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Log Info

  • Title: Lower Marketplace Tea
  • Emitter: Cryosanthia
  • Characters: Cryosanthia, Kira, Merek, Randolf, Morgan, Braelnoir
  • Place: A07: Lower Alexandria Market District
  • Time: Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 3:31 PM, Friday, July 31, 2020, 7:08 PM
  • Summary: Cryosanthia is having tea in the Lower Market and is joined by Kira. The two discuss how things have been going, and muse some on the Tower and it's time and space travel. Merek arrives, inquires how the two are doing and presents Cryo with a tambourine, which quite interests her. They are joined by a dwarf, Randolf, who sits nearby, smokes a pipe and entertains children with a smoke dragon. Morgan appears, chastizing a pseudo dragon, then joins the group as well. Cryo is getting ready to do a dance, when Braelnoir arrives. The two talk, but the korrite is pulled into the circle and the sith-makar has to depart. Conversation continues, with Morgan explaining how she is the Loremaster of the Arcanist guild, and tutoring Randolf in some magic basics. Merek watches more than participates, and Braelnoir reveals she enchanted her scythe, somehow. Morgan offers to tutor her in magic as well, but the former-chimeralith declines, saying she wouldn't know where to start with her questions. She, then Randolf depart, and Merek and Morgan speak a little longer before going their separate ways.

-=--=--=--=--=--=<* A07: Lower Alexandria Market District *>-=--=--=--=--=--=-

Just west of the Northern Highbridge and east of the arena, commerce blooms. Noisy and bustling, most anything may be purchased here for a price. Vendors from all cultures sell their wares from exotically colored carts, and the smells of different nations and far-off city-states mix with local ones from Alexandria and its riverbanks.

For all its commerce, visitors are advised to keep hold of their purses. Even the merchants possess a certain, cunning look. Most are positioned at carts or stalls as opposed to a formal storefront, with trade here being mobile, and visiting from all parts of the world.

Though the quality of goods suffers here compared to Upper Alexandria, the options are more diverse. Too, the oversight of the Watch is slightly less, and during times events are held at the Arena, chaos abounds. After dark, the square becomes a hangout for bards and other entrepreneurs whose business is best conducted by night; the shadows at the edges of the square often contain furtive figures engaging in their own brand of business.


-=-=-=-=-  Appearing, in Order  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Cryosanthia  6'9"     267 Lb     Sith-Makar        Female    A dashingly tall, elegant white-scaled lizard woman.
Kira         5'0"     120 Lb     Human             Female    Blonde woman in simple robes with an eye patch.
Merek        5'10"    215 Lb     Human             Male      A black-haired, dusky male with golden eyes.
Randolf      4'10"    280 Lb     Mountain Dwarf    Male      A burly, well-dressed Khazad in wizardly robes.
Morgan       4'10"    79 Lb      Half-Elf          Female    Short pixy like half elf with fair skin
Braelnoir    5'11"    146 Lb     Human             Female    A tall, pale Acanian woman, branded in silver.                             

The sky is a bright blue, full of towering white clouds that slowly drift by. Clouds so tall their feet drift through the city, turning it hazy and hot. The sun is so bright, every colour seems to be a gleaming reflection of itself, lost in the glare. It's like staring into heaven.

And hot as hell.

Except around one white-scaled sith-makar, seated at a table outside of a tea shop. The tables around her are very popular and full, receiving some of the cold aura she radiates. Tall, elegant, she's a leftover of winter and cooling the surroundings. She wears a simple leather dress that looks like it once was leather armour, and sips from a cup of tea. A haversack is nearby. She's waiting.

Kira doesn't mind the heat so much. She'd not one to complain about it, at least. Her white tabard reflects alot of the sun, too, even if that's not the reason for it's color (or lack thereof). Her basket is absent, as morning and mid-day meals have already been handed out. Not to mention that the food-vending merchants get a bit upset if she comes through and undercuts their prices with free bread.

"Kira!" Cryosanthia rises, bumping chair-backs with someone that nudged a little too close. She winces as her tail is pinched, her lips pulling back before she hastily forces a smile. Carefully extricating herself, she moves around the table and hugs her sister, a strong and cool embrace. "This one is glad you came. Peace on your nest! Sit, tell me how you are."

She watches carefully, her sapphire eyes glittering in the sunlight as she waits for her to sit, "There is tea! And Crumpets."

Kira welcomes the hug, and not just because it is cooling... not that that isn't welcome, too. "It's good to see you!" she beams, smile remaining as she moves to join her. "Thank you. I am well, thank you. How are you?" She looks to the tea and crumpets, considering.

