A Little Book Trip

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Log Info

  • Title: A Little Book Trip
  • Emitter: Venom
  • Characters: Venom, Aryia, Cesran
  • Place: Lower Markets
  • Time: February 7th, 2022
  • Summary: Violet and Aryia are stocking up on books. They run into Cesran, who's exhausted from the workout routine that Aryia is running him ragged through. They converse before he heads off to eat and clean off, bidding them a good evening and to see the pugilist instructor in the early morning. The couple decide on dinner, as well as make some potential plans for the TarRaCe at a later day.

It's a chilly evening in the Markets, where a couple of young women emerge from a repository of the written word. The human woman, with plaited braid of raven and violet tresses, by far the large, has a demure if slightly thoughtful smile at her lips as her gloved fingers clutch her stack of purchases to her breast.

Only some of them are stamped along the spine with a quill.

With her other arm, she welcomes the nightborne sil with her into the folds of her warm cloak.

"I told you he'd have it." she says in a gently teasing tone to her companion.

Said nightborne sil was slipping into the cloak, her own bundle of literature carried under an arm as the selfsame digits pull the cloak closed.

A gloved hand fires out from the warmth enclosure, gesturing and flicking to give her own two copper. "I just- ever since M-I-K-I-L-O-S told me that some of these books are rehashes of adventures, I /have/ to see if I find anyone I know in there!" she signs quickly, grinning stupidly. <Handspeech>

Violet's smile becomes slightly more impish, assured in the arms of her dear, "Are you looking for someone in particular?" she inquires in the mock sort of 'should I be concerned?' sort of tone.

The human seems of good cheer, all told, looking about casually for a moment before turning her attention to the rebuttal.

Aryia treads along, her slipping her books one by one into her bag underneath the cloak. The question she takes for face value at first, "I wonder if there's any about my friends, that'd be funny-"

Blink. Crimson. "N-No! Not like that!" she hand sputters. <Handspeech>

The human's face scrunches into a closed-eyed snerk that morphs into a fit of playful giggles as her arm tightens some around the Mul'niessa's waist.

As her grip relents, she smiles warmly into the moonlit eyes and softly replies, "It would be, wouldn't it?"

Aryia squints and sticks her tongue out at the human as the giggles subside, her being playful pouty as she's pulled in some at the waist. Though, it abates, and she nestles into the hold some. "Yes, it would, then I can show them and tease them."

A pause. Realization. "... oh. Fuck. What if there's something about... me?" <Handspeech>

Violet cocks her head a little, arching an eyebrow, "I'd read it, cover to cover." she notes without missing a beat. <sildanyari>

"Still, I wouldn't imagine they'd get much right." Unless the author knew her, of course, but how many adventurers know their fellow so well?

The crimson deepens. "Violet!" Aryia signs, flustered, but also smiling.

She sighs, rubbing her neck. "No, they probably wouldn't get much right. I swear, if I find a book like that, and they same some dumb shit like 'you took my breath away' or 'you left me speechless', I'm going to punch them." <Handspeech>

"That could be fun to watch, too." Violet returns in a conspiratorial whisper as she tucks in on the Mul'niessa's ear. She isn't sure how she would react to any speculative fiction about her own amorous prowess, to be fair, but it isn't a concept she considers especially likely.

Instead, "Do you want to try something different tonight for dinner?" she asks.

Aryia's scarred and silver clad ear flicks once at the whisper, her smirking bit as she glances up at the taller woman. "I'll get you front row seats."

The question makes her tilt her head to the side. There's a brief flash of an impish comment that wants to flick across her fingers, but she doesn't say it. "Sure. We can try something else. I can take a crack at something fancier, though, it's been... about eighty years since I've made anything nice, so... no promises." <Handspeech>

The human smiles again at the little reaction from that ear, and she draws back to a normal posture, still holding Aryia close as she replies, "That will be nice."

She arches a brow at the slight flicker of playfulness at her love's face, but she doesn't press as the topic intoned is much more mundane.

She nods, "I trust you." then, "Shall we detour to find ingrediants, then?" she wonders.

Aryia nods, rubbing her chin as she's swaddled in Violet's cloak while they go down the markets. There's just a wink at the brow raise, and she whistles innocently. "What are you feeling? Stew is great and all, but we can change it up." <Handspeech>

There is a little shake of Violet's head as she replies, "Nothing in particular, I'm not picky. What do you want, tonight?" in counter. The warmth of their travelling arrangements, both physical and so much more, buoys the woman's spirits, even as she gives one of her surrepitous once-overs of the area.

