A Mountainous Exploration

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The good news: You've all been hired!

...the bad news is what you've been hired for. Perhaps you'd heard the stories about the mountain. Near Alexandria, mountain tip had collapsed inwards, unveiling a rather hollowed out portion of a mountain peak. Like a large mine had been dug right /there/. It vomited forth protoplasmic chaos, they said, and adventurers who've scouted have reported unusual magical troubles. Illusions, twisting passages that seemed to shift around them.

The government says it's all the work of the Demon-Binder Asumit, a wizard of incredible power and in possession of the magical artifact that started the Daemon Wars that ended the Millenium Kingdom and gave birth to the twin nations of Myrrdion and Charn.

And you're going there.

Braving the winterr winds and the magical storms of the Desolation, your airship is approaching the so-called 'Redridge', heading towards a particular peak. You've had plenty of time to prepare yourselves, but it's anyone's guess what you'l face inside. Demonds, most likely, but anything linked to chaos is not out of the question. The entire reason for this was to delay the planned strike across the DEsolation into Skald, where the Demon-Binder makes his home, to end the menace of him once and for all.

In the distance, you see the great installation of the 'Planar Disjunction Cannon', a weapon much further up the mountain range from here, but one of Alexandria's defenses and one reason why no one in their right mind, namely Charn, has sought to invade the region in the last decade and a half. It's proximity to this mountain must be worrying the council, as the installation is rather surrounded by military airships.

Cold, biting winds lash you as you stand on the deck now that you're closer and, indeed, it is what is described: it's like one side of the mountain's peak had simply fallen away, revealing darkness.

"You know, the druids were pretty mad about that, but I don't think Asumit cares," roars one of the sailors. "Still, the Union said they wanted to 'fix it', but how the hell would you even do that?"

Munch doesn't mind the chill wind, his new wings shifting to the breeze without catching and sending the golem tumbling... not after the first couple hours, anyway... Peering at the hollowed peak, the metal man shrugs. "Dig straight down until you hit lava, let nature fix its own mountain?" ...there's a reason he's not part of the planning committee.

"Throw a lot of big boulders at it?" Kore suggests in a quiet voice, her eyes still fixed firmly to the planks of the airship's deck. "... Pray?" She takes a deep breath and shifts her feet frm left to right. Kore, who is always rather quiet and withdrawn, hasn't really looked up since the flight began. Indeed, she's spent most of it on her knees, hands folded in her lap, quietly praying. This is admittedly not a particularly unusual position for the devout Vardaman Monk. Still, she stays near the center of the deck and doesn't even venture a glance at her surroundings the whole while.

Cold mountain winds, Seldan had come prepared for. He had come prepared for many other things, as well. He has been quiet as he stands on the deck, his only move to pull a small glass vial from his pack and down it, after which he seems much less concerned about allowing the near-winter mountain winds to whip across the deck and tug at his cloak without complaint. "It perhaps would be best if we did not ask," he remarks in an accent that is most definitely Myrrish, and likely of the High Kingdom. "I think them unlikely to explain themselves, at any rate."

GAME: Seldan used a Potion of Endure Elements.
GAME: You used up your Potion of Endure Elements.

Garak wipes away a tear from under the eye unprotected by his monocle. His eye waters from the cold wind, not the disfigurement of the mountain. "Does anyone know what it looked like before?" he asks. "Or where did the missing pieces end up? If there's even rubble, there are ways to reshape it." He frowns slightly. "Of such powerful spells are usually employed in repairing important buildings or bridges, city walls, and the like, and not some remote mountain..."

"Wait," says the sailor, "was she here the whole time?"He gestures at Kore.

Olek points out, "They can't just remake mountain. Either they're pouring into a mountain-shaped mold, or rebuilding a mountain shape with like bricks." Of course he's focused on the wrong details. Erendriel does NOT like the cold. Not one bit. So flying on the airship, the first thing she does once she's up this far is do something about it. "Ahh," that's better, after a healthy does of magic. "So, we're here to clear out whatever's lurking here, while they fix things?" she asks, catching up after being disturbed by the cold.

GAME: Erendriel casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 10 DC: 16

"... I mean, not exactly? We have no idea what's in there except 'bad' and that people've reported getting really, really, /really/ lost and illusions everywhere, and shifting tunnels because chaos magic, I guess." He shrugs, eyeing Kore a moment before turning back to the others.

He produces items from his pouch. They're feathers.

"We're gonna get close as we can and then, well... you're gonna jump onto the mountain. Don't worry! These are feather fall tokens. With these winds, you'll get carried towards the right area and we'll tie you off together! We can't get much closer than we are now."

OH. This ought to be fun.

"I mean, I imagine some of you can fly, but the winds are pretty strong and it'd be easy to get seperated so... let nature do the work, right?" He beams.

Munch nods. "Right. Lava. Nature does it's work. I'll be fine." He glances to the others in the party. "I mean WE'LL be fine."

"...You want us to jump?" The Monk slowly turns toward the man who is speaking. She stares at the feathers in particular, her intensely blue eyes wide as saucers. Then the monk gives a single nod, hard enough for black hair to fall forward into her face. She doesn't comment. ...Or clear her eyes.

Only as the airship prepares to approach does Seldan finally look up from where he'd stood near the mast, and over at the sheer enormity of a missing -mountain face-. His jaw goes a little slack at the sheer magnitude of what happened, and he blinks several times. He'd felt the tremor, yes, but -this- ....

He shakes his head a little, snapping his jaw back shut and bringing his mind back to the task at hand. "Yes, flying in winds this strong would be difficult. You will remain here?" Apparently the paladin is taking the idea in stride, and he moves to the rail, peering over the edge at the darkness below.

Munch was planning to jump without the magic feather, but, seeing has how they were nice enough to offer...

GAME: Garak refreshes spells.
GAME: Garak casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 12 DC: 15

Olek nods about jumping with the feathers. "That sounds plausible," he agrees. "And roped together like climbers."

GAME: Garak casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 12 DC: 15
GAME: Garak casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 12 DC: 15
GAME: Garak casts Endure Elements. Caster Level: 12 DC: 15
<OOC> Garak will also cast a few other buffs on himself before we jump!
GAME: Garak casts Magic Vestment. Caster Level: 12 DC: 17
GAME: Garak casts Magic Vestment. Caster Level: 12 DC: 17
GAME: Garak casts Greater Magic Weapon. Caster Level: 12 DC: 18

Erendriel goes to Munch. "Since they're suggesting we pair up, how about we go down together? I want to be ON my broom when I jump because just in case, but I'm not going to activate it unless something goes very wrong."

