A Drink and a Song

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Log Info

  • Title: A Drink and a Song
  • Emitter: Slixvah
  • Characters: Slixvah, Zofija, Ravendar
  • Place: Fernwood Pub
  • Time: August 23rd, 2022
  • Summary: Slixvah and Zofija are catching up, listening to the band playing as they discuss over drinks. They meet Ravendar off the stage and exchange pleasantries before he has to go. Slix spills some tea, and the two friends go back and forth having a grand ol' time.

Fernwood Pub. Night.

A hot day is met with a dew filled night from a brief rain. The Fernwood, as usual as of late, has been packed nearly full with those looking for a good time, or, trying to ignore a bad time. The latter as of late, hopefully sliding to the former.

She hasn't been here in a while, so things are normal. An egalrin woman, full wings splayed out at a booth as she's reclining back with her feet propped up on the table. She's already got one cup down and in, a pitcher there to refill it at her leisure. The red and white feathered lass is in no rush what so ever, as she's swaying her head side to side to some background tune going on either in her head, or in the establishment.

Night was the perfect time to be at the pub, or so it seemed for most people. For Zofija, it was when she was most likely to be off from whatever work she had been doing for the day, and one of the passtimes to fill afterwards.

The arvek-nar walked in from the bar, and casually slid into the booth behind the egalrin. Zofija wrapper her arms quickly around the egalrin, as she gave her friend a hug leaning over the back of the seat.

"Hey Slix, how's it going?" She asks. "Must've been a while since I saw you, you've grown a couple feet since the last."

Slixvah is startled briefly as she's being grabbed from over the booth, but the familiar tone disarms her easily, and she's leaning up into the embrace with a happy hum. "Eeeeya Muscles," she coos, cracking open an eye and craning her head back to spy Zofi. The egalrin snorts, both taloned feet gripping the air on the table. "Yeah?"

A hand pats the seat next to her, wings folding in to clear up space for it. "Doin'... pretty good, actually. Yeah. You?"

Zofija chuckles and pats Slixvah on the head before she hops the booth into the seat that was offered.

"You say that like doing pretty good is a surprise, Slix." The Arvek-nar grunts. "S'good either way, happy for you. As for me, well, today is a day for drinking, I'll leave it at that for now. Otherwise, I'm doing okay."

Slix quirks her head to the side at that. "We'll see if I can weasel that outta ya," she chuffs before pushing an empty mug over towards Zofi. Pitcher utilized, both cups are filled. "I mean, sorta is, sorta ain't a surprise, ya dig?"

She finds a new comfy spot, which is leaning against her friend. "Figurin' new mojo out, meetin' some cool peeps. I can fl-" Her enthusiasm kicks up a peg. "Zofi, I can frickin' /fly/ now!" she trills, pumping a fist in celebration.

Ravendar is up on stage with a small band and he's playing his fiddle very well. Up there with him are a singer who is doing fairly well, a drummer who's having a little trouble keeping up and a lutist who's just playing right along. They are just finishing up a jaunty song about a sailor and his love. There is a smatter of clapping when they are finished. The singer thanks the crowd for their time and the band starts to leave the stage to let the next band take over.

Ravendar puts away his fiddle in it's case and goes to get his cut from the singer, "If you ever need me to fill it again let me know." He says before he heads over to the bar to get a mug of ale and a puts in an order for dinner before he goes to find a halfing size table to sit at near Zofija and Slixvah.

"Well, an offer for free ale is a good place to start at for that." The Arvek-nar snorts, pouring herself a glass. "Even had a mug ready for me, or were ya expecting someone else?"

"Yeah, I noticed your wings grew out, that's what I was saying. You're flying around now? Aint that something else, huh? Screech isn't quite there yet. Still hasn't fledged in their full adult flight feathers."

The Arvek-nar stops to clap for the band for a moment, before talking a long swig from her drink.

Slix snickers, shaking her head. "Naw, just lucky there was an empty one here, they gave me an extra," she explains, sitting properly and getting her feet off the table. "Yeah, they're real heavy now. And man it's a workout, but hoo-boy, it's exhileratin'! Screech will get there soon, I knows it. How they doin' by the by?"

The red and white feathered egalrin woman decorated in a rainbow of ribbons, sets her drink down after taking a hearty swig of it to join in on the round of applause that wafts through the room. She calls out to the halfling fiddler as he sits down, "Oi! Good bit!"

Ravendar looks over to the pair by the booth and he raises his mug towards them before he gets up to move over to join them. He doesn't want to shout as the next band is starting their performace, "Thanks. I was just filling in, their regular 4th came down with something and from what they told me looked like he had been dug up last night. Hope it's not serious, but happy to make a little coin on the side. My purse was getting light since the last time I adventured. Ravendar Tamwood's the name. Nice to meet you both." He raises his mug again and takes a drink.

"Only lucky if someone showed up though, otherwise it's just a hassle." Zofija grunts. "Keep them moving, and stretch them like you would before any other limb before excercise. Screech is doing well, they're over whatever illness they had from our last foray out when I took them to see a cleric."

