High Sun in Dragonier

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The town of Havenwood has surely seen better days. The various buildings appear loved but run-down as the townfolk fix things as they break. Most of the homes and buildings sit on the east side of the river that crosses through the center of the area that is deemed Havenwood. However, several of the homes and farmsteads are also on the west. Two covered bridges provide easy access for crossing.

In the center of the village is a lovely gazebo that seems to be the center of life here as well. All around the gazebo are various shops, the jail, even the town hall. Across the river is a local Temple to Vardama, set aside to tend to the souls of the village, and those who have departed. Outside of the center of town are several posts that display the local news, along with all the farms that feed the villagers.

Overlooking this somewhat peaceful village is a husk of a large stone building on the hill. It is large and imposing, with a sagging roof in the main part of the structure. A partially overgrown path leads from the southern edge of the village, which winds its way around the base of the hill, and back along it's southern slope to the prison itself.

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Smythly Stone faced Goblin. With a big hammer. 15s 23h

Jibbom Steel Von Ironblood, Bane of the Night. 9m 1h

Jahnavi An egalrin feathered in grays 0s 8m

Katyana A dirty, singed, dark elf with goggles. 10s 1h

Typhoon A spinning mass of wind, water, and smurfs 6s 1h

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The High Sun of Daeus is a big affair here in Havenwood, though they actually don't have a temple to Daeus here, instead a Temple to Vardama. However, the idea of spring, and the start of the core farming season is a big thing for the folks here. Thanks to recent pushes for Dragonier, the forces have set up a teleport and have encouraged people to celebrate with Havenwood.

There have been games going on, beer is freely flowing and a barn raising was done earlier in the day. It's been a beautiful one, the sun shining, a bit of a chill to the air, but that's typically for the start of spring.

There is one odd thing about this town that's not hard to miss. Over the whole of the village, even out to several of the farms, one can see a slight sheen to the sky, one that isn't seen anywhere else. Anyone who asks is told that it's always been there and no one questions it.

Godwyn steps through the portal, eyes closed as she sets foot on solid ground again. As she opens her eyes, the Althean takes a look around with a grin. "This..." She glances over her right shoulder. "This is how it should look, isn't it? This is how Dragonier used to be, I think."

Someone's staring at the sky. The egalrin does. She makes a Sign of Warding, her feathers twitching the whole while. "Not right," she says underneath her breath. "Not RIGHT." She's dyed her grayish feathers golden at the edges, in honor of the Sun and Spring. She also has the usual marks, indicating she works for martial hire. ...mercenaries. Opportunists.

"I can't believe someplace like this still exists in Dragonier," says Smythly. Incidentally, he is sitting on the back of a very large, very brown bear who seems to serve as his steed. A steed he's patting on the back and feeeding some fish to when he has the chance.

"Good Muddy," he tells said bear. He all but disappears on its back from time to time.

Sophia nods slightly, stepping through a few moments after Godwyn, "Yes, very much so." She glances back and forth, then she looks up at the sky, and at the egalrin's comments, narrows her eyes as she notices, well, that sky. "Well, maybe not completely..."

With her head bowed, Namira gives a kiss to both of the burn marks on her forearms, then crosses her arms and seems to push the kisses towards the temple. She's wearing her temple robes and her sword on her waist as she turns towards the festivities...and a white mare bumps her muzzle against Namira. "yeah, Llamrei. Give me a moment and I'll find you an apple." She says as she strokes the hore's neck.

A new place. A new time. Rhar wouldn't miss that. And not when her Cyootie is going. And it's a celebration, too! So through the teleportification comes the four. Gurr, Rhar, Rhar's prominent fur-covered belly, and there's even still room for the mighty Steel von Ironblood! Without whom, deific celebrations simply can't properly commence!

Ceres came early, to mingle and possibly make connections with other, musically inclined locals - but for right now, it is time to meander near the 'port, and see who comes to join in the festivities. To celebrate the day, her normal outfit has accents of sun-gold here and there, nothing overwhelming, but nicely complimented to the colors of the forest and moonlight.

Godwyn glances toward the sky. "You're right... the sky does look interesting. But it's fair enough for me." She gives Namira a sideward glance before smiling toward the Vardaman. "So then Sophia, what should we be doing first?" She glances down at her dress. "You don't think I'm being ostentatious with this, do you?"