Cesran is dressed as an Navos Initiate Monk as he is slowly walking through the market on the way to get something to eat at the Fernwood pub. He looks exhausted, his clothes have dirt on them he looks like he's been put through the ringer. He did all of the exercises that Aryia left him to do and he's intent on getting some dinner.

Aryia squints a bit, "Oh not this again," she jokes with a flitting hand before snickering and shaking her head. "Can try and make some kind of roasted thing, depends what the markets have around-"

She took looks around, and her gaze falls upon Cesran.

She squints a bit, gauging how bone tired he was. She whistles across the way, raising a hand as she dangles off her girlfriend with one arm. "Hey! You did good today!" she gestures with with arcs. "Be sure to stretch when you get your room or you'll be stiff as a board in the morning!" <Handspeech>

The braided brunette in the blue robes continues to walk whilst sharing her cloak with Aryia, discussing that selfsame topic.

Violet hmmm's softly and nods, "That sounds nice!" she returns with quiet enthusiasm, though she arches an eyebrow as Aryia takes note of someone off yonderly.

"Oh!" she starts, then, "Isn't that...?"

Cesran snaps to attention as he hears the whistle and drops into the stance that Aryia has been drilling into him before he sees the raised hand. He relaxes a little bit. He gives a polite and respectful nod to Aryia and Venom, "Good evening to both of you. Thank you Aryia. I will be sure to do that before I go to sleep. I did stretch after finishing the exercises that you assigned to me."

"C-E-S-R-A-N," Aryia spells out quickly, a flicker of a smile crossing grey lips as the magi drops into a fighting stance. "Good. You're learning," she comments to him.

She rolls her neck before looking up to Violet. "He asked me to train him some. I... can't remember if you've met."

She looks over to Cesran as the draw nearer. "Uh, Cesran, this is V-I-O-L-E-T, my girlfriend," she introduces, gesturing up to the pale human she shares the cloak with. <Handspeech>

The pale human gives a little dip of her head, "Hello again!" she offers, though her arms are a little occupied under her cloak, thus she can't offer a gesture of same. Her smile is light, and she suggests, "I would also suggest a warm soak, if you have the means." There is a quick look to the Mul'niessa, "It helps, I've noticed."

Cesran slowly relaxes his stance as he moves over, "Thank you, you are a good teacher." He turns to Violet, "Hello. I might do just that after dinner that is a good suggestion. I've yet to try out the baths at the TaRaCe so this gives me an excuse to do just that."

Now that everyone was on the same page, Aryia gives a sharp nod. "I've been told that. You're welcome."

The mention of the famous bathhouse gets the mute to perk up. "Honestly, it's a great place to go. Prefect for all the bruises and strains you're going to get," she grins slightly.

"Which reminds me," now her attention was Violet. "I need to take you to that. I think you'd like it. I know the owner, so I could pull some strings to make it more comfortable for you." <Handspeech>

There is a little pinch beneath the cloak as Violet glances to Aryia at her first remark.

Her attention turns to the conversation at hand once more and she nods, "You don't suppose it would be any trouble?" she inquires softly.

She glances to Cesran, then, and, "The baths are very nice, I hear."

Cesran gives a small smile, "Well if it has your seal of approval than I will go after I've gotten some dinner in me. Working out with your has certainly made me really appreciate all the creature comforts that I was used to when I had my magic. I've heard that as well, I'm not one for mixed bathing, but seeing as I'm not using my magic at the moment I suppose I'll have to adapt."

Aryia glances up at Violet with a raised brow at the pinch, her chuckling and shaking her head. "No, it won't be. Promise," she gestures slowly.

To the mundane wizard, she grins. "A full stomach and a warm bath after a hard day on the body is intoxicating. And, well, there's a men's side if you're skittish. I almost always plonk myself in the women's side and take a nap in there. Though, uh, watch out for the shark goblin. She practically lives in that bathhouse. She also runs the place." <Handspeech>

Violet gives a little wink to the Mul'niessa, then looks to the mage once more, curious, "Are you... abstaining for a... religious devotion or...?"

She seems to catch herself, then, and, "Ah-! It... isn't my business, forgive me."

