A Meeting at the Portal

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The Am'shere portal exists outside of the city. A rather large fort has been erected around a shimmering tear in time and space. It is here that representatives from both sides of the portal, the tribal empire of the Sith-Makar and the government of Alexandria, have arranged to meet and discuss alarming threats.

Adventurers who will either be facing or have already faced oddities with regards to Am'shere are invited as well to share their stories or ask questions.

The fort is just opening for traffic and visitation.

Ga'Elian watches the portal from the branch of a nearby tree, his griffon nestle around the tree's trunk.

Azog is here because there might be a chance at fighting something. He hasn't had that chance in a while. Enemies sometimes attack get-togethers like this. That's just part of the natural order. He eyes around the area.

Hun'rar stands off to the side at attention, in full dragon armor and with his broad shield strapped across his back. The whole thing worries him, just too much that can go wrong.

Astaren is arguing with one of the keepers of the portal. "I have told you this, even wrote a thesis. You can add enchantments to the portal directly to prevent cross realm contagions and agents from passing through. There is no need for all the delousing and cleaning, and extra hours of processing that you do, ON both sides." Nearly yelling and then turning around and huffing as he walks away, "I really hope by the time I get another request that requires me to go through a portal I can just plane shift it instead." gurgling as he looks around and smiles faintly.

Un'eth is not an official representative of The Empress and Am'shere, nor of Alexandria. She does, however, hold knowledge, experience, and concern for both. The last thing she wishes are raising tensions between the two, and there are far too many factors to raise them as of late. Thus she arrives from a Mictlan still resettling itself, after one of the most recent factors.

Durrankar has been on guard for a while now. Mostly because of the Charneth threat that recently happened. He's not likely to leave his post under his current mood.

Ga'Elian considers that while the Ygrassil Union does concern itself with developments that the world on a world scale, the Green is more concerned with preserving nature and its denizens than the politics of nations. Still, war tends to wreak destruction wantonly. Regardless of political victories, nature is usually trampled and burned by both sides of such conflicts. Ga'Elian is here to look out for the interests of the environment.

Svarshan stands alongside another sith-makar. The woman beside him holds her head high. He looks at her; she does not look at him. Determinedly, almost fragilely, Vthria heads towards the portal with her caravan. Svarshan stands there, his hands clenched at his sides, before he goes to seek out the shamans.

Hun'rar shrugs his shoulders, wishing he could itch his neck under his armor. "Good day master orc, how was the exercise?" he asks moving up to Azog.

Selerik sits to watch the discussion curiously. He managed to get his hands on a bag of Rune-style pastry puffs, somehow. Lucky bugger.

Un'eth does not expect Durrankar to leave his post, regardless of mood, though she is aware of the latter. She alters her path to approach him as much as the fortress, coming to a stop alongside. A firm, brief thump of tail along the ground accompanies "Cihuaa" as greeting.

"...there iss peasse." Svarshan says, his voice thick before Durrankar can say anything. He doesn't say much himself for a while, after that. And then...a determined look coming over his features, he strides towards a set of tumbles rocks, and leaps atop them. Vthria glances back at him. "...ssa. If I could have everyone's attention," he says. Then adds, "Pleasse."

Astaren is making his way through the crowds and glances to Svarshan as he jumps on top of the rocks, "Oh this is going to get interesting." A touch of a smile as he crosse waits.

Ga'Elian hops down from the tree and tells his griffon, "Stay" in <Sildanyari> then lightly, quickly, and silently joins in the gathering assembly.

Durrankar turns his head towards Vthria before placing his hand on Svarshan's shoulder. He even thumps his tail towards Un'eth. "Cihuaa." he hisses towards her. He is glad she is there....as told by his tail partly wrapping around hers.....

Azog looks to see what Svarshan is saying. The Sith usually only speaks when it's important.

Un'eth does not appear to be more at peace than Durrankar nor others may be, yet her brother's words draw snout and eyes towards him and Vthria. She listens, now, curious as to what words Svarshan chooses to share with all gathered. She expects that they will be ...efficient.

"...thank you. Normally, thesse words would come from a Speaker-caste, but thiss one iss warrior, But, no Sspeaker iss here, today." Svarshan thumps his tail once, against the stones. "Sso you have my. Poor wordss insstead," he says, his mouth twitching at the end.

