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Sat Dec 13, 2014

Local Directory Edits

Crafter contact information from Local Directory has been shifted to a new place, PC Directory. Here, you can find crafters, other Altheans, Vardamen, and so on, as well as directions for how to add yourself to these different groups.

Access the new page at:

People > Find People

To find people in these groups (such as members of the Silver Crescent, or a Wondrous Item crafter), just click on the link. You can control which groups you're listed as part of by editing your character page. As we move forward, these groups will be linked to more and more, so it will become even easier to find people with a similar interest.

I've left the old Local Directory as it is for now, so that folks may copy over their store information to their character pages, if they wish. It will remain for 2 weeks.

Fri Dec 5, 2014

PrP Workshop Log

For folks curious or who missed, the log can be found here: PrP Workshop 4 ...or linked to from our PrP page. :3 A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Thu Dec 2, 2014

New Commands Summary

Howdy. This is just a quick reminder of a few command updates we've made over time. While all of these are announced, they can still sneak by. There's usually a lot going on, and so on, both here and in other places. So, a recap...!

Replacing +meetme, +meet comes with a delay, and a few more options, besides.
+rpwho & +rpwho/where
Shares RP interests, as well as basic deity and class info! See the associated help file to see full options, including how to hide certain information.
List all of your alts with a quick, simple-to-use command.
An upcoming announcement; we'll be talking about ideas and uses for collaborative legwork in the upcoming Workshop! We've made this much easier to do.
- Your Tenebrae Staff

Sat Nov 29, 2014

PrP Update

Howdy! After examing our PrP policy, we've made a minor change: for levels 2-10, anything over APL+3 requires an approval from staff, and for levels 11+, anything over APL+4 requires an approval from staff. As always, remember, your plots should be scaled to the group you've got. Not all groups are made equal. Throwing the same encounter at two people that was designed for four is not an acceptable encounter.

- Your Tenebrae Staff


Remember, folks, the TPK channel is there for your benefit and assistance. If you need help with encounter design, please hop right on there and ask for it. :)

More over, if you can't get a hold of us, it is always better to err on the side of fun and activity than to hold off and not do anything. :)

Happy gaming!

Fri Nov 21, 2014

Otyughs Under the Tree!


As y'all know, staff tends to do a Holiday celebration, a kind of gift for the season and a thank-you for being part of our community. This year, we'll be starting a little earlier...but continuing well on into the season!

This year, we'll be offering a single, full level to any one character 10 and under! To claim yours:

  • Spend 5 RPPs, or
  • Run 1 PrP

This is per player, not character.

In addition, from here until December 25th, we'll be awarding any arc-related PrPs at 100% instead of 75%. The level bonus must be claimed by December 25th, as well.

- Your Tenebrae Staff
(And otyughs)

New +Event Commands!

A big thank you to Whiteout! He's been busy crafting some new +event commands! These are:

SYNTAX: +event/mail #=
@mails all confirmed players for an event, plus the organizer.
SYNTAX: +event/mailall #=
@mails all signed up players for an event, plus the organizer. (Organizer only)
SYNTAX: +event/page #=
Pages all confirmed players for an event, plus the organizer.
SYNTAX: +event/pageall #=
Pages all signed up players for an event, plus the organizer. (Organizer only)

The basic commands are available under +help events. The organizer commands are under +help events3, along with all other organizer-only commands.

Thank you, Whiteout!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Thu Nov 20, 2014

Character Arcs Update!

After some feedback, we've adjusted the rewards for character arcs. We've also streamlined the process towards claiming them, though will always be looking for new ideas.

If you'd like, feel free to communicate with DMs about your ideas, too. It gives them things to include in storylines, after all.

- Lah

Tue Nov 18, 2014

Cuddles' Closet Unearthed!

Recently, Cuddles reported an odd smell pertaining to her apartment.

It turns out that some gnomes had taken up residence.

While the gnomes are being rehomed, staff has begun an investigation as to what drew them there in the first place.

It turns out, some old artifacts!

You can visit these artifacts (Cuddles has thoughtfully stashed them aside for us), by visiting the Apartment, and venturing through (yet) Another Door.

This door also worth one million XP.

Sat Nov 16, 2014

Character-based Arcs!

Based on your feedback, we're pleased to announced character mini-arcs!

You can read about them here: http://tenebraemush.net/index.php/Character_Mini-Arcs , or by visiting our streamlined PrP page (Roleplay > Player Run Plots). Mini-arcs are more informal than a PrP, but I'm not really sure where to put them yet, so that seemed like a good a place as any. :3

Please check them out, and let staff know what you think. They are still experimental at this point, so expect some changes based on play.

Tue Nov 4, 2014

Plots Update

I have updated all the times for my plots to reflect the DST switch. Please make sure you adjust your offset to account for it. :)

- Whirlpool

Sat Nov 1, 2014

Meetme Update!

Howdy! We've added some handy new upgrades to +meetme. +Meetme is now +meet. Upgrades include:

  • Shorter name, easier entry!
  • Notification of the room before you depart.
  • Ability to receive multiple +meets!

We hope you enjoy the updates.

- Your Tenebrae Staff.

Thu Oct 30 2014

PrP Bonus Reminder!

Hey there. This is just a reminder to folks that runners receive a 10 pct bonus to awards for running twice within a week. This gets overlooked from time to time, so if this is something you'd like to do, please note it in the +req. This ensures we give you the additional shiny!

Sat Oct 26 2014

Low Level Scenes!

I intend to do one or two low level scenes this week.

I am going to ask, specifically, for people toss ideas to me. I have my own, of course, but I thought I'd outright ask 'what's something you low level players want to see happen in a scene?' instead for a change.

Shoot me @mails!


DST and +time

With the onset of autumn, DST is upcoming. If you live in an area that uses it, please prepare to set your +time/offset (see +help time), just as you roll your clocks back.

Tue Oct 21, 2014

Release Package 13!

That's right, guys. Through the tireless efforts of your staff, especially Ty, Lahar, and Whiteout, we are finally at our next release of content!

This includes:

A metric ton of feats
The staff of minor arcana
Vermin Animal Companions
An updated version of War Golems

Because of the number added, please expect some weirdness with feats. If you see something available to you that shouldn't be, or something not available to you that should be, please contact us and let us know! Same for typos. Lots of data was added and the wiki has been appropriately updated to reflect it.

As always, if you want to do a feat swaps and what have you from the introduction of new content, please contact us. :)

Sun Oct 12, 2014

Quick Streamlining Reminder

Hey there! This is just a quick reminder of a few streamlines and updates we've made over time. While all of these are announced, they can still sneak by. There's usually a lot going on, and so on, both here and in other places. So, a recap...!

- Streamlined stealth rules: Developed by Paizo, these are the rules Paizo said they'd implement if they could. We just went ahead and adopted them. Check out Characters > Skills > Stealth.
- Streamlined mounted combat: Published by a 3PP with real life experience in the sport, we nabbed this as well and used it to sweep clear some cobwebs and confusion. Check out Characters > Skills > Ride.
- Anyone can firearm repair: We do not allow gunslinger, so developed a workaround. Check out our Craft/Gunsmithing skill.
- Anything else? If something's missing from this list, please let us know. We'll be putting together a workshop on these and a few frequently-asked questions about Pathfinder in the near future!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Fri Oct 3, 2014

Weekend Scenes!

This weekend, I will be focusing on grid RP and surprising folks on the grid with various things!

See you all there!

- Whirl

Tue Sept 30, 2014

Just for Fun...

Howdy. XD For fun, and because it is awesome, I thought we could set some "RP Goals" this week. The way this works is, if these items are incorporated into RP or a PrP, I bribe you copiously for them. You can earn up to two. To claim them, just submit the RPP/PrP as normal, AND send me an @mail. This way I can add the bonus. :D

RP Goals!
  1. 1: Sign Sandy up for a charity.
  2. 2: Stage a protest of some sort outside Jibbom's new bar.
  3. 3: A gobber dance party.
PRP Goals!
  1. 1: Roles in reverse! Rescue a manly barbarian from certain doom! Or just Jareth.
  2. 2: Gnomes
  3. 3: Rehabilition for murderous monsters!

...if you would like these to be a semi-regular thing, please let me know.

- Lah

Sun Sept 28, 2014

WBL Census

So we're gonna conduct a little, informal census to get a snapshot of where you and your characters are in your wealth by level. On a game this size, with this many characters, it can be hard to keep track of where everyone is,though we do try.

So what we'd like you to do is calculate the total value of your equipment plus your cash on hand for each of tyour characters, and then @mail that data to Hurricane and Pyroclasm. We'll use it to tabulate where everyone is at.

This is purely a voluntary effort to give us some data to work with.


- Whirl

Thurs Sept 25, 2014

Equipment Page Brush-Up

The Equipment page received a brush-up: Characters > Equipment.

Mon Sept 15, 2014

Concluding Plots!

I have set up all my concluding plots for this week!

Hopefully, they will all go off without a hitch. If you're a player on one of these, please check the listings and make sure you weren't left off the confirmed list.

- Whirl

Fri Sept 12, 2014

Wiki Update

Shiny, Shiny Layouts, Without Wiki Code

We've updated the default template to be easy to use. Plus, it includes a beautiful header, footer, and a place for images, too! It's easily applicable to your current setup--all you need to do is fill in the blanks. Or, just ask staff to convert it for you.

Even More Shiny Layouts, With Minimal Wiki Code

Would you like a dragon for your header? What about a gobber pirate? All of these are available, with unique color schemes. You can either fill it in, or if you're comfortable, everything's there to add a tweak or two to your own preferences.

http://bit.ly/1AEWvhO, http://bit.ly/1AEWB9b
http://bit.ly/1oAedgX, http://bit.ly/1BwZCL2

Find PCs by Interest

Looking for other oruch? Now, link your pages together! On the Character Pages er, page, click Find PCs by Interest. It's the giant button at the top. This will grow to include groups, organizations, and other interests.

If your PC isn't there yet, it's because I just finished the D's. I could use some help, here. :3

Find by Interest: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Find_PCs_by_Interest

Fri Sept 5, 2014


Just a reminder that we've re-added the local artists part of the website. If you're a part of the community and offer commissions, please let me know and I'll add your name to the site.

- Lah

Sat Aug 30, 2014

Things Your Staff can do for You

RP is a thing. We're happy to help with it. Here are a few ways you might not've considered, or known about:

1. I'd like to organize people for a RP/plot/story I'd like to do, but we're having a hard time doing it.
How staff can help: Page one of us, and we can create a shared +job for you to use as you like. These can simplify planning, help roleplayers get together, and aid in a PrP investigation (if players want to follow up).
2. I'd like some NPCs to drop by the grid for roleplay!
How staff can help: If you'd like a specific NPC, just ask. Higher level NPCs might require some preplanning, however. As a heads-up, anyone may create and run general NPCs. This doesn't mean we aren't happy to help; only that we want you to know all your options.
3. I'd like to meet other ___ for RP. How can I find them?
How staff can help: Staff can pull the names of all PCs who are interested in ____ or are a member of ____. We can also share how active they've been (if they haven't connected within 3 months, for example), and if anyone's asked about similar topics. Hey, we'll even help you brainstorm, and can help with announcements.
4. I'd like to put together some roleplay tied to setting elements, and it would be great to have a staffer there informally to answer questions, and maybe provide a few NPCS! For example, exploring a Vardamen Crypt in detail, or taking friends to visit the Grove. While these are often things you can do on your own, sometimes, some help is nice.
How staff can help: We love assisting with flavor. :D If the roleplay will be more involved, a heads-up would be nice, though! Longer events or more complex ones may require pre-arranging, ofc. If you're looking to find some players on short notice as well, we can send out a MU-wide note.

These are a few ways we're available to you, to help promote roleplay, and support the stories you'd like to develop and share. As always, be awesome with one another.

Sat Aug 23, 2014


So, after running scenes at nearly one a day for like the last two weeks, I am going to take this weekend off. :) I will probaby be around, but not in any official capacity until Monday. xD

- Whirl

Thu Aug 7, 2014

New Command!

Have you ever looked around and wanted to find other oruch? What about other gobbers, so you could plot and build special explosive candles for Arendt's birthday cake?

Well, as part of our neverending goal to support mayhe--*delete delete*--community, we've developed a new command! +rpwho and +rpwho/where!

You can find the help files, as well as a few additional options, at: +help who, though they are also referenced in +help where. There are still a few tweaks to be made, but otherwise, it is there for joy and mayhem.

- Tenebrae Staff

Fri Aug 1, 2014


Howdy. Due to the interest in Meetups, we're looking to make them a permanent part of the game! This means more opportunities to meet others who share IC interests, and best of all, we'll keep rewarding you RPPs for it, too.

You can read what's currently what on the Roleplay > Player Run Plots section. Let us know what you think.

In addition, Influence has been expanded so that characters may gain additional benefits from both PrPs and Meetups as part of their Tier2 ability.

- Lah

Tue July 22, 2014

Small Egalrin Update

Howdy. We've made a slight adjustment to the egalrin's Keen Senses bonus. It is now +4 instead of +2. In addition, their flight is much improved! So they got their feathers fluffed a bit!

How This Works

How will this Work?

  1. Post the meetup to events. You might add MEETUP: to the name, so people know what it is.
  2. Use +req to send me a log.
  3. Everyone gets RPPs!

Please don't request RPPs during the roleplay! This is different than normal. Given that more than one is being awarded per person, I'll be handling this separately. You might expect a generous number of IC DMnoms during the meetup, though. Just you know, sayin'. (These are the kind that award both XP and GP). Every person may organize one, but may attend as many as makes sense for their PCs.

Can You Give Me Examples?

Here are a few we've had in the past:


How is a Meetup Different from a Scene? A meetup is not a formal scene. Think of it as more of a pre-arranged group roleplay. As an organizer, you'll probably set the tone and a few opening poses...but that's it.

The other way it differs is that you'll probably want to do a little asking around first. Say: Hey, if I ran a ___ meetup, would there be interest? If you're shy, talk with staff. Or, just ask staff anyway. We can more easily pull up the data, and talk with DMs about current interests, or areas which could use some <3.

What are Good Topics for Meetups? Generally, meetup groups should be somewhere comfortably between "broad" and "narrow". For example, a Vardamen meetup should probably be open to Serrielites. A Druid Grove meetup would benefit from including druids as well as rangers and sith-makar.

Possible meetups could be:

- Angorites and Korites!
- Herbalists and Potionmakers (a gathering of druids, wizards, and those interested in exchanging information on and studying...etc.)
- All goblinoids!
- Calling all morning crew!
- Daeusites and Altheans!

...and so on. My door's open. :)

- Lah

Earn 10 Bonus RPPs!

One of the more common comments I run into at the Gaming Table is: I'd like to meet other ____! This is awesome, and what I'd like to do just now is create an opportunity for just that.

Recently, we saw the Gobber Clankfest. Before that, a FUNeral. Both of these meetups brought people together, served as icebreakers, and importantly, created a chance to talk shop with like-minded PCs. The problem is that it can be intimidating to organize things like these. What if no one shows up, for example? Or, just worrying about, can I use events for that?

For the first one: I understand and I've been there. :) My room is open, and pages, too. Come by and have a chat, sit down for some tea and we'll share ideas. If it is something you'd like to try...then let me know how I, personally, can support you. For the second, when we named Events, we chose +events instead of +scenes deliberately. That is, we wanted Events to be open to a broad number of uses outside of scenes and PrPs.

I believe, fully, that one of events' most awesome uses is when it's being used to bring folks together. It's even better when they enhance roleplay. So this is what I'm going to do:

If you'd like to host meetup, a gathering of the like-minded PCs, I'll be rewarding you 10 RPP for just putting it together. Then, 2 RPP to every active participant.

You can earn the organizer's bonus once, and the participant's an unlimited number of times. However, I'm asking you to be reasonable. An artificer signing up for a druidic grove gathering is going to raise some brows, after all. ^^;

I'll provide details in the next post,

- Lah
Note: This is currently closed.



Friday, May 30, 2014

Rune Grid Started!

I've started work on the Rune grid! You can see what's there (not much, yet) in the Roleplay Nexus. Once it's finished, there will be an announcement, here!

Please send in your descs and ideas! Also, please remember the super-secret bonuses in +event GHOSTBUSTERS! These are secret.

Kind of like ghosts.

- Lahar

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Volunteers Sought

Due to being a bit overworked, I haven't had the opportunity to get the Rune grid ready as quickly as I like. The storyline hasn't quite reached hte point where PCs will be going there (though that is coming, as I've announced), but I'm going to ask for volunteers to help @desc the Rune grid rooms. If you're interested, @mail me or page me this evening when I'm about.



The End of Spring

Whew! We're about to wrap our spring celebration! I wanted to thank each of you for your help and the enthusiasm you've all shown both in sharing your stories and inviting others to share with them.

