A Rosie Cheeky Monkey Match Made

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Well, she found it, Alexandria sure is a large place and slightly intimidating for someone used to wandering the planes of the Vast. Rosie wanders the streets like a tourist, turning on the spot as she walks to take in all the sights and sounds, her little monkey scurrying along beside her, just as interested in the surroundings.

It seems she found a place to rest and clean up, her hair clean and brushed, clothing back to its usual brightness, her feet are even clean despite walking around barefoot. Finding herself in the mid-point of Khazad and Goblin, the young redhead, Rosie, stops and ponders her next direction.

Morgan is standing behind a table that has a strange aray of crystals. "Hello Rosie."she gives a energtic wave to the fellow redhead.

Noticing the wave, Rosie has her decision made for her and rushes in Morgan's direction. Before she reaches the table, she cartwheels with a flutter of dress fabric, so she can rise to her feet again with a flourish of a, "Hello!"

"What are you selling?", she asks curiously, looking over the crystals. The monkey is having a look too, bounding up onto the table to pick up a crystal and munch on the end, seeing if it's edible.

Morgan smiles "I am only tending this table while my friend uses the privy." she holds a hand out for the little one as she is hoping for a pet. "These crystals are only good for magic users that want to create magic items like I have on." she motions to her headband, her bracers, her belt and you might think her boots. "But some people like them in making jewlery or just looking at as they can be pretty."

A large warrior with a very large burgandy-coloured panther and a cute half-elf young girl walks in. The girl holds the warrior's hand and skips along while the panther stays close to the girl, as if protecting her, and the warrior smiles down at her. Darius glances up and then nods to Morgan when he sees her, "Morgan... Miss..." He also nods to the unknown woman.

Reaching over, Rosie gives the little monkey a tap on the nose, "No. Not for eating.", the monkey placing it back down and glaring up at her. Grumpy, it moves over and sits down in front of Morgan's outstretched hand, it's tiny fingers wrapping around one of hers, so he can see if the fingertip is edible too.

"Those are magic?", Rosie asks, shaking her head at the monkey antics and paying more attention to Morgan. "My mother had a magic orb.. like.. this big..", her fingertips a small distance apart, ".. and it would spin around her head.", reaching out to illustrate, "Whoosh whoosh..", twirling a finger around her head.

Her hand slowly lowers at the sight of Darius, a quick glance from him to Morgan and back again, before offering him a smile. ".. Rosie.", finishing the words for him.

Morgan shakes her head "No they are just the first step to making some magic items or just being a pretty bauble to own." she does give the monkey a look as to let it know she is not for eating. She does look to the ones that came here "Well hello there Aika, fluffy and the other guy." she gives Darius a wink.

Darius raises an eyebrow at Morgan when she calls him "the other guy" but otherwise says nothing. Aika brightens and waves to Morgan and Fluffy comes over to nuzzle against her leg and get pets. The monkey is given a cursory glance and a look that says, 'Stay Away Or Die!' to him. Darius nods to Rosie and says, "Nice to meet you... Rosie."

Big cat? Oh no no no. The little monkey squeaks in panic and gives up its previous grumps with Rosie, instead scampering up her arm to sit on her shoulder, almost hiding behind her head. "It's friendly. Look!", she says, trying to coax the monkey out of hiding, but he's having none of it.

With a shrug, the young woman returns her attention to the growing group. "I'd like a magic item. I don't know what though..", lifting a fingertip to nibble on in thought, before giving a shrug. "You are /really/ big.", she notes, looking up (and up a bit more) at Darius. "Like, do you eat a pig a day or something?"

Morgan starts to fuss on Fluffy "Darius here knows I am teasing him." and then she adds "Fluffy here was a normal house cat that gotten changed in to this big cuddly thing."

Reva is out this chill wintry day because everyone needs to eat, and in the city, it means shopping. And shopping often means the trade district. So, Reva is doing a bit of shopping, gathering some bread and meat and vegetables to bring back to her apartment. Passing the group, she pauses, because she's never seen a monkey before. Well, this is a strange city, and she does need to get out more.