Cryo leans into a crouch as she sneaks herself back around the table. She eyes her chair, ends up more perched on it with her tail curling around a thigh than properly sitting. She remains leaning across the table, head and neck stretched out so she's closer to Kira and looking directly in her face. Up close, some twitches around her eyes, uncertain movements of her lips, are more obvious.

"This one is... recovering. Still fitting in at Mictlan. It is a struggle. I have changed in ways I didn't realize."

She reaches out to place a hand on Kira's, no gloves today, her scaley fingers touch skin directly, "You are important to me. Tell this one if you need anything. I can't thank you enough for the victory you achieved, and everything you did to hold Zeke and I together on the journey."

Kira is delighted that Cryo's hands are bare. Heat or no, fashion or not, it's very symbolic to her, as she knows how it must be for her sister. Her smile holds at mention of Zeke, though maybe not as much in her eyes.

"I didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have, and others -did- do the same," she points out gently, "but thank you. All is ... as back to what they were as they will be, I think. The city is safe. You're safe. Darius and Aika are safe."

She puts her other hand atop Cryo's. "It's changed all of us."

"You did what I wished I could. You kept the blade from him, you endured the waiting. I..." Cryo looks away, her words fading. She squeezes Kira's hand under hers, feels the pressure of the one above. Her head moves as she looks around, but words aren't anywhere. Finally both eyes are fixed on Kira's again, "Braelnoir told me, sometimes the fight is to keep things from changing. We did that, and paid by changing. Have your... markings faded. Were they translated? This one thinks it better if his words were lost."

Kira nods. She leaves it at justthat for a silent moment before nods again. "They have faded. I don't think they were meant to be permanent, just ... stubborn. I don't know exactly what they meant, and that isn't important, anyhow. They were only angry words."

Her smile broadens anew. "Better we changed than the whole world. I'd gladly do it again."

"I'm glad they're gone." Cryo says, smiling, although her head drops. She sits back a little, no longer stretched across the whole table, though her hands remain in the clasp. She slips one free to push the plate of crumpets forward, her eyes close.

"I... I don't think I could Kira, lose that much life to imprisonment and pain, gain and lose a mate and a child, become so different I don't belong anywhere and feel irrelevant in the end. Better me than someone else, but next time I think, better someone else."

"I'm sorry," the white sith sighs, making a small snort, "I can't even freeze a fisherman's ice-box without someone coming and doing a better job than me. The world needs you Kira. Your strength is amazing. This one is glad you were along, and sorry for what befell you."

Kira gives Cryo's hands a squeeze. "I didn't say that I -wanted- to do it again... " a bit of wry in her smile, though both dim after. "You lost more than any of us. I'd never expect you to suffer that again, and you won't need to. That won't happen again." Her hands get another squeeze. "Someone might be better at you, or me, or anyone, at some things.. but no one is better at being you."

"Thanks," Cryo says, her voice warbling a bit, her hands shaking. She twitches her head, trying to throw it off, "Some thoughts are still a raw surprise. Not again, this one is happy with that."

She smiles, "Well, this one looks forward to rushing in and ruining more plans! So, tell, have you spoken with Mikilos since you returned, had another Dinner with Darius and Akia? Any of your duties in the Temple changed? Do the acolytes point in awe?"

Kira can't stop from letting out a little laugh at the sudden questions. Not a deprecating one at all, either. It is very much a delightful reminder of some of their first talks. "Yes, I did get to speak with Mikilos. No, my duties haven't changed, and I don't know if anyone points, or ...any of that." Her cheeks pinken some. "And, yes, I did spend some time with Darius and Aika."

"Ooooh?" Cryo's voice rises in intrigue, her eyes sparkling with sunlight. She grins wide, lots of teeth, nose dipped to hide them. She slurps a sip of tea, "You've changed colour! So there was enjoyable time? That is good. This one is glad. Oh! His cat, has it changed? It was a mini-monster before it became a full sized monster. This one thinks its name was Fluffikins before."

"Fluffy," Kira now laughs more. Maybe in attempt to hide her blush, though it doesn't really work. "We had dinner, and I read to Aika, and we talked through much of the night. It was delightful... though not quite what Darius had hoped, I think."

Cryo's tail coils from side to side behind her, which ends up shoving her chair away and into another table which has somehow drifted closer. "Oops, excuse me."

She retrieves it, spinning it around to lean on the back, and hopefully keep her tail out of more entrapments. The whitescale tilts her head, "The explanations of your vows, furtherance, did not go well? This one would not pry if it makes you unhappy, but you are the curiously excited human colour."

