Player-Made Org Questions

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Some Meta Stuff, First

Who is interested in joining the org?

This helps us gauge who is interested, and who could join in the RP. Once created all orgs are open to everyone. For this reason, make sure that the organization is joinable by easily statable interests.

What existing orgs are related to your concept? How is yours different?

Sometimes, we are able to tweak an existing group, or help PCs find a place within pre-existing networks.

About the Organization

What is the specific goal of the organization?

We'll ask you to find a more narrowed focus as opposed to a general one, and one that is different enough from existing groups to warrant distinction.

What are its weaknesses?

Pride can be a weakness, but should not be the only one. Aim for two or three to give it a nice rounding-out. These are potential story foils and help the group come forward as a more fleshed-out entity.

How does the organization attempt to achieve its goals?

How does it try to get things done? As an aside, organizations may not represent government entities, in general, or otherwise be a means of gaining political power. That is just because our focus is more on adventuring and heroism!

What is its general area of influence?

Where do they operate? What areas, goals, topics are they trying to affect?

Who is the NPC in charge?

All organizations are run by NPCs, without exception. We've found this helps keeps things playable, and establishes the focus on organizations as a story tool. It also helps reduce some of the drama seen in other areas.

Beyond PCs, what groups are interested in the org?

Try to include at least 3 classes, and 2 faiths!



Where did they come from? A good area to introduce areas of competition, enemies, and so on!

RPP-Related Skills

RPP-Related Skills

What skills does your group place emphasis on? Players training in the org may receive bonuses to these skills. Select up to 7. Consider their knowledge, craft, and profession areas of focus, and other skillsets as well, to round them out. For example, a thieves' association would likely possess craft/trapmaking, as well as disable device. Lists containing primarily Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, and Perception tend to be reviewed with somewhat greater scrutiny.