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Org localized.png Org npc.png Alexandria's Ebon SyndicateOrg blank.png N/A
Common: Rogues, Inquisitors, Rangers, Fighters Locations: Alexandria
An underworld cult of Taaran and Illothan influence, who contest for control of Alexandria from the shadows. They possess ties to various mercantile interests, smuggling, drug trafficking, and so on.
When the Guild split from the greater Guild and its ties in Tashraan in Veyshan, the Guild of the Sly was one faction, and the Syndicate another. The Syndicate kept with the teachings of Taara and Illotha and has a cultlike structure and following.

The Syndicate itself was responsible for this split--seizing power from Veyshan, but also providing room, perhaps unintentionally, for the formation of the local Guild of the Sly.

The Syndicate operates in smuggling, contraband, drug trafficking, and worse. It possesses ties to certain powerful Alexandrian Merchant Guilds, though some of these are being tested by the Sunset. This is especially true of Merchant groups who are tired or more wary of the Syndicate's ways.

The Syndicate is in opposition to the Sly, and the Sunset over control and influence within various areas of the city.

Due to its nature, the Syndicate is an NPC only group.

RPP-Related Skills: N/A