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End Fake Mists Arc

Variday, Pryntar 06, 1014

With the mists dissipating and things beginning to really resettle back to normal, the fear that had locked Alexandria's people has begun to fade all together. Thusly, the merchants can no longer justify their higher prices. In fact, a mob recently drummed one out of town for charging too much. Once this occurred, other merchants were quick to show they had more 'reasonable' prices.

Variday, Vhast 31, 1014

Sometime in the after noon, there was some sort of commotion at the bank of Alexandria. It was surrounded by guardsman, and several people were arrested in what appears to be some kind of failed robbery attempt and a few bodies were also removed. Some sort of ground tremor had afflicted the area surrounding the bank and it is said by officials that this was part of a failed effort to break into the bank vault.

Those arrested in this attempt are now in the custody of the city watch, with a few more said to be on the run.

Variday, Vhast 31, 1014

Word spreads throughout Alexandria through news publications and rumor.

The mist-making machines that had brought such fear and terror to the area have finally been located and destroyed. The Taaran behind this have also been apprehended and slain, having taken over the dwarven fortress of Khamon Sotch and used it as their base of operations. The heroic forces acting on Alexandria's behest, ranging from members of the regular militia and the city watch, as well as hired mercenaries to support them, engaged in a titanic struggle over the fort before clearing it. At least one airship was lost in the ongoing battle.

By evening, the mists had begun to lift off Alexandria and, over the next couple of days, clear completely.

Merchants will be maintaining their high prices just a *little* longer from the look of things, but public anger on the overcharging has been mounting for a while and it's unlikely they'll be able to keep putting the screws to the populace.

Tariday, Khael 13, 1013

With the recent announcements from the government of Alexandria that the current mists are an artificial construction, and that they are doing something about it, people are just beginning to stick their heads back out of doors. Civilians are starting to return to the streets and to conduct business more regularly. Gold and red decorations, flags, and streamers are beginning to festoon the city in preperation for Yuletide celebrations.

In short, things are beginning to get back to normal, even though it is by a degree of inches.

Of course, the prices haven't dropped...

Gilday, Khael 07, 1013

Council Issues Statement on Return of Mists

The Ruling Council of Alexandria has released the following statement:

"We know that many Alexandrians have dreaded the return of the Mists that had locked our city away. After all, if such a thing could happen once, why not twice? But it is with determined satisfaction that we can state, categorically, that these mists are not the powers of Taara at work once again, but rather, the sick and twisted plan of one individual or a group of individuals, to spread fear and discord in our homeland through black artifice; one who seeks to exploit our understandable concerns. We have, through the aid of several of our very own local heroes, led by one valiant dwarf, Ser Otto, Son of Bandaerl of Clan Masterbuilder and his two assistants, been able to determine, through their efforts, the source of these mists as being from somewhere within the Red Ridge Mountains near the mining town of Denston."

"The Council has agreed to launch an immediate investigation into the area and has ordered the dispatch of available city watch and militia, along with mercenary forces contracted through the Guild of Explorers. We will find the source of these 'mists' and see to their end. Know that Alexandria will be protected at all costs."

Gilday, Khael 07, 1013

It has taken quite a bit of time to get the harvest together this year. With all the damage done by the mists, monsters, and fear stoked by various sources, food prices have continued to skyrocket. But today the government of Alexandros stated, having taken stock of all the food brought into the city from the surrounding countryside, that supplies are more than adequate to get through the winter and meet reestablished trade obligations. Even in the face of this news, prices have still continued their climb for basic food staples and have not yet reached their peak.

Though many farms were abandoned, city workers were hired to go out to the farms and collect what food they could from the fields and begin counting the tonnage secured with the help of adventurers and city watch alike.

While not everything could be saved due to the cold, wet and... misty weather, Alexandros' food supplies are now better off than they might otherwise have been.

Kesenday, Quintoos 25, 1013

The previous evening something went down in the market district.