Garak moves about the party offering to cast spells to help them resist the cold - and heat if that turns out to be an issue. It takes him some time, and then he finishes with a few spells on his own armor, shield and lance. Wait, where did that lance come from. And then just as suddenly it's gone...hmm. "Is everyone ready?" he looks around, fingering his magic feather uneasily.

"We're going to move a safe distance away. I don't imagine one of you has a teleport spell handy, do you? Even if you did, I wouldn't reccomend using it except get as far from the mountain as possible," replies the sailor, tipping his hat towards the lot of you as oth4ers join him to help start tying you all together in lengths of rope, braced and secured and looped so as not to pull any limbs off were something to go wrong. That would be bad.

Finally, you're brought to the edge of the ship.

"We'll pull back a safe distance! Just make a light show! We'll find you!"

Munch has no hesitation, stepping up to the railing and stepping over like it was just a single step. The Disciple does remember to keep his wings tucked in tight... that's a bit of an instict to fight. He turns in the air to watch the othrs, holding his feather tight and waiting to see when he;s supposed to use it. Be bad if the timing is off...

"Understood. Her face shine brightly on you until we return." Feather token in hand, pack on his back over his cloak, hood firmly secured, Seldan seems reasonably calm about this whole jumping-off-the-edge-of-an-airship thing. He will look to see when the others are jumping - it does not do to dangle from the rope while the others jump, nor does it do to pull those unready off of the side - but when the time is right, does so himself, grinning boyishly at the feeling of the wind. Holding tight to the feather is definitely a must, though, as he drifts down with the others.

Garak is next in line and is nearly caught off-guard as Munch and then Seldan jumps. Quickly placing his feather between his teeth he uses the now-free hand on the railing in front of him and flings his legs over in a half-vault. His other hand clutches his holy symbol the entire time...but as soon as he's falling he snatches the feather out of his mouth and engages its magic.

Erendriel doesn't have wings, but she has the broom held in place beneath her as she joins Munch. "I won't activate it unless I really need to, because yeah... this is just dangerous in so many ways." And off with Munch she goes!

When the jumping happens Kore simply closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She lets herself be the second to last to go, standing right near the edge but not moving in the sligtest until it becomes clear that she'll be left behind if she waits any longer. The Monk jumps with her arms at her sides, fingers curled against her hips, and doesn'topen her eyes for even an instant as she is tumbling into space.Just... Slowly. Feathers are good for something, apparently.

Olek hurls himself over the edge and will fall along with the others. He hopes this is going to work. He's got a couple items just in case, but they seem to have a plan, so he'll go with it.


The wind and cold is immediately intense once you're off the protective shelter of the airship. The wind was bad enough before but now you're falling INTO it.

And the cold? BITING. Thankfully, you have protections, right? Right?

A short while of free fall later, the feather tokens kick in and your fall slows precipitously, giving you all a good chance to look at the yawning, dark chasm you're descending towards, carried by the wind. The crew knew what they were doing and is allowing the wind to deliver you where you need to be.

All is going well.

Which, of course, means that something is going to go wrong.

The tokens suddenly cut out.

And they cut out /early/. Way earlier than they should have. You are now in free fall with a good hundred feet to go.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Spellcraft rolls, folks!"
GAME: Seldan rolls spellcraft: (10)+11: 21
GAME: Kore rolls Spellcraft: (15)+9: 24
GAME: Erendriel rolls spellcraft: (3)+8: 11
GAME: Munch rolls spellcraft: Trained Use Only: 0
To (Seldan, Kore), Whirlpool pages: SOMEONE dispelled the tokens effect with an area dispel.
To (Seldan, Kore), Whirlpool pages: Which means you're being observed.
GAME: Garak rolls spellcraft: (11)+8: 19
To (Seldan, Kore), Whirlpool pages: The tokens MAY kick back in.
To (Seldan, Kore), Whirlpool pages: Once the dispel wears off, but it's a gamble. :)
You paged (Whirlpool, Kore) with 'A gamble I choose not to take.'
To (Seldan, Kore), Whirlpool pages: That is probably wise. :)

Garak's eyes widen. He begins hauling at the line tying him to the others, pulling himself closer. "Get together!" he bellows over the sound of the wind rushing by. "TOGETHER!!" As the others begin to grow close and the ground rushes in he begins chanting a spell, hoping there will be time...

GAME: Garak casts Wind Walk. Caster Level: 12 DC: 20

When the tokens cut out, Seldan bites back a curse and shouts something to the group, his words lost in the whipping wind of a free-fall. Almost instantly, the sound of tearing cloth from him is lost in the whipping of the wind as well, but a pair of mighty angel-like wings with brightest white feathers sprout from his back, arching as they strain to slow the group's fall. He will not be able to carry them, he knows, but he might be able to at least slow a free-fall. It does not look as if he is prepared to take any chances.

<OOC> Erendriel says, "what's the distance from the rock face?"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "not the ground, but what the wind would blow us into"

Munch laughs as the magic cuts out. He has no clue as to why it happened, but at least now it's interesting. A quick check to make sur the ropes won't get too tangled, ad the golem spreads his wings...

<OOC> Erendriel says, "I want to do two things but I want to know basically if I can safely do one thing before doing the other"
<OOC> Garak laughs, welcome to high level play. :D I guess I will cast it on everyone who doesn't fly on their own.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay."
<OOC> Garak says, "Although it is the most awesome spell ever and lasts 12 hours so even if you can fly it might come in handy."
<OOC> Whirlpool had to read wind walk.
<OOC> Erendriel says, "you don't need to burn one touch on me"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Wind Walk is only one target touched every three levels."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You guys are tied together, but it's a bit like formation free falls in skydiving. You may not be able to reach everyone who needs it."
<OOC> Seldan says, "Start with those who do not fly on their own."
<OOC> Kore says, "How far are we falling anyhow?"