Darius nods to Morgan's explaination, "That's right, she used to be a pampered pet fluffy white Persian housecat of some noblewoman that managed to escape..." He glances down at Fluffy and Aika giggles and says, "Fluffy probably got tired of the lady going.." Here the girl screws up her face in a kissy one and raises her nose and says in a nasily officious voice, "Oh my precioooooous! I love you so, come here for some kissy poo!" Fluffy hears that and her hackles (actually sharp spines on her back) raise and she hisses. Aika giggles and pats Fluffy on the head, "Oh don't be like that Fluffers I'm only imitating that silly old lady." Fluffy settles down. Darius chuckles and responds to Rosie, "No, but I do eat quite a few dozen eggs in the morning, so I'm roughly the size of a barge..." He winks at her and then smiles, "Truthfully, it's just good genetics really, my father was tall, my mother was tall so it's not out of the realm of possibility that I would be tall." He notices the new woman walking in and gives her a nod as well, "Miss."

Trying its best to hide, the little monkey turns around to catch Reva looking at it. Its mouth opens into a cute funny smile and it even waves, but then hears that cat again and quickly goes back into hiding, trying to bury itself in Rosie's red hair.

"That many eggs?", the young woman replies. "I have toasted bread, and only two slices..", she notes, shaking her head in bemusement. "My genetics must be broken, my mother and father are Tsuran and look at me..", glancing down at herself, lacking all but the general facial features common to the race.

Following Darius' gaze, Rosie glances back to Reva and offers her a smile, the monkey's head poking out from her mass of red waves to give a cheeky smile too.

Morgan is giggling as she in fussing on the cat "I think the elven blood in me does not let me eat that much."

Reva nods to Darius, a bit surprised. "Good afternoon," she says. She smiles to Rosie as well, and peers at the monkey a bit more. "You seem to have interesting ... pets?" She's not -positive- they're pets, though, because in Alexandria anything can happen.

Aika gently nudges her adopted father and says, "Stop making up stories Daddy, you eat a big breakfast, but not THAT big..." She puts her hands on her hips and makes a pouty face at Darius and says, "I should know, since I cook it for you!" The little half-elf girl looks around 6 or 7 years old too. Darius smiles and ruffles her red hair, "Yes, yes... just remember, you eat that big breakfast too so that someday you'll get to be as big and strong as I am so that you can swing my sword when the time comes." Fluffy just yawns and flops on the ground, enjoying the fussing by Morgan. Darius then says to Reva, "She's a pet yes... it's a long story..." He then replies finally to Rosie and smiles, "You may not look Tsuran, but what you are... is very beautiful, so don't be ashamed of how you look." Aika makes a face at that from her father.

"You're not going to be swinging his sword, are you?", Rosie asks the little girl, "You're going to be super smart, I can tell. Like, a healer or something.", nodding at her decision, her gaze switching to Darius. "Well, yes..", she admits about the beauty, ".. but I'm missing the.. um.. wait..?", a blink once or twice as she looks up (and up a bit more) at Darius. "What did you just say?", her freckled cheeks flushing a light shade of red.

A quick adjustment of her wavy red hair, a mildly embarressed gesture, also ends up disturbing the little monkey. "Would you get out of there?", she says playfully, the monkey going grumpy again and edging back out to sit on her shoulder. "He's not a pet.. He's a nuisance.", she tells Reva. "And very special too.". Reva nods sagely as Darius explains about a long story. "I see," she replies, anc chuckles as the child rats him out on his eating habits. "Very special?" she wonders as Rosie speaks about the monkey. "A familiar, then?" she wonders. As Rosie suggests to the girl she should be something other than a warrior, she hesitates, then says to the child, "There is honor in that path as well, if you choose it."

