(Griever) No Charn No Foul Part 7

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Log Info

  • Title: No Charn No Foul, Part 7
  • Emitter: Whirlpool
  • Characters: Jinks, Aryia, Seyardu, Lysos, Edinaz
  • Place: Hextus, Charn
  • Time: November 20th
  • Summary: So now the Charn infiltration team has to get out. Rejoined by Lysos outside the "adventurer's guild", the party hangs a wide turn back to the docks to find a ship out. For themselves, and a small pack of dogs that have taken a liking to Lysos. They decide to approach a promising looking ship, and Jinks spins a tale about how they're looking to get out right now, included with coin. But its not the fib that secures passage, no, it's the sole dog that's stuck with Lysos. Proud Robber. And the ship is more than glad to have someone adopt the dog to get it off the docks. With that, the team makes their exfiltration.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  Appearing, in Order  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Aryia              4'8"     110 Lb     Shadow Elf        Female    A heavily scarred mul with a resolved look about her.
Jinks              3'4"     39 Lb      Gnome             Male      A gnomish fellow in fancy garb and jewelry.    
Seyardu            5'6"     150 Lb     Sith-Makar        Female    A friendly silver sith-makar with a perpetual squint.
Lysos              5'6"     105 Lb     Human/Tsuran      Female    Dark eyed tsuran girl. 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  As the GM  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Aryia cleans her face off with her arm and rises to her feet. She gives a shaky nod to the gnome, and glances back. Were the hell was Seyardu? "...S-y..?"

Jinks had assumed the sith-makar was on his heels when leaving the guildhall but stayed back when he had his t(Invalid UTF8 code)�-(Invalid UTF8 code)�(Invalid UTF8 code)� with Aryia. He half-turns and issues an annoyed sound when there's no sign of the silver-scaled Hearthguard. Skipping to a half-run he walks back towards the door, making an odd motion at his breast that explains itself when the coyote's-head brooch leaves the illusion's weave, unpinned, and the gnome touches it to his lips before tucking it into a pouch on his belt.

Pulling the door wide, he already has his tongue folded and pushed against his teeth, issuing a sharp whistle that's meant to get Seyardu's attention. He's no idea what's happening inside.

When Seyardu seemed to have been noticed, she did not linger, but perhaps she was a bit annoyed showing concern for kin would be seen as something bad in Charn. But still, she hurried out of the building, and she joins the others, blinking when Jinks is whistling at the door.

"You seem to have recovered quickly, but I do not think that we need continue our interview." She states, already walking past him. "So let us be on our way."

Brave up until the point it's actually needed, Lysos elected to remain outside to... uh.. watch for trouble coming from.. outside. She's not right outside the establishment.. probably not wanting to be obviously pegged as someone who is keeping watch. But her startled jump to her feet when she sees the others rushing on out dispels any sense of covert that she probably failed to convey anyways.

There's a lot going on. You hear yelling from inside the building you've left, now, and some ranting about 'gold owed' and so on. Someone seems to've been set off.

In any event, you have a bit of a distraction and can get out of here as quickly as you can. The real question is where you want to go. It's not like Charn is a friendly place to be.

Aryia is quick to make a suggestion as they start to power walk away in an aimless direction. "We need some place out of here that isn't the way we came," she motions to the group. <Handspeech>

GAME: Aryia rolls knowledge/local: (17)+2: 19
GAME: Jinks rolls Knowledge/Local: (15)+14: 29

Jinks has to hustle a bit to keep pace with the longer-legged, unarmored tallfolk but there's more than enough inspiration as the city seems to close in around them. People are strange when you're a stranger.

"Back to the docks... but we can cut take the scenic route. South and then east. Cut through a few alleyways. Or we could try the airstation." He's been paying attention as they move around, trying to get a general feel of the city's flow. Hextus seems the sort of place that takes city-planning quite seriously. Infernal contracts. Rigid bureaucracies. Zoning permits. <handspeech>

"I am sorry, but we do need to get going. I feel the airstation may be too dangerous if they have already been alerted, I do not trust our chances trying to steal an airship." Seyardu hurriedly signs back, walking in pace with the others. "Either out of the city, or back to the docks. Our Mul'niessa friend here could likely helm a ship if it came down to that."