Olek's falling rate is unaffected by the feather token's failure. Luckily. Otherwise he'd wind up a dwarf-shaped splatter on the ground.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "About 100 feet, as I said in the pose ;)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "sorry"
<OOC> Kore says, "I thought that was it, I just spazzed. Scuse me."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Nothing to apologize for :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "so I should have a couple of rounds to react if I fail a fly check"
<OOC> Kore says, "Looking at my inventory wondering how I ended up with so much nonsense but no feather fall. :D"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I'm gonna be safe and Gaseous form, which frees me from munch and means I fly AND instantly make all flychecks"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "One sec, folks :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "ok"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay. So, first: You're buffetted by falling winds and being jerked around. To cast a spell will require a concentratrion check."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Two: Olek has a ring of feather falling. This will kick in and help."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "For one round. xD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "(At least. ;))"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The reality is that feather fall affects only Olek, but it will at least slow you guys down a little until the ropes hit and pul him down with the rest of you to an extent. Too much of a load."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Wind walk:"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Wind walk will make you gaseous but he can only do it to people in touch range and only one of those /3 levels."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So, I am going to randomly determine who he can reach easily."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Because you aren't all occupying the same point in space."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Erendriel is 1, Kore is 2, Munch is 3, Olek is 4, and Seldan is 5."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d5: (3): 3
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d5: (5): 5
<OOC> Erendriel says, "ok so what's the DC on the check?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So he can reach Munch and Seldan."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I am going to call this violent motion while casting."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The DC is 15 + spell level."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "thanks"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak, you will need to make this too."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So to make sure I have everyone's actions right:"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak casts wind walk."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Erendriel is gonna try to gaseous form."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "so I have to hit 18 on a +15"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I like my odds"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan and Munch have wings."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Am I right so far?"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "yes"
<OOC> Seldan says, "Yes."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Olek has a ring of feather falling, and that leaves Kore."
<OOC> Munch does have wings, yes.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The irony of Garak only having the two people wiht wings in reach. xD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So that leaves Kore needing help."
<OOC> Garak says, "Yes irony is one word for it"
<OOC> Kore will... live... if we can't figure this one out!
<OOC> Seldan thinks that since we are roped together, between us we ought to be able to control her.
<OOC> Garak says, "Here is my concentration check, I believe DC would be 16"
GAME: Garak rolls 1d20+11+4: (9)+11+4: 24
<OOC> Garak says, "Er, DC of 21 actually. Whew."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The pople going gaseous can not help her, so Eren and Garak are out. That leaves it to Munch and Seldan to do so."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Munch, Seldan: Roll fly."
GAME: Munch rolls fly: (13)+9: 22
<OOC> Seldan says, "Invoking T1 Ancestor-Touched for a +1 to this roll."
GAME: Seldan rolls fly +1: (7)+8+1: 16
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "And guess what?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It was, in fact, a very good idea."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That is why you didn't fail by enough to be ins serious trouble."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're gonna have a hard landing. Kore, Olek, Seldan: ref saves."
GAME: Seldan rolls reflex: (14)+12: 26
GAME: Erendriel rolls 1d20+5+10: (8)+5+10: 23
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Feel free to pose your in-fall actions."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "and I needed an 18, so I make the spell"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Y es, Eren. :)"
GAME: Erendriel casts Gaseous Form. Caster Level: 10 DC: 18
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore will survive, but she may wind up looking a bit like an akordion if she hits the ground hard enough. ;)"

Munch flaps around a few moments, twisting in the air. Most of the party seems to have things in hand, but is at least one in need of assistance. Reaching out, the Dragon Disciple grabs one of Kore's hands and flaps hard, slowing himself at least a little, and Kore along for the ride. It's a bumpy ride, but a survivable one.

GAME: Kore rolls reflex: (17)+12: 29
<OOC> Kore says, "I'd like to break my fall a little with Acrobatics if I can. XD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You may :)"
GAME: Kore rolls Acrobatics: (16)+17: 33

Erendriel squeaks when they start falling a lot faster. She takes a moment, but just, to consider her options before making the SAFE decision. With the ground closing, safe seems good. Under pressure, her hands flail, she shouts arcane words into the wind, and suddenly she's no longer there beside Munch. She becomes incorporeal, and drifts to the ground under complete control of gaseous self.

All of the gliding and the tricks Seldan had been learning up to now with the wings avail him only so much as he plummets towards the ground - none of the egalrin's lessons had prepared him for free-fall in a buffeting wind! A flash of inspiration, and he turns himself just slightly, which helps a little. Not enough. They're still coming down too fast! Panic begins to race through his mind as he prepares to roll with the impact of the landing.

Hopefully, that will be enough.

Being the second to last off of the ship the feather hardly slows Kore's acceleration at all. She first realizes something is wrong about ten feet past the bottom of the vessel, blue eyes snapping open as the wind envelopes her. Black hair billows upward, and the small woman finds herself hauling on her rope as the various companions are employing their varied means of escaping the situation. Kore, however? She seems to be out of luck. Rather than going for a pocket or chanting some spell she spreads her arms, twisting in the air as she does something crazy - and releases the rope. With a bellowed shout reminiscent of a kiai taught in the Dragon Style schools of the far off mountains Kore doesn't just fall but tumbles through the air as she rockets toward the ground. Once she's closer she'll have to roll, but while in air --- anything to increase the drag her body provides against the wind.

Garak turns into vapor only moments before he would have smashed into the side of the mountain. His translucent form is suspended in space at first, but soon begins to drift back and forth in the wind. He waits until everyone is safely on the ground, or flying. "Someone interfered the magic of our tokens," he warns. "With magic of their own." He begins float along the side of the mountain towards their intended landing spot. He's careful to keep close to solid footing should even this magic fail him - or be dispelled.

GAME: Olek rolls reflex: (18)+6: 24

It's a bumpy ride, yes.

The spell winked out and left you in free fall. In truth, feather tokens are only simple magical items. Almost any spellcaster could do what was done, but there was little reason to believe that such a thing would happen this far out, this far above.

As each of you does what you can to survive the impact, the descend for those who've not become gaseous clouds carired along the same winds that were doing so before, is a bumpy one. Between Munch and Seldan, Olek and Kore are delivered into a snow bank, safely, roughly a few hundred feet down the mountain from your destination, along a narrow ledge, before crashing into the mountain side themselves.

It is rather harmless, at the moment, but they're all lucky, deeply lucky, to have arrived with such little physical harm. There's no garauntee that you'll be so lucky in the climb you now face.

Munch buzzes happily, quite enjoying himself despite the danger. Or maybe because of it? With a mild shrug, the golem eyes the rocks above him, picking his route before starting up. "Thought I was a decent flyer, but guess I wasn't thinking deadly enough. Will have to practice more when I get back."

