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Shrouded Wings

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Common: Rogues, Inquisitors, Rangers, Fighters, Monks Locations: Alexandria (A05)
The remnants of the Dragoneri secret service, migrated to Alexandria. They maintain the shreds of their honor, their skills, and a fierce determination. Of course, no one in the Underworld cooperates with anyone else in the Underworld.
When Dragoneri fell, so did its people. So did its government. Within that government was its intelligence agency. Composed of the most highly trained spies and shadow soldiers, and inspired by, at least nominally, the honor of dragon knights from which Dragonier was known for, the Shrouded Wings once worked from the shadows in the defense of Dragonier.

Now, homeless, this highly skilled group has set up shop in Alexandria. They bring with them their order's history, its honor, and importantly, its skills and training. Without official backing though, they just need to survive.

The Shrouded Wings specialize in intelligence, though they are small and largely underfunded. They also face foes in other agencies of the Underworld, who aren't see another player in the mix.

RPP-Related Skills: K/Nobility, K/Local, Bluff, Diplomacy, Prof/Bookkeeper, Disguise.

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