Aika makes a face at Rosie and says, "I'm going to be a warrior like my Daddy! He's a hero! He rescued me from an old woman who was taking care of me and my orphan friends but really was a very very bad bald man in disguise! He adopted me and helped my friends find homes too! That's why I'll be just like him when I grow up." Darius coughs and turns red himself as his adopted daughter gives him an adoring look and ruffles her hair, "Either way Aika, you still have to grow up first, grow strong and learn all there is to learn in your schooling, you may change your mind before you get old enough to be like me." Aika shakes her head vigourously, "Nuh-uh! I'm gonna be just like you!" Darius then blushes and then trying to hide it, responds to Rosie, "I said you're beautiful just the way you are and to not be ashamed of it..." He nods then to Reva, "It is, I could tell it, but it would require some wine and a lot of patience because it involved magic and black slime pools and dragons and time-travelling wizards and I can't keep it all straight anyways."

"That's what wizards have.", Rosie replies to the question about familiars, "I..", a pondering thought before giving a reluctant shrug, "Well, I guess he could be.". Turning her head so she's nose to nose with the little monkey, she boops her nose to his, "He's still a nuisance.". The monkey gives her nose a playful bite, all lips and no teeth, and she pulls back with a little giggle.

"You could swing a sword, I guess.", Rosie replies to the girl, "But they're real big and heavy. I learnt to fight from a monk, it's much easier for my small arms.", she admits, performing a twirl on the spot that has the monkey scrabbling to hold on, coming around with a quick raised leg that could surely knock an unsuspecting person clean out. "Bop!", making it known how it works, then she twirls again, making it look almost like a dance.

She's trying not to mention what Darius' had said, though she gives him a few shy side glances in between her actions. "I'm Rosie.", she tells the larger Reva.

Reva smirks at the father-daughter dicussion, but nods slowly. At Rosie's comment, she draws her sword briskly, does a flourish, and sheaths it again. It's a bastard sword, but she wields it easily in one hand. To the child, she says, "If you grow big and strong and skillful enough, nothing is beyond you." She bows her head to Rosie, and says, "Well met. I am Reva Jormunreksfel."

Darius nods and also says, "I'm Darius... this is my adopted daughter, Aika." Aika gives a passable curtsy to the two women, and Darius continues, "And that huge panther is my Fluffy."

"Reva. Darius.", Rosie politely nods to each. "What do you both do?", she asks, a quick glance around before finding an empty barrel sitting upright, that she hop-skips over to and leaps. A twirl in the air and she lands in a comfortable seated position.

"You look like adventurers. Or city guard.", a more appraising look at Darius, then the gaze shifting to Reva. "Adventurers. Are you part of the guild?", a glance at Morgan, "Morgan here was telling me about the adventurers guild. Who would have thought?!", she says with a hint of surprise, "A whole guild for adventuring!"

Reva nods her head, to Darius and Aika. She peers at Fluffy, and smirks. "You know, if someone brought wild animals into the city and cut them loose, no one would notice until someone got eaten. Every druid and ranger brings their savage animals into the city, though I would expect them to find it traumatic. Or at least unsettling." She nods about the Guild, and says, "I am a member. It's why I came here. It's a better life than farning, that's for sure." Morgan nods as she says "Well its better for a guild to help guide us then us looking for adventure... thats how most of us become warlords."

Darius smiles at Rosie and offers her his cloak to sit on instead of the dusty wood top of the bin and says, "I am a mercenary that works for the Guild yes... It pays me, handsomely, enough to make sure I can give the life Aika deserves." Aika hugs her father's waist and says, "Even if we were poor I wouldn't mind!" Darius chuckles, "Really Aika, would you say that too when I couldn't get you honey sweetcakes or snow cones whenever you want?" Aika blinks and then says, "Uh... well..." she bashfully rubs the toe of her shoe into the floor. Darius then says to Reva, "Oh the Guard is quite aware of Fluffy, they pay her no mind anymore."

A quick hop down and a soft and thankful, "Thanks.", for the cloak, and Rosie sits herself back on the barrel. "Do you think they would accept me? I've been through old ruins in the Vast before, I'm not simple.", she explains, the young woman looking down to adjust the fabric of her multi-coloured dress.