First, there was a run on the alchemist's shop slightly before closing that resulted in everyone being thrown out.

Then there was an explosion that sounded like it came from just below the streets. Much cobblestone was actually damaged and a couple of manhole grates went flying. All of that was a prelude to the real main event.

Pastvale manor has always sat on the edge of the Market District, kept nicely on the orders of its Myrrish noble owners who visit during the summers.

Shortly after the first explosion, one rocked the market from the fifth floor of Pastvale Manor, sending a shockwave through the district that overturned carts, blew out shop windows, and more.

Rumors indicate a war golem was seen jumping onto the balcony of the manor shortly before the explosion.

The City Watch was one scene quickly, doused the flames (of which there were startlingly few) and took control of the scene.

One arrest has been made at this time and one guardsman is in critical condition at the Temple of Althea.

Eliday, Quintoos 20, 1013

A Heavier Fog

The fog has not gone away.

Some days, it is thicker than others, though not as thick as the growing paranoia on the streets of Alexandria and surrounding Alexandros. Whispers suggest the anniversary of the Return is near, while others point to the increased activity of the Taaran cults.

OOC: As merchants react to the unusual changes, they've begun charging more for prices. The cost of any material or purchase is considered to be 5 percent higher than normal.

Tariday, Quintoos 08, 1013

Adding to farmers' woes, weather in Alexandria has been unusually overcast of late. River merchants report tales of increased fog and mists, with more on the way. With the Mists so recent in memory, such a phenomenon understandably has many nervous.

In response, some merchants have been raising their prices. This practice has drawn complaints, though not as much as it may have a month ago--the refugee issue appears to have eased, as recently as a few weeks ago. Actions of a Hearthguard, along with a number of adventurers, are cited.

OOC Note: Despite +today, weather will tend towards overcast and foggy.

Variday, Quintoos 07, 1013

Outlying farms in the immediate Alexandrian countryside have been inconveniently abandoned by their owners. Those who've come into town indicate, for whatever reason, they no longer feel safe there.

Exactly *why*, they aren't saying as of now. This close to the harvest and with Alexandria's population still swollen with refugees, its worrisome to see any farm abandoned and the fields left idle as the harvest continues.

Ceriday, Rhaltaas 29, 1013

Harvest, Refugees, and Unrest

"Well, he says he found somethin'," says one doubtful-sounding oruch. He looks back towards a group of refugees who are busy putting together a large wagon. "That uh, Hearthguard. So we're headed out, I guess." He pauses. "Well, my brother's staying. He found him a good job, though--out there cuttin' wood and haulin' it in for th' farmers. Some adventurer helped him git with the Gileans. 'Parently so long as you're all respectful and plantin' too, they're okay with it." He rubs at his nose. "The Essence don't agree, but what can you do?"

Thus runs the tale from the Western wards of the city. As the Harvest rolls in, a number of the refugees appear to be preparing caravans, though not all of them appear to be headed out. Some appear to be settled, or questioning the wisdom of traveling during winter. Not all of the tensions are gone.

In fact, a small riot broke out the other day in the Western ward between a young arvek nar and a Dranei, over a reportedly stolen loaf of olive bread.

"I say good riddance," reported another refugee, who was leaving (her aunt and two uncles were staying). "I lost a child to those Taarans running around the place. We thought Alexandria would be the City of Hope. Well, here's what I think of that," she says, and spits on the ground. Flecks of blood come with it, right before she crumples into her sister's arms.

Variday, Rhaltaas 17, 1013

The guards have spread out into patrols more heavily than normal in the western district of the city.

A riot nearly broke out in goblintown after arrests were made, notable of one goblin named Teb the White. He is now in custody, being questioned about his role in black market trafficing of magical components and alchemical supplies.

Furthermore, a house in the western district has been quarantined and, rumor has it, a druid called in from the Union to look into something that has been found there. Apparently, some unusual plantlife was found in it by guardsmen and contracted back up.