"On the other sside of the Portal many decadess ago. The Charneth began a war. Ssertain mages joined them, And, ssome of our people, took ssides." He looks over at his former cihuaa, and back. "Many did sso for good reasons. They did sso becausse they loved their children and undersstood--they felt afraid. All ssoftskins, iss like thiss, becausse wass all they ssaw."

He falls quiet a moment. Raises his voice. It still halts, and breaks, but he forces the words through. "But three dayss ago, we sstood together. The Charneth came. They came with our children. They turned them into waking. Bombss and raving beassts. THey came with fire and. Chainss."

"And we fought them back. Together."

He takes a breath, and lets it out. "You cannot imagine what that meanss. Or how, sseeing your fasses, letss us--my people, who were afraid, undersstand how good you are. How all are not Charn." He looks to Vthria, "Even if. ...even if it may take time for ssome of uss to ssee."

There's murmuring assent from the Sith-Makar arriving as Svarshan speaks. Rumors have been out and about about what's happened, of course.

An elderly looking man with a great bushy beard and a rather expansive midsection as stepped out of the fortress himself. He seems to be being accorded a rather great deal of respect. In his right hand rests a sickle made of sharpened darkwood.

Hun'rar raises his visor, not just to get a better view but also hear better. When Svarshan talks about Charn he shifts uncomfortably. "So what is this supposed to symbolize?" he murmurs half to himself.

Svarshan lowers his muzzle and holds it there. "There will be a sselebration tomorrow. Pleasse come and know the warrior-casste will make you ssafe and welcome. There will be dansses and, Much bacon." he says, almost as an afterthought, and with humor.

Then, he drops from the rocks, "Too many wordss," he says, self-conscious. And all but jogs from the rocks to get away from it.

"I was sorry to hear what happened at Mictlan. Things seems are rough for the Sith-Makar all over right now," says the bearded man.

"My name is Lidorian. Some of you might know me. Some of you might not." If some of you do it's only because he works here at the portal as one of the druids trying to keep the existence of a portal to another ecological biome from upsetting the balance of this one or vice versa.

"This is my counterpart with the government of Alexandria, Shazrai O'ma."

He gestures towards a stern looking elven woman with tightly braided hair. A Dawn Elf, to be sure.

None too far from him is a Sith-Makar, young and spry with bright blue scales. "I am Sovali," he offers. "I am here in the name of the Empress."

"This," Un'eth answers loudly, with solid thump of tail, "is an acknowledgement, an accolade, of the brave actions by Alexandrians. The Charneth taint all with touch or words, sour thoughts between The People and the softskins. They threaten both, so would see us divided before them. The actions will carry beyond this day, to stand against Charneth lies."

Svarshan continues his fast-walk the long way around, as though speaking was too much. Or...he looks towards Vthria as he moves to stand near Durrankar and Un'eth. His former cihuaa turns, and waits for the gates. May as well be on the opposite side of the world. Reluctantly, he looks towards Sovali.

"SVARDVARK!" Kisaiya calls out as she starts toward the Sith, her arms flung up high in the air. "Piece of your necks!" Because it's Kisa, with Tami behind her facepalming as she hears her employer screw it up all around.

"Is this the party for the doodads with Mictlan?!" She asks as she starts toward him more quickly. Svarshan is not going to get away without people notcing! Not if Kisa has anything to say about it, even if he's not really trying to escape-escape.

Durrankar says, "From what I saw a few days ago.....they will have a very difficult time dividing us." he says placing his hand on Svarshan's shoulder. he then looks over his shoulder to Kisaiya.....and shakes his head. "Follower of Tarien." As if that explained it all."

Un'eth acknowledges the representatives with a dip of snouth, and Svarshan's arrival to their midst with claws to shoulder not unlike Durrankar's prior gesture. Her attention returns to the speakers for them to continue to share words... though it is the sudden, unexpected, and rather loud words from the flank that turn her towards the incoming Kisaiya. Curiously. In that sweep, she also notes Vthria's present location, which is also curious and unexpected.

"Peasse to you, Princess, everyone." Svarshan's shoulder is tense under Durrankar's hand. He offers a warm smile to those present, and looks back to hear what the representatives will say. Lets go a long, slow breath too. As though letting go tension.

