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======================> 16) Winter Raids <======================
Open/Closed: CLOSED: This event is only for the Confirmed players below.
             However, you can still sign up for this event with +event/signup,
             to let the GM know that you're available if one of the
             Confirmed players doesn't show up.
     Poster: Sebropert*
 Start Time: 03:30:00 PM (LOCAL), Monday, January 02, 2017  (7h 13m past date)
   Location: rp2
Level Range: 4-8
The desperate months of the winter season bring raiders. Northmen come on their winged boats to take the bounty of others.
 Signed up: none
 Confirmed: Selerik (Bard5)*   Blauensturm (Art3)   Astaren (Clr3/Wiz3)*   Zenia (Art3)*   Malorn (Mnk4)   Josselyn (Ftr5)   Albain (Ftr1/Wiz3)*

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Josselyn        Ordinary city guard, with a crossbow.                 4m   45m
Zenia           Disheveled woman in mechanic's outfit                 2m   41m
Malorn          A white haired Mul'niessa Monk                        1m   34m
Selerik         A tall and thin man dressed as an artist.             56s  2d
Astaren         A tall man wearing dark blue robes.                   6m   1h
Sebropert       A black and copper Sith'Makar with burn scars.        0s   2h
Blauensturm     Silver plated Golem w/a blue visor                    3m   22m
Albain          Dark-haired blue-eyed young man                       3m   12m
Whirlpool       I am stinky!                                          3m   1d

On they swept with threshing oar, their dragon headed ships piercing the winter mists. From the lands of ice and snow they drove their ships to new lands. Thrice they have struck the western shore, pillaging and raiding small hamlets. None paid the guild this time. The guild itself seeing the need for action. The coffers would open to save innocent seaside villagers. A watch tower, far up the coast sent word. Sightings of dragons in the mist, heading towards a fishing village further down the coast. A horde of adventurers ride forth to the rescue. Mounts provided and ridden hard until the seasalt air breathes against their faces. Smoke tinges their air, and distant cries carry on the wind. From a high hill where your mounts stop, the village can be seen. Fires burn huts, and raiders chase villagers with hoops and hollers.

Malorn gets down from his mount and he reaches down to pick up some of the fallen snow and he rubs it in between his hands. He clenches his fists, "Let's go down there and stop them before anyone else gets hurt." He says as he starts off down towards the village.

Josselyn stiffles a yelp as she sees the village burn from the hill. "Oh dear Daeus, I hope we can still save some people." she says loading up her standard guard issue light crossbow after dismounting.

One adventurer uses a cart, cuz no horse is smart enough to carry a war golem. especially one this big. However, once said war golem stands up, he begins to walk it's way down the hill towards the village. "Priority: evacuate townspeople."

Astaren shakes his head slowly and sighs, "Such things..." reaching up to rub his head, and then glances around, "Shall we?" turning to start heading towards the village.

Zenia gets off of her horse, the artificer's armor she's wearing thunking hard against the ground and sinking a bit into the snow. "Agreed." she says, charging off full tilt as she pulls her death ray off her back and begins charging it up, ready to fire. Some might note the orange-red glow suggestive of fire coming from it this time, rather than the electrical blue glow. Pressing a button next to her helmet's lower portion she then calls out in a slightly mechanical voice, "We're here to aid in the village's defense! Head to the end of the village furthest from the coast and stay together!"

Albain was quiet through-out most of the journey here, his head down in books both mundane and eldritch in nature, though it seems he was more satisfied with the former than the latter. The young man - whether scholar, outdoorsman, or both - also spent his time tending to a magical pistol, a dragonspitter of notable craftsmanship, and to a cornucopia of strange metal and paper cartridges of which most bore packets of strange materials rather than lead bullets. But now that action is called for, the books are stored away and the pistol and knife are readied, along with a selection of cartridges to choose from. "Right then, the task at hand." he says aloud as he moves with the others.

Selerik follows along with the rest of the adventurers, looking distraught. A village under attack is never a joyful occasion for him, but unlike the others he isn't armed to fight. He seems focused on just helping the people in need.