Jibbom makes his dramatic entrance right alongisde Rhar, seemingly no more frazzled than usual as a result of the teleportation. "Citizens, behold!" He declares, spreading his wings as he bellows to those present, one arm still around Rhar. "It is us! Steel Von Ironblood and Rhar, the Bane and Baness of Night! Alexandrian Heroes!"

Jahnavi rubs at her forearms and shudders, after others' words confirm she isn't just seeing things, after another long and baleful look at the not-right Sky. She steps forward to join the celebrations, but is still somewhat wobbly from the teleport, so the step ends a half-stutter. A second half-stutter at the sight of the von Ironbloods.

Sophia just arches a brow at the rather dramatic entrance, but doesn't comment, instead looking over towards Godwyn with a wry expression, "And why are you taking direction for me in this? It isn't exactly like we are in the temple, no?"

Ssylrath has arrived.

Godwyn chuckles. "I can't help it. You do know more than I do." She sighs and glances toward the festivities. "Let's get moving then. We came to celebrate the restoration of this place, and restoration is Althea's domain."

Most of those from Alexandria get a glance over or a bit of a smile - but a couple get a slight bow of greeting, in the case of a certain cleric, or in the case of The Bane, a laughing hello. The rest is all rather vague - possibly due to the various liquid refreshments possibly found here or there - or just because it's an elf.

Rhar waves paws excitedly following Cyootie's introduction. "Hi hi!" She then pats Gurr so he stops. Rhar hops down from his back. Lands a little off-balance. Flails her arms as she wobbles. But she doesn't tip over! Because gurr grabs her by the scrugg of her furs to steady her. "Sky funny!"

"Well said, my eloquent wife!" Jibbom enthuses to Rhar. "Now, let us party in heroic fashion! It is expected of the Bane and Baness of Night, after all." His gaze sweeps over those assembled. "To where shall we go and spread our heroic good cheer?"

Godwyn chuckles at Jibbom's antics and makes her way toward Rhar. She kneels and taps the lucht on her right shoulder. "Matron bless you, my good friend. How are you faring?"

Jahnavi continues on to the beverage bar. As she does, she slows at the sight of... "Does it hurt?" she asks Rhar and Godwyn, without preamble. Because egalrin are some of the most polite people in the world. Yes. "I heard the other races carried eggs inside their bellies. It hurts?"

Ssylrath arrives, as usual, atop his swiftclaw Thaliss. He stands in the saddle to survey the place with a critical eye and then he notices Gurr. And then Rhar. He rides closer and Thaliss dips her head to sniffle at the wolf as the rider raises an open hand in traditional greeting. "Peace on your Nessst, Packmate Rhar." He pauses for a fraction. "Othersss as well."

Sophia glances over towards Jahnavi, and chuckles, "Though it's not something I've personally experienced, it can be rather painful if one is not properly prepared for it."

Being here upon the back of Muddy, Ssylrath's former steed, Smythly nudges the bear over towards him, moseying on in. "Hello, Ssylrath. IT is good to see you again."

The bear grunts. Onc. Then it attemmpts to butt its head against Ssylrath's side.

"I'm still surprised. How did these people survive against Heth?"

Walking over towards one of the shops, Namira finally finds an apple...a red one. She holds it up to her horse and it shakes it's head. "Blast Llamrei...you're a hard head." She then gets a green one and gives it to Llamrei. The mare crunches the apple happily and Namira pays for it.

Everyone from Alexandira are gladly welcomed to the village. The Councilmembers are friendy, eager to see such new faces. Shops are opened for all to come in and explore the wares that are there, though nothing as extravagant as Alexandria. At the gazebo there is commotion as there are several men of the village setting something up.

On the outskirts of the village, sleeping while leaning against the sides of the wagon, is Korrani. As the horse-drawn cart carrying extra celebration provisions goes over a few bumpy rocks, Korrani is rocked side to side, but doesn't waken until the cart finally stops. She yawns and stretches stiffly, then gives thanks to the cart driver before bracing her hand on the lip of the wagon and hopping off the side of it. She straigthens her gear, adjusts some of the belts that shifted while sleeping and from the jump, then walks towards the party. The half-oruchess gathers up her dreadlocked raven-colored hair and starts pulling it back to tie it in a leather thong. It's meant to make her look more tidy and civilized. But really, the pony tail is disturbed by the shorter dreads that jut out in funny directions.