Spotting some food nearby, the little monkey clambers down and scurries off through the crowd, though Rosie seems to know where he is even out of sight. "I would really like some work, even if..", but she doesn't get to finish what she was saying, a soft sigh as the monkey returns with a stolen apple, clambering up onto her lap so it can start munching on it. "Where did you get that?", she asks with a shake of her head in amusement.

Morgan floats a coin to the one selling the fruit "Most of us still take day jobs at first untill we can have a stable life."

Reva nods to Darius, and says, "I'm sure they are. But if fluffy showed up in my hometown, there'd be a panic. Or at least a loy of worry." To Rosie, she says, "They take anyone. And the jobs range anywhere from just paying rent to risking life and limb. I haven't gotten that far yet, or rather, I haven't taken the risk yet. But I'm new in town and yet to really settle in."

Darius says, "I don't see why not, provided you register yourself, they should give you access to being able to take jobs that are posted on the guild board." Fluffy eyes the monkey and then snorts and sneezes in his direction. Aika giggles at the interplay and skips over to admire the monkey and says, "You're cute! What's your name? And Daddy's right, you ARE a pretty lady!" Darius then responds to Reva, "Oh I wouldn't doubt it, I still have to explain her whenever I go out with her outside of Alexandria, but at least it's not too bad anymore."

"I'm worried now!", Rosie replies to Reva with some amusement, a glance at the large cat when it snorts in her direction. "Be nice.", she tells the big cat, then scritches the monkey's head while it munches the apple. "I call him Bubbles. You don't want to know why I call him that, though.", she chuckles, a glance up at Darius, a twirl of a few strands of long red hair around her finger.

"I'm going to register, when I find the rules.", though there's a tone in her voice that rules don't really apply to her. "Maybe we could all work together sometime. I'd feel very safe with you two.", she says, glancing from Darius to Reva and back again. "And Morgan of course.", a smile to the woman too.

Reva returns Morgan's smile, and says, "Well, if the parties are put together sensibly and the skills are balanced to the mission, it should be quite effective. And they wouldn't get people continuing to give them missions if that wasn't the case, so I'm sure it's all good."

Morgan nods to what Reva says as she gives Flufy some loving pets "I been here less then a year and I own my own house... sure I have some work to still do on it but I own a place of my own."

Darius nods to Morgan, "Same here, it's small, with barely enough room for Aika, Fluffy and myself but the bills are paid and it's good enough for now." He's definitely caught when Rosie twirls her hair like that and says, "Indeed, I've partnered with Morgan before and I can vouch that she's definitely someone who you'd want on your side when things get rough."

"Well..", Rosie starts, ".. she told me she knows.. was it, the fifth circle of spells?", she asks, glancing over to Morgan curiously. "That's really strong.", she nods, turning her attention back to Darius and Reva.

"I used to disarm the traps in the ruins, out in the Vast. There are so many ruins and old underground caverns out there, we made so much gold.", a little smile in rememberance. "That was until I got lost and found him..", a scritching for the monkey again, who chomps the core of the apple and spits it out in distaste. A roll of her eyes and Rosie brushes the mess off her dress. "Now I can perform magic too, I can heal small wounds and.. that sort of thing.". Reva bows her head to Darius and Morgan, and includes Rosie when she says, "I would be honored to work with either of you." She ahems at her skillset, and places a hand on her swordhilt. "I suppose I have one thing to offer. But another sword is rarely refused."

Darius chuckles, "My bow and sword is ever at your ladies disposal, not that you require it, but it's there if needed. Plus I am very good at handling the damage which comes from being in the front lines so I also am a shield in a sense." Saying that, Aika bites her lip, she's not very happy about that seeing Darius come home with many wounds that she has to clean and bandage for him and the scars it leaves.

Morgan gives Rosie a nod to her question "stay around here and you will get that strong also." she then tilts her head to Darius "though I give him a hard time I do like when he travels with me on adventures."