Olek pulls himself out of the snowbank and coughs up a bit of snow. "Well," he says. "That could have gone better. But it looks like I'm not hurt, so ... not /too/ bad, all things considered." He looks around. "Any of you finger wagglers know what happened, though?" He will see about helping everyone out of the snowbank so we can complete our journey.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "A few hundred feet. :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "But a few hundred feet on a mountain is a lot harder than it sounds :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I Get 20 minutes of flight. I Should be able to make it before my gas runs out..."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay, but what about everyone else? :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "Iwill cheer them on"
<OOC> Whirlpool snorts.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Do I need to sing 'don't split the party' at you? ;)"
<OOC> Olek says, "Is it climbing straight up a mountain face, or just along rising terrain?"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "well considering I have no strength, climbinb any other way seems suicidal"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "A bit of both. :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I've gotta do it :D"
<OOC> Olek says, "Is it Athletics to climb?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "We'll get to the climbing in a moment. :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "For now, carry on. :)"
<OOC> Olek says, "OK"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "hang on"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I may have a way to be nice to whirl"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's not nice to me. :)"

Fortunately, the twist in the air - on some inspiration of unknown source - is enough to save Seldan from major impacts, but he does strike the mountain wall hard enough to be heard, leaving angel-white feathers scattered amid the snow clinging to the mountain. The wings melt away as he gets to his feet, shaking himself and looking around at the others. "Yes," he agrees with Munch. "That was quite the descent. We are not unobserved, either." He looks over at Olek and Garak. "The tokens were dispelled. We should be cautious. Someone knows that we are here." He looks up at the cliff face. "I brought climbing gear, should it be wanted, and it seems that it will be."

<OOC> Erendriel says, "well you said you don't want to split the party. If you're ok with me floating to the top, I'll float to the dang top"

Erendriel knows where they were SUPPOSED to glide, but went short of, so instead of just climbing with her arms and legs, she goes up up up to the top before she runs out of gas, so to speak.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "WEll, like I said, we'll get to the climb in a moment. Just understand that if you decide to go sit at the top of the mountain, on your own, there may or may not be consequences to separating yourself from the party. :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "To quote Leonard McCoy, I choose the danger."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "since there's also danger in me climbing."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "though I have a plan"

Kore rolls out of the snow drift she's tucked herself into, apparently no worse for wear. SHe puffs out a warm breath of air and then reaches toward a belt pouch, coming up with a length of spidersilk rope. "Climbs I'm prepared for," Monk notes somewhat sheepishly, even as those azure eyes scan her compatriots, and then the mountain stretching above her. "If we move now we should make it before it gets dark, at least." She forwns thoughtfully, tiling her head as she does. "... Shall we be on our way?"

Garak floats along. In this form he moves at a snail's pace but not needing to climb means he can likely still keep pace with the others. "Good work, everyone." He remarks. "I am suddenly glad the airship is keeping at a distance. I would not like the thought of having to walk back home were something similar to happen to it."

Munch fehs. "It's not that far to run back." Says the guy who is literally a running machine.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Everyone who's not Erendriel: can you give me an idea of your plan to ascend?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I assume straight climbing, given that flight is a dangerous proposition at the moment due to the winds. :)"
<OOC> Olek will climb with athletics/acrobatics?
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Erendriel, I'd like you to roll perception for me."
<OOC> Seldan has climbing gear and 50' of rope.
GAME: Erendriel rolls perception: (11)+19: 30
<OOC> Munch says, "Climb with panache and showmanship, and i don't have all that much skill. ;)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "with a +1 for trapfinding if applicable"
<OOC> Kore says, "CLimbing!"
<OOC> Olek can rope people up if needed?
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay. Carry on. :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's definitely doable."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So Olek is climbing, Kore is climbing, Munch is climbing..."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan? ALso climbing."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Stjepan, Garak?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak, you still have wind walk active if you wanted it."
<OOC> Seldan says, "Can Garak take the rope to the top, perhaps?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's entirely possible."
<OOC> Seldan says, "That will make the climb -much- easier."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yes, it will. :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "if any of you could like shoot it up I could do something with it"
<OOC> Stjepan will climb
<OOC> Stjepan needed to check for fun toys. :)
<OOC> Garak nods is still in vapor form, can float up, change back and then throw a rope down
<OOC> Whirlpool has to check something.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You can regain physical shape, take Seldan's climbing kit, fly to the top, hammer it in, and then drop the rope."
<OOC> Garak thumbs up
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "This will take..."
<OOC> Seldan will support this.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "About 15 rounds worth of time."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay. We'll assume you guys have discussed this plan IC and are going for it."

Garak sees the others preparing their ropes, and then slowly coalesces into a normal physical form. "May I?" He takes the loops of rope, hammer and pitons and stows them in his own satchel. Then he concentrates, shifting into vapor again. He summons a gust of wind to send him sailing up to the top of the mountain - finally moving swiftly enough to be dignified as 'flying' - and then begins the process of returning to normal Arvek form. He solidifies next to Erendriel and gives her the tiniest of nods. Finally he gets to work securing the rope and then tossing it down to the rest of the party. All of this seems arduously long, of course, but if it spares the others a long, hard and possibly dangerous climb, he deems it well worth the minutes spent.

"Yes, of course." Seldan does not hesitate to hand over the climbing gear he had been in the process of unpacking, along with his length of rope. When the cleric vanishes up the mountainside with the gear, he looks after him, and seals his pack up again, preparing for an arduous climb.

After about 90 seconds or so, the rope comes tumbling down the cliff face, and the paladin/sorcerer visibly brightens, looking up the cliff face and giving the rope a good tug to test its strength. It takes more than oen length of rope, of course, but knotted together and swaying in the wind, it is a better option to get to the top than you had mere moments ago.

Time to make the climb.

Munch isn't the best at waiting, but he got to jump out an airship not long ago, so the impulsive golem is willing to wait a few minutes for the safety of the group. This time.

"Looks sturdy enough," Kore states cheerfully. She finally kips to her feet, leaving nothing but a small dark elf angel in the snow. "Let me go." She'll approach the rope, intent on starting her climb. The prospect of heading u pseems to bother Kore far less than the prospect of coming down had. Then again, given what occurred, is it any wonder?

GAME: Kore rolls Athletics+2: (16)+13+2: 31
GAME: Olek rolls athletics: (7)+14: 21
GAME: Munch rolls athletics: (14)+12: 26
GAME: Seldan rolls athletics: (18)+4: 22

Stjepan looks over at Seldan. "Here," then the giantborn gives it another tug. "If it'll hold me, it's in good." Then, he gets ready to climb.

