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Sometimes, unique magic items appear as part of a plot or a holiday! These items appear once, often never to be seen again. Most do not have prices, because well.

Hat of Perfect Appearance

This hat is of some flattering color that suits its owner, decorated here and there with baubles. When worn, the user may activate a command word which transforms him or her into a...gnome.

Well, not really. But, for all intents and purposes the world will tend to think so, and other gnomes will be quite impressed, giving you a +2 to diplomacy checks to interact with them. Your gnomish form is always well-dressed according to your style. If you're more of a cogs-person, then the gnome appears in a stylish crafter's outfit. If you tend towards conservatism, then the suit exhibits careful, understated tailoring. And so on.

This hat otherwise works similarly to a Hat of Disguise, save the normal size and weight limits to the illusion do not matter and that it is limited to the one form.

Healer's Kit of the Forest

This healer's kit is bound in living vines. Made by the finest elven vinesmiths, this kit continually replenishes itself, so long as it is supplied a few drops of water in the evening. The healer's kit provides up to 3 uses per day before needing to replenish itself.

The kit itself is difficult to destroy: it heals itself as greenwood does.

Wizardly Candy Corn

Given out for High Hunt PrPs during 2016, Candy Corn were one-off items just for fun. To use a candy corn, just +use <#> in your inventory. Using any candy corn is a standard action.

Roll Candy Corn
1 Ooey-gooey Candy Corn
2 Runaway Candy Corn
3 Anchoring Candy Corn
4 Camping Candy Corn
5 Costume Candy Corn
6 Gobber Seige Tosser Candy Corn
7 Sugary Candy Corn
8 Gobber-Toof Candy Corn

Ooey-gooey Candy Corn

This spooky Candy Corn can be directed to float to any point within 30 feet and then burst into a mass of yellow-and-brown candy goo! To splat a creature, treat as a ranged touch attack. It is otherwise identical to a tanglefoot bag, except its range. After 2d4 rounds, it will dissipate into a disgusting, sugary mass!

Runaway Candy Corn

This Candy Corn enlarges into large size, with tiny, sugary feet. Treat it as a dire ram, with all the same stats except that it looks, appears like, and seems to be a giant, Candy Corn with ittybittylegs. It dissipates into a gooey mess after 24 hours, or after taking enough damage that would kill a dire ram.

Its attacks make a *bip* sound.

Anchoring Candy Corn

This Candy Corn will gooshily affix itself to any surface, whenever you activate it. It possesses hardness 5, hp 25, and can support up to 1,000 pounds and persists for 24 hours before becoming a sugary, orange-and-brown mess. The Candy Corn can be removed with a DC 20 Strength check.

Camping Candy Corn

This Candy Corn when used, expands greatly in size until it is large enough to house six medium creatures. The inside is treated as an Endure Elements effect, and it will last up to 24 hours before dissipating into a sugary puddle, or withstanding a torrentul downpour, whichever comes first. While in use, it does look like a giant candy corn.

Costume Candy Corn

By employing a touch attack, this Candy Corn affixes itself to a creature's skin! They instantly take on the appearance of a giant Candy Corn, except for their feet. If used on Sandy, this awards 3 additional RPPs. Its effects last 24 hours.

Gobber Seige Tosser Candy Corn

This rare Candy Corn turns itself into a cornapult! This "cornapult" is similar to a light catapult and takes up a space 10' across. A collection of 5 unenchanted Candy Corns appear nearby the 'pult, ready to be loaded and fired. When fired using the cornapult, they do 4d6. To fire the cornapult, the crew chief must make a DC 15 check using only her or his BAB + Int - Range Increment Penalty (its range is 100') - Special.

No line of sight to target square: –6
Successive shots (crew can see where most recent misses landed): Cumulative +2 per previous miss (maximum +10)
Successive shots (crew can't see where most recent misses landed, but observer is providing feedback): Cumulative +1 per previous miss (maximum +5)

If the check succeeds, the loaded candy corn hits the square the cornapult was aimed at, dealing 4d6 to any object or character in the square. Characters who succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save take half damage. Once a cornapult corn hits a square, subsequent shots hit the same square unless the cornapult is reaimed or the wind changes direction or speed.

