(Griever) No Charn No Foul Part 5

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Log Info

  • Title: No Charn No Foul, Part 5
  • Emitter: Whirlpool
  • Characters: Jinks, Aryia, Edinaz, Seyardu
  • Place: Hextus, Charn
  • Time: November 6th
  • Summary: The party has infiltrated a Charnese dive bar, and successfully got a local to speak with them. They learn a bit about mercenaries coming in to take up work from nearby regions here, and they are directed to what seems to be a Charn version of the adventurer's guild. There's a LOT of paperwork involved.

Jinks sits in a half-slouch, the fingertips of his left hand resting on the rim of his glass with the palm floating above. He sings a proper bawdry tavern song; one of those that seems to be about exploration and adventure but is full of lazy double entendre. Rifles and ramrods. Exploring caves. That sort of thing. The chorus has all the subtlety of a Jotun demolitionist. 'He lay, oh lay, lay, lay, lay / lay, oh, lay, lay, lay.'

But it has a rhythm you can dance to.

The gnome enters the final verse when the man sits across from him and Edinaz stares daggers. He lifts up a finger to hold the stranger and continues the song, eyeing the fellow as his practiced tenor fills the tavern. The verse is a vulgar climax, ribald and humorous. A thing for dank, basement theatres and, well, dingy, Charnese dive bars.

Aryia finally rises to her feet and wipes off the sweat on her brow. She returns to the table, sitting back down in her designated chair as Lysos directed her. She looks between the signing gnome and the guest, her doing her best to not tap her foot along to the tune, nor snerk at its lyrics.

Which was easy, since she felt so discombobulated being here.

The stranger, of course, awaits. He's staring at Jinks. When the gnome finishes, he slowly presses his hand to his face.

But he's trying not to laugh because it's a dingy, Charnese dive bar and this is what happens here some times.

Seyardu squints as the song reaches its climax, and then she just chuffs and shakes her head. "It was a colorful song, for certain. Fitting for you." She states with just a hint of a chuckle. "Though I believe you have left the one here long enough, and should explain why we are here. I would myself, but that is not my place to say, I believe."

"We just put in," Jinks explains after having a long drink of what passes for topshelf in a place such as this. He smiles and licks his lips, making a rough circle with the glass, one finger lifted to point and take in the whole room. "We wanted a drink and the mood in this place... well, for a moment I thought we were back on the barge with the risen crew...

"So, you're welcome." The gnome's eyebrows lift when the fellow laughs-- a parent catching a pouting child when their facade breaks and mirth slips through unbidden. He let's the 'gotcha' linger a short moment and finishes his glass, setting it down. "Exciting times in the Dominion. We've come for work. I'll spare you our fascinating backstories and introductions-- and they are fascinating-- as they've met with mixed approval on previous reveal."

Edinaz waves his brow, sweating. He lets Jinks talk -- how could he not?!

"Have they now," replies the man. He's a half-elf, actually, now that you're getting a closer look at him. "Fascinating. Plenty of work to be done for the right hands, though," he adds, "Plenty of work." He leans back, "If you're willing to run risks. Sounds like you lot are."

"Well, it seems to be putting more than a few people on edge, but anyone can tell that there is business causing it, good or ill. And that means there are problems to be solved for those in need of solutions." Seyardu adds, taking a drink of water from her mug. "Business with risk, it depends on if they seek those disposable to run them or not."

Aryia looks between the group, her sitting on her hands and doing her best to not fidget too badly as they talk about ongoings in Charn.

"What's a life without risk? Like as much fun as a life without coin." Jinks brings his forefinger against his index twice, two twinned pairs of smoothed platinum bands click to reinforce his point. Tkl-tk. "Sly One's smirk and your latter outweighs the former."

"You have line on something, then? Might be a thing more substantial than song by way of finder's fee if you do."

Edinaz sits down, listening. He's sweating lightly now, and turns to consider whether he thinks the alcohol's killed whatevers in the water here.

"Well, you're in luck, friends. Charn -- that is the government of Charn, is always on the look out for armed mercenaries these days. It's hired a number. Surely, you've seen that if you passed through -- where DID you pass through on your way in?" he asks.

"The island colonies." Jinks says, turning away from the elfblood and pushing his empty glass towards Aryia with the back of his hand, slapping a coin down next to it after to snatch her atention. "Tashraan before that." He affects mild annoyance when he turns back, his friendly smile slipping. "I'm from the Skycurtains, originally. Banished. And I've been fucking and killing my way south for coin since. I've a particular technique if you're curious."

The scarred mul'neissa flinches at slap on the table. Wordlessly, she took the coin, the cup, and herself over to the bar for a refill like a good little servant should.

Edinaz mouths, "He slits their throat when he's taking 'em from behind." Then he gets up and goes to get some whiskey. He's gunna need some whiskey.

"I would recommend not asking about the former-" The cleric begins to say, before she sighs and shakes her head. "Apologies, it is too late for that. Lack of tastefullness not withstanding, he is a dependable sort for such jobs, as are us all, for certain. Though some of us have more choice in the matter than others, that is the truth of it."