Kira shakes her head. "I'm not unhappy... but I worry that he is... or might be...?" She isn't even sure if it is a statement or question, from her tone. "Darius was very understanding and polite, but I know that he seeks a wife, and Aika a mother."

Cryosanthia nods, crossing her arms on the back of the chair. She's still leaning forward but it doesn't take her as far across the table. She blinks slowly, "This one is still amazed how much the male human cares about offspring. Among the People, some males do greatly, but others do not. It is unthinkable a male would raise a hatchling, a Clutch-Mother would step in. You are lucky to know him. It is still, a melancholy affair."

"I don't think he has anyone like that to help him," Kira notes. "I think he's doing a wonderful job as a father, but I understand why they both hope for more."

Cryosanthia nods, breathing slowly and deeply, adjusting her hands on the tabletop. "This one hopes he finds someone, and that you can still be involved. That happiness should be available for all."

She pulls her tail into her lap, holding it as much as she is holding it out of the way. "Mikilos suggested this one find new goals. Have you had any such thoughts? I just wonder..."

"When you said you met a younger Kol, and convinced him not to go with the Mistake, why did nothing change? Are we trapped in a pruned off branch of events. Is there a twenty one year old version of me somewhere? Are these thoughts useful?"

Kira nods with Cryo's words. "I want him to be happy. Both of them." A pause. "I guess all three. I can't forget fluffy..." Her smile widens. On the topic of Kol, her lips purse.

"I... don't know. It was very strange. To me, I met him after he was destroyed, yet it was much before then, for him. I don't know how it happened, or even how the Tower moved through time. It's... very confusing, isn't it?"

Randolf comes trundling down the way, thumbs tucked into his belt as he lumbers along. He glances hither and yon, looking over the various shops and stalls. Now and again, something will catch his eyes, making him stop and lean in closer, rubbing his beard thoughtfully. At one stall, stops to peruse various blends of tobacco. Finding one that suits him, he purchases a pouch, passing over a few coins to the shopkeep. He continues along, tucking his purchase into his robe's inner pocket with a satisifed smile creasing his leathery features. At last, he comes to a stop outside the cafe. He hops up in one of the chairs, wiggling slightly to settle himself in. "I'll take a mug o' tea, wi' plenty o' cream an' honey, an' it please ye," he says to the server that comes bustling out to take his order.

"This one is not sure. This one never saw the different shard tower locations. The tower may just have moved in space, but the teleportaion circle inside it could move in time." Cryosanthia sighs, thinking of her home, which she never understood and which never obeyed her. "It was moved into the Vast, and that may have put copies of it all over. It hurts my horns thinking about it. This one regrets that after my time there my... Zeke was pulled to the beginning."

The white sith smiles, shaking her head, "Apologies, it is hard to get out of the Tower. Tell me, have you heard and fun news?"

Merek seems to be about, taking the time to look into shopping, while he wears the white-black attire which he often would. A light shift of the felt hat which he wears, while he makes a way along to look to people in thought, nodding to Randolf, then to Kira and to Cryosanthia if coming upon the people.

Kira gives the white sith's hands a pat and her smile pushes wider to be encouraging. "I understand." As much as she can, at least. She can't readily imagine a lifetime (or several) spent there.

Randolf reaches into his robe's inner pocket for his pipe, bending down to pull his boot knife. He starts work on cleaning the bowl, glancing around the marketplace with idle curiosity. Cryosanthia and Kira are given a once-over, and Merek's nod is returned with a friendly smile. Turning his pipe over, he raps it sharply against the heel of his palm, knocking the loosened dottle clear and brushing it off on his kilt. That's when his tea is brought to him, along with a small plate of delicious-looking shortbreads. "Och, -marry- me, goddess!" the burly dwarf booms, lighting up like a Yuletide tree. He happily passes over several coins, including a generous tip. "I'll be comin' back here fer tea-time fer certain sure!"

"Thanks," Cryo smiles back, then looks up at Merek as he approaches. She raises a hand and waves. She's seated at an outdoor table for one of the tea shops, acting as a living air-cooler and bringing the temperature down in her immediate surroundings. This has made the tables near her popular. "Hi Merek, Peace on your Nest. Have a..."

She looks around, "... well if you can find one, have a seat."

"Ah, thank you," Merek then offers a wave to Cryo, while he takes a moment to look until he finds a place he can pull up to the table, nodding a bit to the woman, then he offers a smile for Kira, although he's not that talkative while he thinks about it, "What are you all up to today?" he asks.

Kira returns Merek's smile, and even extends hers a bit further to those nearby before looking back to him. "We were just talking, and enjoying some tea," she explains. "How are you doing, Merek?"