The village is spread out, covering a haphazard pattern. Fires blaze starting from the shore to inland. The inland most areas not damaged as of yet. Cross streets form and lead out on two main roads, one south, one east. Raiders spread through out, moving in groups. The run past villagers and then herd them back towards the shores. Killing those that fight, and herding those that cower.

Glancing left and right quickly, Zenia nods. "Our first priority is the lives of the villagers. The ones that are being herded towards the shores are likely being sold into slavery, or kept as personal trophies. I advise the more combat capable of us go to intercept the bulk of their fighters, while others go to sabotage the warships to cut off their escape. We needn't slaughter the raiders wholesale, but I'm more concerned about what would happen if the villagers are allowed to be sailed off with."

Josselyn rubs her chin "You sure you want to split up? I think we should get those villagers by the coast out and more than like the vikings will come back to us, seeing as thats where the boats are, right?" she offers as a suggestion. "Either way, houses can be rebuilt but people cannot."

"I would advise against cutting off their escape; if we bloody their noses, they might run without too much effort on our part." Albain suggests as he loads a live cartridge into the breach. "But if prevent their escape, they will fight all the more."

Malorn looks over to Zenia, "There is an old saying, don't split up your fighting force. We should just go after the larger force of raiders to the south and fight them."

Astaren closes his eyes as he considers a moment, "The raid is happening, we do not have the forces needed to stop that, only to end the raid from continuing. We need to hit them hard, and hit them fast, and force a retreat." Eyes opening, "That is my advice. Lead the way, and do not split."

Nodding, Zenia sighs. "...Regrettable, but a solid point. They didn't come here to fight armed individuals, merely the helpless." she explains. "Right. To the bulk then." as she begins to head off to where the fighting is most prevalent."

Selerik steadies his mount, looking between everyone there. He squints over towards the village, then back at the ground. "Just make up your minds." Seems he'll just go with the group. Josselyn nods and follows Zenia with her crossbow ready, stock resting in the crook of her arm. "Right, lets get going already before more people get hurt through indecision."

Albain follows after Zenia without hesitation, and glances at the others expectantly as he silently goads them to come along. "No plan ever survived contact with the enemy anyways, if I remember that saying right." he adds with a half-grin.

The southern road leads to a small square. Fires burn brightly against the night. Wood cracks and splinters in echo to the screams of villagers. Paltry defenses exist, strewn about. Thatch walls for archers to hide behind, abandoned in the onslaught. A group of raiders have their backs to the adventurers, their axes gleaming as they clash them against shields. Herding the villagers. Five raiders in total, herding west.

Selerik takes one hand off his reins, gesturing to the raider on the left end while speaking low. "I'll charm that one, get him to talk to me about the plan for the villagers. I leave the rest to you."

Malorn heads along the southern road and he looks to Selerik, "As you wish." He looks towards the far one on the right and he makes himself ready to go after the raider.

Astaren closes his eyes as he considers and whispers a few words. Holding ou this left hand a moon bubble forms and then quickly expands and surronnds the man, covering him in mage armor. "Indeed." his voice is quiet, none of the usual joy or easy going attitude about him.

Albain pauses once the first group of raiders is spotted, withdrawing a paper cartridge that is jammed into his pistol and fired into the air. Instead of a loud bang, the contents are consumed in a puff of sparkling light that lands upon him, adding a faint shimmer to his clothing.

Josselyn has well and truly decided what needs to be done with the raiders, raising her crossbow "Halt in the name of the law!" she calls out, mindfull of the one that Selerik pointed out.

Malorn lets the others shoot as he charges to get right into the middle of fray. He goes to kick the one in the middle, but as he plants his foot he slips on a patch of snow and his kick goes wide.

Blauensturm watches as Zenia shoot at one of the raiders, and rather than spread the damage around, he focuses his fire on the same target, making it hurt a lot worse than what it was.