GAME: Stjepan rolls athletics: (11)+11: 22

Seldan looks over - and up - at the giantborn man. "I believe that." He steps backwards to let the bigger man test it without argument, and a small smile. When his turn comes to climb, he breathes a brief prayer to Eluna, then starts up the cliff face, tentatively at first and then with more confidence. He may not be experienced at such things, but he manages well enough.

Olek will drag his short backside up the snowy mountainside the old-fashioned way - grit and perseverance. He's got both, and he doesn't get tired quickly, he just keeps going and going until he gets there. Forward, upward, onward. Climbing's a little slower because he's short, but he's determined.

Stjepan climbs steadily, weighed down by armour, but determined nonetheless. He pressure-tests the rope, and since he doesn't end up in the void, maybe imparts a bit of confidence that it's well-set. Long distance to Whirlpool: Seldan kicks back with popcorn and waits to see the masterpiece unveiled.

Munch is heavy, but not -that- heavy, climbing with relative ease. He's strong, and doesn't tire easily.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak, roll perception."
GAME: Garak rolls perception: (18)+19: 37
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  ATTENTION  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
        Whirlpool has dropped a TIMESTOP!
        Please +init, then cease all roleplay and actions immediately and wait for Whirlpool to instruct you further. You may earn RPP by logging a scene for a GM.
        For in-combat commands, type: +thelp.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "ONLKY Garak and Erendriel init."

Garak and Erendriel are at the ledgetoop, the yawning chasm behind them. Naturally, they are keeping an eye on it. Of /course/ they are. Why wouldn't they? This means they're ready for something, but were they really ready for the snow to seem to pull together beneth their feet? For something to rise up out of it, all maws and tenteacles and screaming mouths and eyes in a variety of shapes opening beneath their feet? It's like something flowed beneath the snow, flat as flat can be, and then swelled up.

And it's grabbing Erendriel.

She does, in fact, look tasty.

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (2)+12: 14
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (1)+12: 13 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (18)+12: 30
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (20)+12: 32
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (13)+12: 25
<OOC> Erendriel says, "oh come on"
<OOC> Whirlpool :D
<OOC> Erendriel says, "well time for another conc check"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "this time with a+4"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (3)+4: 7
<OOC> Whirlpool rolls to confirm crit.
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (19)+12: 31
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Confirmed."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 2d8+8: (6)+8: 14
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (3)+4: 7
 <OOC> Whirlpool says, "Lemme see how bad off you are first :)"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (5)+15: 20
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's barely beating your CMD."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "(You almost lucked out!)"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d4: (1): 1


Maws, maws, maws.

The pseudopods of the creature wrap around Erendriel, grabbing her. Maws, fresh ones, open along them and they latch on, gnashing her flesh and ripping it open to feast on sorcerer's blood. The snow-white mass of the aberration takes on a crimson hue as it gorges itself upon her.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round One - Init 25.
      It is now Huge Mother's turn! Erendriel is next!
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round One - Init 16.
      It is now Erendriel's turn! Garak is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Eren, you are presently grappled, being fed on."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "gaseous form concentration check ahoy?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Grappled or pinned while casting10 + grappler's CMB + spell level"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Your DC is:"
GAME: Erendriel rolls 1d20+5+10+4: (17)+5+10+4: 36
<OOC> Erendriel says, "made whatever it is"
GAME: Erendriel casts Gaseous Form. Caster Level: 10 DC: 18
<OOC> Erendriel says, "unless that CMB is insane :D"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "At high levels they get there."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Gaseous is a second level spell?"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "third"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Third. Okay."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "oops"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So your dc is: 10+16+3"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "DC 29."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "made it with 7 to spare"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yeah, you had 50/50 odds."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "fly 10 feet back"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "as that's my fly speed in gaseous"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yes. :)"

Erendriel shrieks, rather than merely squeaking, when she's attacked so roughly. Having just casted, she casts the SAME SPELL AGAIN, since it keeps saving her pointy eared life. Disappearing into smoke AGAIN, she scoooooooots back, in pain.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round One - Init 7.
      It is now Garak's turn! Huge Mother is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're up. :)"
<OOC> Garak will move 30' further away and cast flamestrike on it
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Thirty feet where? Towards the entry to the labyrinth?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Because that's literally the only direction to go if you're not gonna fly off the mountain and into the wind, which requires you to be in gaseous for mand not castingh."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "And that means going around the huge aberration with reach."
<OOC> Garak will take option A, move, take the AOO and then cast. Once I'm away I'll also use a swift action to cast quickened spiritual weapon on it.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's more than doable."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "However, I want to warn you."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It has improved grab."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "This is usable on an AOO."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I mean you saw all the rolls Whirlpool made on me :D"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Since Erendriel escaped its grasp, it can grab you inst ead."
<OOC> Garak's AC would be currently 26 with the buffs he cast on himself.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So there's a chance you could wind up grappled instead."
<OOC> Garak will have to take the chance!
<OOC> Whirlpool nods!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So you have a good chance of avoiding it, but I want to make sure you have all the facts so you can understand WHICH risk you're taking :D"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (18)+12: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It hits!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (8)+16: 24
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Itr does NOT grapple you, however. Lucky dog."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You may now slap it with flamestrike."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Next up, roll versus SPELL RESISTANCE :D"
GAME: Garak casts Flame Strike. Caster Level: 12 DC: 19
GAME: Garak rolls 1d20+12: (8)+12: 20
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You pierce the SR."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Please roll the damage for the divine and fire parts of flame strike's damage seperately."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh wait"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I'm a derp."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's just a default half."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll damage. :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool was thinking of ice storm.
GAME: Garak rolls 12d6: (43): 43
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (18)+7: 25
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It saves!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So ittakes half damage of 21."
<OOC> Garak says, "Also! I will cast quickened Spiritual weapon."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Noted, we'll get to that."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "21 damage, split in half of fire and divine."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So 10 fire, 11 divine."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It takes 0 fire damage."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "But the divine damage works just fine. So your flame strike lands, but it seems barely impacted by it."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Right? xD"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round One - Init 6.
      It is now Munch's turn! Stjepan is next!
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round One - Init 5.
     It is now Stjepan's turn! Huge Mother is next!
      Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 25.
      It is now Huge Mother's turn! Erendriel is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Huge monter is rushing at Garak since he is the only delicious person available at the moment."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (19)+12: 31
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It hits!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (8)+16: 24
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak luckily avoids grapple AGAIN"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 16.
      It is now Erendriel's turn! Seldan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Eren."