Randolf picks up a shortbread and dunks it in his tea, popping it into his bearded maw and crunching happily. "Mmmh," he rumbles, licking crumbs from his fingertips. The burly dwarf seems to be in quite a pleasant mood as he enjoys his tea. He looks curiously over at the folks gathered as he sips from his mug.

"Nothing Merek, this one is doing Nothing, capital N. What have you been doing?" The whitescale sith tilts her head, staring curiously at the maze. She breathes slowly, otherwise still. Unusually, she's wearing her old armour, a kilted leather affair which is a little mis-matched currently. The original white leathers contrasted by new chamois panels that have lengthened and let it out. The only other thing she is wearing is her haversack, which isn't actually worn currently, instead being underfoot.

"This one is curious, you are important to me and this one would know, what can I do for you. Have you gone swimming? Do you attend services at Lady Brightscales' Temple? Have you returned to study, involved in a new magical project? Seen a play?"

She jolts her head, struck by the thought, "This one should see a play! This one wonders what is showing."

"Ah, I like plays," Merek mentions, then he takes a moment to think about it, before he takes a pack he keeps with him, then he hands that to Cryo. "I actually made you something, I think you will like it. I remember when you tell stories, they're amazing." The pack, when opened, would be what looks to be a full tambourine in sith'makar style and painted. A little smile and nodding, "I swim occasionally."

The man looks to the sith'makar, with a smile along with the present, "Ah, well. I mostly keep to myself and magical research. Would be nice if we find a time we can all visit the play! For what you can do, well you do well enough being yourself!" He nods a bit to Kira, "I'm doing... Well."

"Ah, I like plays," Merek mentions, then he takes a moment to think about it, before he takes a pack he keeps with him, then he hands that to Cryo. "I actually made you something, I think you will like it. I remember when you tell stories, they're amazing." The pack, when opened, would be what looks to be a full tambourine in sith'makar style and painted. A little smile and nodding, "I swim occasionally."

Randolf tips back his mug, gulping down the last of his tea. He pats his hefty middle with a happy sigh, setting the mug aside. Digging into his robe's pocket, he brings out the tobacco pouch he'd recently purchased. He tugs the drawstrings open and leans in close, inhaling the fragrance of the herb. "Mmmh." He takes a moment to fill the bowl of his pipe, tamping it with a fingertip before tucking it in the side of his mouth. He flourishes his hand and snaps his fingers, causing a bright red spark of flame to dance to life between his digits. He runs the flame around the bowl of his pipe, whiskers twitching as he puffs steadily. Once he has a hearty glow kindled, he banishes the spark with another snap of his wrist. He settles back in his seat, puffing a billow of sweet vanilla-honey pipe smoke into the air with a happy sigh.

GAME: Merek rolls profession/herbalist: (16)+8: 24

The dwarf is drinking whatever it is they serve in the cafe here.

Cryosanthia rises up, taking the package from Merek. "A tambourine? And you did the markings right, the draconic and stitching is perfect." She holds it close, and sniffs it, "and tanned correctly. This one is tanning leathers now too."

She turns the instrument over and over in her hands, examining it, touching the cymbals, giving it a little tap-tap-tap. "Excellent. This one shall take it to the Mountain Temple, it will go excellently with the drumming section. Thank you Merek, this one is pleased! This one is glad you like her stories too, there have not been many to tell recently. Although..."

She leans in, closer to Kira and Merek while also standing. Her tail goes high behind her, like a cat's, because holding it lower will get it trapped between chair-backs. "You should read 'Dusting' in the next Crimson Pen edition."

Merek nods a bit, "Tanning can be a bit difficult," he mentions, smiling a bit, while he thinks about it. "I will look into it, I like reading the Pen," he admits, while he chuckles. The man looks to Kira, along to the khazad which is drinking tea. The man watches the wizard, before he then looks to Cryo, "Anyway. I'm just dealing with a lot of things, especially after... You know, the Temple. Being sent through another of those Realms was not great."

Kira didn't get distracted by crumpets. No, not at all. And jam had no part it in, either. She's just attentively listening! While chewing slowly and carefully.

Randolf glances over towards a harried-looking human woman herding a couple of bored-looking children along. As she stops to haggle with one of the stall keepers, the kids look his way with wide eyes. Chuckling softly, he draws a steady pull from his pipe, puffing a gust of smoke into the air. He taps the side of his nose, tipping the kids a wink, then looks up at the fragrant cloud curling in the air. "Rei Ex Rei An Tasu No Kalima!" he incants, making a grandiouse flourish with his hand. A soft wind blows, causing the pipe smoke to gust and swirl, before assuming the form of a majestic dragon. The smoke-dragon spreads its wings and lets loose a rumbling call, making the kids gasp, ooh, and ahh. With a wave of his hand, the burly khazad sends the dragon swooping towards the kids. They duck and squeal, giggling as they applaud happily.

