A Little Help?

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Log Info

  • Title: A Little Help?
  • Characters: Fidget, Irshya
  • Place: TarRaCe
  • Time: Jun 26, 2023
  • Summary: Fidget brings too much stuff to set up her Magic Shop at the TerRaCe

Another grey, misty day, something Alexandria is famous for. Both in normal mist, and the magical variety that moves places to other places. No reports of people vanishing... Yet.

The Goblin huffs. "If only it wasn't so muggy and hot.", she complains. Her regular robes, faaaar to heavy for a day like today, have been replaced by a simple, white summer dress. The garment has been tailored to the Goblin, allowing her fin to be uncovered without being uncomfortable. Her wee tail follows along behind her, under the bottom of her dress.

A new room has been created inside the Tarrace, filling a previously unused space, a negative space simply covered up by a wall. It smells of fresh wood, and the floors, walls and ceiling appear to have been freshly treated with something. Irshya works to clear out the sawdust, and has left small burning pots of incense around, which work nicely to keep the smell from smelling too 'woody'. A few simple candles have also been arranged to provide light.

The sounds of footsteps, heavier than usual for a goblin, and a little ungainly, thump closer to where Irshya waits in the room. Then there's a surprised squawk, a thunk, and a clatter outside the door, and a loose plate rolls in the door and slowly spins to a rest at Irshya's feet.

Outside the room, there is no Fidget to be seen, though a tuft of red hair peeks through the gap in the pile of assorted stuff that has suddenly appeared in the hallway, some in a heavy looking backpack, and some now untidily spread out around a second backpack which has spilled its burden onto the wooden floor. A second pile of stuff hovers just behind the pile, supported as if by magic (Actually, it *is* by magic).

The pile gives a muffled groan, and then, though it's barely audible, the pile asks "Little help, please?" in a familiar cheerful goblin voice.

The plate is deftly snagged before it can do the full death spiral into the floor, and gently set onto one of the tables.

A moment later, Irshya is carefully moving objects from the pile, stacking them carefully into smaller piles, looking for the Gobbo trapped underneath.

"Goodness, Fidget, are you alright?" She reaches in, suddenly, feeling about until she finds an arm or hand, even a foot will do, and gives a mighty heave. "There you are!"

The reaching around finds a suitable appendage, in this case a leg with a black and white stocking, and with a tug, Fidget's head reappears from amongst the pile, and with a little assistance, she can wriggle out of the backpack she's strapped to herself and leave it behind on the floor for now while she rolls back to her feet and shakes off a loose bit of fabric that was still barely hanging onto her nose.

"Uhh, hi Irshya! Thanks for the help, turns out I have more stuff than I realized. I thought about taking two trips, but last time I did that I forgot to do the second run until it was really late." Fidget rambles a bit, her breathing quickened by the weight she'd been carrying.

It occurs to Irshya that the leg she'd grabbed looked like a stocking, but it didn't feel like a stocking at all, instead a bare leg - some kind of illusion?

Fidget on the other hand, isn't thinking about that at all, and hops over the pile of stuff to the open door of the room, and asks "Ooooh! Is this it? I can set up here?"

Irshya giggles at Fidget, and as the other Gobbo begins to move things in, the pool-shark moves to assist. "You do have quite a few things, you might haver asked for assistance, I would have been happy to help you carry things." She moves to brush a bit of dirt from Fidget's arm. "Erm... about your stocking... uhm. Would you be using a hat of disguise, by any chance?"

"Yes, this is your spot. We can build you some shelving, or cabinetry, or a countertop. This room is essentially in the middle of the building, and it has the heaters for the pools underneath, so you will be nice and warm in winter. A little warm in summer, but we lower the temperatures for summer, since people seem to prefer cooler water."

Fidget spins around to look at all of the room, and peeks behind the tables, and very nearly dances with joy. "Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!" she exclaims, and then pounces on Irshya with a surprise hug. "This is going to be so great!" the goblin gushes and squeezes with all her might (which isn't very much) on the sharblin woman. Her arms, definitely not covered in the elaborate fabrics she's displaying, they're bare too. The hat is definitely real though, as it bumps against Irshya's ear while she's cuddling. Mid-cuddle, she realizes a question was asked, "Oh yeah, well, not exactly. Sleeves. I made them myself! So I can always be in the right outfit for the occassion."