Seeing only one target, the gibbering creature -- and it is indeed gibbering -- rushes towards Garak, leaving the snow a trail of mushy mess behind it that looks vety reacherous.

One of its long pseudopods lashes out at him, whipping him across the chest and sinking through the gaps in his armor, ripping at tiny bits of exposed flesh.

Erendriel scooooooooooooooots. In that gassy way a gassy scooter scoots.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 12.
      It is now Seldan's turn! Olek is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan will climb."
GAME: Seldan rolls Athletics: (15)+4: 19
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "He is doing well!"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 11.
      It is now Olek's turn! Kore is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Olek!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "ROll climb :)"
GAME: Olek rolls athletics: (5)+14: 19
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You are making good progress!"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 11.
      It is now Kore's turn! Garak is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore, roll athletics."

Olek continues to climb, grunting with the effort as he ascends, struggling to get to the top so he can join in te fight that he can hear up above.

GAME: Kore rolls athletics: (16)+13: 29
<OOC> Kore says, "31."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore vaults over the top easily, let me check something..."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You can vault over the top and still have a standard action."
<OOC> Kore says, "Okay!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "What would yo like to do with it? :)"
<OOC> Kore says, "How far am I from the... Whatever it is?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "About 40 feet."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Since it went after Garak, who moved ;)"
<OOC> Kore says, "Advance close as I can and cast, I guess, I can't do much from where I am yet. XD"
GAME: Kore casts Shield of Faith. Caster Level: 7 DC: 14
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "No more movement, just standard. Shield of faith is good!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Pose it :)"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 7.
      It is now Garak's turn! Munch is next!
<OOC> Garak will summon lance, use a round of Weapon Master to give himself the feat Furious Focus and Power attack it.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak!"

Kore clambers nimbly ovfer the edge of the cliff, scanning her surroundings as she rolls. SHe's already reachign for the silver harp she wears about her neck, murmuring to herself some intricate prayer to the goddess of death as she rises to her feet. Those blue eyes fixate on the creature attacking her companions as she speaks and Kore--- walks briskly right toward the danger. Of course.

<OOC> Garak will just attack it with actual lance then!
GAME: Garak rolls weapon1+2: (5)+14+2: 21
GAME: Garak rolls weapon1+2-5-3: (6)+14+2+-5+-3: 14
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oooh."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's some bad dice."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Some bad dice even."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "One hit :)"
<OOC> Garak says, "Is it...eeevil?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Well, what do you know."
GAME: Garak rolls 1d8+18+2d6: (8)+18+(10): 36
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "+18?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Power attack plus what else? :)"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 6.
      It is now Munch's turn! Stjepan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's still resistant to SOME of the damage, btw."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Munch!"
<OOC> Munch says, "Climb, maybe attack?"
<OOC> Garak says, "Wait, I had the right total, just did the wrong breakdown. Should be +6 strength, +9 power attack, +3 greater magic weapon...still +18"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "AH HA."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Thank you!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That makes sense. :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So people can cast bless and then add +1 to everyone."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Munch? :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll athletics."
<OOC> Munch says, "Climb, maybe attack"
GAME: Munch rolls athletics: (18)+12: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll athletics. xD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You make it almost to the top."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You'll be there next round."
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Two - Init 5.
      It is now Stjepan's turn! Huge Mother is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Stjepan!"
GAME: Stjepan rolls athletics: (15)+11: 26
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're just bnehind Munch and ahead of Seldan."
      Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 25.
      It is now Huge Mother's turn! Erendriel is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Mama NOMS YOUR FACE, Garak."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (6)+12: 18
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (2)+12: 14
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (6)+12: 18
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (9)+12: 21
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (16)+12: 28
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (20)+12: 32
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (3)+12: 15
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "At least it didn't confirm and rolled badly!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (7)+4: 11
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (3)+4: 7

"Gonna smack you in the face and make you die! Gonna smack you in the face and make you die! I don't care you got no face, gonna smack you every place! Gonna smack you in the face and make you die!" Munch sings cheerfully as he scrambles up the cliff. He's a bit shy of the top just yet, but that's oaky, the monster will keep... maybe...

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (2)+16: 18
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Are you kidding me dice. xD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "At least it gets another try."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (11)+16: 27
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "OKAY."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak is grappled."

Garak takes another stinging hit. The last bits of smoke from his flamestrike waft away. Leaving Gark to realize the monster was barely singed by the attack. Summoning his silvery gleaming lance he leans in and stabs it. "Watch out!" he calls out as he sees allies appearing beyond the creature. "It has a long reach!" He stabs again but the monstosity manages to move out of the way. "And it moves like a snake!" he adds.

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d4: (2): 2
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 16.
      It is now Erendriel's turn! Seldan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "while I pose, Eren you're up."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "since I don't have any more room to move back, per your description, drop out of gaseous, activate broom, go 40' up. I think that should work?"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "then I'm in position to recover and do stuff"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I'm saying: You can fly down in gaseous form, get in position to grab the rope. You use your remaining standard action to grab the potion out of your bag."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That works fine!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Totally fine."
<OOC> Erendriel says, "ok"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I'll pose it :D"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Do so."
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 12.
      It is now Seldan's turn! Olek is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You can potion up next round :)"
<OOC> Seldan says, "All right, where am I right now?"

Erendriel has run out of mountain unfortunately. She can't sssss back any more. So instead she goes corporeal, hops on her chopper, and vrooms 40 feet into the sky. Moving faster now. Hopefully that abomination is intelligent, but inexperienced, and has a pattern that indicates two dimensional thinking.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're towards the top of the rope."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Depending on your athletics roll, you may get close to it this round, or even vault over like Kore did.]"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Your other option is to fly."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "In which case you'll need to roll fly."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "But you'll get there."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's just a matter of landing in the wind. ;)"
<OOC> Seldan says, "Let's try the fly."
GAME: Seldan rolls fly: (14)+8: 22
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll fly!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "What would you like to do with your standard?"
<OOC> Seldan says, "Fire a lightning bolt at it."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll a caster check."
<OOC> Seldan says, "This is for SR?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It is."
<OOC> Seldan says, "Add two for spell penetration, then."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
GAME: Seldan rolls 1d20+11+2: (16)+11+2: 29
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That's very much past it."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's SR is not terribly strong."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (14)+7: 21
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Cast the lightning bolt, roll damage."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It got a 21 to save."
GAME: Seldan casts Lightning Bolt. Caster Level: 11 DC: 18
GAME: Seldan rolls 10d6: (30): 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It takes some damage!"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 11.
      It is now Olek's turn! Kore is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Olek!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "More climbing for you?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll athletics. :)"
<OOC> Olek has to climb the rest of the way up?
GAME: Olek rolls athletics: (5)+14: 19
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You make it to the end!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You still have a standard action."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're up over the ledge now"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "What would you like to do with it?"
<OOC> Olek says, "Can I attack it from here?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "With a ranged weapon."
<OOC> Olek says, "Or charge it?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "No, your move action was used climbing.]"
<OOC> Olek will rage and yse another move to activate Defensive Stance.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay :)"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 11.
      It is now Kore's turn! Garak is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore!"

