A Gnoment in Time, Part 6

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Log Info

  • Title: A Gnoment in Time, Part 6
  • Emitter: Whirlpool
  • Characters: Ravenstongue, Lyme, Vaera, Dirk, Skielstregar, Paenitia
  • Place: Felwood
  • Time: Thursday, October 20, 2022, 9:51 PM
  • Summary: The battle continues. The gunslingers Vaera and Dirk are blinded by the pollen, Lyme also, and they struggle to successfully shoot or strike the moss dragon. Paenitia and Skielstregar also struggle to land blows that do meaningful damage, while Ramirez fails completely. Farland is overcome by the pollen, but Ravenstongue proves to be of sterner stuff, and able to control the chaotic magic. She successfully destroys the Moss Dragon with a pair of lightning bolts.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  Appearing in Order  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Ravenstongue 5'0"     99 Lb      Half-Elf          Female    Short half-elf girl with violet eyes and black hair.
Lyme         7'2"     435 Lb     Orc               Butch     Black-skinned oruch of suitable stature
Vaera        7'0"     262 Lb     Sith-Makar        Female    A tall, dark red Makari with a metallic leg.
Dirk         4'11"    295 Lb     Mountain Dwarf    Male      A rugged old dwarf, dressed for the outdoors.
Skielstregar 7'2"     330 Lb     Sith-Makar        Male      A brilliantly silver scale with fangs and empty eyes.
Paenitia     3'0"     34 Lb      Halfling          Female    A Lucht knight, dark skinned in bold feathery finery.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  Out Scouting  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Zyla         7'5"     310 Lb     Giantborn         Female    Massive woman in simple clothing and robes.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  NPCs of Note  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Farland                          Gnome             Male      Associate of Griva, Resurrectionist, Wizard

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  As the GM  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Whirlpool                        Otyugh                      I am stinky!


Farland's expedition ventures deeper into the Felwood. It's growing darker, and there is something in the air that's aggravating everyone's allergies. As they venture further, the source becomes apparent. It's a dragon! It attacks! They attack back! Cor'lana determines it might not really be a dragon, as Skielstregar and Paenitia lay into it, and Vaera and Dirk shoot away. Lyme wails on it too, but it doesn't go down.

"...Cor'lana, get your spell under control," yells Farland, "I can feel a ..." ACHOO!

"Oh, that's what that was." He's utterly blind, and a blind wizard is not hugely useful. He's trying.

Sliced, stabbed, bitten, clawed, and shot, shot, then shot some more, the dragon roars. Even its heritage has been called into question. It ROARS! It rears, flexing along its length. A huge cloud of yellow dust bursts around it, and a concentrated stream blasts from its open maw.

Everyone is coated in a thick layer of yellow dust. Itchy, stinging, stickly-sweet, it clogs pores and nostrils, burns eyes and chokes. The ground, the leaves on surrounding bushes and trees are coated. Bees will be busy for days. The pollen slowly settles.

The dragon readies another attack.


<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "What sort of check can I do to attempt to brace for the magical snapback that's about to happen?"
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Other than throw my hands up in the air and blow a kiss to Navos/Eluna."
<OOC> Whirlpool laughs, "Don't forget Taara!"
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "No, I'd prefer to forget Taara. XD"
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls Spellcraft: (20)+14: 34
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Okay. RT is going to tell everyone to brace for impact because she's going to dispel her haste and it might hurt everyone a bit. The alternative is that the _inverse_ of a haste will happen (a slow)."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "you might be able to negate the damage :)"
GAME: Ravenstongue casts Dispel Magic. Caster Level: 12 DC: 19
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d20+12: (2)+12: 14
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "RPP rerolling that."
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 1d20+12: (8)+12: 20

Cor'lana assesses the situation. Her violet eyes go wide as she gets a feeling for how her spell just is... /wrong/. Like it's a knitted scarf that's about to unravel and get tangled on itself. Something tells her that she should have listened to Grandfather better when he was explaining how knitting works while he merrily worked away at her wedding shawl.

That shawl that she might not ever get to see again if she doesn't do something about this.

"I'm sorry, everyone, but no more quickening magic! Brace yourselves!" she announces, and she clasps her hands together, trying to pull apart the spell on /her/ terms before it can be unwound on its own. She has to concentrate hard. She's... out of touch.