He doesn't really...know what to do at the moment.

Durrankar says, "Peace, Brightscale. Peace." he says as he looks to the 'Princess' and everyone else. he also notes Vthria's current location. His curiosity grows, but lets it be for now."

Kisaiya gives another wave and then comes to a stop next to Svar and Durr and Un'eth. She cants her head to the side, tucking her hands back behind herself for a moment as she kinda waffles forward, then back, and twists from side-to-side. "Sva-a-a-ar, I heard your little speech. It was good! But I thought that the ceremony was tomorrow or is this the other one with the portal that had to be delayed for a few weeks?"

Astaren is quietly listening and watching for now, arms still crossed.

"The sselebration iss tomorrow. Thiss-warrior iss bad with wordss, Princess. I apologize," Svarshan says with quiet humor. He glances over towards the portal and after a while, back again. He forces a better smile. "Forgive. I am alsso ssomewhat disstracted."

Hun'rar walks over to Svarshan and holds out his hand "Quite the speech, I am sure you would rather face a hoard of demons then do that again." he says with a grin.

Un'eth may suspect some of the reason for Svarshan's unease or distraction. She flicks one of his legs lightly with her tail as she leans in to utter quiet words to him.

Ga'Elian comes through the crowd toward the other. Tells Hun'rar, "I believe you're right about that."

"We're aware and we hope that it will go well," says Lidorian, "but we have more troubel to discuss. As some of you know, there've been a great number of aniamte plants have been seen in Alexandria, trying to eat people. And now we've recieved word that entire villages on the other side of the portal have vanished as well."

“It's true," hisses Sovali, "the jungle itself, ap ortion of it, came to life and returned all it saw to nature."

"A polite way of saying 'murdered them," interupts the elf.

"We are so far unable to figure out who's doing it, but at the sight of each attack is an old Sorceress Wars era Alexandrian coin with Altima on it."

Hun'rar furrows his brow for a moment. "Wasn't that... sounds like the sorcerer Alexandria has struggled with. Asumit? Was that his name?" he asks the others standing around. "That cannot be good."

"It iss good to sssee you, ssmall dragon. ...come to Fire, ssometime, after sselebrations," Svarshan responds, the latter words oblique, but warm and he looks to Hun'rar as though he might mean something by them.

He leans into Un'eth then, listening. And then goes quiet, quiet for some time. "We have already sshared wordss, ssister," he says to her. The cheer he'd summoned seems to halt and quiet. "I am with who I. Need to be, and that iss here. Among each of you."

He takes a breath, gives himself a shake. "Altima wass...agess ago."

Kisaiya looks to Svar, tilting her head to the side, "You did fine, Svar." She nods her head and gives a beaming smile before giving a fling of her arms, "DURR! I have not heard how Drooly is. Have you heard how Drooly is? I've heard Hissy is doing okay."

Durrankar tilts his head to Svarshan. "Who issssss Altima?" then Kisaiya pipes up kind of uproariously and he clamps a claw over her mouth. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, Kisaiya.....but under the current circumstances....please quiet down. At least...for now. there is a time, and place....and this is not it."

Ga’Elian says, "If I remember rightly, this Altima was a Charneth high artificer, yes?"

Un'eth's curiosity is replaced by uncertainty at Svarshan's words, though the words about her quickly shift that to ire and her focus abroad. She snorts, "The jungle, nor Ea, would never heed that summoner of fiends. It is a trick, meant to draw rage to Alexandria..." She pauses at Svarshan's words and considers a moment before adding, "or to share rage of ancient memories. Memory far too ancient for softskins. Asumit and Charn are not the only enemies of Alexandria, nor only threat to The People."

"...Altim wass...a ssorcer who conquered Alessandria in the name of Charn. She then betrayed them and wass conquered by. Alessandrian and Myrrissh forsses. The Myrrish governed Alessandria for ssome time after."

Svarshan pauses. "...I came to undersstand thiss from the Mandarass. What it means. I do not wissh to sspeculate. Esspecially if--" he bites the words off.