I've had a few (a lot of) questions about running PrPs, and for those new to them and to old hands with questions alike, I wanted to share:

I Just Want to Run a Plot!
What do I do When I'm Done?
What Shouldn't I do?

All of these may be found under Roleplay > Player Run Plots, on the same page (I just linked to bookmarks). There, you can also find logs of our PrP Workshops to peruse...where we put our DMs on the spot!

If you or someone you know has a questions about encounters, or perhaps you prefer a one-on-one...please come talk with our DMs. They're always happy to sit down and have a chat.

PrPs are a welcome addition to this MUSH. Thank you for taking part of them, and celebrating spring with us.

- Lah

Monday, May 19, 2014

Potential Ancestral Update

Hey, there. This is just a heads-up that we will be looking into a (possible) minor adjustment for the ancestral weapon spend. This would be more of a tweak than anything else. As with all updates, if this does happen, we will let you adjust accordingly.

- Tenebrae Staff

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Welcome, New Folks!

We are, as of late, seeing a large number of new faces around. Let's make them welcome. Hooray for new people! Get out there and get to know them and RP with them!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Involved with the Arc

The below are some rough sketches of what's going on in the world based on various groups, interests, and foci. Feel free to look around though, too, and draw your own conclusions and storylines to bear. The following are just that, summaries, suggestions, and a way to paint a larger picture or ideas for getting involved. The details of course, are up to you.

Vardamen/Serrielites: A unique mention is made here because the Vardamen have been largely concerned with Heth and have served as advisors and warriors on that front. Serrielites have brought their shining blades to bear with the brilliance of the Dawn, and laid vanquish to undead. However, the unrest the Dranei bring is enough to threaten Chaos in multiple regions, which Heth (and Thul) would take advantage of. It's unlikely that Serriel would see the loss of Rune's knowledge and civilization a great thing, either...which would be a significant setback for the world at large.

The Forces of Light: After the Rise of Shadows, the deities of Light took on a more war-like visage. Though many seek peace, even Althea stands with bill in hand, a recognition of the gravity of the times. Dran's war threatens not just Rune but the lives of towns and villagers, as well as the risk of Heth's (and Thul's) expansion. It is unlikely those of the Light will stand idly by.

Warriors, Mercenary Forces: Meeting Dran will be largely a meeting of blade to blade. Where arvek inspire by their discipline and military strategy, the Dran inspire by their courage and raw brawn. This does not imply Arendt is an idiot: he's a forceful personality willing to do almost anything, with cunning, besides. PCs will be facing legends. This also means there's some money to be made and legends to be formed.

Arcanists, Elunites: Arcanists and Eluna's followers are in a unique position; the loss of Rune would represent a tremendous loss for the advancement of magic, which could not be recouped for generations. Their abilities both in crowd control (massive Dranei armies) and recon (detect thoughts, etc.) are needed to stop this force. On the opposite side of the die, the fall of Rune could leave a controlling chunk of arcane knowledge in Taara's hands...

The Green: The green of late have been involved in the negotiations between the sith Empress and Alexandria; acting as diplomats between the savage world and the civilised. They may be well suited to understanding and leading recon against Dranei forces as well, which this group is particularly suited for. The expansion of Heth also, would lead to the rending of the wild. No one should underestimate the rage or strength of the Green on this matter.

...and more! Please don't take the above as the only groups. The intent here is to paint with broad strokes and offer suggestions, with details and interpretation left up to individuals, or even an invitation to go in a different direction, entirely.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sneaking with a Tower Shield

With the wide variety of missions that can come up, don't think you need to be excluded from sneaky mission X because you're not a specific class, or because you play a good or honorable PC. In fact, honorable PCs are more likely be trusted with critical details...this is just a fact of human nature, meaning they may have more reason to 'dip in' from time to time.

So, without too much more typing: (The start of) a guide to Sneaking With Tower Shields: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php/topic,1741.msg8291.html

Feel free to add your own ideas. I'm sure I left out quite a few, and more are always welcome!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Off-Hours Activity

As a general reminder, we've had a substantial upswing in off-hours activity. This probably means you'll be seeing more +events, in the long run, at different hours. Please remember to check the time and not just assume it's at a time you're used to.

Also remember to set your offset by looking at +help time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mictlan and Temp Rooms Update

Hey, there! One of the things we've been trying recently are temporary Plot Rooms. These are rooms tied to a particular plot or storyline which is ongoing in the game. The goal of these rooms is to provide a place to roleplay and an opportunity to explore current storylines outside of DM scenes. Once the storyline draws to a close, the room is usually removed. The aim here is to strike a careful balance between both story and maintaining a clean grid.

Two of these rooms have been set up off of the RP Nexus, the Crumbling Fort and Mictlan.

What we haven't said is that if an area is used extensively and has the potential to add to future storylines, it may be added to the main grid. Because Mictlan has been and you have made it a regular part of your roleplay, we've added it to the Light Woods. In the future, we hope to have some sort of voting process in place.

- Tenebrae Staff

Monday, May 5, 2014

More Roleplay Awesome!

It's a little easier for staff to give out (yet) more awesome rewards for your roleplay, so expect us to take full advantage of this. :)

In the meantime, please send cookies to Whiteout!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Springtime for Tenebrae, pt 2

We've had a few questions about our Spring celebration, and hope the following helps. As always, please ping us with any questions.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Spring Celebration Summary

Run a PrP tied to a holiday or the meta-arc once and get:

... +1 level for any alt L9 or below!

Run a PrP a second time and get:

... 75% of two encounters' worth of XP and treasure + 5 bonus RPPs!
... or 75% of two encounters' worth of XP and treasure + 10% + 5 bonus RPPs if you run two within a week! (the 10% bonus is available throughout the year)

You are ineligable if:

... You ran a PrP for and received a free level within the last 30 days. HOWEVER, you may still take advantage of this and run, and apply this May's bonus to an ALT! OR, you may choose to earn the RPP bonus, twice!
... The PrP is run after May 31st!
... You have already received your May bonus! (awards are per player, not per character)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Tournament Approaches!

Now is the time for all your ridiculous over the top Angorite challenges! With the approach of the Torunament Paramont and the tensions between Rune and Dran, the Tournament may take political overtones this year. It is typically regional affair for each nation of the world, where contests of strength and prowess occur every year.

Plots regarding the Tournament (and there's more info on the wiki) are eligible for the bonuses described for the Spring Incentive. :D


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Springtime for Tenebrae!

We're celebrating spring in a big way.

Throughout this month, we'll be offering a substantial reward for being a part of our community. That is, staff will award 1 full level to any alt at 9th or below for the first PrP you run this month tied to the meta-arc OR any upcoming holiday! Then, we'll award 5 bonus RPPs for your second. These rewards are per player, NOT per character. Moreover, you can not have previously benefitted from a free level in the last month from the time of this post. Clerics are the exception to that rule for their starting bonus level

These rewards will be running for the full month of May, so you've plenty of time to plan your tale and claim your bonus. Afterwards, PrPs will still award 75 pct of gold and xp value to everyone, including the runner. In fact, two a week nets you a 10 pct bonus (though not to the free level...a free level is quite a bit!).

So, dip your fingers in and share a story. Get to know your virtual gaming table a little better. Or, continue to enjoy running if you already have, and plan some mischief. In addition, we'll be hosting a workshop next week to cover the basics for those with questions, and as a general round-table with our DMs.

If you'd like to jump in, we have a large group of players in 2-5, and especially 6-10. Undead hunting ties in well to the current arc...and there are a number of PCs involved in or interested in the arcane, in magitech, in the wilderness or in general heroism to provide a bevy of interests and who could use some love.

A number of PCs have selected the Green Word, Eluna, Reos, Angoron (and his Order Paramount) as deities or associations, and Vardama/Serriel is always a good direction for the current arc. And let's not forget how all of this dovetails nicely into the escalating conflict between Rune and Dran. And there's always goblin princes that require saving.

Don't feel constrainted by these, though. Dip your fingers in and crack open the storybook. We know how good all of you are.

Get to know your gaming table, your community, and help us celebrate the start of spring.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Friday, Apr 25, 2014

PrP Log URLs

When submitting a PRP in the job system, remember that the percentage marks in the link will be eaten by the MU* code. :)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Welcome, New Faces!

We've had quite the influx of new faces recently. A big welcome to all of you!


Friday, April 19, 2014

Fighter Mastery Over Armor

Calling all fighters!

Armor Mastery should now properly apply to ACP and Max Dex bonus. The catch? You must unequip and re-equip your armor before the changes will take effect.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Potential Lag

Lolth notes that, today (as in Sunday), the game may be a bit laggy due to some server work. :)


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Release Package 11 Live

We're pleased to announce the release our latest, Release Package 11! In this RP, you'll find:

- New race feats
- 2 new classes, Inquisitor and Witch
- ALl related "Extra" feats, as well as Practiced Tactician for Cavalier (available normally or as an Org bonus!)
- New racial weapons for gnomes and lucht
- Plant animal companions

As with all release packages, you'll be able to adjust your PCs to the new content. If you'd like to echange for one of the new racial feats for example, please send us a +request. For regenning into one of our new classes, the same.

Note that if you helped us previously in testing these classes, you will need to regen, as we've refined options.

This is a long time coming! We thank all of you for being so patient. We should start seeing more regular content additions going forward, of a smaller size.

Tenebrae Staff

PrP Reminders

Hey, there. This is just a friendly reminder that PrP runners receive gold as well as XP these days. This has been in place for a bit, just hard to get the message out, so I'd appreciate if y'all could help spread the message. ^^;

- Lah

PPS As an addendum, there's only 2 types of PrPs these days: Death Consent, and non-Death Consent. They both award gold and XP to everyone involved, including the runner.

There's no dramatic or anything else, though if your PrP is noncombat, we award the runner 2 RPP in addition to everything else.

In the end, we just thought having two main types and everyone getting the same rewards was simpler.

- Lah

Sunday, March 23, 1014

Prosthetics Price Update

Prosthetics (artifice arms, legs, and limbs) are now priced at 75%. See RPP page for details.

- Lah

New +roll Command

Ever wondered what you'd look like in shades? What if you were Batman? What you were Batman AND Superman? Impossible, you say? Type +roll/sunglasses, and find out!

PS ...this command is just for fun, if that was not obvious.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

+Events Update

Events is now fully upgraded to use +time/offset. Please see +help events files for updates. Thosewith exisiting events as of this post should check their start times. It's possible that some were skewed during the update process.


Friday, March 14, 2014

New Code: +show

Do you like PRPs but dislike the player-DM's need to ask you for everything in combat? Twice? Do others doubt claims as to the girth of your spellbook? Length of your sword? Your stupendous feat?

Worry not, as you can now flash your shiny sheet at others with +show! See +help show for details!


Monday, March 10, 2014

A Big Thank You!

I'd forgotten to look at it the other day, but it looks as though we're well over 60+ scenes since the end of December, with over 400+ characters. We're also at nearly 200 RPPs since the start of Feb. That is pretty damn awesome. A big thank-you to everyone who's helped us get there!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Alexandria Sea Port Opened

If you look at the map, Alexandria's great Sea Port is now open. To make this fit well geographically, I did a little reshuffling. Specifically, the Warehouse District is now at A05, and Gardens is now at A06. They were always this way. Always.

Mountains, river, and sea areas have also been better illustrated.

There may be a few bugs still. If so, let me know.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Companionable and Familiar Update

Hello! As you doubtless know, d20 has a lot of documentation. A LOT. XD To help out on our, and our Plot Runners', end of things, we're going to ask folks to use +cnotes to document their animal companions and familiars.

For companions, there are templates available here: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/World_Bestiary#Companions

The aim of this is to keep things a little cleaner and more easily accessible.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Magical Items Update

The magical items section of the website has been completely rehauled, and now contains every item in the the Core Rulebook and a few homebrew items that we allow on the game. It lists prices and links to the description of the item. It is primarily done though a few nudges here and there might happen to get it looking like the way we want it. If you notice any bugs or links, please post on the forum and we'll go smash them appropriately. Thank you, and enjoy :)


Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Jobs Bucket

As there was some confusion, and to help organize jobs, a PURCH bucket was added (I.E. +request/purch <title>=<text>). This is for IC purchase requests that cannot otherwise be made through a vendor and are not PC crafted.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Code Update: Timestop

Have you ever been lost during a combat scene? Do you ever wonder why the giant can AoO everyone in the party? Does anyone know where in the Void the rogue went? Again?

Now, these great mysteries might be less mysterious, thanks to shiny, yellow +tmap!

This 100' x100' map allows DM's to show players exactly where they are in relation to all the things trying to kill, maim, and/or eat them. See +tmhelp while in a timestop for more information!

NOTE: This aid is entirely voluntary, and its use is entirely up to the scene DM. If they wish to decapitate, eviscerate, or decaffeinate everyone cinematically, they are allowed to do so.


Updates to EVERYTHING!

As a heads-up, we're currently working to update our old systems into something more streamlined and unified. This new system will be uniting not only +request, but also +legwork, +rpps, and scene treasure! You will be able to +roll, share comments, and invite that lonely otyugh to dinner that you'd always wanted to. Please see +help requests and +help rpp for the fine details.

The old commands will be around for a short while as we adjust to the new system.

As with all new things, please expect growing pains. This will be true especially over the next few days as we apply the wrench and judicious kicking. We will just be applying some minor tweaks and being sure that things work as intended.

Please report all bugs to Whiteout, with cookies.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mictlan Open!

On Ceriday, Vhast 25 of the year 1016, a group of heroes strode forth and vanquished the spirits of the morageg. The demonic undead had risen to harass a sacred site of the sith-makar, Mictlan. This site is available for a short time off of the RP Nexus for roleplay. It's the sort of thing you will see from time to time in DM Plots as a way to open up roleplay and roleplay options.

Also bacon.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Which Stories are You a Part of?

Hey, there. I'm trying to build a DB of who's active within which organizations, groups, and so on. :3

Please respond to this thread: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php/topic,1676.0.html


Monday, January 20, 2014

And We're Back!

And here's to Lolth for being awesome. <3

Tenebrae FB

Just letting folks know that when the game goes down for whichever reason, we've put together a FB account (https://www.facebook.com/tenebrae.mux). The FB account is set private, so whether you watch/friend/etc. us is entirely up to you.

You're also welcome to watch my G+ page, which is less official, but there for folks who dislike FB.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Channel Name Contest


We're setting up a new channel on the game. This channel will be to help people running scenes with any questions they might have. Anyone interested in scene *running* can join it. It will be about how to untangle story knots you might've gotten into, how to handle encounters getting stomped, or what to do when a player does something unexpected. In short, a general advice channel for people running scenes to use the greater experience of the players around them. DM staff will also of course be on the channel.

However, we do not have a /name/ for this channel yet, so I am holding a tiny contest. Submit a catchy name for the channel and it'll be used. The first one that really clicks for us will be the one that gets set up.

Suggest away in page or @mail!


Contest Closed

That was fast! TPK is now a channel. :) Anyone who wants to contribute to it may hop on. :)

Instructions to join are: addcom tpk=TPK


Saturday, January 11

Calling Adventurers!

I am contemplating running a good old fashion dungeon crawl for a group of characters. I am saying a group because this will most likely take several sessions in which to complete. I am merely seeking those who might be interested in such a thing. We will be running on weeknights because my weekends TT games going on already. We would also be using the free webprogram roll20.net just for the map. All RP and rolls will be done on game as usual. For those interested, please @mail me directly. I do not have a level range at this point, but I will try to make it a standard 4-5 (maybe 6) party of comparable levels, so not everyone who shows interest may get in.... this time.

Reminder, this is for feelers, scheduling will come later.


Legworks and Such

A number of you have submitted questions about the most recent plots. I'll be trying to contact those that have this weekend.


Server Talk

An upgrade looms ahead! I have allocated resources to get two new HDs next week, and very soon I will have a window of opportunity to install as well (most likely Sunday 19th), and I am going to do a fresh install instead of upgrading the existing one.

However, this has also made me wonder if I should swap from Fedora to some other RedHat-based distro.

If you have any experience at all regarding the following ones, please get in touch with me via @mail.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Scientific Linux
  • CentOS

Otherwise we'll plod on with Fedora...


Monday, January 6, 2014


From Barret to the iconic crossbow-armed hunter, artifice-powered prosthetics have long been a part of modern fantasy. Today, we're opening the door, all thanks to the creative team over at 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. We're including a limited number of their prosthetics, and more may be added over time.

As of right now, these are a limited RPP spend.

Please see RPPs > Character Spends for details!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Typhoon Incoming!

Greetings all,

My name is Typhoon and I'm a new DM to torment you all! No, I really won't. But running plots and challenging you all is definitely something I will be doing. You may know me as Elessa, which is one of my PCs on the game. For RL I have been playing Pathfinder for two years now, while doing table top overall since 2005, with text based games on and off since the '90s. I cannot wait to play with all of you as a DM and unleash all my wonderful plot ideas upon you. Good luck ;)

Typhoon, DM

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Events Weirdness

So, a while back I said we were going to be inviting some players to help us review content for inclusion to the game. We have done so. With some minor hiccups from over the holidays, this is working swimmingly.