"I'm out of /time/," she growls, and she finally unwinds the spell. Successfully. And she blinks in disbelief as she realizes her allies are still standing tall with no damage done to them by her efforts.

<OOC> Whirlpool rolls for Lyme.
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (7)+15: 22

Lyme swings blindly, and misses.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Whatcha wanna do, VAera?"
<OOC> Vaera says, "anything pertinent I can figure out about this creature?"
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "RT did shout to use fire on it last time from her own check, for what it's worth!"
<OOC> Dirk says, "As did Dirk." Dirk cries in bullets.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Knowledge/Arcana :)"
<OOC> Vaera says, "well I don't have that"
<OOC> Vaera says, "I don't have that"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Ah, well. Then ... fire seems reasonable based on the plantyness."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Roll knowledge/nature"
GAME: Vaera rolls knowledge/nature: (7)+8: 15
<OOC> Vaera says, "Guess I'll try to shoot it"
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+12-2-2: (7)+12+-2+-2: 15
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+12-2-2: (7)+12+-2+-2: 15
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+7-2-2: (11)+7+-2+-2: 14
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Vaera, roll 1d100 three times :) Since I believe you're still blind. You want low!"
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d100: (56): 56
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d100: (26): 26
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d100: (5): 5
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "two hits!"
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d12+4+1: (9)+4+1: 14
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d12+4+1: (12)+4+1: 17

"Could use fire if you have it, I guess." The red makari grunts while stumbling it a bit backwards from the stench and blinding pollen. "Careful though, the airs filled with pollen, that'll burn real quick and bright. Maybe not dangerous, but you know, if I wasn't already unable to see, probably wouldn't help."

Still, she's at least able to fire off a few more shots, sending these into the beast and hopefully doing more damage than last time.

<OOC> Dirk says, "Gonna take a couple more shots at it."
<OOC> Dirk says, "Am I still sickened?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "You are, and blind."
GAME: Dirk rolls Ranged-2: (10)+10+-2: 18
GAME: Dirk rolls Ranged-7: (15)+10+-7: 18
GAME: Dirk rolls 1d100: (55): 55
GAME: Dirk rolls 1d100: (86): 86

Dirk snorts and snurrks through his nose, trying to clear out the blockage. It doesn't help. He coughs and hawks, spitting a nasty yellow gob onto the ground. He squints through eyes that have swollen shut, tears streaming down his face. No, he's not crying, he's a big, burly, mansome dwarf. Dwarves don't cry. He isn't crying, you're crying. "C'bod ye leavy bas'turd," he grunts, squeezing the trigger. CHK-BOOM! BOOM! The kick of the thunderbelcher sends his shots flying wide, and he can't see nearly well enough to compensate. The bullets ping harmlessly off trees. "GAH! PISS UB BY -ARSE-!"

<OOC> Skielstregar says, "we are going to, and i cannot stress this enough, hit it really hard"
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "flanking with pae/lulu, power attack, furious focus on first strike."
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "No arcane strike because magic is being w e i r d and sickened"
GAME: Skielstregar rolls weapon21-2: (9)+15+-2+2: 24
GAME: Skielstregar rolls weapon21-2+2-3-5: (4)+15+-2+2+-3+-5: 11
GAME: Skielstregar rolls damage21+9-2: aliased to 1d10+8+9-2: (4)+8+9+-2: 19,  "slashing magic"

"CAN YOU NOT PISS UP TAIL, HUNTER?" Skiel snarls back, him hacking out a brackish black cough as Malefic, his halberd, swings wide once to cleave away vegetation, but a sneeze makes him miss another. "RRRGH. THIS ONE MIGHT TURN IT INTO ICE CUBE.

