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0-Level Inquisitor Spells
acid splash, bleed, Brand, create water, daze, detect magic, detect poison, disrupt undead, guidance, light, read magic, resistance, Sift, stabilize, virtue
1st-Level Inquisitor Spells
alarm, bane, bless, bless water, burst bonds*, cause fear, command, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, curse water, detect chaos/evil/good/law, detect undead, disguise self, divine favor, doom, expeditious retreat, hide from undead, inflict light wounds, magic weapon, protection from chaos/evil/good/law, remove fear, sanctuary, shield of faith, tireless pursuit*, true strike, wrath*, peacebond, Ear-Piercing Scream, Forbid Action, Forced Quiet, Hex Ward, Horn of Pursuit, Know the Enemy, Lend Judgment, Persuasive Goad, Sanctify Corpse, Vocal Alteration, Wartrain Mount, Returning Weapon, Touch of Combustion, Unerring Weapon, Winter Feathers
2nd-Level Inquisitor Spells
aid, align weapon, bloodhound*, calm emotions, castigate*, confess*, consecrate, corruption resistance*, cure moderate wounds, darkness, death knell, delay poison, desecrate, detect thoughts, enthrall, find traps, flames of the faithful*, follow aura*, ghostbane dirge*, hold person, honeyed tongue*, inflict moderate wounds, invisibility, knock, perceive cues*, remove paralysis, resist energy, restoration (lesser), see invisibility, sacred bond*, shield other, silence, spiritual weapon, tongues, undetectable alignment, weapon of awe*, whispering wind, zone of truth, Acute Senses, Delay Pain, Disguise Other, Distressing Tone, Ghostly Disguise, Surmount Affliction, Brow Gasher
3rd-Level Inquisitor Spells
arcane sight, banish seeming*, cast out*, continual flame, coordinated effort*, cure serious wounds, daylight, deeper darkness, dimensional anchor, dispel magic, fester*, glyph of warding, halt undead, heroism, hidden speech*, hunter's eye*, inflict serious wounds, invisibility purge, keen edge, locate object, magic circle vs. chaos/evil/good/law, magic vestment, greater magic weapon, nondetection, obscure object, prayer, protection from energy, remove curse, remove disease, retribution*, righteous vigor*, seek thoughts*, searing light, speak with dead, ward the faithful*, Deadly Juggernaut, Blood Biography, Blessing of the Mole, Countless Eyes, Terrible Remorse, Witness, Blood Scent, Burst of Speed, Chains of Perdition
4th-Level Inquisitor Spells
brand (greater)*, chaos hammer, coward's lament*, cure critical wounds, death ward, defile armor*, denounce*, detect scrying, discern lies, dismissal, divination, divine power, fear, freedom of movement, forced repentance*, geas (lesser), hold monster, holy smite, inflict critical wounds, invisibility (greater), neutralize poison, order's wrath, rebuke*, restoration, sanctify armor*, sending, shared wrath*, sleepwalk*, spell immunity, stoneskin, tireless pursuers*, unholy blight, Leashed Shackles, Ardor's Onslaught
5th-Level Inquisitor Spells
atonement, banishment, break enchantment, castigate (mass)*, command (greater), commune, cure light wounds (mass), dispel chaos/evil/good/law, disrupting weapon, flame strike, geas/quest, ghostbane dirge (mass)*, hallow, inflict light wounds (mass), mark of justice, resounding blow*, righteous might, spell resistance, telepathic bond, true seeing, unhallow, unwilling shield*, Divine Pursuit, Greater Forbid Action, Lend Greater Judgment, Curse of Magic Negation, Chains of Light, Dispel Balance
6th-Level Inquisitor Spells
blade barrier, blasphemy, circle of death, cleanse*, cure moderate wounds (mass), dictum, dispel magic (greater), fester (mass)*, find the path, forbiddance, glyph of warding (greater), harm, heal, heroes' feast, holy word, inflict moderate wounds (mass), legend lore, repulsion, undeath to death, word of chaos, Overwhelming Presence