"This one will order more crumpets, and tea." Cryo grins toothily. She looks back at her seat, which is rimmed on the underside and back with frost. There's also a patch on the table in front of it, "the tea seems to have gone cold. You sit there Merek, I'll see if I can extricate myself enough to the street to use this."

"Oh wow," the white sith stares, as fascinated as the kids by the smoke dragon, "that's really good."

She threads her tail through the straps of her bag and curls it up to her hands, then holding both haversack and tambourine she siddles past a couple tables, passing Randolf's, "Pardons offered, excuse this one."

Once outside the cafe's corral, she waves at one of the servers, gestures in the secret code and points at her table. She receives a nod. She retrieves her AnyGarment sleeves. "Merek, pray to Lady Brightscales that she sends you better dreams, and that your memories of that time become like a dream. What has happened cannot be undone. You have seen things no Man should have, and those are difficult to let go. This one understands how the past pulls one back into the pit. I know these are trite words, they are all I have."

Merek looks to the dragon, while he blinks a bit, then he nods while Cryo would begin to find food as well as drink for the table. He watches, then when she's back, speaking to him, the man nods a bit, "Thank you, it means quite a bit to me, I admit." There's a smile while he offers the scales of his wrist to the sith'makar, a light nod while he thinks about it. "Anyway," he takes a nice crumpet to eat from, "I would offer the same to you. I know it takes a lot."

Kira swallows heavily, and a bit dryly, after Merek's comment. "I am sorry that you had to wait for so long, Merek." Yes, she still feels responsible, if just partly, for that.

Randolf laughs softly, a deep, warm rumbly sound as he twiddles his fingers, making the dragon swoop and wheel above the kids heads. The matron, having completed her haggling, looks to see that her kids are being happily entertained. Looking around with an expression of wonderment, she catches Randolf's eye. The burly dwarf offers her a nod and a two-fingered salute, and she gives him a grateful nod. The kids are chivvied off along the way with disappointed 'awws!' and 'gee whiz mum I wanted to watch the dragon!' With a soft chuckle, Randolf snaps his fingers. The magic ends, and the smoke dragon dissolves back into a drifting cloud of pipe smoke that drifts off on the breeze.

Still too Korite, and too befuddled by crows, ta go about in less than full armor, a certain mercenary walks into the garden district with a scythe propped over her shoulder; a weapon that scandalizes some for what it usualy does to plants, and others for the grimmer inferences about venturing beyond the pale. A gleaming train of spun silver hair writhes in the breezes as Brae walks, her sleeves leaving her in her short, kilted raiment and boots in consideration of the heat, though the airflow only does so much. She catches sight of the departing dragon and turns her attention, and soon, her footfalls in that direction as a cup o'tea sounds pretty good right now, actualy.

Cryo hasn't returned to the table, she's still out in the street. Her plan was to get some space. She looks back across the distance as Merek reveals his wrist-scales. "This one is not sure what that means Merek, but thanks."

She puts on her AnyGarment sleeves, and tightens them down. She exhales then inhales deeply, concentrates on the armbands, and an array of clackers appear on her hips, tail, and shins. Some are fixed at only one end, bouncing when she moves, others are clearly meant to be slapped against each other. She's spinning the tambourine, testing the cymbals with a shake, then makes a large squeak as she sees the Korite approach, "Braelnoir!"

GAME: Merek rolls will: (10)+18: 28

Morgan comes walking out of a shop with a large bag in her arms and a little dragon flutering above her "You know they will serve you if you give them that coin I paid you." she then looks up at the psuidragon "Oh no, you made money buy your own food you little grubber." after a few more steps "Thats not a racist word, now when I call you a gecko that can be seen as so." The dragon gives a hiss and flys off to the inn, but she gets a smile on her face as she loves that little pest. She then looks to the tea shop and says to her self "sure why not." She does give a smile when she sees a few people she knows.

Merek looks then to Cryo with a nod. He probably was trying to offer some kind of greeting. He does look to Kira, and attention shifts to her, while he offers a nod, "It's alright," he says, with a lift of shoulders. The man seems to be keeping his attention on the world while he inhales, then he nods a bit, looking to new people coming about, waving to all of the folk while he takes a sip from that tea. Anyone that'd note it, would note he's probably in thought, and not of the pleasant kind while he takes a bite of that crumpet while he thinks.