Eliday, Rhaltaas 09, 1013

Markets Tentatively Surge with Harvest

As fall settles in, the farmers in greater Alexandros prepare to bring in the last of the harvest. Too, this year more than ever, caravans from all over the world come to Alexandria, to trade and share news in the last great Market season before winter closes the doors. Caravans from the exotic locations of Veyshan, from Am'shere, and more, and will make their way into Alexandria in the coming weeks.

OOC: Use this as an excuse to RP visitors from exotic locales, or involve your PC in trade and even inquiries into local customs. Merchants will be interested in what Alexandria has to offer, as well as selling and trading.

Ceriday, Rhaltaas 1, 1013

Word around the Explorer's Guild is more of the same. The collapse of the main chamber of the khazad ruins and widening of the first sinkhole that first led to the discovery of the ruins is still underway, held up by heavy rains to the north that have hampered progress.

The leadership of the Engineer's Enclave, the Explorer's Guild, and the khazad delegates have been in heated talks regarding renegotiating of the contract and who, if any, is at fault, but all involved have been tight lipped thus far. If exploration is to continue, it could be weeks or even months, though Alexandrians have gotten a taste of the wealth pulled from the ruins and the demand is high for more Khazdul artifacts.

OOC - This is my IC explanation for my extended absence. I lost all of my notes and maps when my computer crashed, but I will be piecing them back together and getting this show back on the road. Just bear with me, peoples. - Owen

Tariday, Daeshen 13, 1013

Wizard Taken into Protective Custody?

A second raid of the guardsman on the College of Magic nearly resulted in the apparent arrest of Madame Gelfure.

Harsh words were exchanged between guard units and the Madame but apparently whatever mix up had occurred was cleared up, as the Madame left the College under her own power.

That said, her estate in the noble district now apparently has guards surrounding it. Rumors are circulating that there may well have been some sort of assassination attempt and she was likely placed into protective custody of some kind.

A wizard. In protective custody. Yeah, right.

Variday, Daeshen 5, 1013

The Temple of Eluna held a quiet celebration and reconsecration ceremony last night (under the light of the moon, of course). It was more muted than most, but the high clergy are looking more relaxed today -- even if folks didn't notice they were tense before.

Eliday, Daeshen 4, 1013

A Wizard did It

Recently, a body was recovered from within one of the warehouses along the docks. After investigation by the guards and contracted mercenaries in support, some sort of monsters behind the slaying was found and eliminated. This in and of itself would not be so hugely unusual in these dark times but the investigation into the death appears to be continuing.

Recently, several guards were seen searching several rooms within the College of Magic, much to the frustration and consternation of the workers and academics there. These searches took most of the day. It seem the guards believe that 'a wizard did it' and plan to continue their investigation.

Korday, Daeshen 1, 1013

An hour before midnight, a piercing shriek hears in the alleyways near the docks, more to the point from the water itself. Crowds flocked to the docks to see one man sink in the water, his face a mask of terror and desperation. When the guards arrived, they found a corpse and talk of a priest fingered as the murderer. Once the guards were able to clear out the crowds, there is rumors of the fighter Alteri lead away bound for the guardhouse. Many tell of her also being drenched as if she had been in the water, and some speculation if she was trying to hide the body from discovery.

Variday, Callem 22, 1013

A Downside of Gifts

As the gifts from the Beyond, and from more mundane sources are poured over, scholars have of late taken a recent concern to the Council of Alexandria...

...and as a result, images of the Gods of Evil have been removed from the City for fears of security.

OOC: This refers (in part) to ramifications of the spell: Enter Image. ICly, all images of the dark gods are being removed, and nobles, merchants, and commonfolk alike are urged to examine the paintings which may hang upon their walls--images from Charnese nobility, even though political, might be considered a risk in some areas.

Variday, Callem 22, 1013

An Arrogant Gift Shows Llyranesi Return

Since the Fall of Rune, individual Academy of Sages across the world have been undergoing retrofitting into more local-serving institutions. With no instructors, money, or supplies from Rune, each one has been having to make do. Alexandria's is no exception.