Seldan's primary focus is getting up the rope, and he climbs as quickly as he can manage. Then, a gaseous cloud shoots past him and above his head like the aftermath of a bean-and-broccoli dinner, and the screams, clash, and *fwoosh* of spells and steel above tell him he'd best hurry. Throwing caution to the wind, he invokes the wings again, the strong, feathered appendages shooting out to catch him. He lets go and projects himself upward with a smooth motion, heedless of the wind, and what he sees has his entire expression twisting in revulsion and fury.

Instead of closing, though, he draws several sigils in the air and shouts a phrase at them, causing them to crackle into electrical life before him. He's got to distract that thing! Stabbing a finger through the middle of all three sigils causes that energy to coalesce and fire into a massive lightning bolt that slams into it and crackles through and around the thing.

Olek finally reaches the top of the cliff, and he fumes as he sees what's going on. He gnashes his teeth, making his snarl look particularly unpleasant, drawing axe and shield and preparing to charge in.

<OOC> Kore says, "Do I know enough about this thing for Bane?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll knowledge/dungeoneering!"
<OOC> Kore says, "Darn. I don't have that. XD"
<OOC> Kore says, "I'll activate the Justice judgment and charge in Dragon Style mode."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay! It can't AOO while in a grapple."
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+2+3: (8)+14+2+1+2+3: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "KORE HITS"
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+2+1: (1)+4+2+1: 8
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "KORESMITE"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 7.
      It is now Garak's turn! Munch is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak!"
GAME: Olek RAGES!, gaining +2 to melee attack/damage/Will saves and 20 temporary HP
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak? :)"
<OOC> Garak will give himself the feat improved grapple and try to reverse the grapple.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll it!"
GAME: Garak rolls cmb+2: (17)+13+2: 32
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You can break free or keep it grappled."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Up to you :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You were able to overpower its maws."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Which is good news! It means you don't get swallowed."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "HOWEVER."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It will get to try to pin you next round since you'd still be locked in grapple with it."
<OOC> Garak will break free!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Three - Init 6.
      It is now Munch's turn! Stjepan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Munch!"
<OOC> Munch says, "Climb and smash"
GAME: Munch rolls athletics: (9)+12: 21
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll athletics to vault over."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You make it to the top, but obviously, the monster is not in range."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You may use a ranged attack or do something else."
<OOC> Munch says, "Do something smart for a change, and cast Shield on myself."
GAME: Munch casts Shield. Caster Level: 6 DC: 13

Garak lets his lance disappear as one of his arms is wrapped in the creature's stalks. Close observers would notice the lance actually shrinks - in the blink of an eye - until it's not longer visible. He uses the now open hand to tug at another stalk wrapped around his neck like a nooose. He loosens it just enough that a twist of his grappled arm allows him to slip away from both maws. Munch hauls himself over the top, ready for battle. But, seeing the... thing... is a bit off, the golem takes a moment to murmur a few special phrases. His tiny metallic scales shimmer and molt, thousands of sand sized scales dropping away, only to rise again on arcane winds, forming a protective barrier in front of the metal man.

GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
     Round Three - Init 5.
      It is now Stjepan's turn! Huge Mother is next!
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (3)+16: 19
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+7: (1)+7: 8
      Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 25.
      It is now Huge Mother's turn! Erendriel is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "BIG MOMMA'S TURN."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "OKAY."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "AS a free action it is gonna SPIT on Seldan."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (13)+7: 20
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That hits."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It ALSO starts gibbering."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Everyone needs to make a will save."
GAME: Seldan rolls will: (2)+19: 21
GAME: Munch rolls will: (20)+11: 31 (CRITICAL SUCCESS)
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan, I need you to roll fort."
GAME: Seldan rolls fortitude: (14)+16: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You are NOT blinded."
GAME: Garak rolls will+2: (5)+12+2: 19
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So far everyone as saved versus confusioN!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Eren, I need a will save from you. :)"
GAME: Stjepan rolls Will: (3)+7: 10
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oooo"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Stjepan failed."
GAME: Olek rolls will: (7)+7: 14
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "This is one of those 'don't forget your RPPs' saves. Confusion is brutal"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Olek is confused!"
<OOC> Olek says, "Is this a thing I can spend RPP on?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It is if you want a reroll :)"
GAME: Kore rolls will: (12)+11: 23
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore saves!"
<OOC> Olek moves RPP to himself
GAME: Olek rolls will: (14)+7: 21
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Done :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Did Eren fall asleep? :)"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "sorry back"
GAME: Erendriel used a Chocolate Spider (Wriggles Slightly).
GAME: Erendriel rolls 2d8+1: (5)+1: 6
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "All good, Eren!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Eren, you need to roll will first :)"
GAME: Erendriel rolls will: (6)+8: 14
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You'll want to RPP reroll that"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's a confusion effect from the gibbering mouther :)|"
<OOC> Erendriel says, "I don't know what's going on it's nearly 3am I'm going to bed"
GAME: Erendriel rolls will: (14)+8: 22
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 16.
      It is now Erendriel's turn! Seldan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "She uses her potion. XD"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 12.
      It is now Seldan's turn! Olek is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "We'll pause at the end of this round."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Seldan?"
<OOC> Whirlpool nods. You're up!
<OOC> Seldan says, "Invoke the armor, invoke smite evil (swift), and ... what can I do with the move action without closing?"
<OOC> Seldan says, "I assume that I am within 20'?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I'd say about that."
<OOC> Seldan says, "All right. So: invoke armor, smite evil, draw sword and hold."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 11.
      It is now Olek's turn! Kore is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Olek!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh hey I derped"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The bad guy didn't take his actual attacks."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "One second."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (6)+12: 18
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (16)+12: 28
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (14)+12: 26
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (13)+12: 25
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (19)+12: 31
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (20)+12: 32
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (4)+12: 16
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (1)+4: 5
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (5)+4: 9
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+4: (8)+4: 12
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "..."
<OOC> Kore says, "My AC atm is 28, if that helps."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It does not. It was all on Garak. xD"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (6)+16: 22
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Who is not grappled!"

