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About My Character

Wise Stone of the River knows that to resist the flow of the river, to make waves and eddies, is also to be worn down oneself. Be still, and let the waters flow around you untroubled, and endure. But also know, that when the time is right, a single stone can change the flow and eddies for miles downstream. Over time, the entire course of the river might be changed, by just a single stone.

This is the philosophy of the grey sith'makar known as River Stone in his own language, but called Rocky in the common tongue. Endure, resist, and when the time is right, act in the place and way needed, aware of far reaching results.

To most casual observers, the warrior cast greyscale is just a well armored fighter, able to shrug off attacks that would fell many others. To others he is a guardian, who's natural place in life is between the innocent, and whatever danger might befall them.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Am'shere
  • Sith'makar