"People need people to keep their spirits up. Last thing the city needs is people feeling down because they can't enjoy themselves, especially if their minds are running wild with speculation." She grunts again. "So it helps. Zofija, good to meet you too."

The eccentrically dressed egalrin adjusts her seating some so she can address the Lucht as she gestures to the open bench across the table. "Oh dear, I hope they's doin' aight. Still, couldn't tell you were a temp in the slightest."

She jabs a thumb to her chest. "Count ya licks, pick up quick, tha name's Slix," she canters jovially. "Slixvah Unmesi. A pleasure, pleasure!"

Slixvah shakes her head, quietly laughing to herself. "Gods, I sound like Tegri. I've only drank one of these! Anywho, glad ta hear that they doin' aight. And yeah, I'll be sure to stretch 'em up real good."

Ravendar sets his mug down on the table before he gets up onto the bench to sit, "Aye that they do with all that goes on in this city. Seems like it's just one crisis or calamity after another. I guess that's what makes it so interesting to live in." He takes a drink as he listens, "Oh yah the healers said they just need fluids and rest, at least as far as I was told, don't know the person personally. Got recommended, sort of a friend of a friend of a friend situation. Thanks, yah you gotta be able to pick up on stuff like that fast when you are a solo artist like myself. I've had good practice though when I was with my family's band, never know when you'll be needed to fill in. Again it's nice to meet you both."

Zofija says, “Who's integrity? Someone I should know about you've been spending time with?" Zofija asks with one brow raised and an accompanying snort. "Yeah, Screech is fine. Needed a cleric, but griffons are hardy beasts. Once they're on the mend, they bounce back quick."

"Well, that's good. There's a reason why telling someone they should live in interesting times is a curse though, that's for certain. Well, you got enough notoriety to fit in, so that counts for something. Bit different playing in an ensemble, but at least you already got the experience."”

Slixvah makings a clicking sound an elbows Zofi in the side. "Cheeky little Nar, ain't ya?" she giggles. "Yeah been hanging wit him and uh-" She coughs into a fist. "Others. Anywho, I've got betta healing mojo now so if you or Screech catch something bad, hit me up."

She bobs her head to Ravendar, rainbow ribbon headband bouncing. "Always crap going on, least there's beats of a break, yeah?" A pause to drink, then- "Oh! Ravendar. If ya wanting ta keep on ya toes about filling in, there's this pretty elven lass named Patch who plays this really funky instrument. Hurdy gurdy it's called. Right wicked ta hear," she hum happily.

Ravendar gives a shrug, "I wouldn't know integrity if it sat down and bought me a drink." He gives a laugh. "Maybe, but it makes for better songs than living in the uninteresting times. Yep you gotta know how to harmonize otherwise you might as well pack it it. The different sounds gotta support each other otherwise it's going to fall down around your ears. I like my veggies on my plate, not getting thrown at me."

Ravendar hmms, "I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I've seen them played a couple times here and there on my travels. Some well, some not so well. Certainly takes more talent then most to play it well."

Zofi grunts once again, but it's something more uncharacteristic and pained, and she clutches her side. "Hey, easy, there, Slix. My ribs are still a bit sore." She explains, then sighs. "Sorry, you didn't know. Got blasted by something on one of my recent jobs, and sent me tumbling over a hill. Got fixed up, but it still feels like freshly healed bones."

"Speaking of which, I doubt there's a lot of bards named Patch that are in the area. She was there too."

"Yeah, I suppose it does, but it's rough. Rather have things a bit tame than live through a vampire occupation again or some things like that."

Slixvah puts a hand over her beak. "Oh goodness, sorry sugar. My bad my bad," she apologizes, looking to the spot and sighing. But, she perks up a bit. "Yeah? Met her? She's cool, huh?" Slix inquires.

Another drink down, and she refills her mug as she addresses Rav. "Integrity C. Truefeather, the C stands for 'Candid', because he'll run his beak and tell it to ya straight. Man's a lawyer, looks like a blue and black version of me. But uh, yeah, she plays that thing pretty swell."

Ravendar ohs, "What did you get blasted by, the last time I went on an adventure we were after some artifact, had to convince a bunch of farmers to let us dig in their field and then recover the artifact that was down there. Got the artifact and got chased out by something big and nasty living down there."

He takes another drink as his meal comes over and he starts in on that, "A lawyer huh? I try to stay away from them. I get nervous when someone talks about contracts and the like. Thanks for the discription I'll keep an eye out for him."

"She was pretty cool. Needs to have a bit more confidence in herself though." Zofija grunts. "And not assume that every Arvek-nar has a glowing review of the military. But she's a good enough sort, I'd get drinks with her sometime."

"Just some sort of magic, think they're drafting an official warning now or something of the like. Just be careful where you're trying to dispel magic in the countryside, or it might rebound on you, and people around you." The Arvek-nar warns. <Goblin-talk>

"Oh, Integrity is a good sort. Too good for his own good to be honest. He means well to the point of it getting him in trouble sometimes I'd say."

