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Before she can think to answer his fangs have decended and the vampire sinks his fangs into her little neck, drawing her body close to his and drinking her blood down as if it's a sweet nectar. Not a trace of blood escapes his hungry taste.
Before she can think to answer his fangs have decended and the vampire sinks his fangs into her little neck, drawing her body close to his and drinking her blood down as if it's a sweet nectar. Not a trace of blood escapes his hungry taste.
Faranmidahn pages: will put in some rpp requests for this week and get wartouched for brae, will get the marks later
Cryosanthia, unaware that her rival for the Mistress' love is lingering outside, continues with her salt plan. She grabs a bin and hauls it outside the temple as fast as she can. Emerging on the steps she sees, the ooze seems taken care of; the fountain is spewing water and the remanants are being washed away.
Cryosanthia, unaware that her rival for the Mistress' love is lingering outside, continues with her salt plan. She grabs a bin and hauls it outside the temple as fast as she can. Emerging on the steps she sees, the ooze seems taken care of; the fountain is spewing water and the remanants are being washed away.
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[[Category:Plague|Only the End]]
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Log Info

  • Title: Only the End
  • Emitter: Seldan, Aftershock
  • Characters: Seldan, Sabina, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Garak, Kira, Malik, Konstance
  • Place: A10: Temple District
  • Time: Friday, April 17, 2020, 6:07 PM
  • Summary: Sabina and Seldan are talking in the Temple District. They speak of the Vast, Eluna, magic and the Explorer's Guild and their various duties. This leads to discussions about the plague and vampire attacks. Others soon arrive, Faranmidahn, Cryosanthia, Garak. Cryo discusses some of the records she's been reading and the ooze fighting techniques therein, as well as the repetitive mistakes of adventurers. Cryo wonders if the fountain operating means the cistern is cleared of ooze. She is reassured it must be, and then it starts filling with black, sparkling water. Everyone backs out as a gigantic ooze keeps coming, and coming. Cryo and Malik are immediately sucked in. Malik rescues himself; Cryo is rescued by Kira. Kire does a paladin sacrifice, saving Cryo from reinfection but creating another ooze in the process. Garak caps the fountain with a domed wall of stone. The battle becomes chaotic as the ooze goes after the adventurers, sucking Faran, Konstance and Garak in. Cryo and Faran run for salt, which isn't needed as the fountain explodes and dissipates the ooze. Kira however, has noticed an observer who turns out to be Kol. The adventurers swiftly engage, and Seldan has a cunning plan. Cutting himself with his ancestor's blade, he tempts the vampire with his blood. This drives Kol to embrace him, and the paladin trips him in the water and commands all others to pile on. They do so, everyone into the fountain, with Kira being the master grappler who still needs the help of all the others to prevent him escaping. He nearly does, but is finally held under long enough. A few rounds seem like forever, but Kol is dead.

-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=<* A10: Temple District *>=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-

The air of solemn, heavy divinity in the area is often broken by laughter. The dual presence of the deities Althea and Daeus, man and wife, stand towards the center, with their children and their children's temples positioned around them. The presence of the divine is felt not only by their temples, but also by the actions of their worshipers. The great plaza is as a social center, paved in brilliant, white flagstones and covered in benches and sitting areas. Priests, acolytes, and servicefolk of all stripes roam the plaza, going from one task to the other.

At the front of the temples of Daeus and Althea, at the Plaza's centermost point, rests a great fountain, the cheerful waters reflecting the Sun during the day, and the Moon and Stars at night. The fountain is strategically centered, and is oft a place for wisdom and lesson-giving. It is not uncommon for a priest of some stripe or the other to stand there, surrounded by the curious and faithful, delivering messages of hope or contemplation. At other times, it and the plaza become a landscape of celebration of the holy holidays.

Few vendors are seen in the plaza--the nearby temples provide most food or services. Towards the west, the great Bridge stretches across the river, and towards the east, the Redridge mountains. The plaza rests in the midst of it all, the temples massive and grand on the Alexandrian scale.


