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About Public Spaces
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Ongrid, public spaces, such as shops and restaurants are a welcome addition to Tenebrae. They tend to represent a character's investment in a local business or public space of some sort or kind. For ease of use, though these spaces are not limited to shops, the term "shop" will be used in the descriptions below.

Public spaces are as their name implies--open to the public. Since our focus is on adventure and more open roleplay, this spend is not for private rooms. Your private business is just that, private. This means that personal rooms are not purchasable, though roomdescs may refer to them (they're just kept "offscreen"). Bathhouses are also offscreen.

Just like everything else, Ongrid Spaces are open for DM fodder and storylines. Including being splashed with pies.

This spend is retired; this page is available as legacy documentation.

Public Spaces Spends

Rpp limited.gif General Open Space Spends
Reward Benefit Cost
Adjust the Grid Adjust the grid for flavor, such as adding a framed dent where someone bashed your PC's head against a wall, a modest commemorative statue about a recent IC battle you were part of, and so forth (a 2-story marble-and-jewel encrusted statue dedicated to Reos in the Temple District would be an example of two things not to do). Changes must be approved by staff. You may not use this spend to adjust PC-maintained areas. Otherwise, this follows the same area restrictions as public spaces do.

This spend may be purchased by pooling RPPs from multiple players.

30 RPP

Rpp unlimited.gif Unlimited Open Space Spends
Reward Benefit Cost
Purchase Existing Shop Sometimes PCs leave, or want to try something different. This doesn't mean that their shops do, or can't be refitted. In fact, this is almost always cheaper than purchasing new. Despite being listed here, this is not exactly an unlimited spend. Open Spaces are still limited as per the guidelines; this is just a cheaper way to acquire them! 1/2 of shop's RPP value
Repurpose a Shop Room Change a room's type and function. Takes 5 days, during which the room confers no benefits. 5 RPP
Relocate Your Shop Move your shop to a different place ongrid. Requires staff approval. 10 RPP

Rpp exclusive.gif Rpp tiered.gif Open Space
Tier Benefit Cost


Open a Basic Shop: There's something you'd always wanted to do, perhaps for a long, long time. Maybe it was opening your own smithy, maybe a series of gardens, but you'd always wanted to open a shop. By shaking the right hands and filling out, yes, the paperwork, and hiring some contractors, you begin your dream.

Gamewise, you open a single-room shop. Pick one of the room types from the list below for starters. It's a little basic right now, but it's yours. In addition, because of your efforts, you receive a +1 circumstance bonus to diplomacy rolls with others in the immediate area. You probably know a few of them by name, and maybe you've been over to a house or two.

20 RPP, Level 5+


Now that you've had some time, and a bit of business coming in, you're able to expand. Choose one benefit from the options, below:
Additional Room: Contractors begin work expanding your business! They construct an additional room, and install the necessities. It will need a little work, of course. Choose an additional room from the list of rooms, below.
Room Upgrade: Choose one of your rooms. If it's eligible for an upgrade, you may do so at this time.

In addition, you gain access to the Token spends, below.

10 RPP


Things are really coming together for you. Your business is beginning to make a name for itself. Choose one benefit from the options, below.
Additional Room: Contractors begin work expanding your business! They construct an additional room, and install the necessities. It will need a little work, of course. Choose an additional room from the list of rooms, below. Note, you may only choose this option if you did not choose it in T2.
Room Upgrade: Choose one of your rooms. If it's eligible for an upgrade, you may do so at this time.

10 RPP


Shop Manager: Things are getting a little hectic; you may need some help. You gain a shop manager at this time. See the description below.

10 RPP


A Sight to Behold: Tired of the ordinary, you've spiced things up. Added some flair. A few nice statues. The upgrades have an effect: you now receive a +2 circumstance bonus to diplomacy when working with your neighbors, as they've come to appreciate your efforts and investments. If you'd previously acquired the Local Artistry upgrade, this is becomes a +4, instead.

Room Upgrade: Choose one of your rooms. If it's eligible for an upgrade, you may do so at this time.

