not quite like that. Imagine it is your name. But not just your name. Your feelings of the current situation, emotions, any concerns, there is much more to it. Would you ask how a friend is feeling once, and never again?" She asks with a raised brow. "And food needs are different between nesting mothers and softskins expecting children. There are many things necessary, though some are just to keep the mothers from growing too stressed."

"No, it is fine Violet, it is not a fault on the servers, my preferences are just stranger, likely due to ancestry. For most people, this would be the perfect amount, and I would not balance it around the desires of one strange sith-makar."

"Then meat with adrenaline still in it is probably the most bullshit thing I've had requested of me so far. But, I guess it doesn't matter in the end, it's so frustrating and invades my personal space no matter how you cut it," Aryia concedes, rubbing the side of her head. "I just wish the mothers would quit squabbling. Shit, when this is over, I'll probably be able to tell the difference in all those scents at this rate."

The mute leans back, closing her eyes. "Regardless, thanks for the furniture work, I'll pay you for it and the supplies. If you don't mind, I've... got to sort out some thoughts. I'll be here, just... quiet."

And so Aryia sips on her tea, dipping her head some as her breathing evens In. Out. Meditating to stem her headache, and to file away the random bits of information she's mentioned without knowing this far. Violet knows Aryia does this from time to time, and will be like this until they need to depart.

Her foremost thought before going into contemplation was: 'Why can't I remember my room?'. And then she falls still, lost in trance. <Handspeech>

The human's brow finds a new plateau in the wake of this latest exchange in the conversation, "That's certainly... specific?" she notes, then as Aryia lays out her frustrations, she reaches out to gently caress her hand, "It's alright, dear, it won't be much longer, I'm sure...."

Her expression is a cocktail of vaguely concerned and slightly consternated as her paramour decides to withdraw into her own head for now, but, after a breath, she nods and leaves it lie.

For now.

Instead, she turns toward Vaera, then and returns, "I expect everyone has differing preferences ,when you get down to it. Once we're equipped for company, it would be nice to know if you've preferences, so we can properly meet them."

"That is, there is no explaining that. Unless it was a strange excuse for fresh meat, which I do understand. Certain compounds break down shortly after death, but I do not think that is relevant here." Vaera chuckles. "And, it is Cryosanthia's first time, so she is not used to it. Most are more reasonable after that."

Vaera looks , and nods, leaving the mul'niessa to her meditation. If her explanation did nothing, there was no pushing it. "Me? I do not have any particular preferences, and I would not ask you to accomodate for me over anyone else. As long as there is fresh air of some sort, that is enough for me."

There is a soft 'hmmm' from the human, something to process later on, likely to discuss with Aryia later on.

Violet nods, eyes half lidding on Vaera's return, pausing for a moment, then, "I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable in accomodating others. It's easier to reach a concensus with proper information, no?"

"Well, in accomodating for others, you make yourself more uncomfortable. Take this chair-" She begins to say, gesturing to the one she was sitting in at the moment. "Is it uncomfortable? A bit, but not overly so. But at the same time, not enough makari come by this tea shop to justify having dedicated seating. I would not say that it would be unwelcome, but rather, you do not need to go to that extent."

The dark eyes of Violet do not waver as Vaera makes her counterargument, and her expression is thoughtful and sedate the while.

She sips her tea again, this time without making the face before she frames her reply, "If accomodating the comfort of our guests was so troubling, we wouldn't have them." spoken in a gentle tone.

The teacup is set back to it's place, and she goes on, "But we would want to know you were given due consideration in our home. Or, something to have on hand on... hard days when you... especially need cheering up. Being cared for."

Vaera pauses to pick up a small sandwich, that is almost so thin as to not hold up it's own triangular weight. "This is, kind of you to take into consideration. I did not think Aryia thought enough of me to make such accomodations, but, I can only deny it so much."

"I suppose, at least one chair which would be sturdy enough for someone my size, that does not have a back to obstruct a tail."

The sith-makar practically inhales the sandwich, and sighs. "As for, hard days? I do not know much for dealing with them. Though, I suppose having dried meats on hand, since fresh spoils too quickly. But, I will try not to darken your home at such times." She continues with a smile. "Thank you for inviting me for tea. It has been nice."

There is a little more brightening of Violet's little smile, and she nods, "I think we can add that to the list, then."

She glances at Aryia, who is still in her head, then, reaches out for one of the scale model sandwiches as she continues, "In dark times, you need a friend, we understand."

She samples the bitty bread bite, then, "Thank you for accepting the invitation, you're right, it has been nice getting to know everyone."

Her other hand extends for her teacup, and the human sees fit to go back to the previous conversation, "What sort of dried meats, then? Poultry, fish, smoked....?"

So it goes that the interlude continues further into the day....

-End Scene-