Slixvah snickers. "She's a good drinkin' buddy fo' sure," she hums, giving a little wink. "And has some ta learn."

The bit of tongue in Goblin-talk makes the egalrin woman squint. "... I'll... keep that in mind. I figured out some unweaving magics recently, so..." she murmurs back, a nail scratching on the tabletop as if that would help etch that into her memory. <Goblin-talk>

She shakes her head, resuming proper Tradespeak to keep all in the loop. "Just some funky magic is all. But that sounds like one heck of a story, Ravendar. Best one I got is uh..." She taps her beak. "... gettin' word that th' wights were coming out. Zofi here was with me on that. But that's about it, adventure wise. And yeah, Integrity is a good lad."

Ravendar continues to eat as he listens, "I'm eager to meet her then. I try not to assume anything about anyone. Easier to make friends that way." He nods, "I'll remember that if I ever get back out adventuring. I hope it doesn't affect my music, I guess we'll just have to see." He says as he finishes up, "Well it's been lovely conversing with you both. Hopefully I'll see you both again, if not stay safe out there. You both have a good night." He says as he gets up to return his dishes to the bar and heads out for the night.

"Yeah, some odd things going on at the moment. Just wanted to let you know since I trust ya." Zofi grunts. "It does sound a bit wild, but stories from the adventurer's guild. You have a good night, and stay safe too. Hopefully see oyu on the stage again, good music makes the night better, always."

She waves Ravendar off, and then turns to Slixvah with a dumb grin. "So, others, huh? And last time you were worried about someone wanting to kiss you." Zofi chuckles.

Slix raises a hand, eyes crinkling in a smile. "Pleasant convo, Ravendar!" she coos. "Catch you on the flip! Stay safe!"

And then, her attention returns to Zofija, her face feathers floofing up as she rubs her neck. "Ah. Uh. Yeah. So, uh..." She takes a drink. "... I... maybe have been a liiiitle busy."

She leans up against Zofija, humming warmly. "It's nice."

"Good on ya Slix, I'm happy for you, really, lovebird." Zofi chuckles, patting the egalrin on her floofy head. "Sounds real nice. Seems like you're able to relax a bit more in this city, and I'm happy about that. You were a bit worried about that for a while, so that makes me happy."

Slix is drawing aimless circles on the table, her crinkling her eyes in a smile from the pat. "Heehe. Thanks sugar. It's... nice ta know some folks don't mind or care."

She shakes her head, gaze traveling up to Zofija. "And tha folks that I ran into are aight wit' my circumstances. So... yeah."

"Course people don't, or do I not count enough as people for you to believe that?" The arvek-nar snorts. "Good thing you found enough other people to convince you, at least."

"And I'm not sure what I mean, but that's no surprise either. Most people would be fine with your circumstances if it meant getting to hang out with you. just happy when you're around again to share a couple drinks with, that's all."

Slix's expression turns to more of a simper as she swirls her drink. "Oh? 'course you count, honey," she coos, walking two digits up along the Nar's arm before she pulls back somewhat.

She chuckles into her drink, taking another draught of it. "Just mean my circumstance of not bein' a romantic. I like people too much. They's cool wit' it." Her expression softens at Zofija. "And I'm reall' happy ta get ta share some drinks wit' ya too, Muscles."

"Well then, makes sense, if you like a lot of people. I get it." Zofi chuckles, patting the hand on her arm once. "Nothing wrong with liking plenty of people, as long as they're okay with it. Honesty and communication goes a long way, doesn't it? It's... not for me, but it's not a big deal, either."

"And I'm happy you're willing to share some free ale with me. Or I'd happily pay to have them with you regardless. So, yeah, it's nice."

Slixvah makes an 'ah' sound, ceasing her mild teasings, but instead leaning up against her muscular Nar friend. "Totally understandable, not lots of people are like that, I get it," she hums, patting her on the arm.

She goes to get one more drink, and snickers. "Free or not, split, don't care. I'm just glad ta have ya here, sugar."

Zofija blinks once, then twice, and laughs loudly, before she wraps an arm around the egalrin. "You _were_ flirting with me, huh?" The Arvek-nar chuckles. "I'm flattered, really. But, that's what I'm saying about communication, yeah? I'd want you all to myself, and that'd just leave you unhappy in the long run. So, I'm happy to keep you as my friend and drinking buddy. Happy to share some drinks with you anytime. So, how bout the next round is on me? It's only fair."

Slixvah giggles, getting easily wrapped up into the arm. "Yeah yeah, I was, just a lil' bit," she snickers. "But yeah, that's how most folks would be. And... I'm flattered too that'd ya'd think that."

A beat of thought, and she bumps her head against the side of Zofi's. "Ya sweet, sugar. Yeah, gimmie da next round."

"Sorry, I'm bad with flirting you know, but I'm not completely oblivious." Zofi chuckles. "Course I would though, what's the point if someone's unhappy? That just isn't right, is it?"

"But enough of that talk, hey, waiter! If you're free, we could use another round. And get Slixvah here whatever she wants off the menu, okay? I'll just have another ale for now."

-End Scene-