If a candy corn misses, roll 1d8 to determine where it lands. This determines the misdirection of the throw, with 1 being back toward the catapult and 2 through 8 counting clockwise around the target square. Finally, count 1d4 squares away from the target square for every range increment of the attack.

Loading the candy cornapult requires a series of full-round actions. It takes a DC 10 strength check to winch the throwing arm down; most catapults have wheels to allow up to two crew members to use the aid another action, assisting the main winch operator. A DC 15 craft/artifice or k/military theory check latches the arm into place, and then another DC 15 craft/artifice or k/military theory check loads the catapult ammunition. It takes two full-round actions to reaim a cornapult (multiple crew members can perform these full-round actions in the same round, so it would take a crew of two only 1 round to reaim the cornapult).

The cornapult lasts for 24 hours, or until its candy corn is fired, whichever comes first, before dissolving into a sugary goo.

Sugary Candy Corn

By nomming this Candy Corn, you experience a sugar rush like no other. Roll for effect! For the next 3 rounds, you:

1: Land speed increases by 30'
2: Make one extra attack as part of a full attack action, using your highest base attack bonus
3: Gain a +2 dodge bonus to Ref saves because of your jitteriness
4: Gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC because of your jitteriness
5: Are so energized that you periodically break out into joyful showtunes during your turn
6: Gain a +2 untyped bonus on attack rolls

These effects are not cumulative with similar effects, such as those provided by haste or a speed weapon, nor do they actually grant an extra action, so you can't use it to cast a second spell or otherwise take an extra action in the round. Sugary Candy Corn does not stack with haste or blessing of fervor.

Gobber-Toof Candy Corn

All Candy Corn look disturbingly like teeth, but this one especially does! Strike someone with this Candy Corn as a touch attack, and they grow two, long, Candy Corn fangs and lots of little pokey ones in the back. The effects last for 1d4 hours. Like a gobber, the candy corn randomly emits a "Rar rar rar!" sound! Using this on Sandy is worth an additional 2 RPPs.

Gobber Party Favor

Throw this single-use vial on the ground at a distance of up to 20'. It creates a deafening bang before exploding into tiny, fiery dragonflies! The dragonflies last for one minute. The bang is not loud enough to cause effects, but it is guaranteed to irritate your neighbors!

1020: Gifts of Yuletide Cheer

Welcome! If you received a Yultide Mystery Box, please roll on the table below to determine its contents!

Roll Mystery Gift
01 Sparkly Razzer-flare Yuletide Bauble
02 Festive Sandytide Coat
03 Festive Gnomish Sack of Gifts
04 A Bowl of Festive Oruch Chili
05 Yuletide Flickerlights
06 Jar'd Candle of Yuletide Cheer
07 Imitation Gnomish Yuletide Bauble
08 Gnomish Yuletide Sweater
09 Midwinter's Yuletide Boots
10 Oruch Floppy Hat of Yuletide Cheer
11 Gingerbread Reindeer

01: Sparkly Razzer-flare Yuletide Bauble

This gnomish-craft, round Yuletide ball is bright red and filled with glitter and bits of cogs and machinery. Throwing it on the ground causes a bright, tinkling noise, followed by a whirl. It then erupts, sprinkling glitter on everything within in a 30' radius. It is expended after 1 use.

02: Festive Sandytide Coat

This diminutive doll depicts a scowling sildanyari, wearing a bright red coat with white fur trim. Squeezing the doll once makes it dissolve into dust, and the coat enlarges to engulf the user. The coat remains for 1 hour, and may not be removed. While so fuzzily becoated, the user gains cold resistance 5, and a +2 circumstance bonus do diplomacy when interacting with sildanyari, due to acquiring a faint scent of fresh pine and Yuletide cheer. It is expended after 1 use.

