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About My Character

A heavily scarred mul'neissa woman that works the Alexandrian docks, who tends to speak more with her fists than any words she could write down. She arrived to Alexandria to escape the clutches of Charn, yet keeps finding such atrocities creeping back up on her. Thrust into the adventuring life, she tends to see most with open suspicion lest they are vetted by those she's come to trust. She's busted a slave trade going on and helped return the captured folk back to Alexandria from Charn with her friends.

As of late, her recent dealings are that of trying to come to terms with her past, understanding the growing strength within her, as well as building relationships that she's lacked for decades.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dock hand - Aryia tends to work the ships that come to and fro from the ports, having been a sailor after her escape for some time.
  • Uneducated - Due to a strange upbringing, Aryia does not know most common knowledge of the world, and has a 'try-everything-once' attitude to most things.
  • Runaway - Fleeing from the underbelly of Charn has its own problems that constantly arise.
  • Pugilist - Aryia talks with her fists often, her training consisting of an unorthodox mishmash of various mentors, desperation, and grit. Not quite a proper monk, but close enough to get the gist of it.


Mul'niessa PC Badge
Family Name: ???
Role: A fisticuffs brawler that doesn't mind going head first into a scrap.
Faith: None. "I threw myself before any and every god during my most desperate times and all I got was silence."


Flaws PC Badge
Flaw: Mute.
Development: Physical silence bestows it's own slew of problems. One that Aryia has no desire to get fixed any time soon.


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Sun-Touched
Tier: Tier 3
Development: Odd it is that a mul'neissa is aligned with the moonlight, yet still retains their touch of shadows. Either the coin landed on its side on the flip, or something else manifests.