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Tenebrae - Thursday, February 06, 2014, 5:25 PM

-=--=--=--=--=--=<* A07: Local Alexandria Market District *>-=--=--=--=--=--=-

Just west of the Northern Highbridge and east of the arena, commerce blooms. Noisy and bustling, most anything may be purchased here for a price. Vendors from all cultures sell their wares from exotically colored carts, and the smells of different nations and far-off city-states mix with local ones from Alexandria and its riverbanks.

For all its commerce, visitors are advised to keep hold of their purses. Even the merchants possess a certain, cunning look. Most are positioned at carts or stalls as opposed to a formal storefront, with trade here being mobile, and visiting from all parts of the world.

Though the quality of goods suffers here compared to Upper Alexandria, the options are more diverse. Too, the oversight of the Watch is slightly less, and during times events are held at the Arena, chaos abounds. After dark, the square becomes a hangout for bards and other entrepreneurs whose business is best conducted by night; the shadows at the edges of the square often contain furtive figures engaging in their own brand of business.

Mikilos murmurs quietly to himself, and gestures.

Above the rooftops, near the edge of the marketplace, a massive figure appears. A translucent, slightly cartoonish one, obviously an illusion, glowing faintly in the darkened sky. The cartoon swings a simple grey sword at generic monsterous shapes, until his blade suddenly snaps. Sadface. The cartoon's face lights up as an idea occurs! Traveling a moment across a simple map of the city, the figure heads up the Mountain Road to Mithralla Merchandise (or so the large sing in front of the cartoon shop says). There the figure shows the elven shopkeeper his broken blade, and is offered a magically glowing replacement. Happyface! The hero tries to offer a large sack of money, only to be refused. A much smaller bag is cheerfully accepted.

-Mithralla Merchandise, offering fine magical items at very reasonable prices.-

Mikilos grins to himself and takes a seat at an outdoor cafe as the advertizement repetes itself, the simple cycle taking only a few seconds.

GAME: Mikilos casts Silent Image. Caster Level: 8 DC: 18

Looking up and watching this spectacle, Charlotte makes a bit of a face at it and shakes her head. "Well, if you have magic to spare, then I guess you can spare a bit of advertisement." She does pat the Saber at her hip though, since she doesn't need it. She also walks right by Mithralla's merchandise.

Mikilos's shoppe is elsewhere. But the people are here. Hence the need to advertize. "Well, having magic to spare is part of the advertizement. If I can spare for an ad like this, then just think of what I can do for a weapon, armor, or magical device." The elf grins, raising his cup in a cheerful toast to the passerby.

Charlotte looks over towards the tall elf and smiles a charming sort of smile. "A shame I have no magical talent myself, but I imagine you mean for yourself." She says to the elf that toasted her. "So you are the one who is runing this advertisement for the shop and magical creations?"

Mikilos grins, and touches a hand to his brow before offering a sort of bow. Only such much with can be done from a seat position. "Mikilos Mithralla, Builder Arcane, owner and operator of Mithralla Merchandise. Don't you notice the resembelance?" He gestures as the shopkeeper again appears in the ad. It looks like pretty much any blonde elf.

Charlotte says, "I didn't want to insult you with an assumption, Mister Mithralla. Of course, in my experience, assuming is a bad thing. Predicting is a different story." She then smiles a bit. "So why the large advertisement in the middle of the city? Don't want to do it by word of mouth?""

Mikilos shrugs. "Word of mouth has to start somewhere. And while many of my comissions come that way, a few reminders never hurt. Besides, I wanted to see if i could actually do it."

Percivalstrode down the street, eyes wide as he stared up at the mass of buildings and walls, things he had not really seen before he arrived here. The illusion taking up a portion of the horizen caught his gaze as he turned the corner towards the folks talking in the market. The gnome was mesmerized by it, smiling happily as he strode right into a pole. Rubbing his cheek he found a nearby place to sit where he could nurse his scuffed face and grumble about how all the wood here is dead and cold.

Brianna has arrived.

Charlotte says, "I guess. If your work is as good as you say, then I may come your way with a few commissions myself. But we shall see, as I just got here." She then gives Mikilos a curtsey, as if she were wearing a dress. Charlotte Van Norse, a pleasure to meet you, Mister Mithralla.""

Brianna makes her way into the market district. Hard to miss her, dark skinned lass wearing armor that stands out a bit given the various gears and mechanisms on it. There is a large rifle looking thing slung over her back on a strap.

Mikilos grins, and motions to a seat across from his spot in invatation. "Indeed? Arrived from where? What brings you to Alexandros?" He winces faintly, eyeing Percival. "You alright there, sir?" Above the wizard, a large illusion plays out a simple cartoon, advertizing for Mithralla Merchandise.

Percival looks up, still rubbing his cheek absent mindedly and to the elf and his drink. He replies unhappily, the bruise to his pride apparent, "Yessir, I just hit a pole watchin' the display." He grinned a bit, eyes drinking up everything around him, especially the woman whose strange and complex armor made her look how the city felt. Fake and rigid, uncomfortable and close. The opposite of how he imagined all of the forests. "Name's Percival, I just made to this place."

"Don't worry Percival. It worried me too." Says a woman from near where Mikilos is sitting. "You weren't the only one fooled by the large advertisement. Thankfully, Mikilos was here to let me know there wasn't a threat to the city." She says as she gives a curtsey to Percival and Brianna as well.