03: Festive Gnomish Sack of Gifts

This ostentatious sack is composed of multiple colors, and lined in decorative, glittery swirls and baubles. Reaching into the bag produces one of (roll 1d8):

  1. A fuzzy, freshly knit sweater that is always 2 sizes too small.
  2. Roll once on the Gray Bag of Tricks. It produces a plushie of this creature, with a pull-string.
  3. An ostentatious pipe that when smoked, always smells of fresh pine.
  4. Roll once on the Aquamarine Bag of Tricks. This effect lasts for 1 minute, and the creature floats harmlessly in the air during this time.
  5. A freshly-cooked bowl of chili. When eaten, it tastes like an expensive candy of some sort.
  6. A ushanka with bells on it.
  7. A bouquet of fresh blue roses, dusted with freshly fallen snow. They tremble and sing in a gibberish language. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
  8. A writing quill that when used, only writes the lyrics from Yultide carols. It fades when the holiday season is over.

Each sack possesses 1d4 uses, rendering the bag empty--but still festive!

04: A Bowl of Festive Oruch Chili

...dare you?

This bubbling brew upon the drinker the ability to spit gouts of flame. He can breathe fire in one grand belch, dealing 2d6 points of fire damage to a single target up to 25 feet away. The victim can attempt a DC 13 Reflex save for half damage. Unused blasts of fire dissipate 1 hour after the liquid is consumed, though much gas is produced either way.

It is expended after 1 use.

05: Yuletide Flickerlights

These small stones, when released, take into the air and assume a bright, festive glow. They function as a lantern, flying ahead of the user at a distance of up to 15', moving as directed. Their magic dissipates after 1 hour, and they usually fall harmlessly to the ground, with a soft, tinkling sound.

However, there is a 20\% chance that these were crafted by gobbers. Roll percentile when activating the object. If so crafted, the Flickerlights do not fall harmlessly to the ground, but instead explode into a cloud of peppermint-smelling smoke.

It is expended after 1 use.

06: Jar'd Candle of Yuletide Cheer

When first opened, this sealed jar releases such an overwhelming scent of Yuletide cheer (candy cane, fresh pine, etc.) that it covers other smells until it disperses (1d6 rounds after opening). Creatures within 20 feet of the jar get a +5 alchemical bonus on all saves against scent-based attacks while the scent remains, but they automatically fail any scent-based Perception checks during that time.

It is expended after 1 use.

07: Imitation Gnomish Yuletide Bauble

This festive-looking bauble, despite its name, was an adaption by the arvek to take their enemies by surprise. It is similar in appearance to a Razzle-flair, though a DC 15 Perception check may spot the difference.

The bauble may be thrown, and possesses a range increment of 10'. On contact, the bauble explodes into glitter, and creatures within 5' are outlined as per the Faerie Fire spell for 1d6 rounds.

It is expended after 1 use.

08: Gnomish Yuletide Sweater

This sweater blinks and buzzes, and when worn, accompanies its user with their own, Yuletide-themed themesong. The tempo of the song changes to match their step. Optionally, the sweater may somehow make their ears appear to grow pointy. You shouldn't have.

09: Midwinter's Yuletide Boots

These fur-lined boots are soft to the touch, and practically made in a manner to keep the user warm. However, it's said their owner was a bit high on 'nog at the time, or a little too obsessed with Eluna. When worn under the moon, they leave a set of faintly, silver-glittery footprints behind and a fresh, midwinter's scent. The footprints and scent fade after 1d6 rounds, though the effect on the boots is permanent.

10: Oruch Floppy Hat of Yuletide Cheer

It's terrifying. Words don't even describe. The bauble isn't just fabric; it's a trophy hide gathered into a knot. Sometimes they forget to cure it. If you are a gobber or oruch, this may be edible.

11: Gingerbread Reindeer

This tiny cookie holds mighty powers. Legend has it that it was first baked in a khazadi kitchen, and then menaced by a gnome! Whispering "Merry Yultide!" or sprinkling it with sugar causes the reindeer to spring to life!

The reindeer grows to lifesize proportions, and though still flat and filled with gingerbread, begins to prance around! If caught, it is rumored that the reindeer might provide nourishment as well as a potent, gingery sugar rush.