The raider on the far right turns as he is pummeled with shots from the artificers. With a howl he starts running towards Zenia, his small axe thrown through the air. The spinning blade goes wide. His forward moment is stopped by Josselyn's arrow, knocking him flat on his back with an arrow protruding from his throat. The second from the left raider starts to move towards Selerik, but is stopped by the farthest left. He waves his arms and shouts as if to convince the other to go after someone else.

Josselyn is true to her warning, letting a bolt fly on the focused target before shifting her aim to the one engaging her fellow party member. Deft fingers reload and fire two more bolt from her standard issue guard crossbow. "I will not warn again! Stop in the name of the law!"

Astaren hopes off his horse and moves to hide behind a building. Glancing around the corner he watches the fight for a moment and hmmms. Then holds up his hand as a small bubble forms. Pointing to the middle raider he lets it go flying out and smack the raider. The wizard though appears to be focusing more on keeping an eye out on things.

Albain loads a bright orange-coloured paper cartridge into his pistol, takes aim, and lets loose a crackling bolt of flame that leaves a heat haze in the air, but does nothing but singe the hair of one of the raiders; just an inch to the left, and it would've impacted the miscreant's face.

Albain loads a bright orange-coloured paper cartridge into his pistol, takes aim, and utters eldritch words as he pulls the trigger. A crackling bolt of flame is fired from the weapon that leaves a heat haze in the air, and slams with both fiery and physical force into a raider.

Selerik casts an incantation with a few gestures while he starts talking to the guy on the far left. "Hail, friend! Town isn't the opportunity it seemed to be, is it? Come speak with me, your old friend. I'll keep your fate a good one, just put away your blade and tell me about the plans today." He gives his best winning smile.

One dead, and two gravely wounded, the raiders give pause. Selerik's words brings a halt to the raider on the far left. "Hold," he yells to the others. "Hold!" The others are on guard, but wait to see how it plays out. "...Willing to negotiate then?" Zenia asks, death ray slightly lowered. She's certainly not moving it so far away as to not be un-readied for another shot but she's waiting. If someone resumes aggressions, the flaming lasers are gonna fly.

Malorn holds himself ready to attack, "Speak quickly." He does not like the idea of letting these raiders get away with the damage they have done, but he's willing to see where this will play out.

The raiders lower their weapons, but keep their shields up. The others back away from their targets and move to collect near the charmed raider. The chatter amongst themselves in their northern tongue, looking up at Selerik a few times. "Not telling your our plans," he says. Friendly, but not without self-preservation. "Will trade you for them. What do you offer?"

Selerik rides closer to the raiders, still with no weapon drawn. He inclines his head to them, gesturing off to the side. "Alexandria has dispatched forces to stop this raid, we are just the tip of that iceberg. If even a single villager is taken, I can assure you that you will be pursued at sea. It is not something any of you want, but for a friend I'm willing to make this advantageous to us both." Selerik gestures towards the coast. "I'm offering you a chance to leave, without being followed, and without retaliation." He glances towards the dead raider. "Further, retaliation. Decide quickly, the others are not as forgiving as I am."

Albain makes a show of slowly re-loading his dragonspitter with another brightly coloured cartridge, as if impressing upon them that there are more fiery bolts like the last one in store for them.

Zenia opens her mouth to speak beneath her full-face helmet, but then stops as Selerik seems to be taking the lead in the diplomatic resolution.

Astaren stays quiet as he puts his back against the building he is hiding around watches the area around him quietly. Leaving the talking to others for now.

"Were up to me, I'd agree," the raider says to Selerik. "I can only speak for my men here. We will leave for trade. Your weight in food, and we will take no slaves. The rest have their own boats."

Malorn shakes his head, "No, you will get nothing, you are are a bunch of thieves and do not even deserve your life. Leave now and never return or you will never leave here." His fists clench as he is holding himself back from attacking.

Selerik waves a hand to suggest that deal is no good. "You're from the north, I've been there. I know the troubles. I'll give you this counter offer, sail back to meet me at (Insert neutral port) in two weeks and I'll get you equipped for fishing work. Honest work. Those who want the thrill of battle, I'll put in a good word to get you naval work with better pay. You know I'm a reliable man." He kicks his horse to speed it up. "You clearly need to think about it, so we're moving on to make an example of others." Selerik gestures to the villagers who were being herded, gesturing to the right, where the soldier fell. "You lot, clear off to safety."

