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About My Character

Elessa is a fairly young Tsuari that arrived in Alexandria tired of the wandering life and lured more by the stories and adventures that was had in the great city that disappeared. She has spent the past year or so in and around the city, hired mostly by the Guild of Explorers, but she attempts to make her way also by not so... legal means. She'll help out when people need it, but usually on her own whim.

She works for a gentleman by the name of Renfrey, along with Tatyannah, who all operate the Lock and Key, a reputable place that handles any security concerns.

From time to time, she disappears, but doesn't really tell anyone where or what for. This has increased since the Dran/Rune war started. Though if not at the Guild or the Lock and Key, she can be found at the Prestigious Moon, harassing Sandy, because seriously, who doesn't?


Roleplay Hooks

  • She loves anything sneaky.
  • Stealing things would be fun, too, if given the chance.
  • She is shy and careful around paladins, though not so much with clerics, but obvious... moral reasons.
  • Have any security concerns or a stuck lock? Ask Elessa and she would gladly help you with it.
  • She has a talking sword. Yep, ask her about it sometime. It might just talk back.
  • She has been recently accused of attempted assassination and murder by Dran, and is wanted for it with a pretty hefty bounty.
  • There is a fan club about her, out of the Church of Vardama. Something about bringing back a vision of the afterlife...


Elessa was born in the Vast, like many of the Tsurai, among the caravans and trade routes, instantly knowing a life on the constant move of wagons, horses and trade. Born the third out of five, she was the middle daughter to her clan's chief, Korat, and thus held a small place of honor, though not as much as her elder siblings, especially her eldest brother Kamir and her eldest sister Latisha. The family was a loving one, caring for each other, as the whole Clan was a giant family. Running around wagon wheels at night and being chided by other women of the clan not to do something was a regular occurrence. They watched out for each other, kept equal eye for trouble and the raising of children a communal affair.

Growing up, Elessa could not have had a more wonderful time. Free and always on the move. Even small she proved to be adept and quick, and also of quick mind. While books were not always readily available, any that her father managed to get a hold of, Elessa would read avidly until they had to be stored or traded away. She picked up on the stories of her clan and her people, the Tsurai, and anytime they came across other grounds, she would listen for gossip, learn from any scholars that they happened to come across. Her love of learning wouldn't diminish with time.

She was also quick on her feet and quick with her hands. Proving very deft, she excelled at acrobatics, proving a high rise walker and tumbler. It worked well when their caravan came to larger towns and helped in raising money. This also worked as a lovely distraction as well. She'd take her turns at lifting purses as well like others in the clan. True, they did not always live the most honest life when it came to people outside the clan, but they needed to eat as well.

As Elessa grew older, she started to think about the world outside of the Vast. Sure, the Vast had it's own dangers, but Elessa knew there were places beyond it, places that she couldn't even begin to imagine and that her reading and the stories teased her with. Despite her father's attempt to arrange a marriage for her, at sixteen Elessa left the clan when the reached one of the cities her clan frequented. Unsure of where to start though, she ended up in the local archives, and there she decided to try and 'devour' as much as she could from the books. Unfortunately, the archivists and librarians didn't like having a young Tsuran in their midst and she only managed to read a little to convince her that she wanted to see more of the world. And so, she travels, stealing where she needs to, otherwise attempting to make her way.


(RPP) Ancestral Weapon PC Badge
Weapon Name: Lysander aka Freedom's Edge
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Purpose: It wishes to destroy all lawful evil creatures, mainly devils
History: None to share, except Elessa stole it from an estate sale
Abilities: Can speak, cast light.