Kira nods to Merek, taking some comfort in his assurance. As she's not used to sitting for long periods... or because she just ate way too many crumpets, she stands and stretches her legs. Cryosanthia's idea of a little space isn't bad at all, and it also lets her more readily thank the khazad as she nears. "That was very kind of you to delight the children with the little dragon," she offers with a smile.

Randolf looks up as Kira approaches, reaching up to take his pipe from his mouth. "Oh, I enjoy doin' it. Keepin' the bairns happy. I do it fer me wee neices an' nephews all the time." He grins a bit. "I may be just a 'prentice here in Alexandria, but back home, I get te be Randolph the Great an' Powerful!" He puffs his burly chest up with a bit of pride, chuckling deeply.

"Hey!" comes the callback as Brae spots the large, white clacky sith on her greeting, beaming a fond smile back her way, "How ya doin?" She gives the place a once over on her approach and is... kind of surprised how much of her circle's out here at the moment, but she smiles to them all with a little wave, "Hey, all, everythin' alright?"

Morgan walks up behind where Brae was "hello you all." the short half elf says with a half energy wave of her hand as she fixes the bag in her hands.

Cryo embraces Braelnoir, hugging her tight and giving her back a few taps with the tambourine. She pulls back and grins, "Nothing Brae, capital 'N', just having Tea. How are you. Everyone is out, Merek, Kira, Randolph the Great and Powerful. Oh hey Morgan, peace on your nest!"

The cold white sith releases and hops away with a clatter, "just warming up."

Merek stands up while he makes a way to the group with a nod a bit to folk, looking to Kira while she speaks with that khazad, a look then to Brae as well as to Morgan. He offers a light smile, it's goofy, though that masks the emotion within while he takes a moment to place a cigar in his mouth, lighting that.

Braelnoir glances at Kira, then her Khazadi buddy after meeting Cryo's hug with her own, then the sound of Morgan's voice brings her attention back behind her, "OH, hey, luv, how ya doin?" The little woman gets a hug and a quick kiss, then she turns to guide her in toward the group, when she spreads her arms to engful Merek, once he's got that stogie lit, "Hey..." she says gently, a little concern in her tone.

Morgan hmms at the kiss and huged back and then says "Hello Cryocanthia, hope the sun was warm for you." said with a smile though she is using a spell to shrug off the heat. She takes off her haversack and places it on the table, then reaches in the bag the store gave her she places silk sheets in the magical bag.

Cryo isn't really dancing, she's walking backwards and swaying her tail. Her tamobourine spins and she slaps it against one hip, then the other. She has a wide toothy smile, looking at Braelnoir then Kira, "We should go swimming." >klang< "We should also go to a play." >klang< "this one is well Morgan, the sun is always warm."

Braelnoir's concern draws her attention over towards Merek, and his strange behaviour. She tap-taps the tambourine, "Merek! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, yes?" Then grins again.

Randolf offers Kira a wave as she departs, turning his attention back to the folks in the market. He waves off the server coming to offer him another mug of tea. "Thank ye, no. One is plenty in this damned heat," he says with a chuckle. "How you tallfolk live in this wretched mess, I'll never understand." He looks over to the others, lazily pulling at his pipe as he relaxes.

Merek leans a bit up into that hug with Braelnoir, then he nods a bit, while he begins to look to Cryo, and to Morgan and along to Randolf, "I'm... Well enough, well that can be," he says, to the talk of the cigar. The man looks a little bit thoughtful, "I'm glad you are happy," he adds to the sith'makar with that goofy smile. He then takes a little bit of a smoke from that nice cigar. "Yes, I made Cryo a new tambourine, she wants to watch plays, swim, I actually met a... Mermaid Goblin. That likes swimming."

Morgan listens to Randolf "I know every one over 5 foot tall forget about us short people." says the woman that is as tall but far thiner then he is. She gives a smile and then adds "but its funny when they ask you to get something off the low shelfs in stores."

Braelnoir smirks a little bit, "All this city needs, more mermaids." she says with a wink, then, "I think I know th'one ya mean, though. She's a sweetie." she replies, gving Merek another little squeeze before she lets go. She looks over to the dwarf, "Trainin' mostly." she remarks. She turns and feigns surprise on seeing, "Morgan! I wondered where ya got off to!" she teases with a wink.

Randolf looks over to Morgan, lofting his shaggy red brows as he lets loose a gust of pipe smoke. "Well now. Dinne usually meet a half-sil tall as I am. Here I've always heard the elves were these tall, willowy, graceful folk. All high cheekbones an' creamy skin an' dulcet voices..." He rumbles a low chuckle. "But I dinne mind bein' shorter. What I -do- mind is this gods-damned -heat-." He grips the lapel of his robe, flapping it to fan himself a bit. Indeed, he's red-faced and sweating at this point. "Makes me yearn fer the mountains. It never gets hot up around the loch!"

