A Rent Party

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Log Info

  • Title: A Rent Party
  • Emitter: Pendleton
  • Characters: Lothos, Lorien, Naneth, Redmane, Taika, Tywulf
  • Place: Fernwood Pub
  • Time: May 20, 2014
  • Summary: Drink, eat pork, and mock Arendt
  • APL: Um.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-<* A07: Fernwood Pub *>--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The common room of the Fernwood Pub dominates the inn, spacious and airy because of the high, vaulted ceiling. Ornately carved beams of dark, polished wood form a lattice overhead, supporting the arched roof two storeys above the floor. To the right of the double-door entry is a spiral staircase, winding upwards to a balcony that rings and overlooks the main area. Large windows at this level grant an excellent view of the river to the west and colorful market stalls to the north and east. An air of coziness is salvaged by keeping the pub dimly lit; parchment-shrouded mana lanterns hang at intervals from the base of the balcony, nestled amongst lush, magically propagated ivy and ferns that grow over this false demi-ceiling and the struts that support it.

The bar is sleek and simple, comprised of meticulously polished black lacquer. Tables are set under the darker niches formed by the balcony floor as well as on the balcony itself. A few are deliberately sized to accommodate halflings and gnomes, but the majority are meant for human-sized individuals. A large common table is on the main floor, set before a semi-circular stage situated against the western wall. Beside it, with pipes mounted upon the wall and running up past the balcony and almost to the ceiling, is a refurbished pipe organ made to look like the one lost when the Fernwood was destroyed during the Merkabah Siege.

Party Decor

On the stage is mounted an elaborate firepit built of stone, with a huge spit over it. On the spit is a mammoth hog, skin brown and wrinkled a bit from a long day of cooking. If one is inclined toward such things, the aroma is heavenly.

On the hog's head is a paper crown, and a sign is hung over the head saying 'All hail, the king of the north!'

Behind the bar, massive hogsheads of ale, lager, and stout serve the thirsty masses. There are also other, smaller, roast pig stored to the sides, and staff carry around huge platters of meat and roasted root vegetables to serve.

The servers tell any folks entering the pub that Brundel Brewers, responsible for supplying the festivities, will donate a portion of the price of each hogshead drained toward the defense of Alexandria.

Pendleton stands by the bar, looking a bit more serious than usual as he watches over the staff, and mutters instructions to various people. At least some of the servers are dwarves, their massive thews dedicated to hauling big handfuls of tankards through the crowd.

Lothos has arrived to partake of the party, and hopefully a few peoples generosity, no sense not picking up the ale of the man who passed out, wouldn't want it to go bad. The human does have coin to start, cause you can't just show up and start mooching at the begining of a party, the mooching comes later. He finds a seat at the bar, smiling at waitresses as they pass him.

Donations to the defense of Alexandria? Count Lorien in. The youth arrives, though he wears a new vestment. That is to say, his black silks are lined with crimson, a bit elaborate for the set-up. However he also does not have his weapons, save the rifle which he never has leave him. It's special. The youth glances about with curiosity, having arrived with Naneth. Why? He doesn't know, he asked her to come though, and he also brings his own flask of Winterwhite, because, nothing is better.

Naneth was on her way back this morning from a trip out of the city, and on the way in she had the good fortune to run into her friend Lorien and be informed about the party. So coming in just after him, she unslings her bow from her back and takes it into one hand, moving along with it almost as a slight walking stick than the weapon it is. Heading in the direction of a table she looks around to take in the alcohol and food on display, before saying, "And is all the ale made locally, or is it imported?" It's a question to Lorien, but wide enough and loud enough for the general room.

Pendleton's ears are apparently keen, and he glances at Naneth with a smile, taking a few steps toward her. "Ah, welcome, welcome, we drink to good Arendt's health! Ha ha. May it forever wane... As for the drinks, they are the product of good Alexandrian brewing, the Brundel family... we have pale ales, lagers, and some vigorous stout. And do try the pork, it has been roasting all day!"

Lothos is apparently trying to convince some patrons to join a game of dice off in the corner, showing a few coins as temptation for them, sure, they can win.