Astaren hmmms as he reaches up to tap his chin thoughtfully, "A coin... from that era. Odd, doubtful it would be so direct, but a hint or a clue. Something of this scale they would want to leave a calling card, identify who they are, to much ego in the attack otherwise really." reaching int his bag and pulling out a big bound book of history and flipping it open, "I wonder if there are any sorcerers from the wars who specialized in plants..."

"I can forgive your unfamiliarity with our history," says Lindorian to Ga'Elian, "but, yes. In a manner of speaking. She was a powerful sorceress who made use of artifice as it was convenient. Little was beyond her. She coqnered Alexandria with armies of mercenaries and Charnish soldiers. When Charn was further distracted byt he Crown Wars, which were concurrent, she made Alexandria into her own independent realm. When Charn and Myrrdion came to peace, the Myrrish turned their attention to her and liberated Alexandria from what was left of her rule when the Phalanx Falcis murdered her in a final battle." He glances down at the sickle in his hand, "struck down by then-hero Augustus Alexandros, the man who would later try to become a God himself. It's a long, sad story."

He looks up for a moment, then nods to Astarne. "A possibility. Either way, it' a mess, and we're not any closer to getting to the bottom of it now than we were. Attacks on both sides of hte portal are raising tensions, and we're not sure how someone is getting jungle ecology through our safe guards, if they are indeed. It's entirely possible they're using magical transit instead. Given the kind of powerful sorcerery we're seeing... but either way, it's sowing distrust and we need answers sooner than later or else this whole arrangement could begin to unravel."

Svarshan pauses, and then looks sideways at Durrankar. "You may get your claw. Bitten off," he says wryly, and with humor. The first he's shown in a bit.

Astaren glances up, "But you have the coins do you not? Have we tried using them as scrying focuses to find their previous owner? Items like that can sometimes be used in reverse, or lore skills to see where else it has been. A item as unique, has a story to tell." then glances back to his book as he flips through it.

"...they mean for uss to quesstion if the traitor, Augusstus. Really killed her," Svarshan says with a sort of slow, growing anger...something he forcibly cuts off, grinding his teeth together in a grimace. "...it iss a good quesstion." He looks over to the others, his gaze lingering on the shamans among them as though to ask if it really is?

No, Kisaiya isn't going to eat the hand that's over her mouth. She just looks up to Durr and starts licking his hand and drooling on him. Yep. She won't bite him, just intentionally drool on his hand. She just stares from Svar, to Un'eth, to the others, but not the one she's drooling on.

Astaren quips up without really thinking, "or you know, somebody could of brought her back to life." flipping to antoher page.

"We've collected them, yes. Unfortunately, such magic is beyond but a few archmages within the city. You're welcome to make an effort if you'd like to try it," begisn the elven woman, glancing towards Astaren <"Gelfure /was/ going to try to find someone to do it, but we suspect that we may lay a different kind of trap. Someone capable of this sort of magic would surely be expecting that, wouldn't they?"

Hun'rar nods "Or it could be someone who wants us to think that. If it hasn't been done already the exact nature of the magic involved needs to be identified. This needs... deep investigation." he ponders half to himself. "Both sides of the gate are being affected from the sounds of thing, I wonder if it is one person."

"Then we go to the godss in prayer," Svarshan says after a time. Because of course, paladin. "But outsside Alessandria, if her power wass focussed here. Thiss-warrior recallss, alsso, that Alessandria vanisshed into the missts. We sstill do not know how or. Why. Her realm. You ssaid," he says, and looks up towards the representatives.

Tirr is now seeable, yup! She's wandering into the area, the tall Sith Makar litterally having her muzzle in a book as she flips through its pages slowly while almost litterally running into the group. As she hears voices, and close by she skids to a sdden hault and blinks, looking from person to the other curiously "Oh, hihi folks!"

Astaren hmms a moment, and nods, "of course it will be counter warded, and of course there is at least one agent here among us all listening in on all this. That is the standard assumption, which is why the guards are watching the crowds, for trouble, and people who stand out right? Only to my point, we have to try if we are to make progress. We have to risk the traps, even if we know they are there, we have to risk these conversations, even if we know their will be spies. That is the nature of fightning evil sometimes."