You guys, on game, will soon start to see the results of this. Going into the new year, we will also begin kicking new storylines into place and some of you have already seen the foreshadowing of that for some time now.

Looking forward to 2014!

Wednesday, December 25 2013

Those Shifty PrPs

Hey there! Remember! If you have your RPPs on different characters, you can shift them to a single one with the +rpp/move comand like so!

Logged in from Bob, typing +rpp/move 5 from Steve transfers 5 points from your alt, Steve to your alt, Bob.

Or, while logged in from Bob, typing +rpp/move 5 to Steve would move 5 points from Bob to Steve.

If you forget, the file can be found over here: +help rpp.

Transferring them before you send in a req helps us out quite a bit, and helps us turn things around faster, too.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Bonus!

Remember, folks! You have to be proactive in claiming your holiday bonus! If you haven't yet, let us know!

The Story Behind Ancestral Staves

Most ancestral staves are, at least initially, crafted by one of the many mage guilds from around the world. So, how do you think they're crafted? What's the story?

We're taking story ideas for these staves, so please send them in! This does not mean yours cannot be different, of course, just that we'd like to explore some ideas for a 'baseline' to begin from.

Note: Because it's been mentioned, the Ygdrassil Tree somewhat belongs to the druids, and would be a little out of range for mages. You're welcome to address other ideas, though. Rare trees among Llyranost? Planar saplings...? Let us know what you think would be fun. 'Cool' should definitely be a part of it. :3

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Content Review

Hi everyone!

For a while now, staff has been interested in speeding up the implementation of content from the variety of Pathfinder books that have been released. This is easier said than done when you're also maintaining and running the game! That's why we've decided to tap our best resource: the players.

We'll be selecting a handful of players to serve as a sort of 'content review' board. These players will be providing their own, independent feedback on particular bodies of content slated for inclusion, be they feats, spells, classes and more, with the goal being to help us sort through what is balanced, what is thematically appropriate, what needs changing or does not, faster than we would be otherwise able to do.

These players will be anonymous to each other as we want independent feedback with a good cross-section of opinion.

This will be starting shortly and we will begin implementing the results as quickly as possible.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hi everyone!

So, you know. It is that time of year again! It's time for horribly ugly sweaters and wonderful gift-giving. And decorating Cuddles, of course.

To celebrate another successful year, we'll be doing a number of things.

First, we'll be awarding 1 free level, with stipend, to any single one of your alts in the 2-5 bracket. Every player will also receive 5 RPPs, to spend as they like.

If you have no alt in the 2-5 range, you have until the end of the month to wade in. Otherwise, just come talk with us and we will work something out, but consider this encouragement to make a low level character if you don't already have one. :)

How to Get

As a note, you will need to simply either page a staffer or submit a request. We'll take care of it. :)

Stipends are handled similarly. Please say 'I need a stipend for going from level 3 to 4' or something akin to that. It makes it easier for us. Remember, stipends only let you buy things at market value and can not be used to purchase crafted goods.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PrP Reminders

Just a gentle reminder. We offer a lot of bonuses (Roleplay > Bonuses on the site), so if you are claiming one for a PrP, please note this in the +request. Otherwise, we might overlook it. This is not intentional; it's just there's always a lot of things going on. This is only a reminder as we do from time to time; it's important no one get left out.

Also, we've had some confusion about the 3rd level boost. The 3rd level boost for a new character on a first-time PrP is for new players (not characters). Existing players can still spend 10 RPP, or get the cleric boost. We've reiterated this in a few areas and hope it will be less confusing in the future. The boost is intended to help new players get their feet wet and meet the community.

- Tenebrae Staff

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Game of Darts

A grumpy fellow stumps into the Ox. He eyes the shabby-looking dart board on one of the walls. "So ya got a dart board? Bout time, huh!" he says. Then, he stumps over to grab a drink and eye the drunken gobber spinning in circles.

OOC: We've spiced up the grid a bit. There are now a small number of games to be found, such as chess board in the Arcane Society's halls and a dart board at the Ox. You're welcome to pose playing these as your PC, or just use them as vehicles for furthering RP. They emit as GAME:, just as dice rolls do.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Help for the Holidays

Hey, there! This year, we wanted to try something special. And, we need your help to pull it off. We really do.

Please @mail Radioactive and myself the names of up to three other people. These should be folks who you may or may not necessiarily be friends with (and now is a perfect time to branch out!), but who you think over the past year or so have gotten left in the dust a bit due to one reason or the other.

If you can, include a bit of why. For example, folks who haven't been able to make scenes due to say, being in the military or just their time zone.

Anyhow, please step forward this holiday season!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Wanted Concepts

This question crops up from time to time. Our first and constant answer is: play what you like. That said, it DOES come up and if you're of a mind to 'fill the gap,' here's a few ideas. Again, this is all up to you. We play our characters sometimes for years, so be sure and make someone you're happy with.

Arcanists: Believe it or not, we're short on these! This is especially true for utility casters, but it's true for arcanists in general. When Rune fractured, so did their worldwide organization...but it became more local, more flavorful. What's your story?
Polearm Warriors: From barbarians to fighters, polearm warriors are currently rare. Aside from the maneuverability polearms offer, we allow the 3.5 feat, Short Haft, which gives you a wide range of options in any situation. That is, you can 'choke up' on your weapon, and will never be without it.
Maneuverists: Maneuver or crowd-control specialists of any stripe, from combat maneuver fighters, to polearm fighters, to creative artificers. Many of the maneuvers offer AoOs to allies, for example, and artificers' death rays can entangle enemies as well as burninating. This is a creative category, guaranteed to offer more options than: Spell: Hit really hard.
Clerics: Clerics are a staple, and a good way to become known in the community. They're always appreciated within any party, and if you make one, you start at level 3*! Our clerics are also one of the few classes to receive automatic, ingame titles.
Bards: The humble bard fills many roles, and never lacks in any situation. Not all bards are singers--some are chanters, others, inspiring speakers. The Theatre District in the city is an active place, and our Festival Grounds and Area offer opportunities for performance combat and festivals galore. This is especially true of non-Ceinaran bards.
Druids: These defenders of the wild are a versatile bunch, and though there is a lot of RP which takes place within a city, there's also an ongrid Grove, forest, and wilderness areas, so dig in! Organizations such as the Pastoral Shapers provide solid IC reasons for working with those strange wall-dwellers. Or, take a walk on the wilder side...
Khazad, Gobbers, Arvek: In any game, there's always going to be a number of humans, elves (sildanyar) and half-elves (especially half-muls). Consequently, we're usually low on other races...if you feel like picking one up. If you do want a sildanyari, you could consider their wild cousins. The sylvanori are usually in need of a little <3.

Is there a concept that strikes you? Never feel constrained or as though we're saying 'you MUST play this!' This post (and we make them rarely) is just here to answer questions and offer possibilities. If one of these ideas DOES strike you, then all the better!

* New players can get this same bonus for any class by running a PrP, and existing players can spend 10 RPP.

Minor Updates

We have updated our list of available animal companions.

You may find the adjusted list here along with information on them: World > World Bestiary.

The updated list includes griffon, hippogriff, and giant toad companions.

Sat, Nov 30, 2013

Code Update: +cast

After realizing that DMs were required to ask for save DCs, I updated +cast. Caster level and save DC will be displayed in addition to the spell name when it is +cast. Obviously, this information is not applicable tp those spells that do not allow or generally require saves. The displayed DC follows PRD calculations and includes bonuses for Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus and Gnomes casting Illusions. If anyone notices discrepancies or issues, please let me know.


Wed, Nov 27, 2013

Witch and Inquisitor

So, we have a progress update on these two. We have decided to add them to the live game as well.

Whiteout has been coding them in for a while now. We still have theme to work on, feats to review, and bugs to fix so they probably won't be functional until after the New Year's, but they're 'on the horizon' now. Expect more details soon.

Tue Nov 26, 2013

Just a quick note to let you know that the Open Space and Vehicle spends have been updated so they more resemble other spends. This is for streamlining and to make a things a little easier on everyone.

In addition, we've modified the PrP Rewards slightly: you now receive a 10% bonus for running more than 1 PrP a week. This applies retroactively to any PrP you'd run that week.

This is something new we are trying out, and we're not sure if we'll stick with it yet. Feedback is appreciated.

Happy Holidays,

Your Tenebrae Staff

Mon, Nov 25, 2013

Queen's Fall Awards

I have rewarded XP and gold to everyone who participated. There were a lot of people so I might've missed a person or two. If I did, let me know!

PS The finale is now posted on our logs page at: End of the Queen! I hope you all enjoyed this long running arc as we move full speed ahead to the next one!


Fri Nov 22, 2013

Tenebrae Christmas Party

December 13th, we'll be holding the Tenebrae Christmas Party! What cheesy movie should we watch?

Please send in votes to Lahar.

Bonuses if they make Whirl or Inferno cry.

PS Movie should be available on Netflix.

RPP Bonuses for Rumors

Did you know that..

When you, as a player, are in either a PRP or a DM'd scene, you may volunteer to write up a rumor post with the consent of the person running the scene. Doing so and posting the rumor will net you one RPP as a thank you. Please submit that you have done so to the RPP queue.

There are these and other ways you can earn bonus RPPs. They are all listed here: Bonuses.

Thu Nov 21, 2013


The Azure Queen arc will be ending this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday or perhaps both. Depends on a few factors this is just an initial heads up to everyone. :)


The Story Behind Ancestral Staves

Most ancestral staves are, at least initially, crafted by one of the many mage guilds from around the world. So, how do you think they're crafted? What's the story?

We're taking story ideas for these staves, so please send them in! This does not mean yours cannot be different, of course, just that we'd like to explore some ideas for a 'baseline' to begin from.

Note: Because it's been mentioned, the Ygdrassil Tree somewhat belongs to the druids, and would be a little out of range for mages. You're welcome to address other ideas, though. Rare trees among Llyranost? Planar saplings...? Let us know what you think would be fun. 'Cool' should definitely be a part of it. :3


Wed Nov 20, 2013

New RPP Options

For a while, we've been saying we would be expanding the RPP options. Well, we just did! We've added a slew of new options and a number of new, exclusive spends. Influence and Organizations in particular have received upgrades. Among them are:

  • Ancestral Weapons: An intelligent weapon summonable to you at-will and who develops over time and with your PC. For mages, Ancestral Staves are an option.
  • Organizations: Become known among your peers and a mentor for other characters. Gain access to exclusive training and benefits, including up to two-thirds of your raise dead costs or additional spells for your spellbook!
  • Influence: Become influencial in your selected domains, increasing your ability for social mischief, and gaining rogue-like talents!
  • Open Spaces: Create a small, open and public space ongrid for others to share!
  • Merchant Carts: Hook up a few griffons and trundle into town with your beerwagon!

...and many other surprises!

Many of these spends are meant to be developed over time with your character, and reflect how you tell your story. That is, they're not something to perfect immediately, but something to roleplay their development over time with your friends.

To celebrate the launch, each player (not character) will receive 10 RPPs to spend as they like, on any of their characters they like. Just contact us via +req with what you'd like to purchase.

As with all new content, expect updates and adjustments. If you had an Active Org or Influence spend(s) previously, please contact staff with how to convert it. You have some new options!

A big thanks to all our reviewers and staff who've had a hand in helping us put this together!

Tenebrae Staff

Sat Nov 11, 2013


We'll be wrapping up the Exorcism this week with conclusions for the various threads we've started over it. There'll be another summary post at the end of the week and then everything shall be unfzozen. WE'll be kicking off the next arc officially soon. :D


Mon Nov 11

Summary of Day One's Plots

I have just posted a summary of my plots on Day One of the Exorcism. Day two begins now and will be the climax.

Thank you all for your patience in dealing with the time-dilated nature of all of this.

PS If your PC spends time at the Tarienite Temple, or is a Tarienite themself, give me a shout. :)


Website Update: Organizations

The organizations pages have gotten an overhaul. Thanks to everyone who's lent a hand. :3

On the website, see:

Core Setting > Local Organizations
World > World Organizations

The World Organizations page is larger; more in the sense that many groups have offices here and there. This also makes them of greater use to DMs and plot runners if say, you're running a scene in the frigid mountains of Dran...


Wed Nov 06

At the End of the Week

I shall be posting a summary of all plots and events relating to the exorcism of the Blue Lady by the end of this week. That should get everyone on the same page of where the storyline is going forward into the end of...the end. <.<


Fri Nov 01

Exorcism Updates

As plots complete, I will be posting updates to the rumor boards about the progress of the exorcism and the events of the day. Keep your eyes peeled, but understand that none of this stuff will all 'happen' until all plots are resolved, as it all happens over the course of 24-48 hours. A simple reminder. :)


+event times should now be correct. There will be continuing improvements and additions. +time was also updated. Please see +help time for more information.

Thu Oct 31


So our +events times are a bit off. We'll be fixing that. :)

Mon Oct 28

Connection Burps

It looks as though our ISP is having a few burps as it runs some updates. We'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, there may be a few bumps here and there.

I'd like to take this time to remind folks (and myself) that we do have a Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenebrae.mux ...it's never something required, and whether you friend us or not is up to you. Mostly, it's just there to share a blurb in case of times like these: a way for us to get the word out.

- Lah

Fri Oct 25

Mocking the Queen

Remember, our Saturday social is your chance ot hurl insults at the Azure Queen, boo her, and otherwise be obnoxious toward her. There'll also be some acts (and if you have an idea for one, we'll work it out on Saturday, and so on) and, here's hoping, it will be both informative and fun! See you all there!

Fri Oct 25

Aspect Update and RPP Update, pt 1

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new Aspects. If you possess a current Aspect, please contact staff so that we may update you.

Most of the Aspects have been kept, though all have received a little beefing up. If you'd like to make some changes or have comments, please contact us and we'll work it out.

You'll notice that the cost has increased somewhat to reflect Aspects' new, added utility. However, if you had level 2 in your aspect, you still have level 2.

We are introducing tiers into numerous RPP spends. As a pilot program, Aspects are the first spends we'll be introducing these to. If you are buying into a tiered spend, it means that it will have more interesting abilities which you may expand into over time. As an example, the Ancestor-Touched aspect has three tiers you may purchase. All charcters may purchase up to their level/2 in tiers in any single ability. That is, a L2 character may earn Tier 1 abilities, and a L4 character may earn Tier 2 abilities and so on.

As always, with any new content, we will be watching carefully. Expect changes, tweaks, nerfs, and buffs, and so on. We hope that you will all make use of this new content to help us test it thoroughly!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Thu Oct 24

Idea Submission: Rituals

Hey there. I'm looking for a few good ideas. I can't promise it will turn out, but I'd like to give it a try.

If you were to write a ritual for a race or a culture of Tenebrae, what would it include? For example, the sith-makar might have a ritual that let them find a suitable prey, or would guard their homes against invaders. The giantborn might build a ritual which honored their giant heritage. The Veyshanti, one that aided them in traveling over sands, or the Lucht that safeguards a traveler's home or allows easy recitation of their ancestry.

I'm interested in primarily, the flavor. What do you see as important to these races, these cultures? These rituals may end up conferring limited, if temporary benefits. For example: a +2 skill bonus for up to 24 hours, or a single use of a 2nd level spell. In general though, I'm asking for flavor.

Put your hats on, see what you think, and @mail me. If your idea gets used and this goes forward, you'll be sure and get credit.

- Lah

Tue Oct 22

Tenebrae Halloween Party!

Our (first) annual Halloween Party is tomorrow! Re-desc your characters as something gruesome, play a prank on Whirlpool, and Trick-or-Treat for candied corn.

Tomorrow night we'll be headed to the Haunted Mansion to talk, chat, and watch The Addam's Family. Bring your DVDs!

Cuddles the Otyugh will be hosting.

Tue Oct 22

The Exorcism

So, this Saturday we'll be doing the 'Mocking the Queen' scene. This marks the beginning of the end for the Azure Queen scenes, as the Exorcism plotlines start thereafter. ICly, the exorcism will be taking place over a 24-72 hour period in which efforts are being made to drive the Queen out of Alexandria. There will be a number of scenes in the following week that detail the efforts of the adventurers to thwart those who'd seek to cause chaos or otherwise stop the Queen from being driven from the land. All of these scenes will take place during that gap of time ICly, and once we're all done, we'll unfreeze everything and they'll have 'happened', unfreezing everything as we did with the Teakettle plotline.

OOCly, the time for plots tied to this will run between October 7th and November 4th. If you want to run a PRP during this time involved in this plotline, you are more than welcome to. Contact me, or any other staff member, and the details can be worked out. :)

We hope you'll all enjoy the closing of this plotline we know you're all curious about the next one. You've already seen hints to it.