<OOC> Paenitia says, "So, I believe it is: Pae, -2 sickened, +2 flanking, +3 pillar cav others attacked, -3 Power attack;"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "Rami -2 sickened, +2 flanking, +1 AoMF. Full attacks both, 2 pae, 3 rami."
GAME: Paenitia rolls weapon31-2+2+3-3: (7)+14+-2+2+3+-3: 21
GAME: Paenitia rolls weapon31-2+2+3-3-5: (7)+14+-2+2+3+-3+-5: 16
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (18)+9+-2+2+1: 28
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (5)+9+-2+2+1: 15
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (16)+9+-2+2+1: 26
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "28 and 26 hit"
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d6+4+1: (2)+4+1: 7
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d6+4+1: (4)+4+1: 9
<OOC> Paenitia says, "Which I expect don't get past the DR"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "oh and I lost my pose. great"
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "dont forget the challenge damage"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "my attacks missed"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "Ramirez doesn't get challenge damage"
<OOC> Paenitia should just go to bed and let the rest of you kill it. It's past midnight. "Posing."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Aw, Paen :("
<OOC> Whirlpool hugs.
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I'm sorry, dude. :/"
<OOC> Dirk <3
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I do want you to be having fun."

"I am brace!" The Red Knight cheers, digging her heels into her stirrups and sitting forward. Ramirez dances, adjusting his position, his tail fanned and rattling. She chuckles further, "I do not have the fire, just the pointy stick."

It's the dwarf's curse that gets an enthusiastic laugh, "I agree with the Friend Dragon, Do not invite the moss dragon to do that!" Who knows where its pistils have been.

She thrusts! Thrusts again!

Her pointed stick, aka, a magical mithril lance, is turned aside on the scales. Ramirez is more successful at landing a blow, his beak snapping on a shoulder and one of his talons raking across the scales. Landing a blow, but not penetrating, his attacks slide.

"HA! We ARE Tarien's little joke."

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Farland, having heard from Ravenstonuge, tries to clear bimself up."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "He casts a quick spell and attempts to keep it under control."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (1)+15: 16 (EPIC FAIL)
<OOC> Whirlpool ...
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh its like that is it!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "He was trying to create a gust to dispel the pollen cloud XD"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "But he sneezed instead :("
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Sneezing during a spell is never a good idea."

So Farland casts a spell. HE's heard what Ravenstonuge has said, so he's trying to be careful. Unfortunately...

He's casting the magic, uttering the words, and then, "...PACHOO!"

"Oh no," he says, before a sudden gust of wind flings him into the distance, crashing through shrubs.

<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Moss dragon decides to bite SKiel."
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "DR 1/-! chomp me! AC is 18!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (15)+15: 30
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (16)+13: 29
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (13)+13: 26
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (19)+13: 32
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (1)+12: 13 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 2d6+7: (6)+7: 13
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+5: (4)+5: 9
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 12d8+5: (52)+5: 57
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+5: (1)+5: 6
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+8: (4)+8: 12
 |     Name      |  CHP (T) |  HP  |
 | Dirk..........|   38     |  65  |
 | (C) Lulu......|   39     |  39  |
 | Lyme..........|   48     |  67  |
 | Paenitia......|   85     |  97  |
 | (C) Ramirez...|   67     |  67  |
 | Ravenstongue..|   63     |  63  |
 | Skielstregar..|   58     | 111  |
 | Vaera.........|   69     |  69  |
 | (C) Wyrmere...|   52     |  52  |

There's a dragon!

It's a foresty dragon, yes, that just breathed pollen on everyone. Horrible, horrible pollen. Hay fever for ever.

Of course, it *also* has teeth, claws, wings,. and tail and horns. All of which it puts to work on Skiel for the moment, though it looks like it hasn't forgotten the rest of you just yet.

GAME: Ravenstongue rolls Spellcraft: (9)+14: 23
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Are able to avoid giving yourself the shock of a lifetime."
GAME: Ravenstongue casts Lightning Bolt/Persistent. Caster Level: 12 DC: 21
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "DC is 20. Reflex save."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (18)+7: 25
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "Persistent, it makes another roll if it succeeds."
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+7: (8)+7: 15
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "How persistant of you!"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (9)+15: 24
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+10: (13)+10: 23
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 10d6: (31): 31

Cor'lana succeeds where Farland fails. She has to keep contributing, has to keep going, even despite the issues of magic going astray here, and so she makes a gamble--a gamble that pays off. Her lightning is gathered in her hands and spikes out at the mossy dragon, striking true into the creature.

"Ach-ooo~!" Cor'lana sneezes afterwards, in that high-pitched fashion that could either be cute or annoying depending on your perspective. She was holding it in, apparently.