Rhar laughs. "Cubs no hurt Rhar. Make walk hard. Rhar no see feet!" She can still walk, she's just not so light on what she can't see. Could be the whole center of gravity thing, too. "Rhar, cubs, strong!"

Godwyn nods. "That's good. If you need anyone by your side when the time comes, besides your quite enthusiastic husband, let me know." She stands and walks over to Sinaa, running a hand along the scales of her neck. "Been a while since I saw you, pretty." Godwyn looks up at Svarshan. "The Naming is close, am I correct? I trust I am invited...?"

Ssylrath smiles at Smythly and the bear. "I am glad that you are well, both of you." He scritches Muddy behind the ears just where he likes it. "Thisss place needs protectors to sssurvive, you are also one, yesss?"

"It's funny you should ask!" Jibbom declares, fluttering over to Smythly. "For it is quite a heroic tale! I, Steel Von Ironblood, the Bane of the Night, brought a handful of my most trusted associates into the depths of Heth's horrible undead horde! Then I unleashed my amazing arcane might to destroy them in a truly awesome feat of heroics!" He puffs out his chest proudly.

Godwyn nods. "That's good. If you need anyone by your side when the time comes, besides your quite enthusiastic husband, let me know." She stands and walks over to Sinaa, running a hand along the scales of her neck. "Been a while since I saw you, pretty." Godwyn looks up at Ssylrath. "And I haven't seen you in forever either. What have you been up to?"

Jahnavi stares at the rounded form in the unblinking way of birds. Then blinks once, rapidly, and leans back. "It is so odd," she says. She tilts her head to the side in curiosity at the others, and then stares at the laughing Rhar--then looks to the others. "Odd. ...are you going to build a nest?" to Rhar. To Jibbom. "He has wings. They're...glowing. They--" She takes a step back from Jibbom and his glowy-wings!

Sign of WARDING!

"Is he for real?" asks Smythly to Ssylrath of Jibbom. He's Jibbom, after all. He scratches his head, shrugs his shouldes, then adds, "Well... yes. We're doing quite well. I've been spending a great deal of time learning to ride a bear of all things. But I heard about this town and their... celebration. I thought it best to make myself a presence here to offer it what I can." The goblin is doing his best to keep his voice from aproaching the shrill volumes typically associated with his race.

Godwyn pats Sinaa's neck and moves toward Namira. "And it's been a while since I've seen you as well. I trust you've been busy?" She smiles. "Then again, we all have. This is a good break."

There may be a bit of a grin at seeing Jibbom - but at the overheard mention - and glance of - impending fatherhood, and Ceres is changing direction somewhat. Specifically, to a rather enterprising local who is selling a skewer of some sort. "Too much wine, not enough food."

Ssylrath shrugs to Smythly. "It appearsss that he is. Rhar ssseems to like him which means he can not be... how he is." The Sith is struggling to find the right words. "I am told he can be helpful."

"Steel Von Ironblood, Bane of the Night, has a reputation for awesome heroics known far and wide!" Jibbom chipperly declares, still fluttering about in a vaguely annoying sort of manner. Jahnavi's horror at his appearance is entirely ignored.

Stjepan is there, honest, buying skewers of meat and vegetables. He acquires a few before doing much else.

Jahnavi takes another step back. Between the ghostly wings and the Wrong Sky, the egalrin is just going to have a bad day. She takes Several More steps back, and heads towards the Wine.

The sun starts to set, and the shimmer in the sky becomes more present in the way it reflects the light. Partway as the sun sets, there's a great shimmer in the sky from whatever barrier is there.

Suddenly there is a loud and horrific, definitely inhuman scream that comes from the south, in the direction of the prison ruins. The villagers stop and just STARE in that direction, unsure of what that is about.

As the scream goes on, the shimmer in the sky seems to 'break' as lines and cracks appear then it is gone, the sky is normal like anywhere else. Then the scream ends.

People speak in hushed and very worried tones, before starting to flee for their homes.

Godwyn winces as the sound tears the jovial atmosphere apart. Then she turns and faces the prison ruins. "Okay... what has decided to ruin our party."

Jibbom goes wide-eyed at the screaming. "Adventure is afoot!" He spreads his wings again. "Associates, assemble! Steel Von Ironblood and his courageous fellow heroes shall right all wrongs!"

Stjepan stops, meat half to his mouth. "That wasn't supposed to happen, was it? No primal shouting?" He mutters under his breath about 'shorties not knowing how to party'.