Fri Oct 18

Virtual Skills


Do you:

1) Have a Headband of Vast Intellect


2) Any other piece of equipment that grants skill ranks when equipped.

If so Whiteout has standardized how these work but we have to update your equipment by hand.

So if you have one of these pieces of equipment submit a request noting what equipment you have and what skill (along with how many ranks) it should grant.

We will update these accordingly.

-Ice Age

Fri Oct 18

Local Directory

To keep things a little cleaner, I've moved some of the crafting offers and shops to Core Setting > Local Directory. Please feel free to post businesses and offers other than crafting, and you're always welcome to contact me should you need some help. ':)

All entries should be within the spirit of the game, abide by the AUP, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah.

- Lah-rhar

Tue Oct 15

Great New Things

Do you wish rampaging fire elementals would show up to reheat your stew at the tavern? Or immolate that annoying Lucht?

Do you always get lost on the way to the plot rooms?

Would you love to have Whirlpool somewhere else when you have to make all those Fort saves?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and enjoy DMing, then the shiny new +timestop may be right for you! No longer must you pester staff or cram all those giantborn into a claustrophobic plot room decorated by Arvek Nar! +timestop allows anyone to summon a timestop to their location anywhere, at any time. The power of the DM can now be yours to command!

See +help timestop for more details and contact me if something breaks.


Tue Oct 15

Intelligence Headbands

Hi, everyone!

If you possess a headband of intelligence, please do the following:

1) Remove your headband

2) Please go to http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/usingSkills.html and add up how many skill points you should have. Compared this to what's on your sheet. Make sure that you're not forgetting any favored class bonuses if you took a skill bonus.

3) Check your headband. Make sure it has a skill listed in its notes in your inventory. Be sure those skills are at max rank for your HD.

If you encounter any discrepancies here, please send in a request to staff and we will help you out.

Mon Oct 14

New Things!

Hey there. :3

Whiteout has been working on a great new addition to some of our plot code. There'll be an announcement on this soon!

- Lah

Sat Oct 12

New Race Added!

At Tenebrae, we are always looking for new options. Recently, we ran across a gem that we think will not only be a much needed addition to our theme, but will, we think, showcase what Tenebrae is truly about.

Existing characters will, of course, receive the option to adjust or adapt to this new race pending conversations with staff. We do this for all new content, and this is no different.

In the meantime, please send Whiteout and Entropy your sympathies, and Whirl your congratulations as he begins the process of converting all his characters.

We will be getting it on the website shortly, as well as its related theme information. In the meantime, please see: http://bit.ly/1ahQTg9 for an advanced preview.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Tue Oct 08

Azure Queen postings

I have posted a couple events that represent the beginnings of the ending of the Azure Queen plots. You do not need sign up for these. They are not actual plots, but more, 'this is when things wil begin'. They'll take as long as they take. :)

Tue Oct 08

An End To The Queen

All plots relating to the build up to the exorcism have now been completed.

We'll be discussing, and scheduling, events relating to the final exorcism efforts. Grats to all who participated in the various plotlines to gather them! Hooray for fantasy adventures!

Details will soon be posted. :)

Sat Oct 05

Egalrin Theme Featherdusted

Egalrin have been in need for a bit of a brush-up for some time. We're pleased to announce that we've updated egalrin theme: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Egalrin

While the core is much the same, we feel we've added additional depth. We hope you'll enjoy.

- Tenebrae Staff

Fri Oct 04

Tenebrae Halloween Party!

We're planning a Tenebrae Halloween Party! While putting together the details, I went up to each of staff, and got their opinions on what we should do. This is what they said:

Whirlpool started cackling and mumbling about sewer monsters.

Inferno got out his briefcase and asked if the otyughs had been read their Miranda rights.

Whiteout yelled, "I fixed it!" and then the MUX shut down.

Lolth rebooted us all and then turned everyone into delicious spider cupcakes.

Pyroclasm couldn't talk because he was ordering chainmail armor for his daughter. Then he exploded into glitter.

Hurricane was quoted as saying, "Hello ladies. How are you. Fantastic. Does your man look like me? No. Can he smell like me? Yes. Should he use Old Dragon body wash? I don't know. Do you like the smell of a man who can bake you a cake he built for you in the dream kitchen with his own two hands? Of course you do! Swan dive!"

Ice Age was too sane to say anything.

Enytopy had on a set of earphones and was boogying to electronica.



So we're watching a movie and hosting an all-out geekfest, details to be announced soon.

Hurricane's offered to cater.

He just doesn't know this yet.

Don't tell him.

And bring your dice, along with the outfit of Chewbacca you made that one time.

Thu Oct 03

Welcome Whiteout

We have a new staff member! Everyone give Whiteout a welcome aboard. He's going to serve as a code admin for the live server who will be resolving various quality of life bugs for us, updating prestige classes, and fixing the issues that crop up while Entropy is moving and working on the recode. We appreciate his volunteering. (The sucker.)

Sat Sep 28

TeaKettle Arc Done

All RP related the Teakettle Arc is now completed and unfrozen. I hope everyone involved had a good time and you may now carry forward with your scheduled RP. We turn our attention next to finishing the Azure Queen plots and preparing for the exorcism RP, as well as the build up toward our next arc, which as you might've guessed, is about Dragonier.

Thu Sep 26

Mobile-Friendly Wiki Skin

Hey there, folks. One of the things I've been looking for is a mobile-friendly MediaWiki skin that would let us keep our menus. This hasn't been an easy search, so I'd appreciate any help you could give. ':)

- Lah

Sat Sep 14

Eidolon Court Trip

The Eidolon Court trip will begin as soon as I get in and settled and last about three hours, or at least it should. See you all there!

Fri Sep 13


I require a couple people who want to run a PRP to contact me by @mail. Let me know if you feel like contributing to a storyline!

Fri Sep 13

RPP Level Spend Example

To help with the sense-making, I've gone ahead and added an example of how the new RPP Level Purchases work. Head on over to Characters > RPP on the website, or click here: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/RPPs#Things_to_Buy

Wed Sep 11

RPP Adjustments

RPP Levels: By spending RPPs, you may gain a level, with associated wealth. At least 85 percent of wealth must be spent, and items must be purchased at market price. The RPP cost depends on the tier your PC is in. With the exception of the first tier, you may purchase a level any time within the first 2 levels of a tier. So, 2, 6-7, 11-12, and 16-17, respectively. This means that you may earn this purchase up to four times per PC

First Level Group: 10 RPP
Second Level Group: 20 RPP
Third Level Group: 20 RPP
Fourth Level Group: 30 RPP
Special: Cleric PCs may receive their first, tier one RPP Level, for free.

On the website: Characters > RPPs

- Tenebrae Staff

Sep 8

Teakettle Plots

Hi, everyone!

It's been a while since I've done a multi-threaded plot like this, so I figure it's time I post a primer on this sort of thing.

All Teakettle plots are considered 'frozen' until the last one is complete. Once that happens, I will give the all clear that everything related to it is done and all may be considered to have 'happened'. At that point, I will be posting a summary of the events and who did what to the bboards, so everyone can see how things fit together.

After this plot is over and a few others, we will begin segueing to the end of the Blue Lady storyline and the beginning of our next arc which some of you may have seen nod towards already.

- Whirlpool

Sept 7

Ice Age (Cometh?)


I have recently been hired as a DM Staffer and it is my intention to regularly run plots for folks. As well as help keep the queues tidy.

Feel free to page/mail/request me about things. Just note it may take a few days for me to get my footing.

All in all I'm just here to burn off some of the excess freetime I have with some adventuring fun. In the interest of disclosure a lot of you may have been in plots I've run before as Rogun. So whether you love those events or hate them that's about what you can expect - especially "at first".

Feel free to approach me about DM/RP related things. My approach to all this is that we're all logging in to have a good time so if you think I made a mistake somewhere or you don't like how I did something feel free to contact me about it. A little extra reflection can clear up a lot.

This concludes my introduction post.

- Ice Age

Aug 15

Code Update

Here is a brief overview of completed code, just to give you an idea of what's done:

Scene System is done (new timestop type code)
IC and OOC commands
Travel commands (+meetme, etc)
Spellbook code and inventory interaction
Sheet System

Still being worked on are:

Combat Scenesys
+RPP code
Roll Code

We are also importing the MUX @mail system to PENN.

Thanks to hard work, all feats and feat prerequisites are now coded as well.

Aug 6

State of Alexandria Update

There will be an update about the state of affairs in ALexandria after this weekend. :D

Small Policy Announcement

From now on, we will be offering one RPP to people who sum up events in both PRPs and plots to be posted on the bboards. :)

There will be a larger revamp of the RPP system coming in the future. It has been largely successful, but there are definitely lessons learned to be adapted.

Sorc Multiclass

Right now, multiclassing into a sorcerer is a little borked. The advance room is not recognizing the new APG bloodlines we put in. Entropy will fix this, but until she does, if you're planning on MCing into sorcerer, we'll need to manually set up your bloodline. Just let us know and we'll get you taken care of.

Jul 31

PRD Downtime


Jul 30

Magic Arrows and Ammo

After some discussion, I've updated one of our docs to include information about bows, arrows (and likewise, dragonspitters, too!) in Pathfinder:


- Lah

Jul 29

Request Catch Up

I am running a bit behind on requests. I will be dedicating a day this week to get caught up.

- Whirlpool

Jul 19


This last Community Challenge has been amazing! We'll be distributing the rewards for those shortly. :)

In the meantime, we will be taking a break--and taking the time to give our DMs, our Runners, and everyone else a brief rest, to sit down and host Tenebrae's first ever Movie Night.

So! We hope you will join us then, and the next time Whirl drops death upon you, say:

"There is but one working castle gate, and... and it is guarded by 60 men!"
"...And our assets?"
"Your brains, Fezzik's strength, my steel."

See you on the 26th! :) Staff will bring the popcorn.

Jul 15

FAQ: Earning RPPs

From time to time this question comes up. Roleplay Points and Perks (RPPs) are earned via ongrid roleplay. That is, DM'd scenes aren't eligible (these have their own rewards, after all). But, what happens when a DM 'drops a scene'?

This depends. That is, if there was a significant amount of roleplay before the scene AND you were part of it (let's call this more than three poses), then yes. If not, or you'd just joined, then no, it is not eligible.


Jul 11

MI Crafting Chart

Now includes cost formulas, FAQ, and pretty graphics!

Visit: Start Here > What is Pathfinder on the website.

Lahar (BeagleFarts)

Jul 09

Welcome New Players!

We've had an influx of new players lately! Welcome aboard, everyone!

Jun 30

Minor XP Bonus

I am looking for someone willing to sum up last night's events in a rumor post and pass it to me to post. :)

There's a minor XP incentive for the firt person to get this to me. :D

Jun 20

Summons and Etiquette

Recently, James Jacobs of Paizo was asked about summons, and a theoretical cap on their usage.

His response was: 'There's no limit to the number of summoned monsters a character can control, but the GM is free to impose a limit on the number of summoned monsters a PLAYER can have in play at any one time, since that monopolizes the game and makes things less fun for the other players—each time you summon a monster, remember that you're essentially stealing "game time" from your fellow players, since the length of your session isn't expanding to make up for the fact that your turns in the combat are taking longer and longer to resolve.'

This is an important tidbit, and I think, speaks to other things as well. Be fair to each other out there. :)

Jun 29


Hi everyone! It's that time again.

The recode is going well. Thanks to Sonja, Narah, and Oates, work on the feats database has been made a lot easier. Everyone give them lots of 'thank yous' for their assistance. There is more to do, of couse, and people will be tapped to test and work on things when needed.

The 2) Storyline wise, the Azure Queen plot is gearing up for its final section. We've got a lot of things going on and we're working on bringing it all home. You should all notice a shift in your activities very soon. Thanks to everyone who has helped and run PRP during this time. A lot of you have really stepped up lately.

3) As the Azure Queen arc draws to a close, you'll see the threads of the next major events beginning to become relevant. Keep your eyes peeled!


Jun 10

Artificer Adjustments

Hi, everyone! We've been taking feedback on the artificor for a while and we're implementing some changes live here. You'll also be pleased to know that we're making excellent progress on the new codebase with the indefatigable Entropy leading th echarge. Today, she added -all the spells- we've approved to the codebase. ALl of them. In one go. Crazy woman! Anyways, while we've been working on that, we don't want you guys to think we've been neglcting changes for here!

Here's a basic overview of the artificer changes:

- More death ray uses. Artificers now receive more uses of their Death Rays. These additional charges may then be used to...
- Create two additional types of beams
- Power their Titan Fists

We've added some additional Titan Fist options, as well as including the basic Cure spells in their repertoire. This ability is tied to their lingering ties with Reos.

We hope you enjoy the updates. If any of you would like to take advantage of these new options, please send in a +req and we'll handle it through those channels.


Jun 05

Grammar Policy

This is just a reminder.

Tenebrae -does- have a 'basic grammar policy'. We believe that keep everyone on the same, basic standard makes things easier for everyone and leads to less people being driven nuts in the long term. We don't think asking everyone to use periods and capitals is a particularly harsh thing to do. Let's remember this is a text medium and remember that presentation does matter. We just ask that people make a consistant effort.

Have fun, everyone, and remember to be courteous and respectful to your fellow players. :)


Jun 09

Community Challenge: CLOSED!

And...done! A big thanks to everyone who participated in this round! We'll be getting the prizes out this week...

Next challenge will be posted in the coming days. Keep your eyes open!

Lahar (BeagleFarts)

Jun 05

Small Artificer Update

Hey, there folks. As part of adding a little more 'oomph' to the artificer, we've added in the Cure spells. Theme-wise, this fits in with their ancient ties to Reos.

Current artificers who wish to learn these schematics may via normal means. We hope to get a few additional bonuses in here and there (including some new discoveries), but it'll depend on how things work out.

Tene Staff

Jun 03

World Go Boom...but Will Reboot!

In about five hours from this post, Lolth will be cracking the server open for basic maintenance, sticking in some spider-legs and having a poke. We may experience some downtime at this point, but should be back up shortly.

Again, we aren't expecting any issues. If there are, as always, we'll be posting updates to our FB page and my Google+ one. They're pretty much there for that purpose, after all.


Jun 04

Up to Date!

And we are up to date! The maintenance took a little longer than expected, but Lolth tells us that everything is checking out.

Thanks for bearing with us. :3

Don't forget that we have a Facebook, and a G+ (kind of). They're there mostly for these sorts of things: ways for us to get the word out if something comes up.

In the meantime, please let Lolth know how heroic she is. She did some amazing things last night, and puts a lot of effort into keeping us all running. In fact, she'd have made this post herself, but is kind of curled up in her web and sleeping.

We're all sort of afraid to interrupt that.

Tenebrae Staff

Jun 02

Community Challenge Reminder!


For folks who've included otyughs in their plots, please be sure to shoot me a +req or an email (lahar.tenebraemush.net). I'll be doing tallies in the next few days, and after that will be prizes! So, if you haven't, or have, please do so I have the reminder. :3

- Lah

May 28

Trouble Spots

Here's an update on the various problems facing the city right now:

Vardan Village: Efforts have been paying off here. Monsters have been cleared out of the surrounding area, and members of the ADventuring Community have been making efforts towards reinforcing the village's defenses. More work is needed, but the tension here has been decreased.

The Arena: Rumors of merchant interests being behind the increased violence in the arena continue. The merciful weapons provided have reduced the violence considerably, however, even if their wielders claim they are 'creepy'. Still, there remains more to be investigated here.

The Theatre: While the cause of the original fires have not been discovered, it would appear that members of both houses are now hard at work at creating some kind of new play. Apparently, it's not going to use many theatre-house actors, either. Rumor has it that a Muse is putting the talents of the Adventurers in Alexandria to work.

The Felwood: The dangers in the Felwood continue, but the beginnings of efforts towards thinning the monster population have begun. The Mythwood Wardens have been weakened by numerous poisoning and wounded soldiers and could also use additional help from their allies in Alexandria.

Watch the boards for additional rumors relating to these areas to come up soon. Moreover, each of these trouble spots can be a source of mundane RP and plots. Remember, defenses need built, artists and actors need throttled (or maybe that's just me <.<) antitoxins need delivered to the Wardens of the Mythwood and the Arena is full of fighters who still want to clobber each other in the name of Angoron, Kor, and their own gory glory. (And money. Let's not forget money.)

You're all making progress to dealing with these troubles, but there's still work to be done before work can really begin on expelling the Azure Queen!


May 20


Well! We've sure had a lot of new players lately!

There's been some growing pains with that, but that always happens. I just want to extend a warm welcome to all of you to our community!

Also, make sure you eye your inboxes. We're doing some different things, and some of you are getting @mails about things your characters may've heard or seen. Get out there and RP, folks!