Cesran shakes his head, "No I'm working to atone for a crime against the universe. I was part of the team that defeated the demon that had been plaguing the city and to do so we had to destroy his soul. The universe does not like it when something is utterly destroyed so to atone for that I've consulted the clergy of The Historian. After a lengthy consultation they gave me a task to set aside my magic for a week and to train my body, so I've asked Aryia for her help in doing that."

Aryia snickers behind a hand at Violet's inquiry, her nodding along as she gestures vaguely to Cesran, as if echoing everything he says. She also adds with some flicks of a hand, "And I am giving him /no/ quarter. If he wants to atone, he's got to work for it. I'm not giving him /my/ workout routine, but it sure as fuck feels like it for him."

She smiles brightly as Cesran. "Don't worry, I won't break you too much!" <Handspeech>

"where would we hide the pieces?" Violet quips with an arched brow toward the Mul in her arms, then nods to Cesran, "I see."

She bows her head more deeply, then, and in a respectful tone adds, "Thank you, for sparing the city, and no doubt coutless others from the predations of that monster, and... for your sacrifice in the doing of it."

Cesran chuckles a bit at the quip. "You are welcome. I am just glad that I was able to help the city after having been away for a couple of years pursuing other avenues of research. Well I'll let you two get back to you dinner plans. I'll see you bright any early tomorrow Aryia." He gives a nod as he turns to slowly head off in the direction of the pub.

Aryia near silently giggles. "Across the multiple laps around the city," she answers the jest.

The mute waves to Cesran, a broad, if slightly mischievous grin plastered on her face. "See you tomorrow! Remember to stretch beforehand! Burpees are the first thing we're doing!"

As he's walking off, the pugilist instructor looks up to Violet. "I am serious about the bathhouse though. I could probably make it vacant." <Handspeech>

An arm wiggles out from the inner hem of Violet's cloak to wave awkwardly as Cesran makes to take his leave, "Have a good evening, Cesran, rest well!" she offers in valediction.

With the mage's departure, and Aryia's remarks, a raven brow arches delicately over obsidian eyes, "Burpees?"

A quiet soak alone, well, mostly alone, does sound nice, however...

Aryia grins, her stepping out of the cloak to walk backwards. "Yes! The most annoying exercise I've found!" she gestures briskly.

In a brisk motion, the pugilist crouches low then plants her hands on the ground, kicking her feet out to a pushup position. She dips down until her body touches the ground and pushes back up, quickly tucking her feet under her before fully extending straight up into a jump and clapping her hands high above her head.

That looks like actual hell to do over and over again.

She's grinning mad. <Handspeech>

The human watches the sudden calisthenic outburst with a certain vague puzzlement, twisting to get clear and thus not tangle Aryia up in her cloak. Her arms juggle the books beneath the shielding garment, and, once the excercise seems to have been completed, she offers a noncommital, "That's... different?"

Aryia is smiling.


Aryia is smiling.

"When we get home, you can give them a try!" she chirps with her hands, her eyes crinkled in a grin that makes those lanterns like two little sharp and focused lights of calisthenic hell. <Handspeech>

There is a certain pause between the quip and the freckled woman's response, one of weighing odds, perhaps. Running the numbers, to guage how the rest of the night is going to go, then, "Oh, I expect I could."

Could is a word.

"But you'll catch a cold like that, dear." she ammends gently, her eyes beconing.

Aryia watches for a moment before her nose crinkles. "Oh /I/ see now!" she snaps a finger, trundling back up to the warm cloak. "You just want to save your precious little writing fingers."

She waggles her gloved digits at that, only to swoop back into the cloak with one hand on the stack of book and the other seeking a flanking position on the scribe's, well, flank. <Handspeech>

"I am rather attached to them, yes, dear." Violet replies smoothly with a hint of playfulness in her tone.

With the company returning to the folds of her cloak....

And straightening some in surprise as she finds herself suddenly flanked....

The human blushes a touch and clears her throat, "Yes, well... ah... shall we?"

The flanking digits continue their tickle on the human's side before abating to wrap around the other's waist.

Aryia smiles with her ears pressed against the sides of her head. "Yes. We're going to need a cut of something to roast."

"And... Acrathroot. Wait, no, that's Charn native... uh... shit. How do I cook again...?" she scratches her head as they start to hit the market proper. <Handspeech>

-End Scene-