Brianna cocks her head to the side and her attention is drawn by the illusion and she makes her way over there, "Hello." she says softly.

Mikilos chuckles again, nodding greeting to Brianna. "So what brings all of you to the city? I've been here a few years and enjoyed myself, have made it my home."

Percival glances back over to Mikilos in response to the nearby woman's remark. "Do you often play pranks on the town?" He chuckles and leans back on his hands, kicking his feet out to let them drop back down against the chair. "Well, I've recently had a different viewpoint of the world thrust upon me. So, I decided to come see how the city looks from down here." He frowned and peered about at the nearby buildings and houses and turned back around to Mikilos and Brianna. "I can't say it's very nice so far." He paused and put his palms out to Mikilos, "Not, not that your display had anything to do with it, sir elf. Just, lacks the life of the forests."

Charlotte says, "I have heard of it from Myrridon, my home. So I came to find out about it myself. Seems I came to the right place." She then looks to Percival and smiles. "I'm not much of a forest person myself, though, if I'm part of the adventurer's guild, I imagine I'm going to see a lot of things I don't normally see, hm?" She says to Mikilos."

"No, I am pretty sure that purple is not 'close enough' to blue." declares Albain as he steps away from a nearby stall. The merchant appears to be selling various pigments, as he holds up a jar of purple powder. "But if it is magic, how can you know for sure? Maybe you can enchant the powder to be blue?" the vendor replies, only prompting a sigh from Albain as he continues to walk away. "Just get some blue powder in stock so I can buy it." Albain responds without turning, walking towards the four of you on his way.

Brianna shrugs, "I have been here for a while, just off learning my trade." she says softly, "Just reached the point that I could make my armor." she says softly. She taps her chest.

Mikilos chuckles softly. "I've taken part in a few pranks upon the town, but such is not my typical habit. Regardless, all of you, welcome to the city." He nods to Charlotte in particular. "Yes, if you choose to join the Guild, can be sure to run into a great many unusual things. Many dangerous things as well, though the Guild is generally pretty good of matching task to talent. Not to say mistakes don't happen, but rarely do they offer a challenge more than you can face."

Charlotte says, "I look forward to the challenge myself." She then looks to Percival. "You speak of the woods. Do you normally reside there? If you do, I did pass through some woods north of here." She says softly as she orders some tea."

Percival chuckled and dusted his dusty clothes off. "I've never been out this way before, all this city stuff everywhere. Me and my mom used to just wander the forests, it was beautiful."

Albain just looked at you.

Albain pauses as he passes by the four of you, having caught a bit of your conversation it seems, as he turns around to glance at you all. His eyes appraise Mikilos with a scrutinizing look before he finally speaks up. "Mikilostravia Abrioudelanarchie Mithralla, correct?" he says, one of Rosalia's accents tinging his words.

Brianna isn't making a lot of noise, just people watching and stuff for the moment part. She does pull out a small box with things all over it and starts to tinker with it.

Mikilos blinks, nodding to Albain. It's rare enough someone attempts his full name, let alone gets it right. "Builder Arcane. How may I be of service?"

Charlotte smiles a bit. "I admit that I appreciate the woods myself, but I fear I'm more of a city woman." She says sipping her tea.

"Blue powder." Albain declares. "Or sand, as you probably know, will substitute for it." he adds, as he pulls out two pouches he bought from the merchant just a minute earlier. "I have the other two colours, but the spell won't work if blue is missing." he explains further.

Percival shrugs, licking his lips a bit, wondering if her tea was sweet...lumps of sugar could make better even the most bitter of teas, but he liked the sweeter teas the best for their natural flavor. He shook his head a bit, trying to focus again, "Well, ma'am, I just got to the city, I guess I haven't seen anything good yet." He shrugged and leaned back on his seat, and crossing his arms. "I guess I can give it a little more time, without a snap judgement"

Mikilos blinks slowly. "...what spell is it you're refering to? Various substitutions are possible, but seldom recomended." Glancing to Pervical, the elf offers "Try the Fernwood Tavern. They have a collection of wines to put most anyone in a fare mood. Or if you don't mind a rowdy atmosphere, is the Ox Strength Tavern, down south by the docks. Just see who's serving. If it's one of the Oxley, try again later. But if Myrana's around, can get some of the best ales, pastries, or stew in the city. Depending on what she's made that day."

Mikilos mmmms. "Oh, and don't mind the cat, Rum. He's pretty much harmless."

Charlotte says, "Sounds like I should try the Fernwood." She says softly before finishing her tea and standing. "I should be going. I need to register at the Adventurer's guild."

Brianna has disconnected.

Albain puts the pouches back into his bag. "Color Spray is the most common name for it. I have tried colour replacements in the past, usually with dismal results." he replies, then adds as he glances to the others. "Mostly harmless depends on your sense of smell, or lack thereof."

Mikilos ahs, and nods. "A bit of dyed salt, or sand, or most any powder can serve in a pinch. Crumbled stone can serve, if need be. But yes, blue can be one of the more difficult hues to obtain. I'd recomends checking with the Soceity of Progressive Arcanists, over at the college. They tend to have a fair stockpile of components on hand. I tend to fashion my own, but of late other matters have proven more pressing, and I havn't much by way of reserves."