Albain de Corveaux

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Image commissioned from Arthur Asa - [1]

de Corveaux Family

Very few would have heard of the de Corveaux family because only one member has done anything of note beyond the sleepy town where the family's modest holdings lie. Cyrun de Corveaux is a noted explorer who plans and leads research expeditions beyond Myrrdion's borders. Whether it's mapping out uncharted islands or delving into old ruins, Cyrun is interested. He has worked for various Myrrish patrons, ranging from lords to merchants, but always reports his findings to the intellectual community rather than working as a common tomb robber. He's currently in his late 40's but shows no signs of slowing down.


Albain de Corveaux is one of the rare few who taught themselves magic without the aid of a proper tutor. Normally this is unsuccessful and the prospective student gives up after a few years of failure, but Albain was lucky enough to have an epiphany that led to a breakthrough. After seven years of study he learned how to focus his arcane energy through an item - something that is not uncommon among wizards - but the item he chose was the mana chamber of a dragonspitter; the technomagical component that uses a mana crystal's power to propel the bullet. Also his workings differ from other wizards in that they often are discharged directly from his dragonspitter's barrel, rather than him merely needing to wave it around while reciting the spell. It's truly odd and some have mistaken him for an artificer because of it.

Plot Hooks

  • Rosalia: Albain de Corveaux was born and raised in a small inland town in the Myrrish land of Rosalia.
  • Exploring Uncle: Cyrun de Corveaux is an explorer of some reknown who heads archaeological expeditions for Myrrish patrons.
  • Academic: Albain grew up with his nose in books. While he may not know every topic, he has a keen mind for discussions and debates.
  • Adventurer: Albain is less of a mercenary and more of an adventurer; the promise of excitement and wonder is a greater lure than coin.
  • Self-taught Magic: Albain spent many arduous years teaching himself magic with only a collection of tomes for aid, so his techniques are quite different than the standard. This oddity has made him known among others at the Arcanist Society, though not everyone deems his approach as worthy as theirs. The difficulty he has with incorporating the arcane teachings of others is not helping with that opinion.
  • Gunnery: Albain is the owner of a dragonspitter and is well-acquainted with its construction and use.