Lorien gives Pendleton a curious look, as he answers Naneth, "Well, I'd tell you, but I think he has a better kind of idea," he says, as he chuckles amusedly, and then takes a seat and pulls it out, as if offering it for the half-elf. He then looks towards Lothos and his game of dice, "I guess people have an idea of their kind of fun," he teases, and adds for the host, "Oh, I brought my drink, if it isn't minded, but are you taking the coin for the roast and all, and do you also accept straight donations?"

"There's nothing wrong with a game of dice or two, just don't bet the house." Naneth looks over in that direction as if she's considering maybe tossing them once or twice. But for now she moves up to the party line, bowing her head slightly to Pendleton in greeting. "We met once before, I believe, in the market square. I didn't know you owned the company." Setting her bow against a nearby table, she reaches into her clothing, finding a pocket and a few gold pieces or two, more than enough to cover the cost of ale and food with plenty left over. "For the cause." She says simply, looking around too for a place to deposit it.

Pendleton bows slightly to Naneth with a smile. "Wonderful... and yes, food costs, and we accept donations. So far we have our eyes on sending food and other basic supplies north, things people often overlook. It's one thing for big warriors covered in glowing magic to battle the oppressors of the world, but the people underfoot need food and clothes."

It's very much the sort of thing you'd expect a hustler to say, jingling a cup. But there is something very earnest about Pendleton, and a slight quaver in his voice and a hard look in his eyes when he concludes his statement.

The door of the Fernwood opens to admit an Arvek Nar with a wild mane of red hair, though it is somewhat more tamed than usual. Most of the grease appears to have been washed out of it somehow and the manky dreds are all held back with a thong of leather to reveal what would be an almost handsome jawline on a human. On the Arvek it's just startling. He glances around while shutting the door behind himself and spots Naneth and Pendleton, two people he seems to know. He raises a hand in greeting and the smile that he gives is nothing short of completely horrendous, though no less genuine for its fearsome appearance.

Lothos seems to be betting carefully, he has a few people gambling with him, though he definatly seems to be collecting the most coin, but only by a little. He is very careful apparently, but when he does bet big, that roll always comes out for him. There is something odd though, it looks like somethings squirming around in a satchel he carries, a small wiskered nose poking out while Lothos is busy watching the dice roll.

Lorien looks about and towards the opening door. He seems to recognize Redmane, but as the other seems like he doesn't recognize him in return, he idly frowns and then nods towards Naneth. He then turns about towards Pendleton, and adds aside, "Well, true enough, a game is good," he says. He then takes an entire pouch of gold coins and hands it over, "I'll take half of what that will buy, and you can keep the rest outright with no purchase," he says, as he quirks a small smile.

Pendleton takes the money gladly, gesturing to one server. He holds up some fingers and points to Lorien. Apparently that means something. He then waves over an unusually large, well-armored dwarf and hands him the cash. Ah.

Getting her food, the half-elven Naneth is momentarily distracted by the arrival of Redmane, whom she greets by name with, "Redmane!" A nod of her head and then a bow of it, polite and friendly as she sees the fellow adventurer, "Welcome to the party, have you met Lorien?" She points to the artificer she's accompanying today and then wonders, "Who wants to go play dice over there with me, we can't let that one guy win it all."

Lothos chuckles as he picks up some more winnings, of course someone was grumbling about it. "I assure you sir, all my winnings today go to the donation box." He then passes the dice to someone else, "See, I won't even roll again, I'll just bet on others." From his satchel, the nose peeks out more, and you see the head of a small weasel peer out into the room.

Lorien gives Redmane a soft wave towards his general direction, as he then gives Naneth a nod, "Perhaps we should?" he inquires, as he adjusts his tunic and then gives Pendleton a questioning look. He then asks of Lothos, "We can join, aye?" he inquires, and seems to be making his way there, but only if any others do.

Redmane moves on into the tavern, spotting Lorien moving up to Pendleton he also nods a greeting to the man. He nods and says, "Yar, him the one that give gold to little blackguards we met in warehouse. I still sore from Ippy's ministration. Glad he dealt with, that is sure..." he trails off mid sentence and his nostrils begin to visibly flare. After a few moments even the sniffing is evident and his eyes are slitted orbs of delight as he drinks in the wonderful odor of roast beast. After a time of this he grins once more and says to Pendleton, "You throw hell of party old man. I not know you have pig spit!"