Kisaiya drools some more on the hand covering her mouth, looking between the others still. She's kinda curious where all of this is going and - for the most part - she has no idea what half of this is about. But far be it from Kisa not to listen to it all. Another glance toward Svar, before it's off to Astaren, and then - oh a book wyrm! She watches Tirr... and licks Durr's hand again.

"Tirr, it iss good to sshare words. Peasse to your nesst," Svarshan says to the keeper-caste. "They were disscussing the..." he takes a longer pause. "Perhapss ssomeone elsse could essplain better."

Ga'Elian says, "Fighting any enemy is easier when you know who it is and where to aim. The problem with fighting the likes of the Binder is that he's always hidden, or perhaps in disguise, but it wouldn't be prudent of him to present himself for an open, fair fight. On the other hand, he doesn't seem to be moving closer to his purported goal of apotheosis either.

Durrankar uncovers Kisaiya's mouth...and wipes his claws on her dress. She wants to drool on him, she can wear her spit too. he then turns to Tirrynelth. "There are threats on both sides of the portal. and someone has left a calling card."

Tirr blinks and nods to Svarshan with a smile. Yup Happy Tirr is happy today... Or at least she's come out of her little closet... "Soo what was being discussed?" Asks the bronze Sith'Makar, then her eyes settle on the drooling Kisaiya curiously.... "Whyfore are you licking and drooling on em?" She asks curiously.

"I am glad to ssee it," Svarshan returns warmly, to Tirr. Then pauses. The pause turns uncomfortable. "...becausse ssomeone told her what to do, and then put hiss hand on her," he says after a time. The silence again, stretches to uncomfortable. And then he snorts, warmly. "A warrior would take the invitation to fight. Perhapss humor at one another iss better."

Kisaiya stares at Durr, "Next time, don't cover my mouth if you don't want to be drooled on." She turns to look at Un'eth, "And don't you judge, you probably have no concept of what exactly she's on about - you're just trying to act like you're on his side." She jerks her thumb toward Durrankar. Then she gives a quick couple words, a snap of her fingers, and the dress cleans.

“Pfft." She glares back at the elven woman. Glares back. "He still can't say why he was at a good chunk of the incidents /and/ he's a gardener. Coincidence? I think not!"

Tami facepalms again.

"But that's what's befuddling about this whole thing! Why the calling card? What could they possibly hope to gain? Any significant plan of this sort wshould ahve us pointing fingers at each other, and while some of that is happening anyway, it's /not/ as bd as it could be if they weren't leaving the calling card. It makes no SENSE," says Sovali, "And why strike both sides? It's troubling indeed. It has all the hallmarks of one of the Teacher's actions, but he would never use such a coin!"

Astaren offers a respectful bow to the elven woman and then glances back to his book, "Sadly my skills are not that great in divination, but I could look into getting a few scrolls." tapping his chin and glances over to the others around him thoughtfully. "Would you allow a group to go survey and investage the missing village location? A second set of eyes may glean see what others overlooked." a glance to the sith and elf.

Ga'Elian speaks up. "I would."

Durrankar sighs. "I would explain, but I don't think you'd ever listen." he then starts to walk away from Kisaiya.......for quiet.....and so he can hear some more useful information.

Hun'rar shrugs "Could be a trap. Who doesn't know about this relationship and the Adventurers Guild's desire to solve issues. It can't be about the Sith, they wouldn't know what to make of the coin, no offence." he adds very hastily. "So clearly its meant for us and what would be the first thing we do? Go through the portal and investigate." he adds with a firm nod.

"Of course," says Sovali, "I could arrange it, but the jungle... vanished everything, more or less. I can't say you'll find much but it's possible you will." A nod is given to Astaren by Sovali.

The Dawn Elf, Shazrai O'ma, gives a sigh at Kisa's words. Just a sigh.

"..he was there because of his knowledgeable nature. He is, I repeat, /not/ involved. Just knows a lot about plants. It's not a coincidence because /we sent him/."


Astaren glances to Huh'Rar, "And who says that is not part of the intent? Sometimes the gratest knowledge is gleaned from the traps you spring, and wisdom is learned from the lessoned learned." winking to Huh'Rar, "Want to come? Seems I have one." A nod and a smile to Ga'Elian.