Noticing the worry coming from Aika, Rosie reaches over to give her hair a little ruffle. "I'll look after him. I can cure with magic, /and/ I'm trained with healing too. Look!". Reaching to her belt, she opens one of the belt pouches to show a few bandages, needle and thread, and a few small dried herbs to aid in healing. "See? He'll be safe.", she nods, giving the girl a comforting smile.

The pouch is sealed again, and she looks up at Darius to see how he feels about her brief interaction with the girl. "I like swords in front of me. Pointing the other way, of course!", she tells Reva. "We used to have caravan guards just like you. Or still do. Or will do..", pondering the situation for a moment. "Time is weird in the Vast.">

Reva arches a brow to Rosie about the Vast, and says, "I have never been there, myself. But ... I might have been a caravan guard, if I did not find work here." She bows her head to Darius, and says, "And my sword is at your service as well." She bows her head.

Aika leans in the hair ruffling and into Rosie and says softly, "I wouldn't mind if you became my Mommy, then I wouldn't have to worry so much about Daddy..." Darius coughs and gives Aika a look, "Aika! Why do you always do that! That's not the way it works you know." Aika looks back at Darius, "But I want a Mommy, why shouldn't I ask if someone will be it?" She gives Darius a cute innocent look, Darius sighs... a lot and says to Rosie, "Please ignore her, she's a schemer and a matchmaker, she thinks it's her job to marry me off somehow... the little scamp." He says that last to Aika affectionately. To Reva he nods, "Always good to have someone at my back that you can depend on, it can be dicey sometimes out there. The Vast is..." He tilts his head, trying to find the words to describe it, "Well... VAST... and desolate and not a really nice place to be in for any length of time."

With Aika leaning in, Rosie puts an arm around her, giving her a little hug. "He at least has to buy me a nice big meal and a bottle of wine first.", she replies to the idea of being a Mommy. "And maybe some roses too. Nice fresh ones, a big bunch of them.", she nods. "That would be nice, wouldn't it?", she asks the girl with a smile. That smile shifts up to Darius, a gentle nibble of a bite on her lower lip before she looks away again, back to the girl.

"You know what I think?", she says, leaning closer, lowering her voice to a whisper, "I think he's shy. Do you think he's shy? He looks shy.", she says, a glance again at the large man. A quick squeeze and Rosie sits up a bit, the monkey now curled up on her lap, looking sleepy. "If you know the Vast, it's not so bad. My mother knew the Vast, she was a wise woman and would guide us through. Sometimes we'd go through a portal and jump from one end right to the other, in a blink. And this one time, we went into a whole different world, with large pillars and marble stone everywhere..", her arms raising, hands trying to shape what she's seeing in her memory, ".. and these strange creatures with feathered wings, like dragons but different.".

Morgan listens to Aika and deep down inside a part of her swels up and she her self wishes to hug the little one. But she looks in the air as she sees a little dragon the size of a house cat aproach her "What really your wizard is near useless." she looks to the others "enjoy your day you all the guild needs me." she then takes off in the air and flys off.

Reva admits to Darius, "I'm more used to cities than wilderness, I'm afraid. But my blade is sharp, at least." She falls silent as she listens to Rosie describe the Vast. She huhs at Morgan, but waves formally as she departs.

Aika gets bright eyes and a chesire-like grin and nods and then whispers into Rosie's ear, "He also needs to get you a nice big ring... at least, that's what someone told me... And he's REALLY shy!" Darius, seeing the scheming going on between Rosie and Aika looks more than a little discomforted now. Unlike most women who Aika's tried to match with him, Rosie is the first to actually play along. He coughs and says, "Well... ah, I suppose I could do all that..." Aika then pipes up and nods, "Right Daddy! You have to dress up in your nice new tunic that I made for you and the trousers I had Ga'Elian pick out for you and then you need to take her to that nice tavern near the dock for a nice big expensive dinner and pay for it all. Don't forget the roses too! You can get them at my friend's flower stall by the noble quarter..." Darius blinks and STARES at Aika, "Have you been planning this all this time." Aika just grins and gives a big nod, "Now go ask her out Daddy, stop being a dunderhead, she'll say yes... I know it! Won't you Rosie?" She turns and looks expectantly at Rosie.

