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Shaoqing Hitori

Shaoqing - Hitori Handmaiden

Roleplay Hooks

  • Shaoqing is from the Empire of Tsang Lun in the Jade Islands. Have you been to the Deep East?
  • Shaoqing is a trained handmaiden, and tutor for young nobles. Do you need a vassal or etiquette lessons?
  • Shaoqing plays a string instrument from Tsang Lun, and sings as well. Entertainment or ensemble?
  • Shaoqing is an adherent of the Guardian Sentinel (Serriel), and believes in honor and service. Have a good cause?
  • Shaoqing practices a sword form based on agility, misdirection, and contemplative meditation.


This human is long and slender, with an appearance that is a mix of delicate finery and controlled chaos. A bun barely contains long strands of coal black hair tied with a bow of vermilion cloth. Escaped tresses hang like willow branches to the small of the back. Sharp features are made delicate by the addition of kohl, eyeshadow, and red lip stain. The lightest of rouge accents high cheekbones. Thin eyebrows arc at a haughty angle above large almond eyes of marigold and auburn. The carmine petals of tattoos trace down an overly long throat, and down the line between shoulder blades.

A sleeveless gown of unstained white hangs from a single strap collar. The back of the gown dives severely to reveal inked markings of rich reds etched into dusky skin. A striped pastel sash cinches around the waist and dangles down the back of the ankle length skirt. Cords of braided white rope hold deep swooping sleeves onto bony arms, just above the mid-upper arm. Lily white star-bursts decorate the back of the deep red fabric. At the wrist the sleeves collect at white cuffs, the left longer than the right, and reinforced along the forearm. Tufts of jet black fur sprout from the cuffs and cradle long fingered hands, marred with dotted swirls of bloody ink. The patterns seem to blend into long painted fingernails kept at sharp points. A corded strap holds a wrapped object across Shaoqing's back, shaped like a long and narrow box.

Tucked within the folds of the striped sash, over the right hip, hangs a looped string of stone beads attached to a golden Guiding Sentinel. Two slender black-stained sheathes rest over the left hip, crossing in a lopsided X. One blade is little more than two hands in length, with hilt wraps of white and cardinal. Its over-sized twin is more than an arm's length, with an overly long hilt and a slight curve to the blade. l

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"It does not matter where I have come from, or who I was. What matters is what I have become, and that my duty only ends in death."

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Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Jade Islands - Tsang Lun
Family History: Shaoqing belongs to a distant branch family of the Hitori clan. The family still resides in the Deep East.
Politics: There are certainly things that could be better; but it could always be worse.