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Vaalyun Zylgeiros

About My Character

Born in Seagarden on the Jade Isles, Vaalyun began life as a trader for his family's mercantile interests. When his ship was captured by pirates and his father refused the ransom, he was pressed into serving as a member of a pirate crew, and continued in that vein for several years until being badly wounded in a sea battle. He floated ashore on the Gold Coast and was taken to a local Althean monastery where he spent long months in recovery. It was during that time that he decided to turn from a life of taking to a life of protecting, and heard the call to join Althea's clergy.

As a Hearthguard, Vaalyun has served as a battlefield healer all over the world. He is a studied herbalist and healer, and while he still bears the scars (physical and otherwise) of the battle that almost killed him, he will still strap on his armor to adventure in the service of a good and just cause.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Need healing? Yeah, he does that, too.
  • Religious scholarship, it's his bag.
  • From the Jade Isles, or a sailor? He spent plenty of time before the mast until he took the cloth.