<OOC> Vaera says, "just gotta try shooting again I guess"
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+12-2-2: (11)+12+-2+-2: 19
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+12-2-2: (19)+12+-2+-2: 27
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d20+7-2-2: (1)+7+-2+-2: 4 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d100: (86): 86
GAME: Vaera rolls 1d100: (69): 69

Vaera attempts to take aim again, but a violent sneeze from the pollen makes the hunter jerk their hands upward instinctively, sending one shot sailing into the distance and away from the others nearby. The second once she steadies herself goes wide as well as there's a grinding noise from the weapon, more of the pollen ending up stuck in the assembly.

Lyme has connected.
<OOC> Lyme salutes, falls over
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Yo, Lyme!"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Lyme, you wanna take your action?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I don't think you were blinded, and we just skipped over you."
<OOC> Lyme says, "Okay. Lyme was blinded at one point"
<OOC> Lyme is happy to keep cutting, though :) , "Blind or not :)"
<OOC> Lyme says, "Hasted, though, right?"
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "haste has been removed"
GAME: Lyme rolls 1d20+15: (4)+15: 19
GAME: Lyme rolls 1d20+10: (20)+10: 30
GAME: Lyme rolls 1d100: (22): 22
GAME: Lyme rolls 1d100: (56): 56
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "So, #1 is a miss, and #2 is a hit."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "But the blindness roll steals it :("

Lyme swings wildly, trying to aim for the biggest thing around him and just /hoping/ it's the right thing. One cut is just poor -- all bad structure, bad edge alignment, and adrenaline, but the other one is glorious. Too bad it hits only air.

<OOC> Dirk says, "Gonna try shooting again."
<OOC> Dirk says, "Unless there's something I could do to get rid of this blindness?"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "It's basically an intense allergic reaction. Like the worst case of hayfever. Just gotta wait it out."
<OOC> Dirk says, "I was thinking maybe if Dirk could wash his face with something, but all he probably has ready access to is his whiskey flask. That probably won't help. x.x"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Whiskey in your eyes will not help."
GAME: Dirk rolls ranged-2: (9)+10+-2: 17
GAME: Dirk rolls ranged-2: (14)+10+-2-5: 17
GAME: Dirk rolls 1d100: (17): 17
GAME: Dirk rolls 1d100: (88): 88
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "One hit!"
GAME: Dirk rolls dmg-2: aliased to 1d12+4+1-2: (10)+4+1+-2: 13

Dirk lifts a hand to scrub at his face, desperate to get the horrid pollen out of his majestic beard. But all he manages to is make his eyes tear up even more. "Hrrrrgh!" He blinks furiously, lifting his thunderbelcher. "I cad barely see the beard od be face!" he growls. He hacks a cough, fighting to steady his hands as he pulls back on the trigger. CHK-BOOM! BOOM! One bullet goes wide, tearing through the trees. But the second smacks square into the moss dragon's carcass. PAF! "DABBID! FALL DOWD A'READY!"

<OOC> Skielstregar says, "i will... vital strike to try and load as much damage into this is as possible."
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "I'll also do arcane strike and risk that"
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "rage damage and to strike isn't being autocalcuated, so I'll add that in manually"
<OOC> Skielstregar says, "+2 rage, +2 flank, -2 sickened, power attack, furious focus negates, vital strike"
GAME: Skielstregar rolls weapon21+2+2-2: (9)+15+2+2+-2: 26
GAME: Skielstregar rolls damage21+9+2-2+1d10: aliased to 1d10+8+9+2-2+1d10: (3)+8+9+2+-2+(8)+2: 30 (+2 Arcane Strike)

Skielstregar is, to put it bluntly, torn into. Black and red ichor flies every which way. But he withstands, bloodied and covered in pollen. "DRAGONFATH- ACHO! FATHER'S WILL BE DONE!" he bellows in defiance as the ichor lining his arm reverses gravity, it sliding up the polearm and greasing the blade into something far more lethal.

He throws all his weight into one decisive strike, him and his weapon growling in fury.