Lorien adds, towards Pendleton, "And also, I'm quite sure that my coin is enough you can distribute a fair bit to every other patron!"

Pendleton claps Redmane's shoulder with a laugh. "AH, that was a bitch to get in here, let me tell you. Had to get the bricks hauled in, sand... but worth it. Might have to pay for repairs when we take it out, we'll see... this isn't my pub, after all, but they are generous." And presumably making good money.

He nods to Lorien with a smile. "Well, we're going to have a tossing contest in a little bit, I'll add it to the pot!"

Naneth nods her understanding to Redmane, "That's the one. And you're right, that was a tough battle, I thought we'd never put him down." Naneth then claps a hand onto Lorien's shoulder and points out where she'll be, giving a slight grin and moving over in the direction of Lothos. Crouching down easily in the way of a hunter, she balances her plate of food in one hand and wonders, "What's the game over here?"

Lothos looks up at Naneth and gives a friendly smile, "Ahh, just a simple game of dice, you roll one die as many times as you wish. If you roll a 1, you lose. The object is to get the highest score your confident with, without pushing too far. Winner gets the pot."

Lorien blinks at the clap on his shoulder, and then gives Naneth a nod, as he asides, "That it was, I apologize for the ah, flames," he intones, as chuckles a bit amusedly, "I thought it would distract those that /weren't/ our target to worry about saving the tavern," he says, and then towards Pendleton, "Sounds wonderful," he intones, as he moves towards the table, and settles about, "I like the concept of the game," he adds.

Redmane says, "Aye, good party indeed. Here some money for cause. And Pig. Definitely pig." he lays down several pieces of gold, even though it's apparent that he's just slightly better than broke himself. He seems willing enough to support the cause. He moves with some speed towards where one of the wenches is cutting off slabs of pork and points at one of the haunches. When she starts to slice he makes a mewling noise in his throat and shakes his head. "No, no..." and then points again at the haunch. The wench eyes Pendleton to make sure it's okay this strange creature gets a haunch of beast.

Pendleton grins and nods, gesturing amiably to Redmane. "Feast, my friend! And thank you for your patronage and donation!" He steps over to the bar, to watch the room.

The first and most obvious question that comes to mind for the Ranger, is to look at the dice and ask, "And how many sides do the dice have then?" She glances it over for a moment, looking to see what the other men are throwing. Then she glances back towards the table, keeping track of where Lorien is as he sits down before holding her hand out to Lothos, "I'll put a gold piece down, try my luck at least once."

Lothos grins and hands over the die, its a single six sided, he has a few more that are sitting off to the side, apparently different games require different numbers of dice. "Here you go, roll away. Bank your score unless its a one, which is a loss. You can stop rolling whenever you feel confident."

Lorien looks at the dice, and awaits whichever will go first. He watches as Redmane takes the food for eats, and if his arrives, he also takes a bite and chews on it, as he places a single gold down. He gives Naneth a grin, "You all are so sadly being deluded if you think you can beat the master," he teases.

DICE RULES: Lothos says, "So: Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1, its autolose. Otherwise, you take the total and roll again. you keep adding until you choose to stop, or you roll a 1."

<OOC> Lothos says, "highest score wins."

<OOC> Lothos says, "So we all roll 1d100, and roll from lowest to highest. Just as a way to pick an order."

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d100: (54): 54

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d100: (65): 65

GAME: Pendleton rolls 1d100: (10): 10

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d100: (77): 77

<OOC> Naneth says, "Pendleton - Naneth - Lothos - Lorien"

Pendleton meanders over and squats with a grunt. His knees pop a bit, and he reconsiders, settles down on the floor with a louder grunt.

