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About My Character

Born into the service of the elemental fire lords of The Dune Seas, Rogun Belus was liberated at a young age by Veyshanti tribesmen and then moved to The Gold Coasts with his mother. He was raised in poverty and became further locked to this condition when his mother's health began to fail and he was forced to take whatever unskilled jobs he could find so that they had both food and shelter. Following her death he taught himself to read and what little free time he had was spent in the libraries of Tashraan where his intelligence was recognized by the sages within.

It was these sages who secured him a clerkship with the merchant Ak-Hazrad and it was during their travels that he found himself in the palace of Al-Kazhim. Here me met the Half-Elven conjurer Kaelthalin who was so impressed by the man's history and intelligence that he purchased his services from Ak-Hazrad and eventually took him as a formal apprentice.

With Kaelthalin he has traveled much of the known world and even into some alternate realities. Most recently they found themselves in Alexandria and it is there the IC story of Rogun begins..

RP Hooks

The Planes: As a Conjurer, Rogun's specialty is the non-Material planes. Perhaps you need to consult on this topic?

Adventurer: Rogun is not a prim or stuffy Wizard. If you need some arcane aid for a dangerous mission: He could be your man.

Magic: Perhaps you are an Arcanist looking to network with like-minded individuals. Rogun might fill a niche you lack.