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Erik Hägarsson

About Erik, Son of the Hägars

Little is known about Erik who looks to be a wizard who just arrived from Stormgarde. He has recently completed his basic prenticeship under a Serrielite theurge from Blar. The fellow strikes an easily recognizable image with his thin build, pale complexion, many bright red braids and cordial demeanor. He seems to be fond of dogs.

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Roleplay Hooks

  • Are you a wizard or witch with a good-aligned patron? Let's compare notes.
  • Got runes to check out? Haggerty always looks for magical writings of interest.
  • Do you like dogs? Erik always has at least one dog with him and wants to understand the little rover better, among things.
  • See Badges, please!
  • Learn time requires play time. As a human, Haggerty has no time to waste and dusty tomes' content often leaves drymouth when recited so he can be found carousing at the rowdier places.
  • Folk Lore. It is the stuff of legends which shapes history and the perception of it. This goes into eddas, fireplace narrations, song, these theater plays and operas. Haggerty strives to collect them.
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Human PC Badge
Ancestry: Stormgardian clan. Jarldom of Syldhaven.
Associated With: Haggerty is a proud Stormgardian, supports the cause of Serriel and seeks association with other wizards.
Faith: Serriel(Shield Maiden of Battles), add Stormgardian favorites.

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Serriel, the Shield Maiden of Battles
Temple: Temple in Alexandria now.
Role: Layman follower, arcane assistance.
Landmarks: Haggerty got started roughly four months ago. He aims to be and become a devoted layman and helper of the faith. He brings a peculiar view of civilizaton as a concept.

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Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Stormgarde
Family History: Harald the Hägard is the first son of Hägar(d) to be recalled, some five centuries' worth of winters ago. He was a successful raider, fisherman and trader, skillful with both harpoon and his great ax. He helped his sons found a brewery which they operated ever since and only relocated once to help found Syldhaven as a fortified hamlet with but a few longhouses. Since then, his family -and the majority of their clan Haggerty knows of- resides in the seaside jarldom.
Politics: Haggerty has seen his homeland's troubled situation while traveling and does not feel happy to leave his great nation behind, but he knows he cannot do much without advancing to greater circles of magic first. Haggerty will do what he can to help his people thrive.


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Tactless
Development: While a speaker and helper to promote civilization and advancement of the folk of Ea, an academic and a rather outgoing person, Erik's mores, traditional grooming and perceptions differ from those of many others, particularly the urbanite veneer of the citizens of Alexandria and other metropolitan cultures. He is proud of his heritage and sees no wrong in the way he acts and behaves.