"Isn't that your roommate Brae?" Cryo asks, this time waltzing forwards towards the korrite, shaking the tambourine for a shss-shss-shh sound, "I met her at the fountain. Follows Reos, seems nice, neat clothes."

She listens to Randolf's and Morgan's conversation without jumping in, till the end. "You could ask Morgan to freeze up some ice for you, get a nice ice bucket beside you, you'll be fine."

The white sith leans in close to the korrite, bringing the cool with her, she almost but doesn't quite brush cheeks with her, scales to skin. "This one does miss your fin, but it happy you traded it back for your voice. The hands were confusing me so much."

Merek looks between all of them, while he nods a bit, seeming to think about it. He doesn't talk at the moment, content to watch and listen while he takes a sip of that tea.

Morgan blows a kiss to Brae with a smirk "I understand that, but after looking over your clothing I asume you are a caster of some sort like me." she asks as she hopes that is not insulting. "If so there is a spell that helps to endure heat, I cast it every day when its to hot for my liking." She then looks to Cyro "na I am good with that."

Randolf leans forward in his seat, eyes widening. Morgan now has the burly dwarf's attention. "Oh, ye don't say! What spell is that?" he asks. "Is it... hrm... cone o' cold? Snowball swarm?" He snaps his fingers. "Ice storm!" He grins broadly. "I'm still just a 'prentice. But someday, I hope te learn 'em all!"

Braelnoir arches an eyebrow, "Rada, i'nt it?" on Cryo's observation, "She really wants ta be helpful. LIke a teeny Kira!" She cuddles in with the sith and the sweet relief her relative coolness offers, "Kinda wish I could mix'n'match, luv..." She looks between the rest of the group as they talk, trying to get back on top of the conversation.

Morgan shakes her head "Well while spells like that help no its a first circle spell called endure elements. It will last 24 hours from casting and the great thing is it helps with warm or cold weather as long its not magical."

Randolf's eyes get even wider. He blinks owlishly. "Ye don't say!" He tucks his pipe in the side of his mouth and fumbles in his robe. Out comes a small notepad and a stick of charcoal. He flips through several pages covered with dwarven runic writings, diagrams, and doodles. Coming to a blank page, he scribbles furiously. "Endure... elements," he mutters around his pipe. He flips the pad closed and pockets it, offering Morgan a broad smile. "Thank'ee verra kindly, lassie. I'll keep that one in mind!" He takes ahold of his pipe, offering her his other hand. "Name's Randolf. Randolf Axepeak, o' the Clan Axepeak. Great te meet ye."

GAME: Morgan rolls knowledge/geography+6: (6)+25+6: 37

"Yes, Rada! This one doesn't remember fully." Cryo wobbles her head. She curls her tail back and forth, then makes a small curtsey, "This one must go Brael, but wants to trade words. We should meet soon."

She turns, waving at the group, "Peace on your Nests, this one is going. Well met, new and old." The tambourine is slipped into her haversack and she tightens the straps down, she spins, then vanishes off into the crowd.

Merek offers a light wave to Cryo, while he nods a bit, "You be well!"

Morgan hmms as she listens to him "I am Morgan the curent Loremaster at the Arcanist guild. If you want to know more about spells come by I will be more then hapy to give any advice on all sort of spells, and if you join us we can advise you in many ways." She has the look like she knows something but she alsways does "Membership is free, and there is beds for new memembers."

Braelnoir sighs, "Honestly, not sure how m'scales woulda worked in this heat, though." she muses, and, on a lark, touches her fingertips to the emblem on her shoulder, "Hmm." A glace to the dwarf, then, "I'm Braelnoir, nice ta meetcha." On Cryo's intention to leave, the silvermane steps in to embrace the sith and peck her on the cheek, "A'inght, luv. I'll swing by soon."

Randolf perks up at that, his grin broadening to reach from ear to ear. "The -Loremaster-! Beards o' me fathers!" He leans in eagerly. "I've just re-enrolled at the university. I want te start me study o' wizarding again. I's always been my dream te become a wizard, ever since I was a beardling!" Braelnoir is given an absent-minded wave--right now, Morgan has the dwarf's undivided attention.

Morgan smiles greatly but give a frown as her girlfrind was waved off "Well come by the libary and I will have a gift for you and your spell book." she gives a moments thoughts "what spells do you have already?"

Merek looks between all of them, thinking to himself while he crosses his arms. The talk of spells does give him a bit of interest. Braelnoir hmm's softly and shrugs, then flags down a waiter for, "One a'them elf mint teas, if ya would, luv?" while Morgan and her new colleague have themselves a confab, idly wondering after her departing sister before regarding her brother.

