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Gimring Stonesmasher

About My Character

{{{1}}} Gimring Stonesmasher is a recent arrival to Alexandria, though he is becoming an increasingly common sight in the mercantile and industrial districts of the city. The rather plain, unassuming dwarf is often seen accompanying clerics of Reos through the city, and much of his time is spent at the Temple, seemingly serving as a guard.

Locally, it is known that he is the nephew of Thoric and Erhild Stonesmasher, the latter of which being a well kn own brewer of dwarven ales and stouts in the city. Rumor says he lives with them, though his background, short of his ties to the Temple, are not spoken of.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Reos: Well known to be a guardian of the temple and its priesthood in Alexandria.
  • Crafting: Displays a keen interest in artisanry, particularly brewing and those trades involving wood and stone.
  • Drinking: What good is a fine ale if you only sell it, after all! Frequenter of taverns and places of ill repute, though he is by no means a shady sort.
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Khazad-aul PC Badge
Clan: Stonesmasher
Role: Friend, spiritual guide. Protector, brewer.
Faith: Reos
The Mountain: Hesitant to accept the union of the Khazad-Aul and Khazad-Mornir. Slow to trust, and quick to watch for signs of disaster.

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Homeland PC Badge
Homeland: Khazad Duin (Dun Mordren)
Family History: Renowned warriors in service to Thane Aric Truehammer. Scions of the Stonesmasher clan, and somewhat unlike Gimring.
Politics: Politics are something to avoid where possible. Keep your head down, and do honorably by your clan.

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Faith PC Badge
Faith: Reos
Temple: Temple of Reos in Alexandria
Role: Guardian
Landmarks: Lowly guardian, possibly minor priest.