It lasts for 1 hour until dissolving into a sugary, gingery mess!

Memory of a Hug from Cuddles the Otyugh

This warm, glowing memory of a hug from Cuddles lightens and warms the heart when you reflect upon it. This present, when spent, counts as 3 RPP towards any RPP spend.

Items of Minor Legend

Thorthai de Olc: Translating loosely from some ancient language as "Fruit of Evil" this Skipball has seen better days. It's old, restitched numerous times, and when all is said and done, looks like it probably is due for another restitching. This particular Skipball can, somehow, trace its lineage all the way back to a large city in the Vast that was populated by Halflings. Until one day... a drunken Lucht stumbled in to town and everything was turned on end.

The Lucht brought with him a penchant for games, and soon -- whilst rambling drunk -- invented a game that he called Skipball. Where you throw the ball to try and skip it across several tiles and the opponent tries to catch it. Thought of as a singularly brutal game, it rapidly entraptured the halflings within the city. Several people died from the game, and many others left with bloody noses, so much so that it was banned for eight years, but the underground Skipball circuits became all the more vicious!

Eventually the game became the downfall of the entire town and they moved away. It turned out to be a very lucky thing as the year after the town was vacated, a portal in the Vast opened up and swallowed the town whole. Many people feel it was a trick by the gods, but to this day some Halflings still know the horrors of the game of Skipball.

Current Owner: Faranmidahn

Minun Veljeni: It translates loosely to Brothers of Mine in Trade. As the story goes, there once lived a man who shunned his brothers to become minor nobility. He gained the title of Knight, flourished in the lists, dominating tournaments and never fell ill (He claimed his health was due to his scarf). But there was always the void within him, the family he pushed away, the brothers he turned to enemies.

One tournament, he was unhorsed and beaten bloody. The nobles looked for his family so that the Knight may rest, only to find none. Left alone, he was destined to die, until his brothers came forward and took him from the field. He may have scorned them, but they never left him. Under the care of his family he returned to health, and started a fencing school for would be Knights. He lived the rest of his days happy and surrounded by those he loved. He renamed his scarf that he took along the journey, Minun Veljeni.

Current Owner: Zant

Edrych ar Broffwydoliaeth: Roughly translated as 'Gaze of Prophecy'. Well over a thousand years back, a gnome with a penchant for scrying and fortune telling owned these spectacles. She glowered frequently and told many prophecies that debatably came to pass. That is, until one fateful day, where she underwent a fit with much thrashing and a flopping onto the floor in the middle of a reading.

Her client wanted to know if her wife, Sandy (no relation), was cheating on her! Instead she got the most cryptic of responses, "When the moment comes that the mountain weeps with molten fury, a betrayal shall bring forth a rise in immorality and an end to the monarchy." Soon after, the fortune teller regained her composure and much tea and cookies were had.

Later that year, a volcano exploded and soon after it came out that the Queen Sandy was INDEED cheating on Queen Ifflwuanfwah! The kingdom went through an upheaval and fell apart soon after! And thus ended the five year Kingdom of Jowuhnalulu in the Jade Islands.

Current Owner: Delilah

Te Tuarua Kaiako: Translated roughly from Oruch as Teacher's Stance. Years back, an Oruch teacher traveled amongst the tribes, she was upheld as a premiere swordsman and bested everyone in a duel that she challenged. She was also known for being a pretty terrible teacher. One day, while drinking her way through yet more grog, she was challenged by a Tribesman and he took her left arm below the elbow. From there on, she fought only with her right, and her prowess with the sword grew to be considered unmatched, but it wasn't her skill in the duel that became her legacy.

The swordsman's school became one of the founding styles to the Oruch, and while the school itself faded into history her legacy as a teacher never did. The sword, Te Tuarua Kaiako, was one that she had made after losing her arm, and the one that was considered most responsible for helping her hone her style. The other odd record of note, which she gained after losing the limb, was her record for scaling cliffs which she held for four centuries until magic became a commonplace supplement to the event.

