A Quick Discussion of Research

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The central courtyard of the Arcane Society is a large and sprawling affair within the heart of the city. Soaring marble pillars reach upward to the sky, four sets of three, evenly spaced apart as the massive columns form a rough circle, each trio of pillars warding a particular direction. Carved into the smooth stone floor within the center of the atrium is a massive circle within the ceiling itself, which opens always to the stars, in honor of Eluna, the Goddess of Light Magic. Taara, the Goddess of the Dark, is given no such honors.

The central courtyard radiates outwards into paths, leading through the exotic gardens of the Society. One extends to the Library, another to the College of Magic. Another path leads off to a small, rather plain looking building between the two colleges, most likely the dormitory for the students, and yet another for the famous Cafeteria. Numerous magi can be seen walking back and forth most hours of the day and night here, with familiars or other odder creatures roaming about, most of them in the latest styles, as dictated by Madame Gelfure, the a more social head than the Society has had in most of its history. Myriad scents and aromas can also be sensed, some delightful, others repugnant, others quite colorful as apprentices and magi alike go about their experiments. Arguments are not unheard of, and even the most "dignified" of magi might be seen from time to time, in a pique of anger, waving an agitated hand to teleport the disagreeable person to the top of the nearest tower.

Cesran is sitting off by himself sitting on the floor with his back against one of the pillars. He has a book open in front of him and he is intently reading it. He has his pack next to him and others pass him by without much notice. It's after dinner hour and many of the magic users are still up and about.

A floating book, well, that’s what it looks like at first, until you see the goblin hands at the edge of the book, and realize its being carried on the head of a goblin. Vekson makes it to a table, pushing the book up and tipping the large volume until it lands on the table with a thud. The goblin then climbs up into a chair, standing on it so he can struggle to open the book.

Cesran hears the thump and he looks up to see the goblin. He closes his book and he gets up, grabbing his pack as he does so. He moves over to the table, "Hello there Vekson. What are you studying?" He moves to sit down and he opens his book again.

Vekson looks up and gives a smile. "Divinations, my lord suggested I read about learning information and the future, he says it is very useful in many things." He flips a few pages in the book, the book is a study of how divinations affect the path of the future.

Cesran ahs a little bit, "Always good to know the future, although if you know the future and you try to change it you aren't really looking into the future. Although most of the divinations that I know is finding out information about others."

Vekson nods "Yes, my lord said that it’s not 'the' future, but 'a' future. Paths can be changed, but most magics only give you a subconscious momentary glimpse to help you with the now. I am supposed to study though about the paths." he pats the book.

Cesran nods, "Of course. One of the more useful is true strike. It gives you insight into where your enemy will be so you can shoot at them."

Vekson nods "Yes, a momentary look at the most likely path to help you. I do not know this spell, but my lord has mentioned it." he sighs a bit, looking down. "It is a spell he said I might need since I cannot aim very well."

Cesran and Vekson both go back to their respective researches.