With several prominent mages, such as Madame Gelfure leading the charge, with Baldwin Addelberg by her side, along with generous backing from High Lady Rawyn Telenil, the Academy of Sages is now undergoing large amounts of reconstruction. The final construction, aided through a showing of Alexandrian magic, will better serve more local, Alexandrian needs, according to reports. Instructors are being drawn from the local populace and prominent adventures may occasionally be asked to guest lecture based on their experiences.

Ambassadors from Llyranost have also set up shop there--indeed, an entire new section of the College of Magic is dedicated to the sildanyari mages and their teachings. For their part, the sildanyari have sought to make themselves at home.

As the sildanyar continue to step out from beyond the fabled veil, one can only see their influence over local magical culture growing, despite the tension this might cause. This tension can be seen everywhere from the Academy itself, and into local politics--whispers of just what the sildanyar have been hiding, as well as perhaps, well-founded worries over Alexandria's hard-fought-for sovereignty.

Gilday, Callem 17, 1013

Post Independence Celbrations, Famed Cookoff Begins

"We worked hard to get here." The oruch folds his arms across his chest. Behind him is the business he'd built--a small chili stall. It stands across from a well-known khazad vendor who even now eyes him.

The oruch's tale is typical. Rugged, inventive--is the Alexandrian archetype. A place unlike any on Ea and prideful for it--the people who saved the War of Sendor, who drew Blar from the reaches of Bludgun. The City who five years ago, stood being the place--not just any place--but The Place where world peace might first be achieved. The place where gods first spoke to mortal men.

Because every other Court is a copy.

And it's time to celebrate. Live, Alexandria! Today, banners whip in the wind, and the oruch decorates his stall in Alexandria's colors. Street-urchins wave copies of the Rose Treaty for anyone to read--and bards stand on street corners, telling a thousand and one versions of the tale to anyone who will listen.

The famous oruch and khazad chili cookoff will happen anytime.

Live, Alexandria! City of wonders, city of impossibilities. This month is the month of your independence!

"Siniath! Alexandrie!"
"Nuacht an tAlexandreann!"
"Korero! Alexandria!"
"Mrezne! Alexandria!"
"Alexandria-zagad Berud!"

OOC: In order: sildanyar, halfling, oruch, gobber, khadzul.

Tariday, Callem 09, 1013

Combined Myrrish and Alexandrian forces declare victory over demonic infestation

That's the word from the Alexandrian Council and Myrrish Military officers. In their first combined effort since the end of the Sendor War and Alexandria's return from the Mists, victory has been achieved against what was said to be a 'demonic infestation' that had been reawoken from the days of the Daemon Wars. Combined military forces pushed into the blighted land of Skald to the north and east of Alexandria, where the Demon Wars began centuries go, and were said to have decisively defeated the demonic legion in battle.

The Myrrish airship 'The Glorious Rendition', battle-scarred and damaged, is now docked into the Alexandrian Airstation, where it is undergoing temporary repairs before it will be heading back to the Bryn Myridorn for a more full refitting.

In other news, a meeting of llyranesi, Alexandrian wizards of repute, and city officials was said to be in progress.

Finally, the bounty on Asumit, one of the remaining war criminals of the Sendor War and the mastermind behind Versis, has been increased to 50,000 gold pieces.

Ceriday, Callem 06, 1013

Alexandria Celebrates Independence

Live, Alexandria!

For the first time since the Re-emergence, Alexandria will celebrate its independence. Every year in the month of Callem, the citizens of Alexandria and greater Alexandros celebrate the Rose Treaty.

This year looks to be different--it will be the first celebration since emerging from the Mists and Taara's Ravaging of the World. Its walls are packed with refugees, many of whom would look to make the City their home--or at least, a stopping point. Local priests, adventurers have been seen among these groups, organizing food distribution and calling for aid. A number of Altheans have been central to the effort, and donations and efforts to that Temple in particular are up as of late.