May 16

Community Challenge: Oty...Ugh?

Before kicking off, staff would like to say thank you! to everyone who participated in our first Community Challenge! We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

While the previous one honored one of Paizo's new flagship products, today, we'll be honoring something of our own, the infamous Tenebrae mascot: Cuddles the otyugh.

To honor Cuddles and her humble sewer home, the challenge this month is as open as it is multi-faceted. That is, we're not just accepting designs, but would like to see anything that tickles your creative fancy. And we mean anything at all...so long as it ties into the topic, of course! That is:

- A sketch! Like to sketch? Want to try your hand at it? Send it in!
- A story! Cuddles deserves fanfic, don't you think?
- A bit of design work, such as...how about an otyugh animal companion? ...an otyugh wizard's familiar?
- An otyugh 'transformer' button in MUXcode!
- Sandy's hidden diary entries devoted to otyughs and her starcrossed-and-tragic relationship with Cuddles, and their forlorn letters to one another...in the style of VSD...
- An adventure! Run an adventure featuring otyughs!

As of now, the floor is open. The topic is: Cuddles! How you meet this challenge is up to you and your own creative preferences. :3

This Challenge will run until Jun 8th! You may submit ideas to our webforum (forum.tenebraemush.net), or email them to Lahar (lahar.tenebrae@yahoo.com)!

- Tenebrae Staff

May 11

Bestiary 3

Hey there. :3

The Bestiary 3 is open now for PrPs. Before, we were feeling things out and it was "just ask us ahead of time." Well, now it is all in your hands. The only creature we've reserved are the demilich, as they've a unique place in theme. Also, catfolk do not exist.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Community Challenge Wrap-Up!

Wow! You have all wow'd us with your entries. :3 Looking through them has been a pleasure, so I wanted to thank everyone for sending them in!

Some of the ideas included ideas for an 'earth' domain for Inquisitors, potentially for heroes who guarded the mountains and caverns therein... An ability we'll just call the 'Jessa-tossing power,' for barbarians, and even an item that allowed you even greater wisdom through beer-gazing. For khazad!

These are far from all of the entries, but I wanted to mention some general hilights to show the diversity of the ideas, and creativity, that we have here at Tenebrae. If you'd like and you'd submitted an entry, you are as always, welcome to share it on our forums or ingame +bboard. I am not here to make this choice for you. :3

Participants will be receiving an award shortly. It will probably be...HEROIC. :D

- Lah

May 4

The Cannibal Queen and PrPs

Some of you have no doubt been noticing that things have been 'heating up!' That is, different parts of Alexandria, the Heartlands, are under greater pressure as the effect of...whatever's going on...becomes an even more widespread problem.

A lot of things are happening, and we need all of you to step up and participate to help make this activity stretch to the next level!

A lot of you are looking into things and have no doubt had ideas about things you can do! Great! A lot of these things *can* be handled as PRPs. What's more, PRPs can be run that will have a direct impact on the evolution of this storyline, and how bad or good things wind up at the end of it.

We'd like anyone with an interest in this plot to see about slipping themselves behind the DM screen and giving their fellow players a chance to influence the plot. Know a guy who has an issue with the troubles in the Felwood? Great. Offer to run a PRP for him and few other brave souls that'll give them the chance to put down some of the monsters that regularly emerge from it. Other examples are:

  • Put down sources of trouble in hotspots. Fights in areas will break out over nothing and quickly escalate, and the Theatre and Arena districts are especially volatile right now.
  • Eliminate sources of trouble. There are still pirate and bandit issues, and rounding these up would ease tensions.
  • The sewers of Alexandria is home to many a beast. Extra patrols down there would help keep things calmer.
  • Protect travelers and Heartlanders. Kultari Road and any major and minor highway into Alexandria is in trouble.
  • Fortify villages.
  • Negotiate between the theatrical houses.

We are, in fact, quite dependent on all of you to help us make this plot sing. We need your help, everyone, so don't hesitate to grab one of these ideas and run with it. We want all of you to consider taking a turn behind the DM screen. All of your efforts, ICly, will help put an end to the scourge bedeviling Alexandria. This list is not in any way complete. A lot of you have some idea of where the trouble spots are, so draw on that and run PRPs!

What is going on is too big to be solved by one person alone. GEt out there and talk to each other and be ready to help each other meet your goals, as player and DM. We'll be overseeing this an tracking everything,as well as running our own scenes. :)


Lions, Tigers, and Rumors...Oh My!

When RPing, when running a PrP, remember! You are impacting the story. :3

So when you send in a PrP, please include a brief rumor you'd like posted. I've adapted this into the PrP guidelines. You don't need to, but it does help and helps us get word out more quickly about what you've achieved.

- Lah

May 2


A lot of you have legworks in about various things that have happened. I have one thing to say about it.


That said, there' sa chunk of them and we want those of you interested in things ranging from the events in the Heartland to the Azure Queen to the theatre fires and more to put a little legwork in even now.

The staffers in charge of this plot are, and will, be having a little powwow before we can answer some of them to make sure there's no confusion.

- Whirlpool

Apr 29

Maelstrom Monster Contest!

Here at Tenebrae, we take everything very seriously.

So, this week, we are having a contest involving a local artist!

What deadly predator should Maelstrom draw more of?!??

  • Pirates
  • Sharks
  • Pirate-sharks
  • Sandy
  • Gorillas
  • Other? (write-in)

You can see Mael's art over on: http://armsmastersproject.tumblr.com/. Please let him know what he should draw more of!

I have written in "ponies."

- Lah

PS While there is no actual prize involved, those of us who participate shall experience Maelstrom's delicious, delicious tears as he contemplates the horrible anatomical challenge of a shark-pirate-ninja-squid-Sandy-gorilla. :D Please help out a worthy cause! Charity! Orphans! ...Things!

Apr 26

State of the MUX

Hi, everyone!

It's about that time!

First, I want to thank all of you for your continued patronage of our game. All of you who've continued or started playing here are what makes all the stress of running a game like this, of this size, worth it. We're glad you're all having fun, and we hope you continue to have fun going forward as staff continues to work on things. We feel, as staff, our state is both stable and strong and that we can continue to build on it going forward.

I suspect most of you are curious about the recode. As things stand now, this is what we know: We will be shifting codebases to PennMUSH with an SQL backbone. This will make future implementations of content, as well as finding code help, more easily accomplished. This is proceeding at a good clip and Entropy is making amazing progress, especially with the help from all of you who've volunteered their time to assist with the data-base work that we've needed. I assure you, there is going to be plenty more where that came from. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we'll endeavor to get all of you reapproved quickly. This should be a smoother process than the initial Pathfinder switch was and we'll be able to hit the ground running again. There are going to be a -lot- of improvements, but the exact process of all of this will be outlined further as it becomes closer to the switch over. Please pay attention to this space!

I must also here note that we've decided to add both the Witch and the Inquisitor to our list of classes. There have been no objections to them and we'll be developing their thematic place in the world and adding them in as well. Witches are going to be a bit more problematic, thematically, than the Inquisitor, but we should be able to come up with something cool.

One things we're still concerned about is encouraging more grid RP and seeing to more many PRPs. We're looking into both things and doing our best to encourage both more. Grid RP has been seeing improvements lately and we'd like to see that continue. We're also looking at expanding more into 'off hours' things as well as encouraging more PRPs to be run!

Our storylines, with the pirates and the Azure/Cannibal Queen and more, are kicking into their next notch as you all might've noticed. A lot of you have been running with this stuff and we hope you continue to do so. :D

Tenebrae's Staff

Apr 22

Community Challenge!

So I have been thinking of a thing and I'd like to see where it goes. :3

Each month, I'll be posting a Community Challenge! This challenge may be along the lines of a Sparklepire Template, or it might even be a new sort if magic item, or potential ideas for a DM-run plot arc.

The challenge will run for around 3 weeks, give or take, and 'winning' entries shared at the end (if folks give their permission...I do not want to step on toes, here ^^;).

Sometimes, there will be prizes (I'm sure you've seen a few folks running around with their new hats!) and sometimes, the prize may be well, seeing your idea put into play. It all depends on the topic and the situation of the time: regardless, you would get something. :3

In a few hours, I'll be posting our !!FIRST!! official Community Challenge, so please keep your eyes, and ears, open!

- Lah

Challenge! So You Work at Paizo and...

...in a few days, Paizo will be releasing their long-awaited Champions of Purity! But wait! Something's wrong and you have one final submission--and need to get it in, post-haste!

Stop the presses!!!!

So this month's Challenge:

YOU are one of the content creators of Champions at Paizo! Craft something, anything that you feel fits the ideal of a CHAMPION! This challenge is not limited to 'paladins' and should encompass a broader range of characters, though they can certainly include them!

The Champions of Purity encompasses a wide range of ideas: '...new subdomains, feats, inquisitions, rage powers, alchemical discoveries, rogue talents, summoner evolutions, hexes, and arcane discoveries...' ...so consider this Challenge to be wide open!

Please give your item, rage power, or so on, a brief story. How did it come about, or why? If it's for a champion of Angoron, for example, perhaps it was first uncovered in Dran when a chieftain smote with one hand a primodeal dragon that flew in from the sky and threatened their tribe...!

You have until May 10th.

@mail or email submissions to: lahar.tenebrae@yahoo.com. If you like, you may share yours over here: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php/topic,1536.0.html . If you do not have a wiki/forum account, please +request one ingame and I will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

- Lah

Apr 21

State of the Game Update Incoming

Just as a note, we'll have a state of the game update forthcoming to update all of you on where we are and what's coming up. Keep your eyes peeled.

- Whirlpool

April 18

Bonuses List (RP 11)

As you've seen, due to the recode, RP11 is being released in stages! The Egalrin received their mechanics update (please check the wiki) as well as some of their feat updates. More race feats, for them and many others, are also in the pipes.

One of the updates we'd wanted to include are Roleplay Bonuses. Some of these you're familiar with--but we thought it'd be good to list them all on a page...as well as offering new ones. Basically, bonuses for things y'all do already: getting to know new players, for example. That is a big one!

So, without further ado, head on down to Roleplay > Bonuses, or... just click on this link: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Bonuses !

In the meantime, please keep your eyes open. We'll be rolling out the rest of RP11 as we can...

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Flora and Fauna Update

The page for our Companions, Familiars, and Bestiaries has received a facelift! Go and poke at World > Flora and Fauna!

- Lah

April 14

Egalrin Update (RP 11)

We have updated the egalrin wiki with a number of changes to the race.

These changes will likely not be reflected on your +sheets until we're converted to the new codebase. Familiarize yourself with the changes, however, and enjoy!

Thank you to all who participated in developing the changes. theme reboot for the race is still oncoming.

-- Your Tenebrae Staff


As a heads-up, the feats Strengthened Wings and Improved Strengthened Wings were also updated, while Greater was removed. I think you will like the changes! There are more options down the line, including aerial acrobatic maneuvering, flaming fists, and so on...

- Lah

April 13

The Big News

Hi everyone!

As you might have noticed, we have from time to time indicated we've been hard at work preparing new projects for you and that big things are on the horizon. This is true.

We am pleased to announce that Tenebrae will be receiving a very large code update in the near future thanks to Entropy. She will be extensively remodeling our code for us in a single, very large update that will see us converting to PENNMUSH.

Some of you might ask why such a large conversion. The truth is, as we've tried to update our code, we've found it increasingly hard to find knowledgeable parties who have the time to help untangle the dense code MUX code we presently operate on. No doubt some of you have begun to notice the increasing numbers of cracks in the seams of our codebase becoming visible or longer delays in necessary improvements to the game infrastructure. Staff recognizes that these things are not okay and our decision to move to another codebase was motivated by our desire to be able to do things more easily for you. What this means is that, when this project is completed (and it is not as far away as you might think), we will be able to provide better, coded support for all of you and make use of nifty new functions to enhance our abilities to deliver content, like SQL. Things that are presently uncoded or just assumed will actually be in in the game to make your playing easier.

There are some downsides, however.

Chances are, we will all need to remake our characters in the new codebase like we did with the initial Pathfiinder conversion. If this is so, we will make an effort to make this as painless as possible for all of you so we can get back to the more important business of roleplaying and having a grand old time.

We hope you all will enjoy to continue playing here on Tenebrae and that if you have any concerns about any of this (or want to volunteer to help for database entry, as we do need monkeys) you'll let us know.

-- Your Tenebrae Staff

Entropy's Addendum

Hi, guys! So yes, as indicated by our dearest Whirlpool: I am spearheading the latest improvement to the codebase. I'd like to personally note that it's my primary objective to make this conversion as seamless as possible for every individual player, and I believe all your items, experience, and money will be transferred over. There's no need to stop roleplaying or running plots, and I more than welcome you to invite your friends to create a player and begin playing before the conversion, as we're only going up from here.

I'd also really like to take this opportunity to note that if there are any features that you'd /like/ to see, that you address them to me in a mail or using the request system. I'd also like to thank Oates and Sonja for their contributions thus far, in addition to the other staff. Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience and being players. I love you all.

- Entropy

Status of Release Package 11

With the upcoming database switch ahead of us, I wanted to take the time and address some of the contents of the next Release Package, particularly the racials. The content of this package has not changed, just the timing.

In RP 11, we promised we would be adding to the egalrin, and that has not changed. The new database will launch with the new mechanics in place. Egalrin will be receiving some strengthening, and some bonus abilities. Nothing will be taken away, and we think you will like what's ahead. At least, we hope so. X)

Depending on snafus, I may or may not make a point of releasing this portion ahead of time, though the way we are chugging along (with lots of help!) means that it will most likely run fairly smoothly.

Second, racial feats. We have been working to flesh these options out since our feature launch. The new RP contains several options for the lucht, gnomes, mul'niessa, giantborn, egalrin, and war golems! These options are all approved, and given that we are adding in something like the 500+ core feats we already have (by hand), these will likely become our first "test" for content additions once we re-launch.

We are all anxious to see these, and the other parts of the Release Package (and there are more), launched! The process should go fairly smoothly, and we'll be releasing updates on that as we move forward.

In the meantime, please keep Lolth and Inferno in your thoughts. For NO REASON WHATSOEVER, they could use some images of monkey butts, amorous spiders, and very manly quarry nymphs sent their way. I suspect the more hirsute, the better!

- Lah

April 1

Contest Results!

Oh, wow... XD

You guys never cease to amaze me with your creativity! These templates are AMAZING. I've passed them on to Poops, who after much giggling said he'd "get back to me" and ran off, notebook in hand.

...I dunno what's up with that. >.> <.<


So, if you submitted an entry, check your +inventory! Then, check your @mail to find out what it does. :3

Thank you for being part of our community.

- Lahar

March 28

New Magic Item!

Just because. Check out the Equipment page!

Hopiday Challenge!

In anticipation of International Chocolate Goes On Sale Day, we are hosting a challenge!


@mail me your design for a Sparklepire Template. For gnomes. :D No, this is a joke and Whirlpool will most definitely not use it in his upcoming plots.

That's because Pyroclasm might.

Winnage will be determined by humor and possibly a random die roll. Awards will be something nice, so be sure and @mail!

Happy Chocolate Goes on Sale Day!!!

- Lahar

March 17

Updated PrP Rules

We have updated our PRP rules. Please take some time to visit Roleplay > Player Run Plots and refamiliarize yourself with them.

We have streamlined the PRP rules considerably, combining our dramatic PRPs and other types of PRPs into a single system.

Let us know if you have any concerns or comments.

Skills Page

The skills page has been completely revamped: Characters > Skills.

- Lah


Knowledge/artifice has been rolled into Craft/artifice. That said, please check your ranks and let us know if things don't add up. If they don't, we'll get it fixed. :3

For a description of what Craft/artifice can do, please visit Characters > Skills on the website.

- Lah

March 15

Events Fixed!

Events are now fixed!

March 14


We've recently acquired another full time coder. This will speed many of our code projects up enormously. Stay tuned, everyone. We have big plans for all of you. :)

Everyone give Entropy a big welcome aboard.

March 11

Draconic Bloodlines

As a heads-up, if you are of a DRACONIC bloodline, please send in a +req to the type of dragon your bloodline came from. Thank you.

- Lah

March 10

Release Package 10

Thanks to some generous volunteer coding from Shrike's player, our sorcerers have been generously recoded. From this point on, bloodline spells are appropriately added, bloodline abilities will be listed on your sheets, subtypes have been added to chargen, and... what's this?

All Advanced Player's Guide bloodlines have been added.

But wait! That's not all. In addition, due to some generous effort by Lahar, Barbarians have also receied a significant upgrade with the an addition of *many* new rage powers that were previously unavailable. The complete list is available here: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Barbarian

Now, as usual, we will allow those who want to make retroactive changes to their characters to do so as we've made new content available. If you want to adopt a new bloodline and its feasible to do so, we'll make it happen. For already approved sorcerers who should have a subtype, please submit a request telling us what that subtype should be and we'll fix you up. For those of you missing spells from your +sheet/spells, we'll get you squared away after you submit a request.