Current Owner: Azog

Ahora's Pyre: This shirt, slightly oversized, belonged to an oruch skald. Ngaire flowed into battles with the force of a tsunami, and brought honor and victory to her clan. However, during a battle upon Dran's most bloody soil, she lost her sister to the opposing Dranei forces of Sulgikr Ironfist.

Howling in rage, Ngaire threw herself at the enemy.

Her clan won the battle, but Ngaire was left with a hole in her heart. She would have retired then, yet word came that Ironfist had acquired some of her sister's belongings--a bit of hair, nail, and a piece of her heart. Her nightmares came true when he took to the field--and used to the essence of her fallen kin to call Thul's power onto the field.

Her rage knew no bounds. She threw herself into the fray, and set his army aflame.

A pyre for her kin.

And her.

Though she perished in the fire, a thrice-removed kin, a shaman of her clan, took parts of hair and nail--from both sisters--and wove them into this shirt, and wrote upon it oruch funeral blessings.

Current Owner: Alba

Hele Kolle: Translated roughly from Aesir as 'Healing Stick'. At least five hundred years back, a healer lived in the outskirts of what is today known as Alexandros. A healer of exceptional talent, they became renowned for their ability to cure any ailment. Regrow limbs. Healed minds. Even, it is said, to bring back from the dead. And all of it without a single word being heard.

This staff is not theirs, but it was owned by their only known apprentice; a young human who in contrast to their mentor, spoke and wrote fluently. It is said before passing it onto their apprentice, the Healer touched it, imbued it with a portion of their power. To this day it is said that sometimes, when the staff is held by someone who is distraught or afflicted by some mental concern, that for a moment their mind can be at peace as if they are surrounded by a blanket of understanding.

Current Owner: Sasha

The Blooded: A relic from older days, when gladitorial combat was more par for the course, there was once a fighter that was reknowned for his spirit and skill. The bards praised his valor, unmatched and his record: near flawless. The fighter reveled in every fight, and was said to be the greatest that anyone ever had known.

But skill was not enough. Luck played a part too, and one day his luck ran out. A simple bout that was meant to end when the first of the two fell, the uncontested fighter versus a new gladiator. But all warriors know, it's the new ones you gotta watch out for. She flew into a rage, and tackled the unbeatable man, and then pummeled him until she was pulled off.

It's how she was blooded into the fighting pits. The bards would add a new verse to his tale that day: the image, striking, of her and her spiked gauntlet raised high - The Blooded.

Current Owner: Donna

Brindlebarr's Kepi of Adventure: Havrei Brindlebarr, adventurer extroinainaire! The librarians have had troubles finding details of some things, but not Brindlebarr! Seldan is presented with volumes--volumes!! of Brindlebarr's exploits! The gnome traveled the world in a balloon. Dueled sphinxes! Took flight on griffonback through the khazadi mountains! And, retired, inspired by her adventures, as a renowned member of the GPS, within Her Majesty's Service before passing away just a few short years, ago.

When she passed (just a few years ago), her belongings were, as per her wishes, 'scattered to the wind!' One such is this kepi--its origins from Dragonier, of all places, where it's said during one of his final adventures, she buzzed past Heth, himself, to deliver a letter. And a raspberry, to 'Old Hacklewings.' It's said she stole (recovered) the thing from a reanimated officer of the Dragoneri forces.

Her adventures are described, with hand-made illustrations, in 27 volumes. While ultimately owned by Quill's Repose, they may be viewed upon request, especially to an owner of one of Brindlebarr's, well, 'inheritances.' There is also a drinking song dedicated to her.

Current Owner: Seldan

Dhegaan Daan: The inventor of the first firearm is famous and infamous among goblinkind. Less known are the works of his assistants. Dhegaan Daan, a gobber army knife, was one of the few, known, inventions of his last surviving assistant. A prototype-modification of the gobber army knife, its duck call sounds like a whipporwheel. However, what is really remarkable, is that this knife has survived to this day, despite its age and circumstance. The librarian suggests there's 'something' about it whereupon its inner heart just refuses to be destroyed.

