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About My Character

A heavily scarred mul'neissa woman that works the Alexandrian docks, who tends to speak more with her fists than any words she could write down. She arrived to Alexandria to escape the clutches of Charn, yet keeps finding such atrocities creeping back up on her. Thrust into the adventuring life, she tends to see most with open suspicion lest they are vetted by those she's come to trust. As of late, her recent dealings are of fiends trying to snatch her, as well as busting a rumored slavery operation within Alexandria.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Dock hand - Aryia tends to work the ships that come to and fro from the ports, having been a sailor after her escape for some time.
  • Uneducated - Due to a strange upbringing, Aryia does not know most common knowledge of the world, and has a 'try-everything-once' attitude to most things.
  • Runaway - Fleeing from the underbelly of Charn has its own problems that constantly arise.