Big thanks to Lahar and especially Shrike for her volunteer efforts, as well as to those who helped test the code: Colrick, Oates, and Gwendolyn. Thanks, everyone!

Feb 25

Navos Bless My OCD

The Equipment page received a face-lift!

- Lah

Feb 19

Magically Clean!

The Magic page received a face-lift recently.

- Lah

Feb 10

Release Package 9

Hi, everyone! It's your friendly game director who is not at all a giant floofy talking toilet once again telling you that staff has completed another release of content for your enjoyment and benefit.

The release package, number nine, consists of the following things:

o The long-awaited +rpp/submit!

- Help available on +help rpp
- Submit a summary or a log
- Examples available on +help rpp and Characters > RPPs

o 3 new human feats

o For new players: The first PrP you run will bump you to level 3, one time only!

o For existing players: Alt Advantage updated! For 10 RPP, start out at level 3 on your next alt, not 2. Special note: for the next month, we'll let you apply this to an alt who is still L2. Thereafter, it must be used before approvals.

Coming up, we'll be taking a close look at the Pirate Islands and Xian theme as well and delivering some revisions to both of these areas. Also in the pipe is a rebuilding of theme for the Eaglerin.

Big thanks to Mudslide and Lahar for the primary work on this package.

- Whirlpool

Feb 1

Release Package 8

Hi, everyone!

It has been a while since our last package release and now we've got anothe one for you!

For this package, we've...

- Removed the 9th level powers we assigned to each race. We felt these weren't doing what we wanted them to do for giving our races flavor.
- We have replaced the racial ninths with a series of racial feats for each race. These can be taken at any time when you meet the appropriate requirements (Lahar's note: check each of the racial pages--they now list their feats!), but...
- We are also giving each of you a free racial feat at sixth. Sixth is a dead level in Pathfinder and this seemed an appropriate place to do so. The feats are based off existing Pathfinder and 3.5 feats and are now listed on our website's feats page. We will probably be including more of these down the line, as not all races have all the feats and options we'd like them to have.
- There are probably still some minor typos in the mix. Please let us know if you find any.

PRCs are nearing completion. We apologize for the lengthy delay some of you have faced in getting them in. Let us know when you're ready to level and we'll make sure you get set up, even if we have to chain Outbreak to a chair and bring out the rack.

Some other minor tidbits are as follows;

- Firearms mastery for rangers has been adjusted.
- Several aspects have been tweaked upwards in power, and some RPP prices dropped.
- Humanoid shapechangers is once again an option for favored enemies in the codebase.
- Race languages in chargen now match the wiki.

Poro and Lahar got the racial feats in, as well as most of the other features. Big thank to you to them, and a big thank you to everyone else who's been working at making this a great game, including all our recent player runners. It really makes us happy to see so many of you dipping your toes into the DM water and we hope you continue to do so.

- Whirlpool

FEET...er, FEAT?

The Feats page has been consolidated. This has nothing to do with upcoming announcements, absolutely nothingk. :D

- Lah

Jan 28

9th Level Powers

As most of you know, all our races at this time have ninth level powers.

This is going to be changed. We will be removing these powers and replacing them with a new system entirely. This system will likely, barring unforseen issues at this time, be a free racial feat at level 6, along with a few feat chains for those interested in pursuing them tied to the themes of each race.

- Whirl

Jan 10

More streamlining by Azog. :3 Also, there's now some information on what to do if your country uses a different DST than the server.

To install your +cal, go here: Personal Calendar!

- Lahar

Jan 06

New Special Material

Well...kind of. X) Say it is a new way to USE your special materials...

Tenebrae is pleased to announce Essence Bonding! It is an ancient technique crafted by Green Word spiritualists of old, that permits the bonding of certain unique materials to the claws and teeth of their war beasts. During the ancient wars, it was used by these groups to great, and devestating effect...

To read more about it, navigate to Characters > Equipment on the website. It's listed as a Special Material.

With the introduction of Essence Bonding, we're also adding a new perk for becoming involved in the various, open orgs on Tenebrae. That is, when it is thematic for them, some open orgs may gain, over time, a slightly cheaper access to certain technologies or techniques. This does not equal exclusive--it just means a little cheaper, mainly as a reward for becoming involved in Tenebrae and in the world of Ea itself, and continuing to tell your story.

- Lahar

January 1


Now that we've ticked over the new year, +Events scheduled for this year will function properly again.

Holidays, pt 3 Reminder

Hey, there. This is just a reminder to folks old and new about our last, final celebration of the holidays. I've posted on this before, but a reminder never hurts. :3

For Holidays Part 3, I'll be awarding one of your PCs, from level 2-8, a free level...with treasure.

All you need to do to earn it is, sometime between now and the end of January, email me (lahar.tenebrae at yahoo.com) 4 RPP logs OR 1 PrP log. Remember, Whirl will be hosting a PrP Workshop this Sunday (tomorrow), so please consider giving PrPs a go...

Once you email me, I'll contact you and we'll take it from there, figure out what shinies you want, and so forth... :D

- Lahar

PS Because folks have asked, yes, the logs do need to be from January. All the best, - Lah

December 26

The Cinnamon Challenge

This is an OFFICIAL NOTICE! ...we are offering a hefty, ONE-TIME bounty of ONE-HUUUUUNDRED XP!!! ...to anyone and everyone who can take up the 'Cinnamon Challenge.' ... :D

This means.

Picking up Cinnamon and tossing her at monsters. ICly.

Bonus if you include a war cry.

Have fun, guys. :3

December 25

Happy Holidays, pt 3!!!!!

Damn. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't help but think how wonderful this season is. It's a time for family, for friends...for community.

That is what we would like to do. Show our appreciation to you. Yes, YOU. :D

So for this season, for the entire month of January (which is coming up in just a week!) we'll be offering a little something.

What we'd like to do is kickstart the new year. Start it off right. And, we hope, give our DMs a little break--a way of thanking THEM for running nearly 3+ scenes a week for an entire YEAR.



Send in 4 RPP Logs - OR - Run 1 PrP

...we'll bump any alt, from levels 2-8, UP ONE FULL LEVEL, with some treasure to go with it. :3

Just email me the logs (lahar.tenebrae@yahoo.com), then let me know you did via +request, and include which alt your bonus goes to. That's all you have to do. I'll contact you and we'll take it from there.

The PrP doesn't have to be top-notch, either. This is more about getting our feet wet, collectively. Pester Whirlpool for ideas. Pounce Inferno. Poke Pyro. He's a hippie. Just like Sandy.

And Happy Holidays, from everyone here on Tenebrae. :D

- Lahar

PS Some folks have asked, "What do I send in with a PrP?" You basically send the log, with rolls and ooc-foo. Check out Roleplay > Player Run Plots. I made a cheat sheet at the bottom.

PPS Please give the PrPs a try. I want to give this award out. Yet, part of me also wants our DMs to have a special treat, too. So harass'em, invite'em along. Say thank you. :D And get your feet wet. XD

December 19

Actions and Maneuvers in PF!

We've a new page up! It is in the Pathfinder section of our site and tries to clarify "Just What Can I do in a Round?" It also addresses combat maneuvers a bit, too.

I don't claim everything is correct yet. If you see an error, don't hesitate to send a polite @mail.

To see the charts, head on over to Start Here > What is Pathfinder, and look under the Resources section. Or, click here.

- Lahar

December 10

Celebrating the Holidays, pt 2.5!

Happy Holidays! As we prepare for the final stretch of Tenebrae's holiday preparation, staff wanted to take time out to say hi to our new folks...and to give a firm hand-shake to the old. With this in mind, we wanted to ask: who are you? And, what stories do you want to tell?

So just for the fun of it, staff is tossing out some Character Questionairres. You don't need to fill these out. X) But if you do, staff will award you 3 RPPs if you're new. If you're old, fill one out for your oldest, and youngest, PC. We'll give you 3 RPP for that, too. Just share what answers you can and share them on the forum. :3

We may do PrP bounties with these, depending on the response and your own interests.

Happy holidays, everyone!

- Lahar

PS No one HAS to do this. It's just something fun to help us learn about eachother. :D And that is why we are offering RPPs if you do. X)

December 8

Paizo just released their official monk update. We'll be incorporating it.

- Lahar

November 26

About the Caravan...

Note: Anyone who can email me a log showing their RP with any of these themes, the gobbers will give an extra-super-discounted price to (via magic; it just happens).

Plugging RP Shamelessly Since 1997,

- Lahar
lahar.tenebrae ... yahoo.com !

November 13

Search Paizo PRD from Google!

We've made a plugin. Directions for installing it are in Start Here > What is Pathfinder? and then scrolling down to the tutorials and resources section. Or, click here!

Works with Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

- Lahar

October 23

Ghosts, Gobbers, and Ghouls, Oh My!

In just a few days, we enter into the land of spooks, ghosts, and goblins. And the High Hunt, one of Tenebrae's greatest festivities in honor of Gilead! To celebrate these two events, staff will be dropping the occasional, unique horror-themed Magic Item into plots and PrPs. That is, items that have never been seen before, and will not be seen again (probably).

In addition, we'll be awarding all PrPs as Death Consent for the next two weeks! That is, treasure and XP will be given at the same level as they would a DM'd plot. In addition, well. There is the risk of DEATH.

But it is Halloween.

- Tenebrae Staff

October 13

Not so long ago, we updated the grid. X) This was a project that ran the span of two years, and for which we're grateful to a number of folks for leading to its completion.

Soon, we'll be working towards Release Package 8! RP8 will contain mostly PrCs and Feats, things that Outbreak, Thunder, and I will be digging into soon.

In the meantime, I'd like to announce two more animal companions, ones we've had some demand for: the rhinoceros and the elephant! These two have been added to the wiki under World > Flora and Fauna.

There's a new RPP spend, as well: Gladiators! These RPPs provide bonuses to gladiatorial combat.

As PrCs take a bit of time to code, Ob and I will be dropping some items here and there, just so it doesn't hit at once. X) We're also working on some rules for artificer constructs, but this will need a little playtesting before it's released.

- Lahar

October 10

Maps Added!

We've added maps to the website! You may view them here, or in the game by +map/view <name of map>. Or, just type +map while you're in that area.

- Lahar

Release Package 8!

We've begun to "gear up" for Release Package 8! While still in the works, it's known that RP8 will contain our Prestige Classes...as well as one or two other surprises.

- Lahar

Do You Facebook?

We're now on Facebook! Check us out at Tenebrae.MUX!

Many of our community members use Facebook, so this is just another way to chat. We're not intending FB to be a major outlet, though we may share updates about Release Packages and the like. More, it's an opportunity for those who are interested to meet other members of the community...or for us to answer questions such as, "What's a MUX?" and "They're still alive, really?"

Also, being who we are, we respect your choice of privacy: we're not going to friend you unless you friend us. How you make use of this resource is all up to you, though we're pleased to provide you updates and goings-on about the world we all share (this will be mostly in the form of Release Packages, or "hey, our server's down for a few hours").

- Lahar

September 13

Your Rumors, Your Stories!

As part of celebrations, many of your stories and rumors have been placed on the grid! You can see them just by visiting...

Among them:

Arena (Jibbom)
Southern Bridge Over Tornmawr River (Colrick)
Festival Grounds (Colrick)
Catacombs (Cesran)

...to name a few! Drop by, poke about, or contribute: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php/topic,1426.0.html


Orgs and You

This is a bit lengthy, so I apologize ahead of time. On the other, I hope it answers some questions!

- Lahar

Where can I find lists of existing orgs?

There are several places to find lists of existing orgs:

Alexandria: Core Setting > Local Organizations
Worldwide: World > Organizations
Temple: World > Organizations > Temple Affiliations
Monastic: World > Organizations > Monastic OR Characters > Classes > Monk
Cavalier: Characters > Classes > Cavalier

What are some examples?

Many of the deities have their own groups, while others work together over a common cause. For instance, the Silver Crescent is composed of a number of different faiths, and Tarien and Angorite groups may often be found side by side, while other groups blend Korites and Angorites quite well.

Here's one of Eluna's:

Vision Keepers: This order is arguably a military armed faction of clergymen who follow Eluna. Composed mostly of non-elves, the followers of this order consist of paladins, rangers, and other warriors who often accompany other members of the clergy on quests to recover magical artifacts, locate ancient hoards as well as defend Eluna’s shrines and temples. The head of this order is known as The Wielder of the Star of Tears and represents the sickle phase of the moon.

Are orgs limited to the ones listed? Can I make my own?

Not at all, and yes, absolutely. In fact, if you've something specific that suits you, let us know. For player-created groups, the guidelines are pretty much the same as everything else: make sure you leave room for other people and that it is headed by NPCs. A chivalric group of knights is fine; the same chivalric group who is the star of everything and in secret rules the entire country is not... and, well, everyone should feel free to participate.

How do I join an existing org?

For most orgs (save the underworld ones and the Crimson Hand), becoming a member just means declaring your intent and RPing towards it. You might even include it as part of your background. On Tenebrae, orgs are considered storytelling devices, not clubs, and we treat them as such. In fact, if an org lists "by invite only," that is likely old text and should probably be deleted. Check with staff.

Will there be more org-based RPP spends? RPP spends in general?


How can I get others involved?

Some of the ways include roleplay, and use of the Roleplay Requests +bboard. If you'd like some other ideas, speak with staff; we're always happy to help!

September 11

Events Code Updates

The +events code has another addition: +event/notifyalts

If you've already set up your alts for the RPP tracker, then you just need to type +event/notifyalts. You and all your alts will then be set so that any time any one of your alts receives an alert for an +event they're scheduled for, the system will notify all of them. This goes for @mails and @pemits.

Some notes: To set up your alts, send in a +request if you haven't already.


Events +help Updates


  • +event/notifyalts is now listed under +help rpp. It'll be added soon to +help events.
  • Information about the notifications, what type and when they occur, may now be found under +help events.

September 10

Events Code Updates

The +events code has an addition: alerts! 24-hours before an event is scheduled to start, the +events docket will send an @mail to the Poster of the +event as well as any confirmed players reminding them about it. 10 minutes and 0 minutes before an event is scheduled to start, the same players will receive a @pemit from the +events docket reminding them.

These alerts will only occur on any events created AFTER this bbpost. Contact Outbreak with any questions you may have, or if you'd like your existing +event to start sending alerts.


August 30


Welcome to the new grid, y'all!

As of now, the BRAND! NEW! GRID! is open to you guys! Feel free to explore it! Just remember to use the RP Nexus 'ic' exit the first time with each alt. That way, the standard ooc and ic commands will work correctly for you from here on out.

Along with the grid comes a new +map! It'll tell you where you are wherever you be. We have a couple different maps that you can view with +map/view all. Hooray!

Finally, be sure to check out opportunities to earn additional RPPs, XP, and gold as a way to celebrate the end of two years' hard work: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php?topic=1426

Happy gridding, you guys! :D Be sure to thank all the staff for their hard work! ESPECIALLY ME. (Just kidding, I just threw the map code together. They did all the heavy lifting!)

- Mudslide

August 29

Grid Launch, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening, we'll be launching the new grid! As we do, we'll be closing off the old one. As of this time, please migrate your PCs off the old grid and towards the Gaming Table. If you forget, you will not be "trapped," this will just make the transition easier for everyone.

The new grid will be enterable via the RP Nexus. You'll enter it using the 'ic' exit, just as though you were a new player. From there on, you'll be able to use +ooc and +ic as normal.

When hitting the new grid for the first time, you will find that it is a little different than the old one. For instance, everyone begins in part of the Heartlands, the area around Alexandria. From here, it is sort of like Zelda--there are enterable towns and places, accessible from the greater "world map." When you enter these places, the map will change to show the local townscape. On the new grid, there are two such places: Wilderness Pointe, and Alexandria.

We condensed the grid as we could, while retaining important features and landmarks, and smoothing out some of the geography. The role of the river, for instance, is more apparent and mountains may be traversed and visited. That said, it's condensed when compared to the older version. What this means is, the new grid will have that familiar feel to it, though it will be different.

Also...as part of the opening celebrations, and the closing of RP7, we will be having some contests and events, and the chance to earn additional XP, RPPs, and more! +bbread on for details. :D

- Tenebrae Staff

And to Celebrate...

A game's grid is central to its community, and it is important to us that everyone get a chance to be a part of it. What we'd like to ask for your help in--is developing the rumors, legends, and history around these new areas in Alexandria and the Heartlands.

See, while many areas of the grid are old, some are new, untried, and untested! How did these areas come about? What legends have been told about them?

So! For every legend you craft and share on the forums, staff will award 1 RPP (up to 3). These legends should be a story in and of themselves--a legend locals tell about the Fate Spire, deep within the mountain range, for example. Local gossip throughout the shipyards about the dockworker who never came home. The tale you tell is up to you.