The pool-shark's eyes follow the pirouetting Fidget, grinning toothily. "We can do a few more things for you. There's water we can bring in, if you want a sink? You can do whatever you like for lighting. You have access to the staff bathroom here, and you can eat and drink for free. Also, the baths are available to you too. If you want a fire place or a stove, we have a spot behind one of the walls, we can hook you into that. But yes, it is all yours to use!"

The pool-shark squeaks as she's suddenly pounced and hugged. After a moment, she returns the hug, as well as carefully returning Fidget to the ground. Her ear flicks as the hat pokes into it, and Irshya ohs. "Ah, sleeves. Probably better since they can't get blown of your head like a hat can." Her hands move across Fidget's back. "Okay.. hah, I was concerned for a moment you were wandering around bare. A dangerous thing to do in a city filled with people using magics. A bit of run away magic or a misplaced dispel and woop, there goes the illusion."

"Oh yeah, those would be really good. I can do the lights, they have to be magic, you know, for ambia~nce" Fidget drawls out the word jokingly.

"Well...I thought about it, it's really hot today so why wear all those clothes if I can not, but still look fabulous. But, since I was coming to a pool, I figured I could come prepared with my own swimsuit - I had one made! - and then I could jump into the pool fully clothed in all my- oh, but now it won't be a surprise." Fidget realizes, and after a pause, she slips off the sleeves to reveal her swimsuit.

It's a shimmery solid black, sleek from shoulders to butt, and shows off her petite frame nicely, but it lacks the colourful charm that Fidget is disposed to. Until she steps back slightly to get in direct sunlight, and it becomes irridescent, the fabric catching the colours like oil in water, and her twirl shows the full rainbow of colours in the light. She grins at Irshya, "I helped a bit."

The pool-shark giggles, "Am-beeeee-ants!" She nods. "Magic lights will be very neat, I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Maybe we could use one or two in the Tarrace itself!"

Irshya giggles as the sleeves go down. "Oh, those are very neat! Did you make the sleeves yourself? And my gosh." The blue-skinned Gobbo admires the iridescent bathing suit. "That is very nice. Your sense of style is impeccable. It'll go every nicely in the pool!"

She steps forward and runs her hand along Fidget's side, "It feels almost like it looks, that is such a wonderful effect. Amazing."

The goblin nods eagerly, "Oh, of course! And let me know anything else I can do for you, since you're doing so much for me already. Maybe you can put some coloured lights inside the pool itself, for night-time swimming in blue moonlight." Fidget looks like she's pondering all the cool things she could do with lights, "Technically, I can't make permanent lights yet - but I'm studying it now, among other things. Once I can cast fireba-" she pauses abrubptly as Irshya's hand runs down her side, peeks down and blushes a little, her purple turning a little pinker, and she grins nervously, "Oh, hi." she says sheepishly.

Irshya snorts and giggles lightly at Fidget's reaction. "Sorry... the side seemed like the safest place to touch. Right?" Her hand is quickly pulled away. "Er, so, lights! You could make magical ones for under water use? That would be a nice upgrade. We could lower the house lights a bit, and have it be all moody in the pools. I think that would be nice! And if there's anything else I can do to help you out, just ask and I will do what I can!"

"It's okay, it was just a little..." Fidget hesitates, "...ticklish." She lies, and takes the opportunity to move on for now, glancing away shyly. "Yes, I could totally do that. In a week or two, depending on how long it takes me to crack the trick to that and the other new spells I'm trying to learn. I also probably need to learn fireball, since I've been going out exploring with some of the adventurers from the city." Fidget then beckons in the floating pile of stuff that was still waiting unattended in the hallway, and has the Unseen Servant gently set the pile on the floor. "Now to figure out where to put all of it. Oh, and you" she says to the air, "can do the sweeping so Irshya doesn't have to." after a pause, the discarded broom floats away from the wall and begins to clear any remaining sawdust from the room by itself.

Irshya reaches out to hug Fidget once the unseen servant goes about its business. "Aww, thank you, that's very considerate of you.", she says of the servant sweeping up the sawdust. "Ticklish? Ah, not what I meant to do, sorry about that."

Stepping back, the pool-shark's expression is thoughtful. "Be very careful with fireball. It's got a lot of power in a small package, you know. Kind of like you."

She giggles lightly as she begins to pace around the store. "SO I thought a nice countertop could go along here, split the store up into two, roughly. You could have a little doorway here. We can make some shelves, and cabinets, to display all your wares. Oh, also... I thought maybe we could put some glass along this wall so that you can look out from, and people can look into, your store."