Just a week ago, temples worldwide sang with the blessings of gods, just as druid circles, reportedly, came to life for a brief moment. As a result, donations and activity among these places are at a new high and taverns are abuzz with ideas for reopening the Court. Even Ceinara's Muses stand to see some activity in the coming weeks as traditional songs make their way way in City-wide and new ones are invented.

These days, vendors' stalls are full from the emergence of khazad trading companies--and the alleyways dark with war over mercantile contracts. The recent Delve into the Citadel has generated rumors on its own--including that a number of treasures from ancient Khazad-Alexandrian history will be placed on display. And soon.

Among politicians, llyranesi ambassadors, once reclusive, rub shoulders with Alexandrian elite, heralding what could be the coming of a new Age...

...potentially the end of the Age of Man, according to some scholars and Seers.

Yet so far, it's too soon to tell. The local mage's guild has read the "gift" as a challenge, a demonstration of llyranesi might now that Rune has fallen. Madame Gelfure promises fireworks "the likes of never seen before" during this year's festivities. She's also begun inroads to increase local funding--which to some is seen as a futile effort. "It's the llyranesi, now," in the words of one anonymous politician. "They'll take Rune's place. Not long, we'll all be llyranesi-this, llyranesi-that. Going to have to look at ear extensions soon, you want any promotion," he joked.

Apparently to Gelfure, "We have not yet begun to fight."

And then, reportedly, sent a minion to fetch appropriate shoes. "Something with a bit of iron in the heel."

So Live, Alexandria! Alexandria, the hub of the world and the center of change, the herald of invention and creative minds.

OOC: We'll be making announcements regarding the Rose Treaty within a week. This will be a MU-wide event.

Variday, Callem 01, 1013

"So what is this?" the lean ambassador asks. The gobber tourguide eyes the llyranesi sideways--too danged /thin/.

"Not natural," he mutters.

"What isn't?"

"," mutters the gobber. And he straightens his nobby frame, and jabs a thumb at the crowd of workers around the Memorial Gardens. "Buildin' something. Gonna be big, one of them War monument...thingers."

"...interesting. There have been alot of wars, of late?"

"...of late? Suppose. This'un's just a few--uh. Five years or so, to you people."

The ambassador goes silent.

"Heh. Uh, yeah. So as I was sayin''s this big project, see. Hired my company to do the fireworks, even." The gobber grins. A yellow, jagged grin splits across his face so suddenly that the ambassador steps back. Quickly. "You know how we greenskins like fireworks."

Even bigger grin.

OOC:,1158.msg6909.html, +map 11

Eliday, Aestry 31, 1013

A World Changed

There is a shifting in the balance of things. All across the known world rumor and word comes in of change and progress. From the shining southern sun to the clear northern sky, to the uttermost east and the furthest shores of the west, the gods move their hands in action against the recent usurpation of the balance. In their movements, mortal lives are changed and the world continues to turn. New scriptures are written and ancient ones recovered from long lost vaults or temples and cities recently discovered and excavated. The wisdom of the gods mingles with men giving rise to new prayers among the faithful and techniques to wield holy power among the paladins and faith borne knights. Light and dark and those inbetween reap alike from the rise of knowledge. One thing is clear, the pantheon either collectively or individual are not standing for Taara's usurpation of the balance of things.

The collapse of Rune has sent ripples through the world of magic. Where there was once one power, now many seek to rise. Free from the eyes of the old conclave, spell research, exploration of ancient knowledge and forgotten libraries and warring idealogies have begun to yield the fruit of knowledge without guidance and resulted in much by way of widespread exploration of new forms of magic and recovery of old ones. Some, however, attempt to fill the gap left by Rune. In distant Llyranost, the hammers of elven smithing and the pens of elven script making herald a new era. Their magic colleges, once exclusive to elven kind, open their arms to invite the presence of others, notably mankind, offering stability to the world of wizards that has not existed since Rune's fall. Even with this offer made, many who attend such schools know that centuries, if not millennia old, prejudices do not vanish over the span of a few years but they are eager to prove themselves while also accessing secrets that have long been kept by the fey and away from other races. Magic grows, once again.

