A Guild Adventure

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A very miserable day outside means many folks prefer to stay indoors, if they can avoid having to travel. One such person is not the red-skinned Hobgoblin peering over the jobs listed in the Guild's main hall. Tilguh is drenched, her hair plastered to her head. Her cloak, opened, with the hood pulled back, drips on the floor behind her. The woman huffs and mutters quietly to herself. "Only the dregs left today. A wasted trip, considering the weather."

A mercenary's work is never done, even in weather such as the morass that is going on outside, Darius the tall mercenary adventurer steps in. His hooded black cloak is similarily drenched like Tilguh, and it covers his shiny blue banded mail that faintly glows in the dim lighting, as his boots track in mud and slush. He glances around and frowns and says in a deep low bass rumble of a voice, "The guild is quiet tonight, a shame, I was looking for something interesting." He makes his way to the job board himself, grunting a greeting to the female hobgoblin as he peers at the listings. Again, his thoughts run similar to hers as he mutters, "Nothing worth going out in this weather it seems..."

"Indeed.", she agrees, nodding to the man. "Nothing worth having made the journey here this evening." The Hobgob pushes her wet bangs from her forehead, and gestures. "A whole lotta nothin' here." Tilguh tilts her head slightly. "What sort of job would you consider 'interesting'?", she asks of him.

"..." The mercenary warrior is silent for a moment before replying, "Anything that requires me to use... this..." He reaches behind him inside his cloak and slightly raises the hilt of his huge greatsword. Darius shrugs then and slides it back into the huge scabbard and says, "I like to fight, and if it makes me money and gives me renown at the same time, better still."

The red woman smiles, showing off a few fangs, and nods. She gestures to the opposite wall, where a large earthbreaker hammer stands on its head. "That's what I use. Though I do enjoy battle, I also don't mind missions that are decidedly less violent. Easy missions are usually easy money."

The huge mercenary shrugs and states, "Easy missions might be easy money, but they also are less money because of their ease. I suppose it all is relative and adds up in the end though." He admits as he glances at the board. A listing however does catch his eye and he raises an eyebrow, "A request for someone or someones to be bodyguards for a merchant delivering confidential goods to a customer in the Noble Quarter... hmm, this might be worth checking out." He glances down at Tilguh, "I doubt it will amount to much, but at least it will earn us some coins to spend at the Tavern. Warm ale, warm women... err... or whatever gender you prefer as a job well done celebration... what do you say?"

Tilguh eyes the listing, and seems to mull it over. "Is it really worth it considering the piss poor weather outside?" She eyes him curiously, "What's wrong with cold women and cold ale?"

Darius blinks then and shrugs, "It's money? And easy?" He then thinks and replies to her other question, "Nothing I suppose, warm, cold, willing or unwilling, I suppose it's the same as well." He shrugs.

Tilguh raises an eyebrow and snorts. "Unwilling, hmm? That doesn't sound like a fun time." The woman turns and goes to retrieve her weapon, shouldering it with a comfortable ease. "Is it enough money to weather the weather, today?"

He shrugs, "It can be, if you like that sort of thing, I rarely do though." Darius then reads the reward and says, "I don't know, is 500 gold split between us worth it to you?"

The Hobgob seems to consider that, and shrugs. "I suppose so. But we've no one who works with magic, yes? Is that not a serious weakness in a city like this?" She moves to stand before him. "If you're okay with that, then lay on."

He smirks and then snorts, "Magic... as long as we don't give a mage a chance to finish their chant, they aren't too much trouble." Darius reaches for the listing and takes it to the desk and says, "Guild member Darius Isaaik and..." He glances over at the red-skinned hobgoblin, "I never did get your name...?" He asks apologetically.

Tilguh follows alongside him and grins. "Name's Tilguh, but you may call me Tilly.", she replies. "Nice to meet you."

Darius nods then, "Likewise..." He turns back to the Guild representative and says, "Guild member Tilguh are taking the job posting 29, the merchant babysitting one." The Guild representative nods and pulls out the register and marks down their names and says, "Noted, you are requested to go to the Merchant's Quarter to the Snowy Jewel and meet up with the client, he will brief you further, completion of this guild posting will net you 500 gold to be split as you decide. May Fortune favor you, good luck!" With that, the man puts the register away and goes back to what he was doing, apparently reading some sort of scroll, perhaps doing tallies and the like.

Tilguh hmms and nods, and looks to Darius. "Whoever thought up the term babysitting didn't really think it all the way through, did they?", she says. The woman pulls her hood back up, and pulls her cloak close. "Sigh. Back into the rain and cold."