"Hmm," replies the young-ish man. His blue eyes focus on Jinks for a moment, then back and forth slowly to the others. He's curious.

"So, then. You want to work, you can work. I can direct you where to go... if you want."

A smile.

It's a deadly serious smile, though.

Jinks just smiles at Seyardu's additions to the conversation, paying no mind to Aryia as she goes about the work. "Please," he replies simply, nodding at the fellow.

Aryia returns with a new drink in hand, and change in the other. Both are placed right where Jinks had his cup, and the coin is returned in a neat stack. Not a single copper was missing. She sits, rote, and pays passive attention to the conversation.

She's waaaay too good at this role.

Edinaz sips whiskey slowly, and gets Seyardu. "Taste? ..., please." He turns his look back to the man, matching the smile.

"It ain't hard to get work, like I said, depending on what you want to do. I bet there's something you can do right out the gate. Come on," he says, "I'll take you to the right place. There's a man you can see, hires mercs all the time -- right off the boats, even. Ha."

And then he's on his feet, aiming to let you all follow him.

The fresh drink is downed in one go, past Jinks' mouth and through his gullet without touching his tongue. Still, he flares his nostrils and exhales the warmth of the unfamiliar spirit as the muscles of his jaw play. He sets the glass down and stands, the coins disappearing off the table through some simple, practiced feat of legerdemain. Finally, the gnome snatches up his bow and small pack, securing the former, then latter on his back and sparing Aryia the carrying of his trivial luggage as he falls into step with their guide.

Aryia rises with Jinks and follows behind the gnome wordlessly, her gaze settled at the floor.

Edinaz moves to follow, setting aside the whiskey, because that's just not going happen. He stalks after Jinks and Aryia, falling into step.

"Very well, if you say so. We can work, and do not wish to turn up any we can find now. As much as Von Larks would hate to admit it, the journey here took a lot out of our coffers, and spending it all that we have at the first bar we come across is a poor idea until we figure out a source of income." Seyardu sighs, rising from her own seat to follow.

"I get it. You're not the first, not the last. There's been a steady stream of mercs coming to work, from Dran to Stormgard and even old Alexandria."

He lets out a laugh, then moves on, leading you down darkened city streets. Charn is ever-ominous, even now, even ehre.

Jinks is still swaddled comfortably in the adventure of it all, focusing more on stifling the wide-eyed tourist look than any unease or concern at being in the heart of the Sygian Empire. The nightmare is academic and remote even if he feels it bleeding from the surrounding walls as an almost-palpable history.

Still, the gnome has a hand on his rapier, the basket hilt cloaked in an illusion to mask its Tarienite devotion. He also keeps his solid-black eyes turned out, scanning from the back of their guide to the cross streets and alleys they pass.

"You got coin," Edin rasps out. "Why make it fuckin' complicated?"

That bit of information almost gets her to look up at the one they were following. But Aryia doesn't. Instead, she keeps her eyes about around them. Important to warn the owner of danger should it arrive.

"These seem to be times were many are looking for coin, and if that is the case, they will even turn to Charn." Seyardu sighs. "But coin is coin, it does not matter if it is melted down and made into a different chunk of gold or silver in the long run. So we will go where the source is, difficulty or not."

"You got that right. Surprised you didn't have any tips, though, and you wound up in my neck of the woods. But then, some people don't know where to go ands just fish at the local taverns until they run into someone like me."

He lets out a sharp laugh before he points to a non-descript, squat building.

"Right in there." He approaches the door.

GAME: Jinks rolls Perform/Sing: (19)+18: 37 (Sense motive)

Jinks smirks and gives a little, close-mouthed sound of amusement. He steps to one side and half-turns, canting his head for Aryia to go first. "He's having fun at our expense. Should be fine," he signs with his body in between his hand and their guide. The other still stays near his little sword. Apparently he's not entirely relaxed by his observations. <handspeech>

Aryia glances to the motions, then gives a faint nod. A shaky sigh leaves her as she notes his caution, and she gets ready to go in first.

Seyardu looks to Jinks and tilts her head, before she shrugs and follows Aryia inside, a bit more aware of where she had placed her weapons, at the very least.

Edinaz brings up the rear, taking a casual look around the rooftops and alleys nearby.

Of course he's having fun at your expense. How could he not?

In you go.

You know, the interior kinds of reminds one of the Alexandrian Guild of Explorer's. Not in that it's huge, but in that it's busy. Lots of officious sorts going back and forth, dealing with paperwork. It's open, even at this hour, and it seems to be some kind of informal clearing house.

"So these fellas want work. They're mercs. Look at the way that they stand." Your friend, your new friend, who never even gave you a name, is talking to one of the clerks here. Seems ytou've got paperwork to do.

... a lot of paperwork, if the stacks the clerk pulls out are any indication.

Oh no.

/Not paperwork/...

-End Scene-