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Cryosanthia hatched from a large clutch and enjoyed a pleasant childhood with her siblings and creche-mates that survived. She found she was above average in all ways compared to most, especially in physical challenges, and this strengthened her confidence and outgoing nature. Several siblings were stronger or tougher, but she found she could out-maneuver or outwit those she couldn't directly best. She believed herself destined for great things, a natural leader, who could never fail.

Cryosanthia's flashy antics as a young teenager attracted the notice of the elders. She was selected as a group of promising juveniles and the class went to see the Silver Empress at the capital. While she only saw her as part of a group, and at a distance, the experience cemented her desire to prove herself and make a name in the world. She returned to her settlement, and was initiated into the Speaker Clan. She would go out, meet peoples, and establish links. These formative years were also filled with successes, of a kind she believed important, but the world at large would only see as the inflated endeavors of youth.

Cryosanthia's first real test to prove herself as a young adult came in the form of a hunter-caste expedition to the Charneth lands to see what became of the Sith-Makar that were taken by then. She eagerly volunteered, and was included for tactical and diplomatic insight. The team failed, utterly. They were captured and experimented upon. In her case, the Charnath awoke her bloodline and covered her in tattoos from an experiment in using a living Sith slave as a wizard's spellbook. Some of the magic leaked in as well as out. She almost didn't escape. The rest of the team were not as lucky.

Cryosanthia returned to the Sith-Makar homelands a defeated wretch, blaming herself for the disastrous results. She wasn't the sole decision maker for the team, but her positions were argued strongly and her social efforts failed. She attempted amends and carried tokens of the lost to the hunter-caste's family. She volunteered to go to Alexandria City, to see what ties she could establish, an offer to challenge herself as much as it was to escape the angry eyes and survivor's guilt that followed her from the bleak place. Perhaps, if she endures and grows strong, she will be able to avenge those who fell beside her younger self.

Roleplay Hooks

  • One of the wizards that experimented on her shows up.
  • One of the hunter-caste team she thought dead or lost is rumoured to be nearby.
  • Her tattoos are responding to some unknown magic and this is a concern.
  • A boast has caught up with her, and she must live up to it.
  • Family, either speaker-caste or hunter-caste, want something of her.


Sith-makar PC Badge
Caste: Speaker Caste.
Draconic Ancestry: White Dragon bloodlines.
Faith: Ceinara
Politics: Primarily Supportive of the Silver Empress.