Friendly Neighbor: You've learned a trick or two about zoning laws, building rights, and so on. Anyone you mentor finds their footing more easily as regards their own public space, and may receive T1 in this spend for free. In addition, you receive a 5 RPP bonus which may be spent on any spend of your choosing. If the trainee is at least 1 level tier lower than you, you both receive the value of a PrP at your level. Level 20 PCs receive a slightly reduced award, as they are basically at the end of their leveling.

10 RPP

Open Space Token Spends

As you gain in tiers, you gain access to the Open Space token spends.

Rpp token.gif Open Space Token Spends
Reward Benefit Cost
Local Artistry You've gained the attention of local artists, or perhaps the ear of a famous builder. This improves the overall look of your shop, and installs a unique work of art. As a result, your diplomacy bonus within your immediate area increases by 1, as the locals appreciate your investment. This is a permanent spend, purchasable up to three times. If you like, staff will place a +view in the room, detailing the local artist who crafted the piece. 5 RPP, Ongrid Shop T2+



Leasing a property ongrid requires dedication and maintenance on behalf of your character. That is, there are bills to be paid, employees to support, orders to fill, and so forth. To represent the effort that goes into a business, your PC will be responsible for its monthly upkeep costs.

If your PC is idlepurged or you are inactive for more than 60 days, you lose ownership of your shop, and staff may place it on the market. This is as part of an effort to keep our grid clean. Inactive in this case includes logging in for a few minutes every 30 days or so, then logging out.

Shop Manager

A shop manager is a skilled worker who helps you perform tasks, organize minions, and helps with the day to day run of the shop. Assistants tend to be a 3rd level adept, commoner, or expert with 3 ranks in the appropriate skills and the basic NPC ability score array. This gives them a +8 for class skills, and a +5 for non-class skills. Unless otherwise allowed by the DM, a shop manager may not accompany you on adventures. That is, they are not meant to replace PCs. However, at the DM's discretion, they often provide indirect assistance. A shop manager will typically not place themselves into dangerous situations.

When chosen, you will work out the manager's skills with staff, as well as their specific role. Examples of types of managers include, but are not limited to:

  • Shrine manager (diplomancy, heal, knowledge/local, knowledge/religion)
  • Stage manager (diplomacy, disguise, perform (any two))
  • General partner (bluff, diplomacy, knowledge (any one), profession (barrister)
  • Doctor (heal, perception, sense motive, survival)

...and so on.

Relocating Your Shop

With staff approval, a business or shop may be relocated at a cost of half its setup fees (including rooms).

Purchasing an Existing Shop

Due to a number of circumstances, a shop may be offered up for purchase to the general playerbase. Generally, businesses may be purchased for half their setup costs.

At any time, a PC may elect to sell a shop.

Shops Available for Purchase!

Due to one reason or the other, the following shops are up for sale!

Lock and Key: A security and locks specialty shop!
Shining Chalice Observatory: An observatory!

Building and Purposing a Room

Once you own a shop, you may outfit it with a number of functional rooms. Note, only one room with an * may exist within a shop. Some rooms are upgradable.

Generally speaking, shops are not personal manors or houses as much as they are part of a functioning business, library, and so on. For example, your business might include a magical research repository, but this might be part of a mage's tea shop where mages gather and talk about current theories. Visitors therefore may visit both the repository and the tea room.

This means that all rooms are open to the public. However, while anyone may visit, your shop primarily benefits you when it comes to any mechanical benefits. Some rooms are exceptions to this rule. If so, they will state so in the description. Other PCs will still need to arrange with you before gaining these bonuses (not dissimilar to arranging to checking out books at a library).

Purchasable rooms are based on material from Ultimate Campaign.