Josselyn grimaces "These men are guilty of theft, looting, pillaging, slaving and quite likely murder. If they were lucky they would be sentences to life in prison in any city I know of,

Alexandria definitely. This is not justice, I say we lock them in irons and drag them before a proper court."

"...Preferable in some respects." Zenia says, "But a little sympathy here. People break the law for all sorts of reasons... It doesn't sit right with me that we let scum go, but all the same. Where did their lives go to lead them to this point?" she asks, "Here and now. What went into it?" she asks. "Maybe... Maybe they could do good if only given the chance."

"Always wanted to visit that port, but kept on by-passing it due to bad weather." Albain remarks, idly fidgeting with his gun as he watches the negotiations. "You really should take that offer, it's fair, which is more than I can say for the fight you're in for if you don't." he adds, addressing the raiders.

Josselyn raises an eyebrow "Theres no excuse for this. I understand the street urchin might steal bread because he's hungry but he doesn't burn the bakery down and kill or torture the baker. This is nothing less than unnecisary and wanton destruction." she says raising her crossbow.

Malorn looks to the others, "We were sent here to save this village and the surest way to save this village is to end these raiders. Let them be an example for any that would think to plunder these shores. It will not stand, you will be met and defeated."

Between Selerik's promises of work, and Malorn's threats, the raiders frantically chatter in their native tongue. One seems unconvinced, but the other three practically drag him away. They start to back away, but Josselyn's raised crossbow and Malorn's further words bring their shields up again.

"And now a fleeing enemy." Zenia says, "It feels wrong to me, but I know we did the right thing. Satisfying vengeance wouldn't have done anything for these people, only hurt someone who was hurting them. Now come on, we have some other people to save." she observes.

"Justice is a luxury, what part of this situation gives us luxury. People band together for survival, with what resources they can. This was planned, motivated, and multiple groups. Let that group go, give them a chance. Merch, forgivenes, are some of the precepts of good. We also do less good standing here arguing it when they no longer wish to fight." Glancing around as he walks past the group, "last I checked, people were still being dragged onto boats. I am heading the ships." A few flickers of flames around his hands, clear on what his intent is. A glance to the men, "I suggest you set sail quickly."

Selerik looks over to the others, considering them a bit before responding. "People do what they must to survive. They are taken advantage of, every day. Every single day. These men do not want slaves, they want survival and the thrill of a challenge. Others ask for slaves, and they are not here to be met with justice." Selerik looks towards the ships. "But I have a feeling I know where we'll find them, if you want to wet your blades."

Malorn gives the raiders a cold look, "Run and never come back." He looks over at his companions. "As much as I enjoy a debate about the philosophies of justice, let's save it for when we are back in Alexandria over a warm meal. Let's stop talking and deal with the rest of these raiders."

"In absolute agreement." Albain replies to Malorn, turning to head further into the town before pausing to look back at Malorn. "Also I really would like to debate that topic when we're back home; I am quite rusty on ethics, and a sound thrashing by a Mul'niessa would be entertaining!" he adds with a gleeful tone.

The four raiders grab their fallen companion, and flee. As they go one of them blows into a horn made from a two year bull. The tooting bellow draws away several other raiders with shields with the same black cross on a green field. They flee, mostly with bags over their shoulders, and the occasional sparkly thing. Their path clears the southern side of the village, leaving most of the distance to the beach clear. Voices still call from the northern half of the village, but the sounds at the beach certainly drown them out. From the path the beach can be seen, and the green shield men clambering into their longboats to depart. Insults and arrows fly at them from out of view to the right. A few houses all that stands between the beach and our plucky, ethically conflicted, adventurers.

"Hmph." Zenia says, "No love for the sensible." she observes, then looks about for a new group of raiders to drive off, particularly looking for signs of chaos that might indicate their presence. Where there's smoke, after all...