GAME: Pendleton rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Pendleton rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Pendleton rolls 1d6: (4): 4 (13)

Naneth grins and hands the dice over to Pendleton as he squats down. Looks like Lothos has a great little game going here. With a flourish she reaches into her coin purse and throws 5 gold sovereigns out into the center of the little gang of betters. It looks like the tavern has an impromptu gambling circle. After Pendleton only throws out three or four rolls she smiles, taking a bite of her pig meat and gives an easy laugh, reaching for the dice. "What's the matter, don't think the rest of us can do better?" She's teasing only clearly, rolling the dice in her hand before letting it go.

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (4): 4

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (2): 2 (20)

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (2): 2

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (1): 1 (wah wah wahh)

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (2): 2

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (3): 3 (win!)

Lothos tosses the dice a few times, but before too long he ends up with a one. He chuckles and shakes his head, "Aww damn." He then passes the dice to the next person.

Lorien grabs for the dice, and when it comes about to his turn, he takes the dice, and then h keeps tossing it, with maneuvers that are fancy. Because why not. Eventually he manages and get good rolls. When he beats the original score, he takes it again, and then rolls a six, "Told ya," he intones, as he quirks a small grin.

As the dice game ensues, a loud grumbling sound erupts from the corner where the Arvek Nar is finally getting seated. He looks around sheepishly and says, "Sorry...That my stomach. Haven't eaten most of today and some of yester day." he sits down with his haunch of beast and trencher of vegetables and lays into it. Near to hand he has what appears to be a pint of stout.

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (2): 2

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (2): 2

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (3): 3

GAME: Naneth rolls 1d6: (6): 6 (29... !)

Lothos whistles as Naneth makes her rolls. "Thats impressive." When she stops, he takes the die and starts to throw it, shaking his head. "This is going to be tricky."

GAME: Lothos rolls 1d6: (1): 1

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (4): 4

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (5): 5

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (6): 6

GAME: Lorien rolls 1d6: (1): 1

Lothos blinks, "What...." he sighs and passes along the die.

Lorien rolls great, and then hits a one, and nods, satisfied.

A dwarf steps over to Pendleton, whispers in his ear, he nods, then mentions to the others, "We're going to start cutting into King Pig in a half hour. The guy's been fed on hazelnuts for a year, he should be amazing."

GAME: Pendleton rolls 1d6: (1): 1

Pendleton mutters, "The gods, they are too fond of dice."

Lothos shakes his head, "I have a feeling the gods are playing favorites tonight."

Lorien tugs at the strap of his rifle, "I can 'shoot' the dice, with a bit more flair, if you all like?" he asks, and flashes a winning smile.

Naneth grins as Pendleton rolls a one immediately, and she glances over to Lothos and then to his weasel before saying, "Come on now, don't be sore." She hands the dice over in case people want to keep playing, maybe she'll even put some into the pot. Then she starts raking up her winnings, picking the gold pieces up out of the pile on the ground one at a time with dexterous fingers, "I lost last round remember? Hardly a favorite..."

Redmane shakes his head to Naneth's question, "No, just out looking around city. Been waiting to find out something about stone tablet me and Klythos bring back to city. Not sure what going on with it, but people at Guild researching it. Hope to find out soemthing this week." he shrugs a shoulder and says, "I sometime forget to get eats." He takes another huge bite of the haunch in his hands, his lanternlike jaw shearing and tearing through the pork with ease.

Lothos picks up the die, looking around and nodding to Naneth as he leaves, "It was a pleasure miss." He smiles and looks to the others, leaving just himself and Pendleton. "Well, I suppose we will ahve to try again when the crowds pick back up." He pockets his dice, looking down as the weasel in his satchel chitters at him. "Ahh, and he is hungry too."

Lorien gives Redmane an amused glance, and then back towards the table, "I likely should take a break, I've been researching a fair bit before I came here, and I need a bit of drink and food," he says, as he settles a bit at a nearby table quietly.

Naneth stands up slowly and nods her head, offering her hand to Lothos and introducing herself as, "Naneth Farien, Warden of the Mythwood." She's about to say more when in fact one of the city's messengers come in. They look around, working through the crowd before finding her and getting her ear. Turning she murmurs and confers with them a moment before saying to the others, "I'm sorry, it seems I'm needed at the temple."