Some new areas in need of local gossip include, but are not limited to:

  • The Monestary at Fate's Spire
  • The Soldier's Defense
  • Vadran Village
  • The Arena
  • The khazads' mining village, hidden in the midst of the Redridge Mountains...

...and many more, waiting for your discovery, your exploration, your input.

To share your legend, go here: http://forum.tenebraemush.net/index.php/topic,1426.0.html

As an added bonus and to celebrate our new grid's opening, for the next three weeks we'll award a bonus RPP, as well as additional XP, to anyone who runs a PrP (Player Run Plot) featuring one of the new "legends" that someone's posted. Participants will receive a bonus, too!

Thank you for being part of our community!

- Tenebrae Staff

August 28

Hooray, Mudslide!

Mudslide's chugging away at grid code!!!

August 25

RP 7 Rollout, Part 1!

Welcome to the first part of Release Package 7! RP7 is one of our larger packages, and so will be rolled out in parts. The first part involves a significant expansion of our Roleplay Points system, or RPPs. We've added a variety of new options, which can be seen under Characters > RPPs on the website!

Note that some items have been adjusted due to feedback. If there was an increase, it's on us! If the cost was reduced, please let us know and we'll refund you.

We've also included a new command, +roll/ten which can be used to 'take ten' on appropriate skills.

Finally, we have two bug fixes! First, Wizard 0-Level Spells are now onboard and running, so please see 1/38 on getting those fixed if it is something you need to do. In addition, Fighter Training has received some tweaks and upgrades! If you're a fighter, please unequip and requip your armor and equipment to see the changes.

As with all new additions, expect there to be a few bumps as things settle in.

Thank you for being part of our community! Too, a special thanks goes out to everyone who's pitched in, particularly our coders, reviewers, to make this package a reality. Some of this has been over two years in the making, and we hope the wait has been, will be, worth it.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

NOTE: The special materials policy has been rolled into RPPs.

August 22

Preview: New Grid!

The new grid is a little different than the old one. For instance, you begin in part of the Heartlands, the area around Alexandria. From here, it is sort of like Zelda--there are enterable towns and places, accessible from the greater "world map." When you enter these places, the map will change to show the local townscape. On the new grid, there are two such places: Wilderness Pointe, and Alexandria.

Here's a sample of the new, traversable Heartlands:

              ~~~  @@@@@@
               ~~~ @@@@@@@@
         ~~      ~~@[W]@@@@@
           ~~      @@@@@@@@
           ~~        |   ~~  ^
      -----------\   |  ~~   ^
     /      ~~    --[3]-[4]--[5]
     |       ~~     ~|    ^   |
    [7]       ~~~ ~~~|   ^    |
     |         ~~ ~~ |  ^     |
     |          ~~~~ | ^     [6]
     |             ~~| ^     /
    @@@             ~~ ^
  @@[2]@            ~~ ^
  @@@@@             ~~ ^
   @@@              ~~  ^
                     ~~ ^

I've taken the legend off to save space...but, note the areas with letters instead of numbers. Those? Those are enterable "towns." The biggest one is, of course, Alexandria...

When the new grid launches, we'll be launching a MU-wide celebration, with chances to earn RPPs, XP, and additional treasures, so stay tuned!

- Lahar

UPDATE: The Core Setting menu is being updated in preparation for the launch. This is posted to help avoid any confusion in the meantime... *shuffleshuffle*

August 20

Happy Birthday, Lolth!


- Signed, Tenebrae (PS Couldn't find any dragons)

August 20

Preview: New RPP Spends!

Whew! It has been a great season this year, and we've such a great community to thank for it. RP7 is around the corner, and as part of it, we've a number of things in store. The biggest of these, of course, is the new grid. The new grid is a project that's been 2+ years in the making, and has involved a near-MU-wide effort.

In addition to the grid, we'll also have some new RPP spends. While this is all still in the reviews phase, I wanted to share some samples of what's up and coming...

New Aspects...

Trickster's Affinity I

You've developed a talent for mischief and trickery. Whether through practice as an avid prankster or through some connection to one of the more mischievous Gods or spirits, your ability to trick others for a laugh gives you an aura of mirth and high spirits. You may well receive the notice of the temples of Tarien. Dancing Lights 3/day.

Trickster's Affinity II

Your affinity for trickery grows stronger, as does your fascination with pranks and mischief. At any time and whenever it would aid in your mischief, you may produce any mundane item valued at 5 GP or less from your person, as you just happen to have a variety of funny items on hand. The item must be something you could easily carry. Too, Coyote senses intent, so the item must be produced with the intent of a joke, prank, to illustrate a boasting tale, or similar effect. The item will fade out of existence after its use is complete, though will not last longer than an hour.

New Spends...

Trained Blade (15 RPP, Active Organization Membership)

You've been honed, trained as a member of your organization. If you are an Elunite, for example, you've trained with the Hunters to find and bring back the misshapen of Garm. This purchase is only available to organizations with a more clearly defined opposition, so be sure to speak with staff before selecting it.

Because of your training, you receive a +1 bonus to damage rolls made with a melee weapon against enemies of this type.

For mechanical purposes, this should be selected after speaking with staff, and selected from the ranger's Favored Enemy list. Choices must be considered thematically appropriate. This may be taken more than once, but applies to a different type of creature each time.

Organizational Knowledge (15 RPP, Active Organization Membership)

You've studied extensively within your organization. As a bonus, you receive a +2 to any specific skill check related to their area of study. This may include any knowledge, craft, or profession skill. This may be taken multiple times, but applies to a different skill each time. The choice of skill should be thematic to the group. For example, knowledge/dungeoneering would likely not fit the Hearthguards, but knowledge/nature for the understanding of herbs might. In contrast, knowledge/nature might not fit the Progressive Arcanists, but profession/scribe might.

I'm excited! I hope you, are, too! In the meantime, be sure to thank our code folk and our director, Whirlpoops the Fluffy Toilet. None of this would be possible without their efforts.

See you ongrid!

- Lahar

August 12

Release Package 7 is on the wings. It is still a little ways away, but is entering the final stages of wrap-up. Included in RP7 will be the new grid.

- Lahar

August 7

Roleplay Menu Updated

A few more clarifications to the Roleplay menu to make it easier to navigate. "Roleplay Archives" is now "Game History", and "Recent Logs" has been moved to just "Logs." From there, you can pick Recent Logs or Archived Logs.

We're also trying something a little different with our logs page! What do you think?

- Lahar

July 30

RPPs: Clarifications and Updates!

Hey there, folks. :3 After getting some feedback, I've clarified the RPP page. How does it look?

This is new for all of us, so we'll be keeping our ears to the ground in the coming months to hear what you have to say. RPPs, over time, will become a greater part of the game, and a way to award things we haven't had a method for, previously. Ancestral Weapon is one of these "types of things," so expect to see options grow, not shrink. ...

- Lahar

July 21

RPPs: Multiple People in a Scene!

How do you handle it when multiple people are in a scene, and want to send in a log? The best answer: use common sense and "whatever reasonably works." Here's an example showing, and explaining, one way to do so:

Roleplay > Roleplay Logs > A Cart of Rainbows

As always, please don't hesitate to speak up if you've a question. This is something new, and so we are all adjusting a little bit. ^^;

July 20

Roleplay Menu Updated

The Roleplay menu has been updated! It's a little more organized, now. And look! Pathfinder!

- Lahar

July 19


We've updated the grappling charts to include a few more offerings from the greater Pathfinder community. Visit Start Here > What is Pathfinder? and check under "Pathfinder Resources."

Wed Jun 20

Release Package 6!

Hello, everyone!

Our sixth release package is now in the process of rolling out!

The largest of the changes will be the introduction of RPPs. The code is now live, as you can see from your +sheets, and we'll be publishing some more information on this soon. We'll also be awarding everyone some starting points as well as bonuses from Aspects that were earned up until this time.

We're also pleaed to announce some other tools that are going live. The Magic Item generator is the chief of these adn thse will be available during DM'd scenes to assist in the purchase of scrolls and potions. Expect some kinks and bugs to need to be worked out with these.

Also included in RP6 are a number of fixes. Among them:

  • Attribute Damage is now calculated correctly.
  • Chargen weighted attributes now let you know how much is left to spend!
  • Numerous pre-req updates and fixes.
  • A code tweak or two.
  • Removed the old 3.5 feats of: Danger Sense, Dive for Cover, Double Wand Wielder, Wandstrike
  • Knowledge/Artifice now merged with Craft/Artifice. If this means you have additional skill points leftover, please +request.

A big thanks to the hard work of the entire staff corp and those players who've been assisting us with these matters. A special shout out goes to Azog, whose help has been instrumental.

UPDATE: RP6 is now fully operational. Be sure to follow the Getting Started with RPPs and send staff your feedback.

May 29

Release Package 5

Hi everyone. Whirlpool here!

We're pleased to announce Release Package 5 is rolling out like Optimus Prime. This mostly consists of a few small things and a couple big things that have finally been made possible. Everyone's been burnin' the midnight oil as much as possible to make it all happen.

So, without further ado, Release Package 5 is here for your consideration and praise of our benevolent awesomeness. <.<

Okay, in all seriousness, here it goes:

  • Artificer Spells: The artificer's received a few new spells! A few of these are carried over into the Wizard/Sorc and Bard lists, though the focus has been on our new class and developing appropriate content for it. You can find these new spells by visiting the Artificer's class page!
  • +hp: Need to know your party's current hit points during battle? Type +hp when in a DM scene or a Plot Room. +hp is crafted primarily to help out our healers. Thank you, Outbreak!
  • Multiple Noms: Type +help xp to see our new +nom command, +nom/multi! Also note that +nomcheck is now +nom/check. This is part of a slow, careful move towards a more uniform command structure. +nomcheck will work for a while, and will eventually be phased out in favor of the new form.
  • Events: The biggest part of RP5 is our new events code! Events will help you schedule any sort of event related to Tenebrae: plots, gatherings, socials, and even gathering online to watch a movie at the Gaming Table. Given the size and complexity of this program, please consider it to be in beta, and forward any bugs through our +request system. Type +help events to get started!

As with any new content, there may be a tweak or two as we move forward. Thank you for playing with us, for for being a part of this community.

Our next RP will focus on the RPPs you've seen about the site (Characters > RPPs), and bringing them live. We're continuing work on the grid as well, and hope to have it in play soon.

May 24

New Website Section

Opened up our Play Now! section!

May 23

Release Package Upcoming

Hi, everyone!

It has been some time since our last release package. We have been hard at work on a new one and it will soon be going live. Big thanks to everyone who has so far worked on it. EQ and Outbreak especially, along with Lahar, of course.

Keep your eyes peeled!

- Whirlpool

May 5

What's Needed?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: what's needed? Well, the best response is to play what you like. This is a game about having fun within a community. In that spirit, too...we thought we'd offer up a few ideas. These are not required, they're not even us or anyone else asking you to play them.

However, the question DOES come up. So, IF one of these strikes your fancy, and IF you'd enjoy playing it...why, dive right in!! Always, always, however: play what you love.

Oruch Bards

The 'goblinoid' races in general could use some love, yet here is a concept that is rarely played out. With their ties to their ancestors and great voices, oruch make strong war bards, as versed in blood as they are song and history.

Arvek Nar Cavaliers, Fighters, Druids

The arvek nar are an emergent race with ties unknown to the goddess Serriel. They are masters of war and combat. Cavaliers, fighters, are all needed and well-within their grasp. They feature druids as well--secret trainers of their famed war mounts.

Gobber Artificers

These gun-toting stinkers could use some love and flavor. Known artificers, inventors, and thieves, the artificer class lends itself to gun use with its Titan Armor, and gobbers...well. Gobbers love things that go boom. Firearms are iconic for them.

Khazad-Aul, Khazad-Mornir Warriors

The iconic warrior, the khazad are sorely unrepresented in this area. So too, are their wise priests and clerics, who tend to hold a respected, and treasured, place within khazad society. A number of them are also famed beard-readers and diviners, a respected form of divination among the race.


Clerics in general are always a welcome addition. They're one of the ones we suggest 'in general,' because not only are they always needed, they're a great way to get to know others, and make friends.


Wizards! While the knowledge skill heavy or linguistically talented wizard is iconic, there are other avenues to explore with wizards. We'd like to see them.

April 29

Update to Rangers

Rangers (mounted combat) and cavaliers now have the abilitiy to summon their mounts to their side, a limited number of times per day. Each class flavors the ability differently, and according to theme. This is to help even out the playing field somewhat, and relieve some anxiety about such concepts.

- Lahar

April 25

Ten Years of Tenebrae

That's right, folks.

This May, Tenebrae turns ten years old. It's hard for me personally to believe that we've been going this long and we're stronger than ever. Hopefully, this is a trend that continues. This is not something we could have done without a lot of blood, sweat and tears from everyone who has ever staffed here and the combined efforts of all of you.

There will be more forthcoming on this front. Few MUSHes reach this kind of milestone and we'll definitely be celebrating it and talking more about our future plans.

- Whirl

Profession Skills Now on Website

The skills page now contains a list of professions. Before, this list was only available in chargen and during advancement.

- Lahar

April 16

The Official Jinks' Sheet Contest

It is our firm belief that Jinks' +sheet is not yet long enough.

We are offering a 10 XP bonus for hilarious submissions of things that should be added to his +sheet under miscellaneous abilities. There is a maximum of 100 XP earned this way.

Please @mail Lahar and I with your submissions.

- Whirlpool

Already on Jinks' Sheet

Already on Jinks' Sheet:

    * Deadbeat Dad
    * Chopped Liver
    * Landscape Gnome
    * Lengthy Rap Sheet
    * Levels Inconveniently
    * Owes Child Support
    * Smartypants McGnomerson
    * Springheel'd Jinks
    * Typhoid Gnomery

Looking forward to your ideas. XD

- Lahar

April 12

Gentle Reminder!

This is just a gentle reminder to folks: If you think a time is going to bad for you for a scene you've been scheduled for, please remember to let the DMs know as quickly as possible. We put a lot of work into our scenes and having people no show or show late or tell us at the last minute they can't make can be frustrating. Keep in mind we have a lot of players in a lot of timezones, some of whom have to rearrange their sleeping schedules just to make their scenes.

No one is being pointed a finger at here -- this is just a general reminder from which we can all benefit. It is important to stay in communication and sometimes those things can slip.

- Whirl

April 05

Introducing... ME!

New staffette here, Pororoca, the destructive wave! In very short order, I hope to be crushing your hopes and dreams in the manner you are accustomed to from my mentor, Whirlpool. Thank you. You may get back to quivering in fear.

- Pororoca

April 02

CLOSED: Friendship Reports

That's it, it was fun while it lasted. No more Friendship Reports -- we shall sleep, and then see what everypony has written to us about magic of friendship.

- Cobweb Tangle

April 02

Thank you, everyone!

Hi, everyone! We want to thank all of you for getting into the spirit of our April Fool's Day Joke. Rest assured, all of you are a big part of what makes this game successful and awesome. We'd also like to offer a special thank you to those who helped us make it work: Eleria, Melon, and Azog.

We could not have done this without them.

We'll begin the process of unponifyng everyone tonight. :)

- Rainbow Swirl

April 01

Welcome to Ponyfinder!

Welcome to Ponyfinder!

Er...welcome, everypony! We're proud to announce that after a year and a half of work, we're ready to launch Ponyfinder here on Tenebrae! You'll see more and more of the Ponytheme appearing over the next week, so we ask you to be patient with us until that time.

In the meantime, you can catch a sneak peek at our new races by visiting People > Races. You will want to think of ponynames for your existing PCs, also (and we will be providing a tool to help do so, shortly).

Be sure to check out our new login, and website, too, for hints of things to come!

Your new staff are:

Whirlpool -> Rainbow Swirl
Lahar -> Chocolate Lava Cake
Lolth -> Aunty Cobweb Tangle
Pyroclasm -> Hippieclasm
Earthquake -> Cranky Doodle Donkey
Thunder -> Thunder Hooves

Welcome to Ponyfinder! Friendship truly IS Magic...

Pony resources

If you have trouble visualizing your ponyself, we recommend to use this handy tool for creating your ponysona:


- Cobweb Tangle

Friendship Reports

Since our beloved cousin Celestia is not around, we accept friendship reports in her stead.

Everypony who sends a friendship report via @mail to us, Cobweb Tangle, today, will be rewarded for their effort.

Instructions: 1) Send @mail to Cobweb Tangle, titled "Friendship Report". 2) Write what you have learned about magic of friendship today. (Note that the best ones shall be shared with public, because everypony should learn.) 3) Only one friendship report per character. If you have used Pony Creator (see the link in a previous post) to create a ponysona, share the link for extra rewards.