Current Owner: Murder

Exemption: This pint-size dragonspitter packs a big punch. Once wielded by the daring folk-hero and freedom warrior, Kalthi Cogsnapper, it found itself depicted in legends, tapestries, and books surrounding the Charneth hero--a daring figure who survived ten years as a thorn in the Charneths' side.

Eventually, Kalthi would be captured, executed--yet her weapon spirited away be a freed slave, where it eventually made its way into Alexandros via caravan. It is said the weapon bears no love for those who would trample on the freedom of another, and the Charneth in particular.

The dragonspitter gets its name from a supposed legend--where Kalthi stood down a Charneth taxpayer who was about to sequester someone's arm, with the phrase, "I'd like to make an exception," before blowing off his head.

Current Owner: Acedia

Huipilli il Vethkaachal: This huipilli, or huipil, bears an erratic pattern among its stitching. Its crafter, Aapo, would have counted it among his greatest of creations. However, as he began the threads, magic broke. Aapo would weave and weave for days, the movement of thread-claws becoming erratic. His expression fevered, he found could not put down the thread so long as magic spun. Eventually, he finished the huipil's pattern--something beautiful, yet broken, like magic, itself.

The crafter would have cast the work to fire, but was stopped by a shaman. The shaman took the cloth to their local caste-home, to reflect upon during the next moon rise, that being the strongest time of the Spirit Singing Dragon, Eluna.

What the shaman saw was unknown or unknowable. However, it is known that the haipil possesses an affinity for the magic-broken, and the spirits suggest, will eventually find its way to them. The name means, "The Broken Weave."

Current Owner: Iuitl

Houndsgruth Cloak: This cloak was craft by hand, by an aged monk who believed in an ancient vow of extreme spiritual purity. Prohibited them from contact with other, living creatures, the monk traveled to the furthest reaches of the khazadi empire, and from there would exile themselves for over seven decades.

Their vow, the monk believed, prohibited the contamination of the soul, even to the point of the consumption of meats or fish. The monk would eventually undertake the study of magic to eschew the need for food itself, and subsisted in an eternal, and constant state of peaceful meditation.

This focus however, would play out in the items they would craft. One such is this cloak. The cloak itself is a wonder in fine crafting and a near-divine attention to detail. Its black and gray threads weave so tightly as to be near houndstooth in miniature in an exact, precise, repeating pattern. There are no flaws.

The monk its said, would eventually pass atop the mountain while deep in their meditative state. Their dedication would, it is said, preserve their body in a mummified state, their spine upright, eyes closed, and palms resting gently upwards atop each knee.

Current Owner: Malik

Ixen Sthyr Garurt: In the Draconic tongue it means, loosely, "Axe of the Fire Man". It once belonged to a Sith'makar who was reknowned for his control of fire, so profound was his knowledge that every weapon he used was engulfed in it. So strong was his spirit that he frequently had to not wear any shirts or else they would combust into flames. A fact that was not lost on some within his tribe! The Axe was thought lost ages ago, yet somewhere returned to the most worthy of wielders of the Axe of the Fire Man.

Current Owner: Svarshan

Ihnar Kabira: Crafted from golden oak, this fiddle is shining gold in color. Burn marks hint at a darker past, and the library's letter confirms this. The fiddle was crafted five hundred years ago, and belonged to a Veyshanti goblin bard, who survived Tashraan's streets through virtue of her skill. Eventually, a djinni prince heard of her, and being jealous, challenged the wee bard to a duel.

It is said the djinni lost, and in a fit of rage, flung them both to the plane of fire. The goblin promptly died. However, overcome in a sudden bout of remose for the destruction of such talent, the djinni passed the fiddle on to the nearest merchant, with instructions to "find only someone deserving." The fiddle has since passed from hand to hand, with only portions of its tale surviving.