Jinks makes a face and shakes his head, "No 'or.'" He flicks, finally crossing through a square, the buildings pulling back far enough to offer a better view of the skyline. "The docks. There doesn't seem to be an airstation." How do 'civilized' people live like this? <handspeech>

GAME: Aryia rolls stealth: (2)+17: 19 GAME: Jinks rolls Stealth: (19)+12: 31 GAME: Seyardu rolls stealth: (15)+-2: 13

There's a swift trip back to the very busy port you came from. Of course, avoiding the guards and anyone else who might think you're odd enough to remember is the hard part. If they 're looking for you (they're looking for you) the last thing you want is anyone being able to point a direction you went. being unremarkable is part of it, but mostly, it's just knowing to be in the right place and the right time, where people aren't looking.

You arrive back at the very, very busy docks, with all manner of officious business being conducted. All ytou have to do is slip onto a ship. Not as easy as it sounds.

GAME: Aryia rolls profession/sailor: (4)+14: 18

Lysos's expression is one of utter confusion... but at least the has the sense not to pester anyone with questions. She can read a room. Usually. So she keeps her mouth shut as she hurries aftter the others, doing her best to not draw attention to herself and keep to the shadows. But.. she seems to have picked up a trail. A stray dog. It's just a small mutt, hardly of consequence.. and he's not being loud or barky. But he keeps sniffing at her skirts, despite her trying to push him away.

And then there's another one. And another. The panic is written all over her face when, at one point, there's more than a half a dozen stray dogs, ranging from small mid-sized, following her...

Aryia was quite nervous as they went through the streets, but thankfully her natural 'please don't pay attention to me' aura helped shore up most of her screw ups. They got to the docks, finally, thank whatever. Her scarred throat bobs as she dry swallows. Okay, need to find a ship. Big, but not too big. Too big ones were for the long haul, they need a direct trip to anywhere but here. Something smaller..? No... and what was that smell?

She looks around, blinks at Lysos, then looks down at the small pack. "... you never told me you were a dog person..." she motions, a touch distracted from looking for a way out of here. She shakes her head, then tries to focus again on the task at hand. Jinks was right. We're on a job. That person isn't here anymore. <Handspeech>

Jinks is quite easy to miss in a crowd... at least in a disguise that mutes most of his ostentatious attire and over-abundant jewelry. He's busy trying to find passage out of hostile territory and doesn't take time to notice whatever's hounding Lysos-- at least until it starts shouting for (or like) the law.

How Seyardu managed to make it to the docks without anyone recognizing them or paying too much attention was anyone's guess, but she was thankful for whatever led to it. Perhaps it was simply confidence and pretending to belong,or something like that.

Though she stops and looks at the large group of dogs behind Lysos. "You do not happen to have any uncovered food on you, do you? It seems these animals are often drawn to that." She suggests.

Lysos is not quite wringing her hands.. but she is casting about glances to see if the trailing dogs have drawn any attention. "I'm not," she hisses.. not angrily, rather anxiously, in response to Aryia, then glares back at the dogs.. all but one staring at her expectantly. The one who isn't is sniffing at another dog's butt. "Shoo! Shoot!" she whispers harshly at them, 'whishing' at them with her hands. "No food for you!" she then adds when Seyardu questions. Then she frowns, sniffs... and claws at her cloak, unhooking the clasp so she can draw it from her shoulders.. and look at the back. And some foul, greasy looking.. and smelling.. smear along its back. "How in the holy...." She quickly bundles it up and throws it at the dogs before turning away from them.

The dogs are definitely still gathering. There's just something about Lysos.

...then she throws ... *that* and the dogs pounce at it en masse. Immediately, a cacophany of barking and growling and yelping starts to go up in the air.

People are starting to look.

(One small dog, however, has basicaslly attached itself to Lysos leg.)

Aryia gives the dogs a glance, then moves on as people start to look. At the dogs. Not them.

Jinks doubles-down on his attempt to find some manner of egress. He can't do anything about barking dog.s

Edinaz turns back, and looks at Lysos. "Hold still. You want me to get that off you?"

Lysos looks at Edinaz, then shakes her head, averting her gaze to look straight ahead. "Let's just go," she whispers, trying to ignore the dog as she follows. "Before I make this worse."

Edinaz nods curtly. "Okay." And then he turns to go on.

Seyardu squints when whatever caused it was tossed away. "I do not know how I did not notice whatever that was, but it is good it is gone. Yes, let us be on our way. Before they change their mind and follow after you again after investigating it further."

The cleric also continues on, to investigate the ships further.

