Wild Corruption NPCs

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Tref NPCs

Alia (Open): Friedrich's adopted daughter. She is three and human. Roleplay: Alia wants to be helpful, but is a little selfish. Not in a bad way. It's more a discovering boundaries kind of thing. Example.

Friedrich (Open): Brother to Joachim, and married to a human woman after his own family was lost to violence. His wife and her daughter are also victims of violence--from Dragonier. The daughter is Alia, and around 3 years old.

Joachim (Open): Another arvek in Tref. A local "leader" with some diplomacy and experience with adventurers--but not a silver tongue. Roleplay: He's easygoing and somewhat diplomatic. Imagine a group of friends at the bar. He's the social of the bunch.

Mori (Open): An arvek nar in Tref. Her grandfather, Piotr, was afflicted by the Corruption. She is scared of losing her house, and her grandfather. Roleplay: Mori's seen a lot. She's at times hospitable, and fairly down to earth for an arvek. She's proud of their new life, and will not let anything threaten it. Just "one more straw" though, will crush her.

Grandpa Piotr (Open): Mori's grandfather. An arvek. He's quite aged, and affected by Corruption. He mostly stays in their house, and is cared for by his granddaughter. Roleplay: The Corruption gives him a there-again, gone-again emotional quality, and causes him to blurt out things sometimes, that would be better filtered. For example, asking his granddaughter when she's going to get married. His eyes are often distant, containing only pinpricks of light.

Wiremu (Open): An oruch ranger who'd been passing by, and spotted a Corrupted fern near Tref. He told a friend of his about it in the aerie, and it started an investigation. Roleplay: He embodies the "grunting woodsman of few words" when RPing him. He wears furs, and carries a pair of handaxes.

Cornelia and Moritz: A pair of older Arvek Nar from Blar. Their spouses died during the uprising and they've been taking care of each other ever since.

Mictlan NPCs

The following were added to Mictlan:

Hunter Cuauhtemoc: An elder within the hunter-caste. He took on the tutelage of Atl, a younger hunter recently grown...ish. He's a dusky silverscale, and is most marked by wearing mud and muck to cover it. He has a sort of tit-for-tat going on with some of the shamans, and they with him, particularly Itchtaca. It's well-natured, however. He's something of a traditionalist, but with surprising turns.