Current Owner: Acedia

Kitab Alzuhur: A Veyshan phrase meaning 'Book of Flowers" as a reference to the owners love of painting Tulips. This book was "blessed" by Reos, as the original Wizard who owned this book was a servant of his, a wizard that came to some minor fame as a Fresco Artist in Veyshan. The Wizard who owned the book was a specialist of Transfiguration magic, and took particular joy in trying to animate images and art. As such, the back of it, and several pages near the back, are filled with random bits of sketches and painting. Some of them no more than rough sketches and others fully colored in. Some of them have even been enchanted to move and tell a story.

Current Owner: Morgan

Kellaxde: At close look, this lance shows numerous repairs. Given the strength of arvek attention to detail however, it has life left in it, yet. The lance, it is discovered, was crafted from the first tree felled by the arvek when rebuilding Blar. Though the rest of the wood was used to craft a homestead--the farmer had kept this piece, and would craft it into a weapon for their daughter; a warrior.

After just three years, the daughter would pass in battle against the Garnaks, but the weapon would return to her family, to be passed on to a new warrior, and raised once more in the arveks' war for their own sovereignty.

The name, well. The arvek are just bad at naming things. An inscription along the handle reveals its name to be "Kellaxde," which translates roughly, to "Stick."

Current Owner: Garak

Mounavain: A Oruch term meaning 'Mountain' it was a shield that was discovered in the body of a great beast. The creature was slain on the first day of the new year, and within its stomach was found this shield that has a texture like rock along its front face. It was completely pristine, and lead to the Oruchs calling it Mounavain in reference to where the creature was slain and the way the shield looked.

Current Owner: Azog

Naur Gwenme: A hundred years ago, a gobber found themselves lost in the woods. At first, this gobber--one of the first among the self-styled Civilized tribes, hated the experience. His feet were muddy, his hands were filthy. His explosions, when he crafted them, became muddy and useless before blossoming beautifully into booming kabooms. So incensed was he that he spent years learning more traditional magics, to craft a set of clothes to keep the mud away. However, by the time he made them, he found he did not mind the mud, the earth so much. His great ears too, attuned themselves to the sounds of the wild--and he restyled himself, Hurgathar Firefang, a gobber druid. Though at first unwelcome, uncertain among the druid circles, he soon proved his worth through bravery--rescuing creatures from dangerous situations, and ones no one else cared for--or who they were too afraid to help. The bow was one of his craft--made for one of the first druids to accept him for who he was. It always smells faintly of smoke and fire; a memory of Firefang's ancestry, and may possess an affinity for this magic.

The name, Naur Gwenme, is a sil name meaning, "Friend of Fire," and refers to the bow's history, and that it was crafted of friendship and acceptance.

Current Owner: Davienne

Smol Bigeeboom: This firearm once belonged to a Gobber from the Jade Islands. It was said he was a Captain of the smallest-biggest ship of almost pirating but not quite. He was known for his riotous way of capturing-not-capturing ships which involved pulling his ship up along side another, storming on board, shooting the dragon spitter, grabbing what he could and jumping back onto his boat. His boat, you see, was only 20-feet long and was crewed by three people. The three people were, as he would say, "Me, Myself, and EYE!" This was usually followed by punching someone in the eye and running off.

He was a very successful pirate in that he lived to old age, but he wasn't quite a pirate as he would often go after other pirates since they wouldn't tell the authorities. It didn't hurt that he would usually assault the pirate ship while it was in port and most of the pirates were drunk, and frequently resulted in the party from the night before continuing before they realized he stole two kegs of rum and half a goat (his favorite meat).