GAME: Edinaz rolls perception: (13)+12: 25
GAME: Lysos rolls perception: (15)+9: 24
GAME: Jinks rolls Perception: (4)+7: 11
GAME: Aryia rolls perception: (7)+23: 30
GAME: Seyardu rolls perception: (18)+5: 23


There's a lot of boats. Trying to find the right boat to esape on right now is not going to be easy. Keen eyes help, however, and so do Aryia's knowledge of ships.

Eventually, you've settled on a pair of sloops. One is primarily crewed by undeead, with a Ship's Necromancer overseeing them. The good news is that stowing away there with the skeletons will be less likely to have you noticed. The bad news is that, you know, you'll be on a ship full of undead.


There's probably not a whole lot of food aboard, amongst other things. 5r

On the OTHER hand, there's a second cargo sloop that looks like a far more traditional vessel, but it looks like it's going to be harder to finnesse your way onto, givne the seriousness of the crew. But they ARE your best bets before the guards really get to the docks after you.

... in either case, a simple bribe might do.

.. maybe.

"Tashraan?" Jinks asks, head cocked to one side as he steps up to the dock-end of the gangplank. He eyes the sloop curiously, stepping to one side to make way as one of the hands ascends with a load on their shoulders. "Room for five more? Paying good coin."

He steps up the gangplank with a glance over his shoulder and a conspiratorial glint in his eyes. "Apparently the contract's fine print said 'don't make special-friends with the marquis' daughter.' And, well... she was rather grateful for the rescue from the brigands her would-be not-noble husband hired to abscond with her." The gnome makes an overly-dramatic 'oops' face and rolls his eyes.

"We're clean and quiet. Well, except for that one's dog," he tosses a thumb back at Lysos.

GAME: Jinks rolls Perform/Sing: (4)+20: 24 (Bluff)

Edinaz slides by Lysos, and scoops up the dog. He scritches the doggo behind the ears and generally holds it well off the ground. He's /near/ her, so hopefully that's okay. If not, well, he's got a strong throwing arm. If he gets bitten, well, he tries to make sure its his hands and not his throat.

"It's not...." Lysos cuts herself off, not quite with a strangle, saved by Edinaz stepping up and taking the matter in hand. Literally. She wrinkles her nose as the dog's smell becomes more prevalent. "It won't be a problem," she promises, somewhat flatly. "He's a good boy."

"Who's a good boy?" Edin doesn't actually checks to see if the dog is a boy.

Aryia bobs her head along in agreement with Jinks, huffing a bit at the mention of things going a bit sideways. She bites her tongue at the scene unfolding behind her with the dog.

"Yes, we will be no trouble joining here, but we would appreciate a spot greatly. This one has some experience with ships, and the mul'niessa with me is excellent with shipwork. This one is also a cleric, should any on the voyage need healing for sickness or injury."

"Is that agreeable? This one can discuss agreements further if necessary, but it would be best to do so outside of the main deck."

"....that dog stinks. Wait, is that Proud Robber! Oi! Proud Robber!" The dog's ears prick. His name is proud robber.

"..you're adotping that damn thing? I'll get you on this ship right now to get it off these damn docks."

Oh no

"Proud. Robber." Lysos looks from the dog to the waters upon which the boat rests... it's not hard to read her mind at this point. Then, looking very pained, she says, "Yes. I very much wish to adopt this dog. He is so nice. I can't wait to take him home."

GAME: Lysos rolls bluff: (5)+19: 24

"Are you? Are you a proud robber?" AWAY from the face, Edin makes she he holds the dog.

Proud Robber wags his tail. And then tries to climb on Lysos.

His muddy paws are getting filth all over her. He gives a broad, doggy smile at Edinaz, too. His breath is as terrible smelling as the rest of him.

"...are you sure about this captain? You know what they say about a ship with proud robber on it," remarks one of the sailors.

"YES,' says the captain, eagerly. "PLEASE DON'T REMIND ME."

Aryia is torn between gagging from the dog and biting back a laugh, but her lingering anxiety was overshadowing it all. She gulps, rolls up her sleeves, and looks ready to be put to work on the ship. She knew how important it was to have a port that knew your ship as a local legend. The ship that sailed away the port robber.

Jinks has taken the deck of the ship now so there's no removing him. He hops up onto a crate and starts waving the remainder of the quintet aboard, taking the higher ground as a chance to look out over the crowd and see if the constabulary has drawn any closer. "We can see the thing bathed and perfumed before the ship's rats start worshipping it as their godking."

"Yes, that is more than fair. Though could we speak more about arrangements somewhere else? I understand that extra hands on a voyage can cause issues, but I will make sure that our own needs for food are met."

-End Scene-