Josselyn continues to follow the others with her crossbow at the ready. "Lets see who else we can round up. Perhaps deliver some proper justice." she grouses.

Blauensturm also follows the others, keeping his cannon-port open....

Malorn nods, "I agree let's head to the northern side of the village and rid this village of the raiders once and for all."

Taking the corner of the house first reveals the boats. Several Longboats with men clamoring aboard them. Both northman and tied up villager. Further around the corner reveals a mass of men, bedecked with shields and axes. Many furs and colors decorate the war party, though not a single green and black shield remains save for the slain. A goodly thirty men stand on the beach, with more coming in from the northern side of the village. Already, in the distance one can see two boats sailing off with their chattel. Within the hut Zenia creeps, to reveal no one inside. Its safety from the fire because of its closeness to the ships. Two windows look upon the beach, one to the boats, and one to the shore. Creeping in she trips over a rug and knocks over a bookcase. The loud noise draws attention to the house. "Ambush!" Yells the largest man, himself standing separate from the troops.

Josselyn raises her crossbow to her shoulder and lets go at the nearest group. "Raiders... slavers. Not much choice here." her fingers load another bolt after another as she continues to fire into the crowd.

Selerik calls out as they near the enemies. "I know I made some of you cross, sparing those others. The opportunity came up to change lives, but those opportunities are rare! With so many before us we've no recourse. They will bleed, they will break, they will be mourned, and it is a price too small to be justice for the wrong they bring. Our only mercy we can give is to end them swiftly. So aim true!" He shouts to the others. "Let none have time for regrets!"

Blauensturm waits for Selerik to start his ballad before he fires. The lightning bolt strikes home all right, blasting one man out of existence....

There is a mighty clash. Twenty men charge forward to attack. Malorn meets the charge head on, his weapon taking down a raging warrior. The third troop remains behind. "Shields!" They cry and draw javelins. The giant, smarter than the rest heads for the hut, his battleaxe at the ready as he hunts for Zenia.

Albain ducks and weaves from the men that rushed him, loading a white-coloured cartridge and levelling his pistol at the group as a whole. The crack of gunfire is muted, but the muzzle flash is intense and dazzling to those facing the barrel, disorienting his attackers and making them stumble.

"SHIT!" Zenia says, then glances at the possibility of a child being nearby, "...Sorry, don't say that word, it's a bad word." she notes, if there happens to be one. Really? Being concerned about language in the middle of a raider attack? Still, she does go outside and close the door behind her provided there's no raiders IN the house per se. And then charges up her death ray, waiting for the giant raider to come around the corner so she can shoot him in the face. The /moment/ he steps in front of her, she's going to have a wicked grin plastered on her face as she fires.

Selerik weaves a few quick gestures, pointing at one of the attackers on Blauensturm. "Hey! Did you hear about the giant who wanted his bust as the ship's figurehead? They had to put his ass on the back so it wouldn't tip over."

Josselyn takes a step back and snaps off two more expertly aimed shots, Selerik's song helping her shots along into the crowd.

Watching the troop advance, Blauensturm can do nothing but wait for his cannon to recharge. But when it fully recharges....another blast comes from his cannon, wiping another of the troop out of existence.

The troops press forth, both seeking to surround their foes. Their numbers dwindle at the skill of the adventurers. One man even falling to the ground in gales of uncontrolled laughter. A chopping sound is heard from the house, and the giantborn raider barrels through the wall of the house, splinters flying through the air as he comes to be standing point blank in from of Zenia. "Raaaaagh!"

"SURPRISE!" Zenia shouts as the deathray fires off at the giant raider and smacks him in the shoulder. It's not quite the direct hit to the vitals she'd prefer, but it's a good hit nevertheless. "How's the whole raiding business working out for ya?" she asks.

Malorn hits the raiders that surround him with his fists and feet. He is putting up a good fight even as he misses ones.

