Hubert Milner

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Hubert Milner

About My Character

Hubert 'Hugh' Milner is known to be originally from Rune, an Acanian human of no particularly noteworthy upbringing. He now serves Navos though he is somewhat obviously not the meditative scholar that fills the ranks of the clergy and the monastic order.

Pryntar, 1022

He is only recently arrived in Alexandria and has been seen around the Temple of Daeus, offering his help in service of the church and support <nowiki><nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here of peace and good in the region.

Roleplay Hooks

A Dranei human commander and Inquisitor of Taara, Laszlo Thorfast has some supernatural connection to Hubert. Thus far, this connection has been ruinous to Hubert, leaving him beaten unconscious, horribly scarred and left for dead in their last encounter.

Audunar, a Navosian cleric, is the one responsible for both bringing Hubert to Navos and for lifting him out of a dark world and dark path he had found for himself. Though they have recently gone their separate ways, Hubert gives Audunar credit for some basic teachings of introspection, discipline and an understanding of how everyone is ultimately accountable for the world we live in.