Lorien gives Nanath an apologetic smile, "I hope everything is alright, Naneth," he says, as he gives her a polite wave. He then coughs a bit, and focuses his attention back at his table, and adds for Pendleton, "King Boar?"

Pendleton waves to Naneth, getting to his feet... slowly. So slowly. Huff. He glances at Lothos. "I see your animal is getting a bit feisty there." He waves a dwarf over and takes up a tankard, eyeing the room, then adds, "And it looks like your weasel is hungry>"

Lothos stands up, nodding to Naneth, "A pleasure to meet you miss, I am Lothos, no grand title yet." He then looks over to Pendleton and nods. "Yes well, what weasel doesn't want to bury itself in a meal."

Redmane raises a hand to Naneth as she turns to go. "You stay too busy Naneth. Come back if have time, and rest." he belches behind one paw-ish hand and watches Pendleton and the dwarf as they prepare to cut up the king pig. He seems content rright now to sit in the corner chewing on the haunch of meat, though it seems to be about half gone now.

Pendleton steps over to the king pig, standing on a small raised platform before the pit, and proclaims, "And now, a few fine words... as you all know, the great hog of the north has arisen and squealed loud for all to hear! And so, before we rend this fine king and enjoy chewing the fat with him, let us each say a few words... I'll start!

There once was a warlord of Dran

Who was more pig than a man

He'd squeal with delight

Futtering at night

Because a pig in the poke was the plan."

He rubs his nose and smiles wryly, "Not my best work, but a we'll try to turn this into a silk purse. Anyone else want a few words?"

Redmane chuckles at Pendleton's witty repartee and calls out, "Warpigs squeal loudest when they meat the slaughter's blade. Him make lot of big noise for such a piglet as this." he gestures at the king pig and says, "Mayhap he know him hour draw nigh and squeal loud to abey the blade over neck of warpig."

Lothos does not offer comment, instead he simply waits for the food to be passed out, cause he and his weasel are hungry.

A few more folks stand up to say their piece, or just shout incoherently. Finally, Pendleton nods to one of the dwarves and the first carving is done. Pendleton steps over to cut a small bit from the ear and nibble on it. "Mmmm. There's nothing quite like having the king's ear. Dig in, everyone!" The platters start making their rounds.

Lorien grabs up a platter, ear, anything really. He wants one like, one simple bite from each place, methodically kinda. He begins taking a few bites as he sips his Winterwhite, "Thanks."

Lothos waits his turn in line, getting a large portion of pork and then finding a seat, he cuts off a bit and puts it in his satchel for the weasel to eat, likely not the best thing for it, but it probably had bugs for lunch or something.

Redmane has already consumed mass quantities of meat from one of the smaller pigs, but he takes a small sliver of pork from one of the servers to top off what he's already had. He licks his fingers thoughtfully and nods his approval before sitting back and lighting up a crudely made pipe which gives off a faintly pleasant odor as he leans back and slits his eyes in pleasure.

The new pig is of noticeably higher quality, with a nutty flavor to the meat that is probably new to most people. After a few rounds, once most have been fed, Pendleton drifts over to the others. He smiles to Lorien, "I do not believe we have met, friend... I am Pendleton Brundelssen, brewer, devotee of Animus, and scholar. Mostly of ancient brewing." He grins.

Lorien gives Pendleton a curious glance, "Animus?" he asks, as he tips his drink back a little, "Lorien Valiant, I'm a relic hunter from Rune and a follower of Eluna," he says, as he quirks a small smile, "Pleasure and meet ya."

The king pig on stage is being slowly dissassembled by carvers, and is being passed around the room. Most of the attendees are well into their cups, and there is a warm glow of comaraderie. And occasional shoving.

Lothos sits at his table, eating, drinking, and watching the crowds. Ocassionaly he slips a small bit of meat into his satchel to feed the weasel.

"... I don't caaaare. You can drink one of those hogsheads by yourself! You have to go in and -drink more-!" Taika tugs at the tail of Tywulf's direwolf pelt, trying to 'drag' the massive giantborn into the tavern. She even resorts to bouncing up and down while yanking to try and make herself seem bigger. Like watching a puffer fish, if it was really a kangaroo.

