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Gedryn of Thornhaven
Character Info Notable Stats
Race: Human (Eldanar) Attributes: Intelligence (19),"Bright"
Dexterity (16), "Nimble"
Charisma (11), "Shy, Bookish, Scruffy"
Class: Wizard Skills: Crafts: Bookbinding & Alchemy, Knowledges: History/Scribe
Specialization: Evocation RPP: Casual Member:Society of Progressive Arcanists
Nationality: Alexandros
Status: Commoner Languages: Draconic, Eldritch, Gnomish, Khazdul, Sildanyari
Faith: Navosi Profession: Scribe
Roleplay Hooks Goals
Working Class: Gedryn is an apprentice wizard who was educated but what could loosely be described as a 'Hedge Wizard' in a small village a few days walk from the city. He's just starting his studies of evocation but has no current master or teacher within the city. He could easily be described as a "Working Class Wizard" especially when one notes the quality of his gear and robes. He often sends home a portion of his earnings to help support his family back in Thornhaven. Not Poor: Gedryn grew up in a home that did not much. That is to say that there were occasions where they would end up having to go to bed without food, wear threadbare clothes, scuffle around either without shoes or in ones that were more patch than sole. So when he began his new life as an apprentice, he told himself that one day he would be able to use his magic to take care of himself and his family.
Booknerd: He's often seen in the city library either copying some of the more damaged pieces or researching some topic for one of the masters at the Arcane Academy. Noted Scholar: Though it's still too early to peg him down to a specific subject, Gedryn would like to think that someday he might become a noted scholar - publishing his thoughts and investigations into some complex arcane subject.
Practical Magic: Unlike some other wizards, Gedryn is far too practical for his own good when it comes to magic. Rather than focusing on 'flashy' spells that are more akin to fireworks, his concentration seems to be on those spells that either make life easier, improve one's chance of survival or escape, or address some problem that needs fixing. Enchanter: Every wizard can inscribe their spells onto scrolls but Gedryn wants to learn how to make magical items that would work for the everyday person. Whether it's a crystal lamp that never needs oil or a cloak that will always keep you warm and dry - he can't wait to move past the basics.
Alchemist: Another side to Gedryn's education has been his research into alchemy and apothecary formula. Whether he's learning how to replicate magical effects or cure injury, he's often seen out of the city's walls looking for raw materials. Flight: There's something to be said about using one's magic to slip free the iron-clad bonds of earth and fly above it. Whether it would involve him turning into a creature already capable of flight (a bird of some kind), using a magical item like a flying carpet or wings, or astride a magical creature he -will- possess the power of flight some day.
Mystical Creatures: What boy, what wizard for that matter, hasn't looked upon the image of dragons, griffons, and other magical beasts and wondered about them. Gedryn is no different He's shown to demonstrate an interest in dragons and their history and ecology than other creatures and he has a healthy respect for their knowledge and power. Elven Magic: There's something about a society that embraces magic and venerates wizards that draws his attention. At some point he'd like to research their arcane history.
Familiar Contacts
Ged's familiar is an owl. That is to say that it looks -mostly- like an owl, if someone had found a way to combine an owl and a cat together into a single, half-furry, half-feathery creature. Its body is no bigger than a well-fed house cat with snowy white feathers down its chest and along its four legs. Its head and back, however, have the straw-colored coat and face of a barn owl. To compliment the cat-like appearance, a long, fluffy tail extends beyond the feathers.
Bonus: Gedryn recieves a +3 bonus on sight-based and opposed perception checks in shadows or darkness.
RP Logs

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Wizard Spells
0-Level Spells
Abjuration Resistance
Conjuration Acid Splash
Divination Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic
Enchantment Daze
Evocation Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Spark
Illusion Ghost Sound
Necromancy Bleed, Disrupt Undead, Touch of Fatigue,
Transmutation Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close
Universal Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation
1st Level Spells

Character Background

“Magic is not just in the books, boy.”

"Magic is out there - and you need to find it.”

With his meager possessions and a pair of robes that his mother made for him, Gedryn has set out from the small village of Thornhaven to the city to study with the Society. Upon his arrival, he's found employment as both a scribe as well as an apprentice alchemist. This means that he's either working in the library or possibly out in the field gathering 'fresh' materials for some potion or elixir.