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The mysterious entity known only as Lachesis is believed to have been the original incarnation of evil and the force that triggered the beginning of all wars between the powers associated with the creative power and light of The Source and the endless madness and nameless ruin of The Void.


The origins of Lachesis are shrouded in controversy, mythology and clerical legend. It is taught by some that she was an opposing force to Elhim, existing alongside him in eternal struggle representing the endless battle between the creative power of The Source and the consuming madness of The Void. Others teach that Elhim was always self-existent and that Lachesis did not rise into being until after the creative era actually begin, self-incarnating out of the emptiness of The Void with a hungering desire to oppose the creative process and to reclaim all worlds back into the emptiness of the Outer Darkness. In that sense, some scholars claim that she arose, first.

Present Status

The earliest records say that Lachesis struck during the early days of creation. At that time, she would set in motion actions which begun the Celestial War. However, through the acts of the gods and the intervention of Elhim, she and her legions known as the Daemons of the Void, were defeated and her body was cast into the Outer Darkness for all eternity.

Her defeat did not spell the end of strife, however. It is said that from her corrupting influence the Void shook itself to wakeness, and from those energies arose three wicked gods or at least the means of their corruption. It is taught that Maugrim had already existed but initiated this rise by claiming for himself the power of her tyranny and sovereignty and that in turn he released her other two progeny, Gunahkar and Taara. These acts combined triggering the War of the Gods.

In this, Lachesis' defeat was only the beginning of Gaea's trials and tribulations against the power of the Void, for the rise of the gods of evil ensured that the legacy of the Outer Darkness would live on. Few know of the name Lachesis or of the specifics of the first of all wars. Lachesis herself is no longer incarnate as a deity or sovereign power but her agenda and corruptive nature lives on in the world.