Lifting a hand, Rosie places it over her mouth, hiding the little giggle as she watches the interplay between the two, though the laughter is more than visible in her eyes. Her hand drops so she can agree with Aika, "Expensive dinner and roses..", nodding happily, ".. ooh, from the noble quarter. That's really expensive.".

"Bubbles will want a banana too.", the young woman notes, scritching the monkey so it rolls over onto its back in her lap. Looking up at Reva, her eyes express an apology, a sheepish smile and a shrug to follow. "I'll take you there one day..", then she's asked another question so she's back to Aika. "Well, I don't know, he hasn't asked yet.", she teases, glancing up to Darius with a mischevious smile.

Reva says to Rosie, "That will be interesting." She arches a brow at juvenile matchmaking. Apparently Aika -really- wants a mother pretty badly. She eyes Darius and Rosie, though, and shrugs. "I'll be moving along, then. Enjoy your date." And so saying, she strides off.

Monsters from the Abyssal Plane, demons, dragons and even a Mind Flayer or two wouldn't faze Darius, but this? This is something he's not prepared for. He blinks as Reva eyes him and Rosie and gulps, now that he's alone and two girls are giving him such pressuring stares is something he can't really handle. Not to mention Aika's eyes are getting wet, worrying about whether or not her father is going to follow through, Darius tugs at the collar of his armor, suddenly super constrictive and then taking a deep breath, says carefully, "Would you do me the honor of allowing me to escort you to dinner, sometime?" He tries to be suave and charming (even if that's not really his style) but for Aika's sake he'll try to do it right.

It wouldn't be right to accept straight away, so Rosie ponders the question, looks from Darius to Aika and back again, making them both hold their breath for an answer. But seeing the sparkle in Aika's eyes, she gives the girl another one armed hug, then looks up at Darius. "I'd like that.", she admits, her pale freckled cheeks flushing a soft shade of red.

Looking back to Aika, she asks, "What are we going to do with you? Maybe you should come along too. He might need the support.", she nods, giving the girl a sweet little smile before sitting up again.

Darius nearly falls over as he's been baited like a fish on a hook, and when she says yes, Aika literally jumps for joy and dives into Rosie's arms and says, "Oh I knew it! I knew you'd say yes! You and Daddy will be PERFECT for each other." Darius just doesn't know what to do or say, he's rendered speechless, a puzzled, "She said... yes?" Aika then giggles at her poor father and nods to Rosie, "I BETTER come along and make sure he doesn't mess it up, or do something silly like try and kiss you before he gives you the roses."

Darius frowns at Aika, "Aika...!" He says this with feeling and Aika just giggles and gives him another cute innocent look. Darius sighs and then says, "Well, I guess..." He rubs the back of his head, "Where can I find you to... err... pick you up?"

With the jumping girl, the little monkey is pulled from his snooze and 'ooks' irritably, a quick panicked stumble backwards that almost has him fall from Rosie's lap. But then he's settled again, watching curiously. Rosie, of course, returns the girls hug with a comfortable squeeze, then lets her drop gently back to the ground. "He's going to try and kiss me?", she gasps in surprise, "Nobody said anything about kissing!", her pale blue eyes looking at Aika in surprise. She's certainly a good liar, as she almost looked sincere for a moment, but she breaks into a soft giggle and ruffles Aika's hair.

"I'm staying at the Ox.. something.. Ox.. um.. the tavern near the adventurer's guild.", Rosie replies to the question, looking back to Darius, her features softened for the man. "I hope this is alright?", she asks, looking down at her dress, "I became lost and only have what I was carrying. Which wasn't much.", she explains, looking back up.

