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About My Character

Vespasian, to one generation older, sparks the memory of a hero, of a soldier with a tragic end from Perenath. The great war shaped his whole life. Born to a Soldier mother and farmer father, he was as gifted at the former as he was miserable at the latter. There were songs, once, that mentioned his championing, but with age they have altered and changed, worn themselves into something else, all save one. It is a morbid child's rhyming song, with associated gestures, forming a sort of dance:

"Have you heard of the Soldier? I've heard o' him far and near! What weapon did he use? A flashing, sharpened spear! Did he go quick to a fight? No one could be faster! He was first down to battle? And he found disaster!

Oooooh, he lost his friends? And he lost his hand! We salute you, brave soldier, Ves-pa-si-an."

As the rhyme mentions, he did lose his comrads, and his right hand, in a battle, and from there experienced a steady decline into booze and middle age. Having finally fallen in with the worst folks, he's managing to just pull himself out of complete obsolescence and get back to work as a man with a reputation for burgeoning underground talents.


Roleplay Hooks

  • Outliving the past: Have you heard the rhyme? Perhaps you know of him from his past, soldier days.
  • Ex: Ves spent a lot of time using up friends and patrons on his downward slide. Perhaps you were one of them.
  • Gruff: He might have insulted your Aunt.
  • Down and out: Maybe you were part of his recovery.
  • I can has thief? can.