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The making and creation of the following items and materials are guarded by various organizations, nations, and groups ingame. PCs may gain access to these items through being a Sworn or an Active member member of such groups, possessing Influence with them (as per the spend), or by a nominal cost of 1 RPP in addition to the item or material's price. The nominal cost represents making arrangements, and so on.

Organization Limited Magic Items
Item Description Found Among These Groups
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Organization Limited Materials
Materials Description Found Among These Groups
Essence Bonding During the ancient days of war, when the gods fought and the sildanyari clashed with the ancient oruch, warriors fought then as they do today--on the backs of great beasts. Many of these warriors, the wilder ones, were the precursors of the guardians within the Union today. Today, the guardians of Ea's wild spaces have retained in certain wisdom they learned from this ancient hardship. Essence allows certain materials to be bonded to the claws and teeth of great beasts. Ygdrassil Union, or any llyranesi or sylvanori-centric organization
Greenwood The secret of greenwood lies in its harvesting. Each length is taken, with leaves still attached, from a tree animated by a treant and cut with care to avoid the death of the tree. A dryad then speaks to and shapes the wood, coaxing the living green of the leaves into the grain of the wood itself. The resulting wood remains alive so long as it is carefully tended. Ygdrassil Union, or any llyranesi or sylvanori focused group
Spirit-Bonded Armor The druids developed this technique through negotiations and contracts with various elemental spirits. The spirits allow part of their essence to be made into armor and shields. Ygdrassil Union
Steel, Living Some trees suck up potent minerals through their roots the same way others draw water from the ground. Though these trees blunt saws and axes used to hew them and shrug off fire, they eventually succumb to time or the elements. When properly harvested, these fallen trees produce nuggets of a metal called living steel. Any local artificer's guild, or khazadi-focused organization