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About My Character

Ladislaus Netzke is a proud bear cavalryman, and knight of the Purple Rose. Within the last decade or so of his life he has gone through some major changes, and is still evolving as an Arvek Nar. While his view points and religion have changed, he did once worship Thul and thus his perspectives can still sometimes be pretty grim. Once a member of the Bludgun military, he fought on the side of Blar during the battle for independence. He wields a military man's mustache and dark wit; crude and blunt. He is the practical sort tactically, but he will often choose excitement over the prudent path. Glory is not gained by cautious action. He considers himself a seasoned campaigner, and will provide apt advice when needed.

Painting of Ladislaus Netzke, yr. 1002

Roleplay Hooks

  • Ladislaus is a Cavalier in the Order of the Purple Rose. He also is a huge fan of drunken bar brawls. Great way to let off some steam.
  • He is particularly fond of large flashy hats, and will collect them from powerful foes.
  • He is loyal subject of Blar and its experimental government, but he was born and raised in Bludgun. For or against independence?
  • He rides a bear named Zofija.
  • He was a Sub-lieutenant and cook for his old cavalry company the 27th "Growlers" Mountain Irregulars. Military?
  • The 27th used to defend the line between Bludgun and Khazad Duin. Old war buddy, or foe from the good ol' days?
  • He is fond of poetry, but is absolutely horrible at it.
  • His father was a Crimson Templar, and his mother a Pale of Thul. Got a problem with that?
  • He is newly a follower of Serriel, so he doesn't have things down pat quite yet. He might need some help here and there.
  • He speaks Tradespeak, Goblin-Talk (which he insists on calling Nari), and knows military Handspeech.

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"Henny plan vere hyu lose you het iz a bad plan."

Arvek solo.png

Arvek Nar PC Badge
Family Heritage: A family of Bludgun warriors and Priestesses of Thul.
Military Role: Sub-Lt. Ladislaus Netzke of the 27th Mountain Irregular Cavalry, Company Cook, Blood traitor to Bludgun and the Undead Lord, Defender of Blar, Knight of the Purple Rose, and supplicant of the Maiden of Battles.
Faith: Serriel (Former worshipper of Thul)
The Dawn: The 27th Irregulars are traitors to the Cockatrice, having actively participated in the Independence of Blar. Those that remain still defend Blar, or travel the land as knight errant to prove the mettle of the new Arvek Nar nation.
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Cavalier PC Badge
Order: Order of the Purple Rose
Mount: Zofija the Bear
Code: Loyalty, Order, Rank, Word, Honor.
Oath: "To serff Blar in valour und faith. To keep de order uf de realm. To proteck de pipple uf de lunds. To obey doze placed in auddority. T liff by honour und for de glory. To fight for de velfare uf hall. To guard de honour uf odder knights. To keep faith. At hall times to schpeak honest like. To endure to de end in henny enterprise begun. To respeck de honour uf vimmens. Never refuse a challenge from an eqval (schpecially for you het). Never turn hyu back upon a foe. "