Purchasable Room Types

Purchasable Room Types
Room Benefit (if any) Upgradable Benefit is Owner-Specifc
Lab, Artifice +2 to Craft/artifice checks Yes
Lab, Arcane +2 to Spellcraft checks Yes
Smithy, Armor* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Smithy, Weapon* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Smithy, Firearms* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Bow and Fletchery* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Workshop, Herbalist* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Workshop, Alchemist* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Workshop, Tannery* See description, below. See description, below. Yes
Workshop, Artesian +2 to related craft or profession skill Yes
Animal Pen Housing for a variety of land-based creatures. +3 to handle animal checks for purposes of training. Yes
Auditorium, Small +2 bonus to perform checks made in this room, for all performers. This auditorium would have a small stage, and some benches. No
Ballroom, Small +2 bonus to perform checks made in this room, for all performers. No
Bar After spending time with local people in this room, for the next 24 hours you gain a +1 to Diplomacy for checks made to gather information in the bar's immediate area (district). If you are the owner, you receive a +2. This stacks with your Tier One bonus in this spend, for a total of +3. No
Book Repository or Small Library This room is associated with a specific knowledge (choose category at creation). After spending 1 hour researching here, receive a +3 bonus on the knowledge check to answer 1 question. No
Brewery +3 to craft or spellcraft checks to brew potions No
Burial Ground or Crypt Up to 20 medium or smaller corpses may be buried here. As an upgrade, the grounds of this room may be consecrated. A corpse buried in holy ground may not be animated as an undead creature. Unholy grounds are not permitted (knowingly) within Alexandros, and are therefore not a PC option. No
Ceremonial Room A person leading or officially speaking at an event here receives a +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks to influence others at the event As an upgrade, the PC may install an altar. An altar counts as a permanent fixture dedicated to your deity for the purpose of consecrate and similar spells. No
Common Room No
Courtyard, Small No
Dock No
Dojo No
Farmland No
Game Room The master of the house receives a +2 to profession/gambler rolls, at their discretion Yes
Garden No
Greenhouse No
Hatchery, Small For birds, lizards, owlbears, and the like. No dragons. Does not confer an animal companion or mount. No
Infirmary Counts as a healer's kit. No
Kitchen +2 bonus to Profession/Cook. No
Laundry, Small Local residents who make use of the laundry receive a +1 to fortitude saves versus disease when within the area/district. No
Mill Room No
Orphanage Orphanages automagically receive Lady Sandiel as a noble patron. No
Observation Dome After spending 1 hour researching, the researcher gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge/Geography, Knowledge/Nature, and Knowledge/Planes checks to answer a question about the heavens. No
Pit No
Scriptorium Counts as masterwork artisan's tools for crafting skills and craft/calligraphy checks. Yes
Scrying Room A caster using scrying, locate creature, or a similar targeted divination from here increases that spell's DC by 1 Yes
Sewing Room Counts as masterwork artisan's tools for: Craft/cloth, craft/clothing, or craft/baskets. Yes
Sitting Room No
Sports Field No
Stall No
Store Front No
Work Station Counts as a masterwork artisan's tools for one Craft or Profession skill. Yes
* Items with a * are limited. That is, you may only purchase one room of this type per shop (a shop may not be a weaponsmith, tannery, alchemist-lab, basically).

Mundane Crafting Shop Rooms

Owning a shop lets you craft and build items ongrid. With the right tools, setup, and assistants, you're able to produce them at a reasonable time and a reasonable rate. The following rules replace the Pathfinder Mundane Crafting rules for shop owners. Unlike other room benefits, these may not be "loaned out." These benefits are exclusively the right of the shop owner.

  1. Mundane items, like their magical counterparts, are sold and crafted at 1/2 cost.
  2. Special material components may be crafted at 3/4 cost.
  3. Mundane items may be crafted at a rate of 100g per day.
  4. Shop owners who are active and invested in their shop may craft these items with ease--that is, for mundane items, there is no DC to meet.

Shop owners eventually gain the ability to enchant their craft. This ability follows the normal rules for MI crafting, but uses the related Craft skill to make the check.

Armor Smithy

At Purchase: Mundane armors
First Upgrade: Masterwork armors and special material armors
Second Upgrade: Magic armors (Craft/Armorsmithing)

Weapon Smithy

At Purchase: Mundane weapons
First Upgrade: Masterwork weapons and special material weapons
Second Upgrade: Magic weapons (Craft/Weaponsmithing)

Firearms Shop

At Purchase: Craft firearms
First Upgrade: Craft masterwork firearms and special material firearm ammo
Second Upgrade: Magic firearms (Craft/Firearms)

Bow and Fletchery

At Purchase: Craft mundane bows and crossbows
First Upgrade: Craft masterwork bows and crossbows and special material bows and crossbows
Second Upgrade: Magic bows, arrows, crossbows (Craft/Bowmaking)

Alchemical Workshop

At Purchase: Craft mundane alchemical items

Herbalist's Workshop

At Purchase: You may manufacture any healer's kit, antitoxin, alchemist's kindness, antiplague, bloodblock, smelling salts, soothe syrup, or sneezing powder. This list may expand as we add additional items.