Albain sees the raiders organizing a flank on him - a smart move, as his pistol is doing far more than just launching bullets - and does the expected; he loads another cartridge. "Look away!" he quickly shouts to his comrades, before uttering a word in eldritch and pulling the trigger. This one actually does fire a projectile of sorts, a glowing little bad that unerringly seeks out a torch held aloft by one of the raiders. Upon impact, crackling pops of fire, thunderous cracks, and brilliant gouts of flame erupt in all directions; seemingly harmless, except for uncovered retinas.

As a result, both groups of the flanking enemies reel from the assault on their senses, scattering from the fireworks, and appear to be dazzled and blinded.

"Oh look, pity about the fire yeah." Zenia says, "Maybe you shouldn't have attacked a helpless village? I mean really, where's the glory in that? I'm not a betting woman, but if I were? I'd put money on Angoron being ashamed of you." she notes, firing another blast at the giant.

Josselyn continues to dispense justice from behind her crossbow, walnut stock at her shoulder she deflty takes two more in the group down with her bolts, one right through the noggin.

Despite the numerous units in the area, Blauensturm could hear the giant being a rather large pain in the butt. So...Blauensturm ignores the smaller foes and fires his death ray at the giant.....and hits it right in the chest.

"Withdraw!" The giant yells, taking a stumbling withdrawal away from Zenia and her clanking help. "To the boats!" The remaining melee troop, hearing their boss' command don't hesitate to break away, having taken more than half their forces in casualties. "To the boats!" They cry so that the third troop will start to pushing the longboats into the water.

"YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT YOU PISS-POOR SONS OF OGRES!" Zenia calls out, "GET OUT OF HERE AND DON'T COME WITHIN SEVEN LEAGUES OF IT EVER AGAIN!" she shouts, firing a couple of shots out into the air as an intimidation tactic.

Albain sees the raiders routed before his group, grinning from ear to ear. "They're fleeing!" he shouts triumphantly.

Selerik kicks up some momentum and tries to get another cast off on the jolly Seaweed Giant. He has a big, silly grin on his face. Like this is some sort of game. Maybe it is? But the results don't slow the giant, not in the least. Aww, there goes his grin.

Blauensturm watches as the leader tries to get away. Thanks to the glue he's using on his death ray, he can't go very far. "Primary target......not getting away." He says in a flat tone as he closes the distance and fires his death ray again....this time gluing the giant to the ground. "Surrender yourself......."

Malorn turns on the speed as he has to race through the troops to get to the boat first. He manages to make his way through them and although they try to hit him it's Malorn who gets in a strike thanks to the style of fighting he uses. He manages to get to the boat first just before the troops do.

Wait remains of troop one reaches the boat moments after Malorn. Troop three had already began pushing them into the water. They clamor aboard in fear of the blazing guns and arrows of the attacks. So shaken they are that they ignore the fact that their leader remains on shore. The giant viking bellows, flexing his muscles as he rips himself free of the glue. He begins to run towards the second ship, greatly slowed by his fight with the sticky substance.

Albain sees his colleagues rushing to pursue the routed enemy, in an attempt to rescue any prisoners aboard their ship. But it's the struggling giant that draws his attention, as it's continued defiance will be a problem. The spell cartridge he loads and fires launches a large fiery ball that lands with a thump right next to the giant, before rolling into him, causing him to succumb to the flames and fall.

Nodding, Zenia looks over at any of the ships in an attempt to figure out if any of them have particularly large quantities of prisoners on them and haven't pushed off yet. Picking one at random, she speeds off as fast as her armor will allow her. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!" she's swearing along the way. "Why didn't I make anything for movement today?!" she asks herself.

Blauensturm walks his way up next to Selerik and holds his position....

Bravely the monk fought on board, holding true to his ideals. Left and right vikings fell to his bare-fisted fury. So ferocious his onslaught that even the oarman needed join the fray, wailing at him with their oars. Finally a telling blow knocks him down to the chagrin of the captives. Two raiders pick the monk up by arm and foot, swinging his body and tossing him overboard. The tide washes his beaten body to shore.

The locals rush about, putting out fires and comforting the injured and dying. Several join the rest of the adventurers to aid others. Fishermen drag the courageous monk fully on to land, offering to him one of their precious and few healing potions.