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Savengriff stands about six feet in height, with wide shoulders and a broad chest. His head is completely bald save for his eyebrows, which rest over a pair of grey eyes. His hands are calloused from years of manual labor, and his arms are criss-crossed with dozens of scars - leftover "trophies" from prior conflicts.

For his attire, Savengriff wears the traditional chain shirt and tabard of the local cityguard cinched by a studded leather belt at his waist. A pair of black breeches cover his legs, and well-worn leather boots complete his outfit. A finely-crafted longsword hangs off his left hip and a dagger is sheathed at his right, weapons of the trade that he can bring to bear in times of danger.


Character Background

Anton Savengriff (or just "Savengriff" as he's known to his comrades) lived about as normal a life as one could expect. His parents were both farmers, and as a youth Savengriff would accompany them into the city to sell the goods grown on their land. The more he visited, the more he realized that the farm life was not for him. As soon as he was old enough, and his father had found enough help on the farm to make up for his absence, he left the tilling of the land to his parents and enlisted as a member of the cityguard.

His guard career to this point has gone relatively well, although in recent days he - and, more importantly, his patrol members - have started to notice odd activity during their rounds. Winds would kick up, fog would rise, and temperatures would drop... all "obvious" signs of what they believed was a curse. Regardless of the makeup of the patrolling group, the one constant for the weirdness was quickly deduced to be Savengriff himself. Without being able to prove anything in the way of an actual curse, and with priests unable to "cleanse" the oddness from the guardsman, Savengriff has continued his profession while learning to turn a blind eye to the aspersions cast upon him.

RP Notes

Savengriff is a "Card-Carrying Member" of the Alexandria City Guard.