Ceriday, Aestry 30, 1013

A hand written parchment note can be found in the Guild of Explorer's Guildhall, amongst all the other notices for bounties and jobs. The thin, flowing handwriting reads:

To gather funds and coordinate efforts to aid the quickly growing immigrant population in Alexandria, I am hosting a meeting in the Dragon's Den two days hence at dusk. Any and all adventurers are welcomed and invited to attend for the discussion of ways to best reach an amiacable solution for the immigrants and natives of this fine city.

Father Owen Tilgentor, Servant of Heaven's Queen

PS - There will be beer and other refreshments available gratis after the meeting is concluded.

(OOC: Looking to start the scene around 7 pm CST on Monday, August 1st)

Kesenday, Aestry 29, 1013

Airship Thought Lost in Mists, Reclaimed

Recently, a distress beacon fired from one of the taller mountains of the Red Ridge Range.

This beacon belonged only to an airship, bearing an experimental design and an engine to match it, known only as the Cardinal Direction.

This airship had been in the sky when Alexandria had been cast into the mists. It was thought lost. Until now, that is. The airship's beacon fired and it's location has at last been identified. The Guild of Explorers and several other groups sought to salvage it and it has been at last found by a mixed group of Alexandrians who have agreed to split the profits of the salvage.

This weekend, the city will be seconding a second expedition of engineers and their bodyguards to jury rig the vessel and return it to Alexandria, but there are whispers that such things are better off left undisturbed.

Korday, Aestry 27, 1013

Unrest has been growing in the western part of the city for some time. Owners of warehouses report the need for increased security as summer's hottest months roll past.

"They're pretty hungry, mostly," one guard reported. He was hired, he said, from the local guild. "Makes for of work for us out here, though. Over there's my brother--and then my brother-in-law. Usually it's pretty easy, we just stand here and look rough. Most of'em don't have even a knife.'s trouble when they do, though."

Reactions to the plight remain mixed, with support and opposition from both sides. Local workers complain of losing jobs to the incoming populace, while other areas report a marked increase in crime rate. Temples too, are reporting shortages in staffing and in the amount of care they can reasonably provide.

"I'm getting worried," one Hearthguard reports. "Althea gives...but there's always so much more."

These tensions reached a high point this last Tariday, when refugees assaulted one of the local warehouses. Reports from the area indicate they were looking for food. Others report a local worker who only goes by the name of "Younger" switched sides during the battle. Reactions to this reported "turncoating" remain mixed--Younger's had a reputation for defending "common folks" while another said the event was too much like Alexandrians versus Alexandrians.

The merchantess who manages the warehouse says enough was taken that others may be suffering--most notably the farming communities she ships to in the southern part of the Heartlands. Regardless of impact, the refugee issue continues to grow.

Kesenday, Aestry 22, 1013

"Think they're better'n we are," snorts one man. He speaks, he says, on behalf of a number of Alexandrians about the recent arrivals. Well, not that many arrivals. A few llyranesi have come into the City as part of a trade caravan. One of the first things they did was pay their respects among the Seers of Eluna.

However, residents comment on how aloof and how strange, the llyranesi appear.

"Them...whatever they are. Eh. Fancy names..."

Regardless of local feelings, the llyranesi do not appear to have done anything (yet, according to another resident), and one's volunteered his time to assist the Seers with the refugee issue. Mrs. Corinth, who lives not too far off of Firelight, thought she saw one "cracking a smile, though it was more like...kind of like a fishtail. You know, straight, then all the sudden it twitches."

One of the Seers commented that the arrival wasn't at all that unusual--"Followers of the Bright Lady, they. The Dancer's Song is coming up, hope to see more of them, really."