Several maws form together and make one larger one, which then spews a vile and viscous green liquid at Seldan. It streaks across and splashes him right across his face and armor, stinging his eyes. He's able to shelter himself from the worst of it.

Garak is not so lucky with the gnawing maws. It's ignoring Kore (maybe it missed her altogether) and is proceeding to /chew/ on the cleric, leaving him progressivewly more and more bloodied... bloody is continually lapping up with long, snaking tongues.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "OKAY."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Now I am less a derp and we are back to Olek :)"
<OOC> Olek says, "Also, can you top off my HP? I will charge if I can, and suck up the AOO"
<OOC> Olek will also use Power Attack.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Fixed :)"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay!"
GAME: Olek rolls 1d20+17: (7)+17: 24
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (18)+12: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It misses!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll damage. :)"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 11.
      It is now Kore's turn! Garak is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Kore!"
GAME: Olek rolls 1d10+14: (3)+14: 17
<OOC> Olek says, "It's not an evil outsider, I'm guessing?"
<OOC> Kore says, "Can you top my HP off too?I'm going to activate my boots of speed, then take a full flurry of blows, and spend a Ki point. That'll give me four attacks, plus 1 at -5. I wish I knew what it was so I could use Bane. XD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Done!"
<OOC> Kore says, "Oh, um. I'll flank using the five foot step I should've gotten free from pack attack last turn. Ha."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "And roll the dice!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's immune to flank."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Unfortunately."
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+3+1: (9)+14+2+1+3+1: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It has t oo many eyes to flank ;("
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+3+1: (7)+14+2+1+3+1: 28
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+3+1: (5)+14+2+1+3+1: 26
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+3+1: (18)+14+2+1+3+1: 39
GAME: Kore rolls weapon0+2+1+3+1-5: (14)+14+2+1+3+1+-5: 30
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "ALl hits."
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+2+1: (8)+4+2+1: 15
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+1: (2)+4+1: 7
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+1: (4)+4+1: 9
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+1: (8)+4+1: 13
GAME: Kore rolls 1d8+strength+1: (4)+4+1: 9
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I have good news."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "And I have bad news."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The bad news is that three out of five of your hits wind up doing zero damage."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "(Olek, you also did damage, but it was nerfed by DR. :))"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The GOOD news is that two out of five of them did a little!"
<OOC> Kore says, "WHat's the good news? XD"
<OOC> Olek's weapon is adamantine and good, if that helps?
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh!"

'"AGH!" Another day, another vile emission from something unspeakably ugly and unspeakably evil. Such is the life of an adventurer, though that cry of surprise escapes Seldan as he turns his head - not a moment too soon. It still gets him across face and armor, but he's able to blink it out of the way.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

"I know not what spawned you, but in the name of the Dreamer, you have no place here!" Green, viscous goo is still dripping from his face, and too much talking is likely to get that stuff in his mouth. "Alacha." As he speaks that final word, his lips snap shut to keep that - whatever it is - out of his mouth, letting the armor form around him in a clatter of plates and panels. Metal rasps on leather as his sword comes out.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yes, good helps."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "However, it still loses some."
<OOC> Olek says, "That's the other part of the ragepower."
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 7.
      It is now Garak's turn! Munch is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You're up."

Olek rushes in where fools and sorcerers fear to tread. Dashing in with a dwarfish warcry, he slams aside it's attack against him, and lays in with an axeblow that draws ... well, maybe not actual blood. But he's injured it. Not as much as he'd like, but it's a start.

<OOC> Seldan says, "Well, the fact that I just invoked smite evil on it should be a clue."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "That will help yes :)"
<OOC> Garak says, "How far exactly is it's reach?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "15 feet."
<OOC> Olek says, "It's had an AoO vs me."
<OOC> Garak will give himself the feat combat expertise for a round and turn it on while also fighting defensively...for a grand total of 32 AC. Then try to stab it with lance.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Garak, roll to hit :)"
GAME: Garak rolls weapon1+2-3-4: (8)+14+2+-3+-4: 17
GAME: Garak rolls weapon1+2-3-4-5: (19)+14+2+-3+-4+-5: 23
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
     Round Four - Init 6.
     It is now Munch's turn! Stjepan is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "No dice."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "The 23 hts."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll damage for that."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "MUNCH."
GAME: Garak rolls 1d8+9+2d6: (2)+9+(9): 20
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Noted!"
GAME: You spend ONE use of SMITE EVIL. (1 remaining)
<OOC> Munch says, "rawr, attack. Power attack, vital strike."
<OOC> Seldan says, "For the log."
GAME: Munch rolls weapon-3: (9)+0+-3: 6
GAME: Munch rolls weapon16-3: (13)+18+-3: 28
<OOC> Munch mehs, tired. 28 to hit?
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It did!"

Garak is attacked again and again by the creature. He knows his allies are in position now, and it's only a matter of time before they chop the monster to bits. All he has to do is survive. Shifting his weight so that he's ready to dodge if he's attacked again, Garak strikes out with his lance in a series of quick jabbing blows. The power of his weapon turns even a glancing hit into a punishing one.

GAME: Munch rolls damage16+1d12+9+1d6: aliased to 1D12+11+1d12+9+1d6: (3)+11+(6)+9+(4): 33
<OOC> Munch says, "vital, PA, and corrosive"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Okay."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It hurts! But not so much as you'd like."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You lose roughly a third of the strke :)"
<OOC> Munch double checks... nope, is adamantine and magic, but not Good.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yeah :)"
GAME: Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Four - Init 5.
      It is now Stjepan's turn! Huge Mother is next!
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Stjepan will loose more arrows."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+16: (2)+16: 18
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+11: (18)+11: 29
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+65: (2)+65: 67
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+6: (16)+6: 22

Munch continues to hum his jauntly little tune... it's catchy, but he'll never be a bard. Moving forward, the metal man swings his massive blade, thick gops of green acid seeping from the surface just before it strikes. A worthy blow, but not a fatal one.

      Whirlpool advances the initiative order.
      Round Five - Init 25.
      It is now Huge Mother's turn! Erendriel is next!

(To be continued...)