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Telamon Lúpecyll-Atlon

About Telamon

Telamon Lúpecyll-Atlon. Sorcerer, diplomat, adventurer. Hailing originally from the Mythwood, the son of master elven diplomat Telperius Atlon and his human wife Ariana Karlsdottir, Telamon is a child of two worlds and proud of it. Content to stand with one foot in each realm, and working to bring others together -- and if foes refuse to see reason, well, he deals in evocations as well as elucidations.

These days, Telamon's life has been a whirl of activity. His marriage to Cor'lana 'Ravenstongue' Lúpecyll-Atlon (nee Lúpecyll) has changed him in new and exciting ways, and he is absolutely devoted to the love of his life. His sorcerous powers continue to grow in strange ways, drawn from the stars themselves. He doesn't see himself as any kind of amazing hero, merely someone trying to do the right thing -- to bring light to the darkness as needed. In his own words, he is a guardian of travelers at night.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Diplomacy: Telamon is a diplomat and mediator by trade, as well as an accomplished sorcerer. If something needs to be worked out, one could do a lot worse than call on him.
  • Magic: Telamon's magic is sometimes strange and esoteric, drawn from the moon and stars. His starborn bloodline gives him strange insights, but he remains well grounded in the realities of life.
  • Nighttime: Telamon can often be found at night, studying the stars or meditating on them. Or simply brewing another bottle of his 'Night's Kiss' wine for a friend.
  • The Fey: Thanks to his extensive adventures with Cor'lana, Telamon has picked up more than a little knowledge about the fey and their behavior. He's been asked to mediate a couple times between mortals and fey entities.
  • Marriage: Tel got married! Feel free to offer him congratulations, or poke fun at him.

Notable Notes

  • Eyes: Telamon's eyes have black irises. If one steps close enough, stars can be seen twinkling in them, as though each pupil was a tiny mirror to the depths of space. When angry, the starlight glow from his eyes often intensifies.
  • Tattoo: Telamon has a curious tattoo across his upper back, done in strange gold, silver, and blue inks. The tattoo depicts a star chart, with references in Celestial. Those educated in such matters may note that the star chart does not match Ea's stars but references some other locale entirely.
  • Curuchuil: Telamon has a circular mark on the back of his left hand, depicting three stars within a wreath of feathers, denoting his marriage to Cor'lana.
  • Impulsive: Telamon is notoriously impulsive and reckless at times. The good news is that it's usually in the pursuit of doing the right thing. The bad news is that sometimes he makes terrible decisions.

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Organization PC Badge
Organization: Shining Chalice
Role: Master scholar and proctor in the Chalice
Landmarks: Telamon's contributions have been consistent and subtle, helping keep the Chalice on an even keel and not letting meetings dissolve into confusion.

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Half-Sildanyari PC Badge
Heritage: "There is something to be said for having ties to both worlds. Why not draw from both?"
Role: "Diplomacy is about trying to bring people together. Or at least browbeat them into being reasonable."
Faith: "I was never very dedicated, but recent events seem to have drawn me into Eluna's... heh, orbit."
Homeland: "Wherever Lana and I settle down will be home. That's all I need."


Aspect PC Badge
Aspect: Sun-Touched
Tier: Tier 3
Development: Remember that the sun is also a star. Telamon can draw upon that celestial power just as much as he can the trackless void of space.