Tywulf is not being dragged by Taika's tugging. Honestly, she's more likely to just sort of hang off his pelt or bounce off of him than to actually move him when he doesn't want to be moved. But he's coming along anyway, moving slowly and carefully and giving a shrug, "I already said we're going, we're going." New life for the party it looks like and he holds the door open, pushing into the tavern and crouching through the doorway. Big fellow. His voice rough and full of gravel, he looks around for a moment before pointing out Pendleton, "The brewmaster." Whereas Taika talks excitedly, about everything, he's generally a man of few words.

Pendleton laughs and makes his way to the very odd couple. "Welcome, welcome! Eat, drink, and be merry! For tomorrow the king may die. Be sure to have some of the king pig, it's AMAAAAAZING!"

Lothos finishes his meal, his drink, and feeding his weasel, then he quietly makes his exit.

Pendleton then waaanders back to Lorien, whom he was talking with. "Sorry about that... well met, sir! And... yes. I... was an OFFICIAL follower of Animus. I still consider myself a disciple of the Eye, even if... it is closed and turned to ash." He sips his tankard, smiling thinly.

With five feet of height between Tywulf and Taika, odd doesn't begin to describe them. Brewmaster catches the halfling's attention and she turns, the waves at Pendleton! "That's my business partner! Hi partner! This is my meat wa-- my friend. Tywulf." Did she just get shiftyeyed? Maybe a bit!

Lorien gives Tywulf and Taika a wave, as he smiles at Pendleton, "Well, I'm sure Animus' faith lives on by those that follow, like ya," he says, and relaxes.

"You've got a business partner?" Tywulf seems dubious of this at best, eyeballing Taika before shrugging, "Well then go talk business. I'll just be in the way." And so saying, he just heads over towards the enormous amounts of food and ale. He'll be able to hang out in the back drinking and watching over things, enjoying the party!

Pendleton nods. "It's... yes. I follow the hymn, now. I never was a very appropriate follower. Mmm. A society of ascetic, quiet scholars, and a beer garden is my home of choice, eh? And hellooo, little partner. And what fine things have you stumbled upon today?"

Taika hops up onto a table to avoid being trampled by drunken revelers. And to be taller. The latter being more important than the former! "I found a dead rat, and a rock, but the rock was useless. Aaaand, um..." she scrunches her face up. "Oh! I had some really good meat pies." What is with Taika and meat pies?

Lorien chuckles at Pendleton, as he considers, "I should be on my way, but perhaps we can talk sometime, do take care," he says, and stands, waving to all and sundry.

Pendleton nods and waves to Lorien. "Definitely! Glad you could help us a-rent some pig. Mmm." He glances at Taika. "Meat pies. mmm. If we have left-overs, I'll have to see if we can make some..."

Taika waves to Lorien. "He told my the rock I found is junk. I broke it and all the magic leaked out." Tragic, really. "Pork pies! With that spicy mollases stuff on it. The spicier the better." she says, looking back to Pendleton and surveying the crowd. "You know, I bet... can I hide in the King Pig and jump out every time someone takes a piece of him?"

Pendleton hmms, glancing at the king pig. "Well, it's very VERY hot in the King Pig. I think you shouldn't do that... liable to roast your tootsies." He nods. "And roasted tootsies aren't a good thing. At least, not when they're your own."

Taika looks down at her feet and just -sighs-. "It's hard to have this town." SULK. There may even be a lipwibble involved, but only maybe, before she brightens. Which can't be a good thing. "I wonder if I can drink a whole hogshead of mead...."

Pendleton purses his lips. "I'm... not really sure how. Maybe with a pipe and while sitting on a ... ... Mm.m"

"Sitting on a what?" Taika asks curiously, perking up a bit. "It might take me a bit, but I bet I could do it." And then cut a door in the empty barrel, install a bed, some wheels and have agypsy home her dog can pull.

Pendleton laughs a bit at that. The King Pig is slowly skeletonized... "I... I bet you could, at that. A feat worthy of story and song!"

And the scene fades, the air full of the rich smell of pork, beer, and belching