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Amir'a al'Jarim - Windchild - Khamsin

About My Character

Born a female in a land where women were secondary citizens at best, Amir'a's life wasn't easy. Especially with a father who thought women were worse than slaves, good only from breeding and showing off. Wanting a male-child as his first born, Amir'a and her mother were essentially exiled within the clan until Amir'a's mother convinced her husband to allow her to bear another child. Thankfully, the child was a son, and the man had his heir, forgetting about Amir'a. At least until she could be useful for him.

Fleeing this life, Amir'a, at first, disguised herself as 'Faroud' during the Sendor War. Recently, however, Amir'a has grown more comfortable with herself, who she is, and what she is, and Faroud has simply ... disappeared.

Followed often by winds, and having an affinity for them, Amir'a casts potent magic as an elemental Sorceress.

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'Amir'a and Faroud' Copyright Myrrh 2010 Commission by Myrana