Darius walks over and quirks a smile and gently boops her on the nose and says, "Didn't I say it before... you're beautiful just the way you are. You could wear a burlap sack over your head and it wouldn't change that." He looks down at her, "I hope I'll be to your liking... I'm not the smartest man around, and all I know is how to wield a sword and bow. Witty repartee is not my strong suit." Yep he's definitely smitten with Rosie, Aika grins and reaches out to try and keep Fluffy from getting her nose in there to ruin the mood.

A momentary cross-eyed look at the finger booping her nose, then Rosie looks up with a smile. "You've been lovely so far..", she says, that soft flush back on her freckled cheeks. "And you don't have to be smart. It's all here..", reaching out to place her palm gently against the large mans chest, where his heart might be. "You take care of a young girl and a large cat, and love them both equally. It's.."

Rosie let's her thoughts drift away as the cheeky monkey suddenly rises up on both legs to stick its head between her and the man opposite. "What? What are you doing?", she chuckles softly, moving her hand back to tickle the monkeys tummy. Happily, it clambers up and wraps it's arms around her neck, perhaps feeling the good emotions in the air and getting in on the act.

And Darius's heart can be felt even through his armor beating fast, Darius starts to lean towards Rosie... until the monkey sticks his head in and Darius rears back and then laughs, "Maybe Bubbles is a little jealous..." He tips an imaginary cap towards the monkey, "My apologies..." Aika looks a little disappointed at the broken mood but giggles at the monkey and says, "Silly Bubbles..." also coming up to tickle the monkey's tummy too since he seems to like it.

The little monkey falls onto its back at the tickles, chuckling monkey chuckles and swatting at the hands. "Would you like to hold him?", Rosie asks, lifting the monkey from her lap and holding him out toward Aika, Bubbles holding his arms out ready to accept.

Looking up at Darius, Rosie gives the man a soft smile, a twinkle in her pale blue eyes. "It'll be fun. I might even play my lute if you're really nice.".

Aika lights up again, "Oh can I?" She reaches out and carefully takes Bubbles and gently cuddles him as if he were a doll and says, "He's so cute..." She kisses the top of Bubble's head and sits down on the ground next to Fluffy who sniffs but then moves to be able to protect the two of them. Darius looks down at Rosie and chuckles, "Oh I'm always nice..." He then coughs and then leans and says quietly, "But I can also be naughty..." He winks at her, a little playful banter. Aika pipes up then, "When you get married, I want a little brother and a little sister!" Darius just about dies on the spot and sweats a bit and says, "Umm... Aika, that's..." He really doesn't know what to say to that and says, "That's not appropriate..." He hopes Rosie wasn't offended by that remark.

With a shuffle of her hips, Rosie rises and flips forward, landing comfortably on her feat away from the barrel she was sitting on. Crouching down in front of Aika, she watches the girl with the happy monkey for a moment, listening to her comments, smiling regardless. "What if he's weird and tries kissing me before the roses?", she asks Aika, reminding her of what she had said. "Let's see how our meal is first.". Reaching out, she gives the girls hair a ruffle, then straightens up again, twirling toward Darius, her dress swishing and swaying as it moves with her.

"I'll see you tomorrow? I'll wait at the tavern for you. I'm making so many coins playing my lute there.", she smiles, reaching up briefly to brush some stray strands of red away from her eyes.

Aika giggles and nods and offers Bubbles back to Rosie, Darius on the other hand turns and inclines his head and smiles, "I'm looking forwards to it, tommorow then."

Reaching out, Bubbles grabs Rosie by the hand and clambers up her arm, straight to her shoulder to sit himself down. "I'll see you tomorrow, Aika!", she says with a smile, twirling to face the young girl briefly, a raised hand, a wriggle of the fingers in a wave.

"And you..", Rosie adds, turning back to Darius. Her waving hand drops and briefly brushes Darius' fingers as she passes, and then she's off, moving through the crowd with a skip in her step.

And once she thinks nobody is looking, she leaps with joy and starts running, jumping upon a few boxes on the way until she can jump from a height, somersaulting easily and landing, still mid-run.