He added, "It will probably be quiet this year." The Seers it seems, have alot on their plate. The refugees (some from as far away as Veyshan, or further) have taken the City's outskirts by storm, and while the Hearthguards see to their comfort and wellfare, the Elunites have taken it on themselves to see to minds and curiosities.

"There just aren't enough schools, not enough Seers to go around," the priest said.

Korday, Aestry 14, 1013

Whispers of a giant is loose in the area. Rumors abound that a giant has been seen north of Alexandria moving through the woods. His great footfalls caused much panic, as random farmers or hunters took to flight to avoid a fateful confrontation. Strange rumors have circulated that a woman in armor with a Blue Rose accompanies the giant. Reports have come from the Druid's grove that the giant is a fellow druid, and means no harm. He resides at the Druid's grove to recuperate from wounds he sustained during his travels. Speculations have flown about as to why the giant has come to the grove, and why was he wounded. The Druid Grove guardians have refused to comment further.

For more rumors and updates, +bbread 7 ingame.

Korday, Firetide 16, 1013

As the Shadows in Alexandros grow longer, so do the tales. Among bars, among merchant-stalls, Alexandrians whisper of children vanishing, of a neighbor waking up under the bloodied auspice of a knife. Other stories grow, too, of a particular figure. A man in a light blue doublet.

The gossip goes that he appears around street corners and bars after sundown, and some braver sorts claim to have shared a drink with him. They say he snarls at the mention of the Dagger's name, and that he's from Dragonier. That he's Althean--no, wait. That newfangled goddess named Serriel (if she is, really). Detractors say he's little more than a common drunk. A rabble-rouser.

Rumors pepper his origins, which only increases the interest.

OOC: Shadowfall is coming soon to Alexandros. While not an 'officially' celebrated holiday, expect it to have repercussions. See

For more rumors and updates, +bbread 7 ingame.

Eliday, Firetide 12, 1013

One of the final events of the Tournament Paramount is the traditional boasting contest - where warriors and champions gather around a fire and tell tall tales of how impressive they are, inspiring laughter and roars of appreciation for these tales of heroism and glory.

It was held this night, and the noise of the event carried far from the Armsmasters' Arena, with entire kegs of beer vanishing into the place never to be seen again. While most of the participants were drunk as dwarves at a wedding by the end, it is said that something truly astounding occured.

The great warrior who called himself Ivald the Mighty, goes the story, revealed himself before all to be a celestial servitor of Angoron himself! He declared that even the Gods would know that Alexandria is a place where heroes were born, before departing once more to Heroes' Welcome. Perhaps, some say, this visitation was to assure the city that despite recent events - the Gods have not abandoned us.

There are also some mutters of a 'pixie thing' and a pie and some dire imprecations against Tarien the Prankster, but what these mean is more difficult to make out.

For more rumors and updates, +bbread 7 ingame.

Kesenday, Firetide 10, 1013

The Dragon's Den was the victim of bombing!

Earlier this evening, a loud explosion sounded from within it. This was followed by a crowd of Angorites rushing over from the Tournament Paramount being held at the Arena alongside Guardsman -- all heading there quickly from across the street. An event at the arena was even put on hold.

Rumors, no doubt starting with leaks from the city guard, speculate that the bombing was intended to kill several mercenaries to collet some sort of bounty on their heads. The identities of these adventurers has not yet been released, but no doubt people will figure out who it was soon enough.though exactly who is

The Guard is investigating and, amazingly, no one is said to've actually been *killed* due to the timely intervention of clerical magics, potions, wands, and even a singing gnome. Yes, really. Singing gnome.

The fire was quickly brought under control, the injured evacuated, and the Den closed briefly for repairs.

Thankfully, said Den has a long standing contract with the Enclave of Engineers ever since the 'Clockwork Beer Dragon' incident and it should be up and open again in no time at all.

For more information and news, +bbread 7 ingame.