Tannery Workshop

At Purchase: Mundane leather goods (such as leather and hide armors) and animal tack
First Upgrade: Masterwork leather goods and animal tack (such as masterwork leather armor, military saddle, and so on)
Second Upgrade: Magic leather goods and animal tack (Craft/Leatherworking)

Guidelines and FAQ for Public Spaces

Can I RP having a shop without purchasing one through RPPs?

Yes! This system exists only if a PC wants to invest in and build a physical location that may be shared with everyone.

What type of shop may I open?

  1. Any small to medium-sized craft shop or business. Examples might be a smithy, floral shop, small theatre, or shrine.
  2. Any open space dedicated to a theme such as a dojo, a pub, a water garden, etc.

What are the restrictions on player-operated shops?

  1. Shops are intended to enhance roleplay for everyone and may not be (or include) private rooms and housing. This includes crafting a personal bedroom with its four-poster bed or even a wizard's tower--this falls under private use and is not the focus of the game.
  2. As organizations are run by NPCs, PCs may not own shops whose purpose is the running or "main home" of an organization. This sort of thing places things in a sort of precarious position, with the NPC being head of an organization, but a PC owning the lease on the building, and so on. This does not mean that shops may not be part of an arm related to an organization (such as a Hearthguard-run hospice, for example).
  3. Similar to PrPs, shops exist for general roleplay. That is, they are not intended as a private club, any more than someone may run "circle PrPs." That is, if the shop is used consistently for only 2 people or as a means of direct or indirect exclusion, this may result in staff intervention or eventually, suspension of the business. This also means that PCs may freely visit your shop when you aren't present, though it may not necessarily confer them any mechanical benefits (see below).
  4. Shops are not generally a place for idling, anymore than other places ongrid.
  5. Businesses, NPCs, and so forth, should not replace normal PC involvement in a plot. That is, a business may not exist for the sole purpose of making plot-related rolls for other PCs, although they may still approach you on a personal level for assistance, so long as you yourself are involved in the plot.
  6. Shops are affected by DMs and city events. For example, if goods of a type become more expensive, your base crafting cost increases as well, until the issue is resolved.
  7. As a player, you may operate one shop at a time.

Who can benefit from my shop?

While anyone may visit, your shop primarily benefits you when it comes to the mechanical sense. That is, if another PC wants to use your library's bonus, this is something they would need to arrange with you ICly (and which you might reasonably charge a fee for). ICly, this might involve them checking out books, an extended research session, and so on.

May I operate a business with someone else?

At this time, shops may only be owned by one person, though may certainly roleplay employing other PCs, and so on. This is due to the amount of paperwork that would be involved.

Where may I build?

It's easier to say, "Where could I not?" The following areas may not possess public spaces: Temple Square, Castle Alexandria, Druid Cove. Pretty much everything else can. Staff may edit this list over time.

Character Page Badges

Want to show off your Shop on your Character Page? Use the following wikicode! (More badges here!)

Khazad trader.jpg

(RPP) Ongrid Shop PC Badge
Shop Name: The name of your shop.
Location: Where is your shop located?
About: About your shop. What its purpose is, and so on.
Your Staff: If you have a shopkeeper or assistant, who are they? What do they do?
Notable Elements: Does your shop possess unusual artwork? Animated paintings? Something else?

{{Badge-Title|(RPP) Ongrid Shop PC Badge}}
{{Badge-Entry|Shop Name}}The name of your shop.
{{Badge-Entry|Location}}Where is your shop located?
{{Badge-Entry|About}}About your shop. What its purpose is, and so on.
{{Badge-Entry|Your Staff}}If you have a shopkeeper or assistant, who are they? What do they do?
{{Badge-Entry|Notable Elements}}Does your shop possess unusual artwork? Animated paintings? Something else?