- Cobweb Tangle

Ponyfinder RP

Today, a colorful mist surrounds Alexandria. For the next 24 hours, you may take your ponyfinder pony ongrid as the land of Friendship and Dreams briefly visits. RP for this day will be considered to happen in a 'pony sandbox,' so please have fun, everypony!

P.S. You can, of course, have normal RP. It just cannot involve ponies.

-Chocolate Lava Cake

March 24


The oruch stood his ground as the army marched away. He could not go with them--his destiny, as much as he cursed it, lay at the small bundle at his feet. An arm shot up, its skin oddly translucent, its interior filled with smoke. The djinn. Wanted their child back.

Stories. Roleplay. Adventure. These three are at the heart of Tenebrae. Though, we've always struggled with how to reward stories. When monsters aren't involved, DnD turns shy.

We'd begun this journey with Dramatic PrPs, and Aspects, and with their success, are looking to expand into a new, more flexible realm. We're pleased to announce RPPs, or Role Play Points.

RPPs are tied to you, the player. You earn them by doing awesome things, and logging it. Get ongrid, tell a story, and let us know about it. Once you accumulate these points, you can spend them however you wish, on any alt you like.

Aspects are being rolled into this system which is, we hope, an overall and smoother approach to them. As we prepare to launch, we welcome your questions, and while we may not always have answers, we will try our best. Bear with us, though, and keep in mind, as with any new thing there may need to be adjustments along the way, based on feedback.

To see what's down the line, visit Characters > RPPs.

- The Tenebrae Staff and Community

March 19

Time Is Out of Kilter (not)

Hello, peeps. As a reminder, Finland (where the server lies), does not warp into future 'till 25th of March. There's nothing wrong with the reality you observe.

- Lolth

March 19

Automagic Log Cleaner

Our automagic log cleaner is now available in two places on the website:

Roleplay > Logs > Automagic Log Cleaning, OR
Start Here > Wiki Help > Automagic Log Cleaning

Let me know if you run into any issues.

- Lahar

March 19

Reminder II

This is a second reminder to Whirl's first reminder!

Death in DnD isn't that big of a deal, OOCly. ICly, it's part of the profession you're in. People with Destinies (adventurers) have a chance to come back, and it's part of life (ha ha).

Althea even sponsors raises.

So sit back and enjoy the game. Stories are what you make of them.

- Lahar

March 19


All DM plots and Plotmaster plots are ones in which you automatically consent to the risk of death.

That said, this is D&D. Death is not exactly the end of the game.

- Whirl

(p.s. Current DMs are: Whirl, Thunder, Pyro. Current Plotmasters are: Jinks, Spike, Eva. <3 Tsu)

March 12


Eva has officially decided to join our Plotmaster squad. :)

Everyone give her a big welcome!

- Whirl

March 11


Ported over from...way, way back in 2009, on crafting ASCII art, using it within a MU, and how to do so responsibly (and for effect). If you've any questions, please ping.

- Lahar

March 11

Automagic Log Cleaning!

With a click or two and a little help from Notepad++, you can now automagically clean your logs! A big thanks to Eleria for helping out with this project! Without his assistance with the RegEx, none of this would be possible.

You can find the instructions here:

Roleplay > Logs > Automagic Log Cleaning, OR
Start Here > Wiki Help > Automagic Log Cleaning

The tutorial gives you two options: manual, and macros. Manual is useful if you'd just like to clean out specific sections. Macro are useful if you want to clean everything at once (though I've included a macro for "everything except OOC," too).

You can also find the tutorial by navigating to Roleplay > Logs, and looking at the top help section.

Please @mail me with your feedback, and make sure to thank Eleria next time you see him.

- Lahar

March 09

I am running a little behind on requests. I will get to them this weekend. :)

- Whirl

February 29

Artifice Armor Clarification

Artificer's Titan Armor clarified a bit. We hope this helps. :3


- Lahar

February 29


Just a heads-up that the languages in CG aren't accurate. We'll be rectifying this as soon as possible.

- Lahar

February 26


We broke our all time connections record. Yes, a chunk of that was connected alts, but holy hell. We broke the record. 70 connections. That's a lot of players no matter how you look at it.

Thank you, again, to everyone for making Tenebrae a continued success.

- Whirl

February 25

Alt policy clarified a bit. This is a direction we've been in for some time--it's about time to write it down. So we did! None of it should be a surprise, and is more a continuation with what we'd begun with forum logins.

February 24

Request Backlog

We have a backlog of requests. I will be trying to work through them and approvals this weekend. :)

- Whirl

February 22

They Said I had OCD...

...I believed them: http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Feats

- Lahar

February 19

I'll be out of town on business this coming Tuesday, February 21st, through Friday, the 24th.

- Thunder

February 16

Recent History Updated

We've updated the recent history on the wiki at Roleplay > Recent History to reflect the 'Fake Mists' plot that ended recently.

This should bring several of our newer players up to date on what has gone on with that. :)

- Whirl

February 15

...I hate you, wizard schools!

This is why: Characters > Magic (updated)

- Lahar <333foreversquee!

February 06

New BBoard!

We're pleased to announce a new +bboard group: IC: RP Requests. RP Requests is a place to request a more specific type of RP. For example, you might advertise wanting to get together with other druids on a specific date. Or, you might also post a request for someone to play an NPC for you.

Remember, specific requests are better than general ones when it comes to getting responses.

We hope you'll enjoy the new board. As with any new feature, we'll be looking to make adjustments depending on how things go.

- Lahar

February 06


Egalrin page cleaned up.

- Lahar

February 05

Just a heads-up for anyone who wasn't sure how website logins worked, or who hadn't requested one yet.

* Your forum ID and password are also your wiki login. However, make sure to login to the forum first, or the wiki might not 'pick up' that you're there.
* Once logged into the website, you can edit or make a character page, post logs, or share your NPCs. We've a template for character pages, if you're not too familiar with wikis, and Tsu and I are here to help!.

If you haven't requested a login, and are approved, please @mail me with an email and a desired password. We'll get you up. :)

- Lahar

February 04

Diceless PrPs!

Did you know we have diceless PrPs? Dramatic PrPs are aimed at telling a story that's a little out of the way of the standard adventure. That is, they're great for festivals, for a dramatic chase of a thief across town, the exploration of foreign cultures and places.

They also involve as many, or as few (though at least 2) players as you wish, and any mixture of levels, to boot.

You can find a few more details here.

February 02

Upcoming Holidays

We've THREE upcoming holidays this month on Alexandria's calendar! These are:

2/12-2/17 Kegger Fest: A dwarven festival in honor of getting smashed. New beer is often introduced!

2/20 Deathwatch: A day celebrated by the followers of the undead god, Thul. This holiday is outlawed in many lands, and dangerous to boot!

2/21 Balefire: A ritual day of spring summoning usually held after Deathwatch; a Druidic festival.

We don't have anything planned for these, specifically, though welcome anyone who would like to step forward. All forms of PrPs are open as well--please check with staff if you've any questions, and we and your community are always around to offer ideas and support.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

February 02

For my latest scene, I've had a grand total of 14 applicants. Let's keep this activity going, folks! RP! Get on the grid! Support your fellow players!

- Whirl

January 29

Mists of Malik Update

The plot is over!

All RP will be unfrozen as soon as I can get a post up Sunday evening. :d

- Whirl

January 27

To those of you cgenning wizards right now:

There appears to be a bug where your 0th level spells are not being appropriately added to your sheets. We are aware of the bug and it will be fixed as soon as EQ has a chance. :)

- Whirl

Janurary 26

It has been pointed out several times that halflings are the only race that don't have a unique racial name for themselves. After some discussion and ideas being bounced around, we've settled on An Lucht Siuil, which translates into 'The Travelling Folk' in tradespeak, for the halflings as their proper name. Check out the wiki page for more details and we'll be doing some more cleaning over the next several days.

Thanks to Laoise for her suggestions and to our players for bringing this to our attention.

- Whirl

January 23

Special Materials policy updated! Basically, we've just made it a little clearer, friendlier, and worth a bit more. :)

Start Here > Game Policies > Special Materials
- Lahar

January 22

hi i kno ur busybut canyo u ...

Hard to understand that, eh? One of the things we're doing on Tenebrae is to encourage clearer communication. We're a text-based medium. Everything we do is based around how someone on the other end of the screen perceives what you've typed.

Since we see, and hear, one another by words across the screen, those same words are how we perceive others. If someone types and spells in a sloppy manner, without taking a moment to look over their spelling and use basic punctuation, then they appear lazy or worse, as though they don't respect or care enough about those they are communicating with.

So put a period or proper punctuation at the end of sentences. Capitalise the first word in a sentence and other words that require it. Take the time to spell out abbreviations, and watch your spelling. This isn't to say perfection is expected, everyone makes typos and mistakes. Just make an honest attempt to communicate clearly.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

January 20

Well, that wasn't MY fault this time.

I'll tell you a joke:

Q: How a lost network engineer will find his or her way back to civilization from wilderness?

A: S/he takes that six feet cable s/he was carrying, buries it to the ground, and thirty minutes later when the backhoe shows up, hitches a ride back to town.

In other words, the expected happened in a nearby excavation site, and some stupid ass dug through the main electricity cable to my neighborhood.

- Lolth

January 20

Hi everyone!

As you know, we've been looking into rebuilding the grid. The old one has been in service for a long time -- close to ten years now -- and it is time to take what we've learned in that time and make something better, stronger, (Tsu ed: faster!) and more useful to you players. Something easier to navigate.

While we're not quite ready to do a building push, we *are* getting ready to do so. This is where you, our players, come in. We're going to start pulling people aside for their thoughts on the grid and what's important and what isn't. You're going to be seeing more in this space going forward. We feel this is important and we hope you'll help us in this project.

- Whirl

January 17

Sit down and pass the nachos. Tenebrae's Geek Corner is now open! Share your thoughts, your favorites, your hate on recent video games, authors, RPGs, webcomics, music, and artists. Other community members are welcome to share and comment on your posts, too... just keep it civil.

Visit: Community > Our Geek Corner
- Lahar

January 16

This is just a friendly reminder to be respectful to your fellow players, give them a fair shake, and to remember to be respectful of the time that people invest in getting things done here. This goes doubly for the OOC room, guys. We're a community sitting around our shared gaming table. Make sure you're not That Guy.

I would ask that everyone take a moment and review our behavior policies at http://www.tenebraemush.net/index.php/Behaviour and remember that a friendly and safe community for people to play in is one of our goals here.

- Whirl

January 16

I will be away on a business trip as of this coming Wednesday, January 18th, through Sunday evening, January 22nd.

I may log in briefly in the evenings thanks to the free wifi at the hotel, but I won't be really be free to run scenes and so on.

- Thunder

January 16

The fancy skin works again, more or less so, and I'll puzzle the mystery of the drop-down menu later. -- Lolth

January 15

Updates done, but the fancy skin for the wiki is TEH BORKEN. Will continue figuring out what's going on with it.

January 13

When we launched Cavalier, one of our goals was to add more Teamwork feats...and I'm proud to announce that we just did. Proud, because we've a hard-working team who's been willing to dig in and make things happen for the Tenebrae community for over a year now. I am blessed to be able to work with each and every one of them. :)

So, hop on over to Characters > Feats, and you'll see a list of the new ones. If you'd like to trade out or exchange, just let us know via +request. A full list of additional Cavalier options (including some rules updates to make traveling with your mount easier) may be seen by visiting their class page.

This finishes Release Package Four, and we'll be gearing up to focus on Five, which focuses on our grid. Note, there may be a few bug fixes here or there, as per usual, and if so, please be patient, we're there with you.

- Lahar

January 11

"By fire and earth! By the divine and sacred blood of Bruce Campbell!" the oruch exclaimed as he raised shaking, scarred hands to the unforgiving darkness, "ARTIFICERS. ARE. DONE!!!"

Many thanks to Earthquake and our hard-working staffers! It has taken us a while to get here, though I think we are better for it.

When Pathfinder first released, most of us knew "3.5 compatible," though not the extent of it, or the changes and change of outlook that Paizo had introduced. It's taken a while to understand these changes. And we're better for it, overall.

We will be taking +requests for conversions to Artificer beginning this evening. Conversions will be handled normally, and report any bugs to Eq via +request.

Please be aware that things may be tweaked as play progresses--this is just normal for new material.

- Lahar

January 7

Classes and Races pages updated. Pretty! And, check out our Introduction to Tenebrae and new PrP Policies if you haven't already!

- Lahar

January 4

Firearms are a go! We've adopted the Inner Sea Guide rules for firearms, with a few minor adaptations.

* Firearms are artifice creations, crafted by gobbers
* We've updated Craft/Gunsmithing to allow for in-combat repairs
* We've added and tweaked a few feats to make them more awesome
* Ranger gunnery style has been updated

You will find the Skills and Feats on the Skills and Feats pages, respectively. Firearms and their new theme and base mechanics are availible under Equipment.

Note, we've removed bayonets until we can get a good look at how the new rules will test.

Respecs are availible via +request.

- Lahar

January 4

The updated artificer is not yet in code.

However, the version we will be using is now available on our wiki.

- Whirl

January 4

The Arvek Nar have a few new feats, and Unit Tactics has been updated to make it easier to track for our DMs. Mul'niessa also received a minor tweak. We're almost through...please send Eq a thank-you the next time he pops online!

- Lahar

January 4

If you possess a rifle, pistol, or other firearm, you will need to contact staff for a trade. This will just be an even trade-in for the new set at no charge. :3

- Lahar

January 3

As the new year is here, it is time we let you know what it is we're working on next.

Some of you have heard us talk about our dissatisfaction with the current grid. As such, our next major project after finishing the release of Package 4 is to do a complete rebuild of the grid for package 5. The grid is old and we've all learned a lot since then and it is something that's long been needed. Our goals are to highlight Alexandria's landmarks better, compress it and make it less difficult to navigate and add more colorful and useful locations *outside* of Alexandria for you to make use of.

We want to better incentivize the use of the grid and RPing at a variety of new locations.

As we move forward on this project, we will be enlisting the help of you, our players, in making this project doable, and opening a dialogue with you to find out what sort of things you want out of the new grid. More information will be coming soon. :)

- Whirlpool

January 2

You may now use content from Beastiary 3 in PRPs as long as you ask us first. :)

- Whirlpool

January 1

As most of you know, we've experimented with death consent PRPs. We are now reopening these once more. Players can ask for and receive permission to run death consent PRPs. This means full XP and treasure, as per a standard DM'd plot, but with the risk of death being higher. We ask that players communicate with us on these to maintain a standard of challenge to help players do so as well.

In addition to this, players are now free to use any and all Beastiary 2 content in their PRPs. That said, if a monster is a 'world spanning, soul devoring creature', we do ask that they come to us and ask us if it is okay to use. Moreover, if you're uncertain something fits into theme, or how it might fit into theme, don't hesitate to ask us as well. We'll work something out with you if we can. :)

Please peruse hte updated plotrunning guide and rules at Roleplay > Running PrPs > Introduction to Plotrunning.

Bestiary 3 is also now open on a case-by-case basis. Basically, ask us first--the tome is still new, and we're looking to avoid any unexpected surprises as things shake out within the greater Pathfinder community.

December 26

FYI, Finland is currently being ravaged by excessively strong winds (300K people are currently without electricity). Thankfully, central areas have been holding on in that respect, but one can never tell for sure, as the storms continue. Fingers crossed, folks.

- Lolth

December 25

The arvek stands over the ruins of the Thulite spires, his eyes filled with the Blaze of Dawn. He raises his spear, giving out a war cry--and finds the wind, the storm responding. Wind roars from the West and the East, tearing at his clothing, and bringing with it the scent of blood...

The world of Ea is saturated with magic, and we have struggled for years with ways to reflect this. Today, we've launched what we hope is the opening of a new chapter for characters within the world of Ea: the launch of Aspects.

Aspects are benefits, some supernatural in nature, some not, that reflect the effort, experience, and time you have spent on your character and their story. You may read more about them through our website, by visiting Characters > Aspects.

As this is the first time Aspects are available, we'll be working with you to offer them to PCs who have part of their stories told already. That is, characters 6+ may apply for Level I of an Aspect as normal, and then consider it 'earned' after 1 month's worth of RP. Level IIs must be applied for as normal. Characters of levels 11+ may do the same for both Levels I and II of an Aspect (that is, one month each).

As we move forward, we will also be looking at the response to Aspects and how they work ingame. That is, you might expect a tweak or two, just as with anything new added to the game.

Happy Holidays, and happy gaming, everyone. :)

- Your Tenebrae Staff (But mostly Lahar because she did the work on it.)

December 15

A big thanks to everyone who participated Make-a-Wish this holiday season! We've one or two more that've been scheduled, and those will be awarded as promised. Scheduling issues are scheduling issues.

Thanks again to everyone, and well, we'd love to do this again next year. Happy Holidays, and make a point of checking out +today. It's been snowing lately...

- Your Tenebrae Staffers