Jahnavi looks up from her wine. Which is clutched in her talons.

The glass breaks.


"I am not the only one who heard that," she says, halfway to herself. "I am not the only one." Deeper breath. And well, creepywings is calling on them to assemble. She screws her eyes shut and licks the wine off of her talons. I wish there was more of you, sweet, sweet beverage, that says.

Ssylrath raises himself in the saddle again and peers upward, silent. The leather banner suspended from the back of his lizard mount is somehow reassuring that things will turn out all right. His mount jitters a couple of steps sideways before calming again at his touch.

Ceres blinks out of her food - then sort of weaves. "... oh dear. I definately did not ration food and drink properly. Have fun storming the cast...er.. pris... no, no, that isn't right either. Ah! Have fun hitting the sky!" And then the bard promptly passes out next to the skewer-food guy. Or at least looses her balance enough to fake it.

Godwyn's eyes narrow. "All right, let's go see what decided to break up the party." She moves toward the direction of the ruins, now wary that the sky is suddenly back to normal. She figured something was up with that, and now that she knows it's a barrier...

...this day has just turned bad.

Namira is right with Godwyn, left hand on her sword for now. To note, she's right handed. the left hand is to keep the sword from flopping around.

Stjepan licks his fingers, then just eyes Godwyn. He looks at her for a long moment, then glances at Jibbom. "You're rubbing off." Nonetheless, he forms up to go exploring.

Jahnavi brushes off the last drop, and then hefting her own blade, begins that way. She casts the occasional, worried look at the glowywings, and at the Cursed Sky. Shudders. Does her best to keep walking forward and cautiously, towards the source of the noise.

Ssylrath urges Thaliss, his swiftclaw, into a trot and she covers the ground extremely quickly as the pair head up the hill toward the source of the sound. "This isss not good." Understatement is the Sith-makar way.

Jibbom flutters and waddles towards the source of the danger as swiftly as his chubby physique allows him. "Forward, associates! To heroism!" He bellows, undeterred.

Stjepan heads along after the group, finishing off his skewers as he goes, before wiping his hands thoroughly.

Approaching the old prison they first come across a stone memorial, a statue of a man, facing the river. Going past also is a very small home, almost a hovel, that someone seems to live in and is hiding in. Up the overgrown path, around the hill then up it, sits the old Havenwood prison, a stone monstrocity that appears burnt out from an old fire.

A sagging wood and metal gate set between a pair of stone guard towers once barred entrance into Havenwood Prison, but the gates now hang negligently open, creaking softly in what wind touches the ruined bars

A two-story stone building looms in the center of the prison grounds. Ivy and moss cling tenaciously to the walls, while above the wooden shingles of the roof are often missing entirely, exposing the wooden rafters of the upper structure to the sky. Here and there, leering stone gargoyles perch on the eaves, once functioning as drainspouts and decorations but now seeming almost to serve a more ominous role of sentinels. Many of these stone decorations have crumbled away and lie in ruined piles on the soggy ground below. Windows in the building's facade are narrow and blooed by grills of rusty iron bars. Stone columns support a slumping wooden balocny over the building's wooden front doors, both of which hang askew and reveal dark glimpses of chambers within.

Jahnavi looks over the grounds. It takes her a while to get to the central building. When she does, she draws still for the barest moment before moving forward. "It's missing most of its roof. Rotting windows." Turns to the others, "We could get in here easily." A sidelong look at the gargoyles almost asks: but do we really want to...

"No, that isn't ominous looking." Namira says as she sees the doors. "Come on Godwyn." She then looks to Ssylrath. "you too. And I'ms taying up here cuz I can see in the dark."

Stjepan heads forwards, peering towards the building. "Shit. This reminds me of this ruined keep where the spirits of dead children walked."

Ssylrath shrugs in his plate armor. "Dark. Light. Is all sssame." He grins raggedly at Jahnavi and urges his swiftclaw through the sagging gate.

"The important thing is that it can be cleansed with my amazing heroic powers!" Jibbom enthuses. "Stand fast, associates! We shall confront the evil before long!" So much for a stealthy approach.

The egalrin shudders once, and sends the sith-makar a sidelong look. The way she draws back is reminiscent of a raptor going to higher ground. ...and then looking overhead, as she espies the building a second time.

...takes a few more steps away from glowywings. The Sparkles are Catching!

