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Org global.png Org npc.png Monastic Order of the Single ChordOrg blank.png N/a
Common: Monks, fighters, clerics Locations: Alexandros, Dran, etc.
A monastic order dedicated to Maugrim's tyranny of the world.
The Single Chord is Maugrim's order, though recruits do not approach by choice. Promising students are often drafted from areas of the Conquerer's influence after they have displayed certain aptitudes, such as quickness of limb, strength of the hand, and a tendency towards planning and cruelty. Established monks are often sent into the world as agents of nobility, merchants, and other influential areas. The aim of the group is as mysterious as its foundingall that is known is that it serves Maugrim, and is likely under the influence of a number of His priests. Rumors suggest that the members of this order take no oaths, for their life is for Maugrim and advancing his inevitable rule of all things. To fail Maugrim, is to die and suffer in the Iron Hells at his displeasure. Thus, failure is not an option.
RPP-Related Skills: N/A