“Oh." Kisa says, her eyebrows darting up, "So he's a /spy/. Well that makes sense why he was at all the places, did you make sure to actually notify /anyone/ ahead of time that you were sending a spy or is that just your way of being friendly with your allies?"

Hun'rar nods to Astaren "I may be mostly human but Am'Shere was my childhood home. I just worry this could be a distraction as much as anything. Get a lot of important people stuck on one side of the portal away from Alexandria."

Hun'rar nods to Astaren "I may be mostly human but Am'Shere was my childhood home. I just worry this could be a distraction as much as anything. Get a lot of important people stuck on one side of the portal away from Alexandria."

Astaren nods slowly to Huh'Rar, "I will get a scroll that I can use to get us home then, as a emergency backup."

Svarshan looks aside, at the ground. "If the witch made her own realm, out of Alessandria. Perhapss it had ssomething to do with the Missts," he says as he looks up. The old warrior looks tired, wry, and sad.

Un'eth takes a deep breath and returns her attention to the matter at hand, which is easing tensions between The People and softskins. Biting one here and now would probably not aid that at all. She offers no words of her own, for the moment, instead mulling over those already spoken.

"...It makess me wonder if sshe is dead. Astaren," he says, and looks at the man. "One could ask the godss if the witch sstill lived or not, and perhaps. Ressolve that quesstion. ...if you go to sspring the other trap. Pleasse, let me know. In the meantime, I will sspeak with the temples out of the Ssity."

Tirr looks from person to person to person now curiously... "Ok so color me completely confused." she says facefaulting just a bit... she then shrugs slowly and leans on a nearby tree while watching everyone curiously, just enjoying a bit of people watching for the moment.

"There was damage that appearss caused by followers of the Teacher. At thosse ssites...someone left an old coin. From Alessandria, at a time of their passt. It wass the time when the witch Altima reined," Svarshan says to Tirr. "The act would bring up bad memoriess for Alessandrians but it alsso raisses quesstions ssince she was. Killed by ssomeone who was a traitor. Astaren wisshes to examine the coins and missing village."

When Kisa calls this 'gardener', a spy, the elf's hand goes over her face.

There is a sigh.

“I'm uncertain what we'll find, but weh ave to try. All of this could destabilize the Empress' regime if she doesn't find a way to resolve it and tensions rise with the humans on this side of the portal," she explains. "Politics is a bear. Not an actual bear," she addsm glancing at Kisa. She's not sure.

Astaren nods slowly, "Indeed, we should follow up on that, a simple augur spell might suffice." then he turns towards Un'eth, "I would request your pressence on this expidition as well, Lady Un'eth. Master Durrankar as well if he is willing." then he looks back to the elf, "A small group, but I think we can gain something by going. Master Ga'Elian, Myself, Master Hun'rar, and lady Un'eth if she is willing. Others if they are interested."

Tirr blinks again and asides to Svarshan "Soo in laymens terms that a book-smart person not in the know might understand, what's happening?" she asks curiously, now glancing over to Kisa and folks "Other than Kisa licking and drooling on a sith'Makar's hand and such....

She looks to the elf, an arch of an eyebrow, "You just got done saying you sent him, and yet he was not sent ahead to discuss it was it was three gardens in Alexandria that he was at. If you /send/ a person to gather information or watch, and they're posing in a job that they aren't actually there for, /that's a spy/." She glares at he elf then.

"...I apologize for that," Svarshan says after a while. "I ssuspect the shaman iss under ssome sstress at the time." He himself looks tired, and out of sorts.

Ga'Elian says, "Nothing like a good revel with the fey spirits to ease stress."

Tirr nods "That or maybe just reading a good book, get yer self lost in a comedy or some such... Fiction's pretty good for that." she suggests and glances around, nope the big Sith is still quite confused

Svarshan looks over, warmly. "I will try to find the wordss, keeper. But pleasse do not be offended if I hand you sseveral bookss, insstead. They would be more eloquent." The mention of the fey makes him shake his head though, and sneeze. It could be warm laughter.

Astaren glances to Kisaiya, shakes his head slowly and turns to start on his way out.

"Oh for heavens sake," she says with a sigh, "HE'S NOT A SPY." Kisa is just difficult. The elf rubs her face. "At any rate, I believe everything that can be said for now has been said."