<OOC> Paenitia says, "Same as before. Pae, -2 sickened, +2 flanking, +3 pillar cav others attacked, -3 Power attack;"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "Rami -2 sickened, +2 flanking, +1 AoMF. Full attacks both, 2 pae, 3 rami. +roll weapon31-2+2+3-3"
GAME: Paenitia rolls weapon31-2+2+3-3: (8)+14+-2+2+3+-3: 22
GAME: Paenitia rolls weapon31-2+2+3-3-5: (19)+14+-2+2+3+-3+-5: 28
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (6)+9+-2+2+1: 16
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (19)+9+-2+2+1: 29
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d20+9-2+2+1: (6)+9+-2+2+1: 16
<OOC> Paenitia says, "not sure if the 22 hits. rolling both in case it does"
GAME: Paenitia rolls damage31+6+10: aliased to 1d6+3+6+10: (3)+3+6+10: 22
GAME: Paenitia rolls damage31+6+10: aliased to 1d6+3+6+10: (1)+3+6+10: 20
GAME: Paenitia rolls 1d6+4+1: (4)+4+1: 9

"Ramirez. Get closer! I want to hit with the lance." Paenitia orders, pulling on the reins and thrusting, then thrusting again.

The point strikes, skidding across the scales. She pulls back, thrusting again, leaning a little more, thrusting at the same place. This time the lance tip pierces.

'Ruaaaah!' It is Ramirez's attempt. The beak and talon which connected earlier miss this time, his opposite 'hand' ripping along the scales and still failing to cause any damage.

Farland pushes himself to his feet and curses loudly. "Magic is .. .magic is ... not .. working ... real ... good." His eyes are streaming tears and he's overtaken by a sneezing fit again.

GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+15: (14)+15: 29
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (6)+13: 19
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (7)+13: 20
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+13: (17)+13: 30
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+12: (14)+12: 26 (vs AC29 - fail)
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 2d6+7: (6)+7: 13
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+6: (8)+6: 14
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+6: (5)+6: 11
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Paen, roll mounted combat to avoid damage."
GAME: Paenitia rolls ride+5: (5)+11+5: 21 (+5 to counter ACP penalty)
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Since it's swiping your steed with a 26 to hit."
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "I'm not sure of Ramirez's AC"
<OOC> Paenitia says, "+sheet/companion shows AC29"
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Oh! He's fien then. I didn't assume it was that high.]"
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d8+8: (1)+8: 9
GAME: Whirlpool damaged you for 9 points. 76 HP remaining.

The dragon is a flurry of claws, wings and a snapping jaw. Skielstregar, Paenitia are struck. Ramirez barely avoid being hit.

<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "It worked out great last time, so... Lightning bolt the moss dragon again."
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls Spellcraft: (13)+14: 27
GAME: Ravenstongue casts Lightning Bolt/Persistent. Caster Level: 12 DC: 21
<OOC> Ravenstongue says, "DC 20, roll again if succeeds on the first roll. Reflex save for half."
GAME: Ravenstongue rolls 10d6: (36): 36
GAME: Whirlpool rolls 1d20+5: (3)+5: 8
<OOC> Whirlpool says, "Totally fails the ref save this time, and RT is able to finish it off thanks to Paen and Skiel set ting it up!"

It's hard to breathe. It's hard to think. Even with one of Telamon's sashes tied around her mouth as a makeshift mask, there's only so much protection that the fabric offers, and it's hard for Cor'lana to concentrate on what has to be done. What /needs/ to be done.

But she looks at her allies. Her friends. Paenitia and Skielstregar drive attacks into the moss dragon, and there she realizes--an opening.

She lifts a hand, and she murmurs the incantation, weaving the magic in her hand. As much as she wants to cough or sneeze, she knows either act will ruin this opportunity and provide little relief. The magic sparks in her hands.

And this time, it's under control.

Cor'lana thrusts her hand forward, unleashing the arc of electricity. And to her amazement: the 'dragon' falls. By her hand.

Ghoulish cp line.png


 ===================== Current Initiative Order - Round 3 =====================
     18   Ravenstongue     1  
     15   Lyme             1  
  >> 15   Vaera            1   <<
     13   Dirk             1  
     13   Skielstregar     1  Raging (2 rnds active)                       
     9    Paenitia         1  
     7    Farland          1  
     0    Mossy Dragon     1