Randolf is all but hopping in his seat as he nods his head eagerly. "I've only managed te scribe a few spells inte me codex," he says. He starts ticking off on his fingers, tapping the stem of his pipe against each digit. "I've learnt the entire standard array o' cantrips, obviously. Expeditious Retreat, Grease, Magic Missile, Protection From Evil, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Sleep, an' True Strike."

Morgan takes a seat at a table and pats the chair next to her "Come sit Brae." and she motions for the Dwarven man to join the table "You dont have mage armor, ok you will."

Merek nods a bit to Brae, while he takes a moment to look and while checking to see if there's another seat which is available.

Braelnoir gently pats Morgan's shoulder, "One sec, luv." she says softly, then steps closer to Merek, setting a hand lightly on his shoulder before accompanying him back to their table.

Merek makes a way to the table along with Brae, while he nods a bit, "I appreciate it," he mentions, then he settles up into it, "What are you all up to?" he asks.

Randolf hops up and trots over to join Morgan at her table. "I learned the Shield spell. I's just as good as Mage Armor, and it blocks Magic Missiles," he says.

Morgan nods to Brae and says to Randolf "It does not last as long as mage armor, it lasts hours as shield lasts a few minutes. But if the fight is getting heated cast both."

Braelnoir settles in in time for her tea to arrive with a, "Oh! Thanks, luv!" and forks over some coins while the mages start talking shop. She listens, mostly because she might learn something, though.... at the moment they're just tossing names around.

Randolf considers that, puffing thoughtfully at his pipe. "Aye, ye make a fair point. But even so... bein' able te stop Magic Missiles... tha's no somethin' te be sneezin' at." He pauses, then looks curiously to Morgan. "Can ye cast both at once? Wouldn't one cancel out the other?"

Morgan nods "there is a way but since Mage armor lasts hours cast that when you see the thing you will be fighting." she pokes her finger out as its glowing blue, she makes a few motions leaving some arcane symbols in the air "if you add this to a spell it lets you to cast the spell faster, but it takes a spell of one higher level then it." she makes more symbols in the air "add this it lets you reach even farther, but this still takes practice to beable to do it, so adding them now will not help you."

Merek seems to be content with listening to the two talk about magic, a little nod offered a bit to people.

Braelnoir watches all of this from the outside, as she's still very raw at this whole magic thing. She hasn't managed to blow anything up, or even sneeze fairy dust or whatever it is that's in her, now. Instead, she sips, and listens, and tries to find a way in.

Randolf gapes at those intricate sigils and signs. "Beards o' me fathers." Even as smart as he is--and the dwarf is certainly no slouch--the advanced metamagical modes are beyond his grasp. He shakes his head, hopping to his feet. "Ye've given me much te think about, Loremaster Morgan. But I should be findin' a bed te fall into. I's been a long day." He upends his pipe, knocking the ashes from the bowl before stowing it in his pocket. He puts his hand over his heart, offering her a low bow. "It was a great pleasure meetin' ye, missus. I hope te see ye 'round the guild." Braelnoir is given a similar bow. "An' good te meet you as well, Miss Brael. Reos favor yer forge." A nod is given to Merek, before he turns to lumber along on his way, whistling a cheerful tune.

Morgan smiles as ahe waves good bye to the Dwarf "Do you have any questions Brae I can tell you are paying attion to what I was doing."

Merek looks to the dwarf, waving, while he then looks back to Brae along with Morgan, nodding a bit. "You both been doing well?" he asks.

Braelnoir lifts a hand to wave at the Dwarf as he takes off, "Have a good one, Ran!" before she blinks with some surprise at Morgan's question, "Huh, what?" another blink, "I was just.. I wouldn't even know where ta start." She looks to Merek as he chimes in, then, "Well... still tryin ta figger out how this new... whatever in me works. Um.... I think I made this magic." She glances at her scythe meaningfully, then shrugs, "Balance is better than it used ta be an' it seems ta cut a little deeper."

Morgan nods as she waves her hand letting the symbols in the air fade away "well if you want more help in your studys me and Merek here can help you, and I think I will have a lot to do with Randolf in the guild." she seems to like that. She looks to Merek "I been studying in to new spells, and hoping for some one to get a new magic item made."

Merek nods a bit to the two, while he thinks about it, "I do a lot of work with new spells, I admit though, it's been difficult to work. It's... A lot to deal with, first the Iron world, next the one of which we went to," he mentions.

Morgan says, "Well, I need to poof. Bye Merek," and vanishes.

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