Ssylrath's mount picks her way forward and through the sagging doors, knocking them aside if necessary.

Namira pushes her way in as well along with Ssylrath. She has good eyesight in the darkness....

Jibbom makes his way in behind the initial group, stumbling and fluttering with his usual lack of grace.

Thaliss didn't get very far, nor did Namira, as suddenly the doors that were hanging on the hinges were just fine and shut firmly. Both react quickly enough that they don't get hurt by the doors, and now seem set and firm in their mountings.

Stjepan follows up behind Jibbom, chin down, ducking to come inside.

"I think someone doesn't want us to come in." namira says rather bluntly....and pondering something before actually kicking the door.

Jahnavi jumps when the doors slam close. She leans forward, her wings lifting--and then flatting, slamming against her back. Damnit. Damnit! "No." She says, and looks up. Egalrin always look up. "...but the roof has no hinges to close."

Stjepan looks at Jahnavi. "If you want to. Or I'll just break the door down."

"Wings aren't that strong yet," comes the terse reply. They remain clamped to Jahnavi's back.

"Bust it down! Heorically!" Jibbom enthuses.

Ssylrath steadies himself after the door slamming. "Do not worry Thaliss, they will not hurt you." He sizes up the door speculatively and draws his adamantine falchion. "Perhaps we ssshould try knocking? It is only polite I am told."

Stjepan shrugs. "Up to you. If you need it broken, you know where I am."

Just like that, Namira thumps on the door....loudly. 'helllooooooooo"

There was no answer. In fact, there was a roar from the gargoyles, a rather unwelcoming one.

Ssylrath looks up at the gargoyles. "Is that normal? I thought that those were usually just ssstatues."

Namira says, "Some can be ensorcelled by spells."

Jahnavi stumbles back. The raptor's beak opens in a hiss as she glowers at the gargoyles, the wings still clamped at her back. "Statues. Who knows." Another hiss.

Stjepan cracks his neck. "Unhappy, but intimidation is usually a sign that it's worth entering."

Namira says, "Intimidation doesn't work on swords of faith." She says looking the area over. "Ssylrath...right?" She says gesturing towards the Sith-makar on the swiftclaw."

Ssylrath looks surprised. "Swords of faith? I am not one of thossse paladins of some godling, I ssserve the Green through my strength and that of Thaliss alone."

Namira chuckles. "I am, Ssylrath. Anyways......see what people you can gather to take a look into this. This may require more than just us." She then kicks the door again. "and....it doesn't look like we're getting in this way."

The egalrin picks up a rock, and hurls it at one of the gargoyles. And then backs away. No one accused the harrier-race of being even-tempered. You know. Ever.

"...well.... this is interesting," says Smythly. "I've patrolled the fringes of the village," he adds, having returned on hi bear. "I've not een anything else unsuaul so far."

Ssylrath looks all round. "Well. Sssomeone does not want us to enter. Sssomeone broke the skyshield. Sssomeone has power and is noisy. This is not my area of exsspertise."

Namira says, "and I'm not in my armor, this would end badly for me as well. Let's get other people into this." She then looks to Ssylrath. "can you find a Mourner or a wizard from Rune or something like that?""

Stjepan looks upwards, at the sky. "Or, maybe just someone to fix the sky."

"....IN THE NAME OF REOS, I DEMAND YOU LET US PASS!" Smyhtly had to try it. He totally managed to even yell it with a straight face.

"We are amazing heroes!" Jibbom yells, apparently feeling that this should carry a lot of weight.

And the prison just sits there... not responding in the slightest.

"...that always works in the tales," mutters Smyhtly, "Am I missing the password somewhere?" He looks over his shoulder, "What do the towns folk make of it?"

Jahnavi narrow-eyes the gargoyle. She resists picking up another rock...and then heads back towards the festivities. And the Wine. Surely no good can come of this. Surely.

Ssylrath humphs. "Call if anything happensss, I am goin to go and check the perimeter. This could be a dissstraction." He turns and his mount paces away.

Stjepan eyes the door. "Something needs to happen with this. This is a god's damned provocation."

"That' true, but it doesn't need to happen now, necessarily. IT simply just... might not. But there are perhaps things that we need to discover. The twonspeople may know more," suggests Smyhtly, worriedly.

Stjepan nods towards Smythly. "Right. So, shall we gather. It's usually best if I don't ask polite questions to people who don't need to be scared into answering."