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About My Character

A Cleric of Angoron Yngvild was born in Stormgarde to two Aesir parents. Her mother had been a Shieldmaiden, her father is a Cleric of Angoron. She grew up in the middle of a sprawling family, and so was used to brawling from a young age. After a dream intercession from Angoron she shifted from her ambition to be a Shieldmaiden and started her novitiate(which was not nearly as formal as it sounds). She has come to Alexandria after several years with a Stormgarde mercenary troop and is looking for fun and adventure.

She is a loud, boisterous, brawling and drinking Aesir, but has no time for bullies or those that pick on the weak.

She is most often found in the Temple of Angoran, offering help to those who need it, or in one of the city's inns or taverns.

RP Hooks

  • Drinking
  • Healing
  • Adventure
  • Fellow followers of Angoron
  • Or Kor :)
  • Fellow Aesir or others from Stormgarde