Current Owner: Kaelyn

Trailsong: When a clan of Lucht nomads in the Vast grew too large, the newlywed daughter of the clan's chief volunteered to split away, taking a handful of willing young men and women and beginning a new clan. As a sign of his blessing for her travels and his sincere love for his daughter, the clan chief gave his daughter a feather, capped in silver and adorned with beads of fine green crystal, and bade her use it to give her new clan one last memory of home to bouy them on their journeys. When the group stopped that night, the new chief was surprised to find that the feather conjured a fully-stocked campsite, allowing them all to sleep in comfort and plan the journey ahead. The feather's magic was spent, but the token itself remained, smelling faintly of woodsmoke and fresh bread. The young chief kept it with her until her dying day many, many years later, naming it Trailsong in honor of the way it kept her spirits high in the wilds of the Vast

Current Owner: Aetheras

Pumnalul Calator: The Traveling Dagger. Said to have been originally reforged from a horeshoe by a Tsuran man in great need of the weapon, this item is well known for it's traveling spirit. It has roamed through many hands and traveled many lands. It is known firstly for that fact, and second for the extraordinary luck that it brings to those that carry it. Good things follow in the wake of Pumnalul Calator, but with the good luck comes the grave responsibility and driving need to carry the dagger to new places and to new adventurers.

Current Owner: Malik

Portrait of Herkes Birne: This portrait is of a famous detective who lived nearly several hundred years ago! An Arvek who, admittedly, stood rather on the portly side, he was known for his astute observations, neatness, wit, and near perfect record when it came to solving mysteries! A small, well maintained, and up-turned mustache, with his well-maintained ushanka and scarf which seem to be a source of pride as the finishing touch to his look. Besides what appears to be a few lip-smudges (such librarians!), the painting looks in excellent condition, partly due to the whispered comments that may be heard any time there is too much dust about, a bit of paint out of the way, a tilt to the frame, and other such imperfections.

The character in the portrait appears to move of its own will. The gaze alternates between piercing and thoughtful, with advice sometimes given upon any room it is placed within, or the clothing of a person nearby. It may comment about the proper amount of starch for a collar, or the general neatness of a room, at least until it is placed into order. The painting is not /incorrect/; it may just take a certain mindset to appreciate it.

Current Owner: Verna

Quarlani: Across the blade is marked an obscure phrase: It shall be then, when the forest shrinks, a sudden death shall mark the downfall of an empire.

The blade heralds from the fall of the sildanyari. An aged smith and survivor of the Gates Closing, Raychell Reysatra, forged this blade. She sought to engrave upon it lessons for the future of her people.

Reysatra was part of a cult who believed the forests contained energies similar to the lost lands of the fey--or at least similar enough to sustain them. Lose the forests, she believed, and the sildanyari would ultimately perish upon Ea.

She was part of a group who would eventually split to become the sylvanori, sildanyari who worked uniquely to preserve the wild places.

Many of her blades were lost to battles; those that remain are prized possessions.

The name means, 'Soul' in sildanyari.

Current Owner: Mikilos

Róven Ilóth: A sylvanori term meaning "wild flower," this bow was crafted from the last surviving tree of an ancient grove. The grove itself has since passed into the forest, though when it lived, it was cared for by three generations of three sisters. Therefore, the bow tends to seek out a female owner.

Current Owner: Iadoth

Robe of Sargasei Doblileit: Desolate from losing his final bout, an arvek gladiator took to the streets of the city. While drowning their sorrows, they came across an old, tattered robe--and, taking it as an inspiration from the gods, took upon a new profession and explored what had been until then, undeveloped arcane talents.

After the liberation of Blar, they would go on to serve in the greatest, strongest armies of the world--an abjurer of strength who protected those troops around them--but would never forget that moment. The aged, spotted robe they found was eventually remade, its threats rewoven into finer material. It became a proper, sorcerer's robe, yet one which is permanently interwoven with its original owner's moment of crisis, and eventually, inspiration. There is still a stain in the lower, right side along the hem.

Current Owner: Seldan

Vermojjin: This ring belonged to a wealthy arvek merchant. Due to Thulian domination of Blar, the merchant found herself involved in the illegal arms trade and before too long, could not find their way out. Eventually, they found an opportunity to make a deal with a djinni in exchange for their freedom under a new identity, and a new start. The djinni sought to gain the upper hand, but the merchant, quick of wit, swiftly evaded and escaped to another plane. They would win the contest, and lived a another twenty years, accumulating success in a new field. The merchant never forgot their luck and when they passed, gave the ring to their apprentice, who passed it on to another, and another.

Current Owner: Kisaiya