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  Appearing, in Order  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Seldan       5'11"    187 Lb     Human             Male      Ginger-blonde human in armor wearing Eluna's symbol.
Sabina       5'4"     130 Lb     Human             Female    Tsuran woman of dark hair and green eyes
Faranmidahn  3'3"     35 Lb      Halfling          Female    Albino Lucht woman in black leather armor with a BIG spider
Cryosanthia  6'9"     267 Lb     Sith-Makar        Female    A dashingly tall, elegant white-scaled lizard woman.
Garak        5'10"    180 Lb     Hobgoblin         Male      Just a simple tailor...er Cleric, of Serriel
Kira         5'0"     120 Lb     Human             Female    A young blonde woman wearing simple robes.
Malik        6'2"     195 Lb     Human             Male      A sandy-haired tsuran with blue eyes.
Konstance    6'2"     240 Lb     Human             Male      A human with blonde hair and blue eyes

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-  As the GM  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Aftershock                                                   It's what comes after...

Not all spring days are destined to be nice. This one is chill, gray, and overcast, and the mingled scent of new grass and rain, coupled with the ever-present salt tang of the sea, lingers in the air around the city. Seldan doesn't seem to mind, though, and has found a dry patch of the fountain's edge on which to sit. He wears full armor, unusual in those simply loitering about the city, but he seems perfectly comfortable, and indeed makes a gesture at a block of fountain next to him. As he does so, the wetness on it melts away into nothingness, leaving dry, cool stone, and he wears a bright, boyish smile that is full of laughter as he does so.

Sabina steps from the temple of Tarien pulling about her a cloak that's seen better days and holding it closed with a hand from within. Her peacock rides on her shoulder as is its want, puffing up its feathers against chill and potential wetness from the sky.

She notes the general lack of peoples moving about and also the fact that a single person seems to have made the outside his living room for the moment. She's about to move past when she notes not only his use of magic but more importantly his smile.

She slows to a stop nearby and smiles in turn. "Waiting for someone, good sir?"

Despite the fact that the man wears a cloak around his shoulders, he's made no effort whatever to wrap it around himself, to keep warm, but at the call, he looks up, and dismisses whatever it is he is doing with an absent arcane gesture, the smile fading only a little but still good-humored. "No, mistress, although that is not always so." His light voice holds a distinct lilt of the Myrrish, cultured enough to suggest the Kingdom of the Lion or Selentia. "My duties for the day are done, and I have seen little enough of the outside, these past few days. I had thought to linger a bit ere evensong. Why do you ask?"

Sabina chuckles softly. "I asked because you seemed to smile wide while preparing a space for another to sit upon the fountain with you. It was more the smile, really. Usually one only smiles like that when awaiting a friend or lover. Or when recalling a memory cherished."

She makes a cloak curtailed gesture at the sky. "your duties must be difficult that you choose to sit outside on a grey day. But too much time indoors can easily drive one to head outside no matter the weather."

Seldan's smile fades a little more, and his eyes lower a little, although it is more contemplative than offended or upset, the smile now both quietly amused and reverent. "I suppose it can be said that Her gifts might be as a friend long-cherished, at times. But in truth do I but play. Magic well-used is a joy, as much as a friend, and if I may use it to serve the purposes of others, that is better still, is it not?" He scoots over courteously, gesturing that Sabina should take the dry spot he has created. "As for sitting outside on a gray day, in truth such is a bit easier, really. The sunlight is not kind to me." With alabaster skin and reddish-blonde hair, one might well surmise that he sunburns like no one's business. "Have you been in Alexandria long?"

The Tsuran woman's smile turns bemused and she half delicately sits and half flops into the offered space while watching the man. The bird on her shoulder makes sounds of complaint and puffs up again, trying to keep its tail out of the waters of the fountain.

"Are you a priest of Eluna then?" She asks and motions to the symbols he wears. "Or an ardent follower of she who is magic?" She lifts the holy symbol she wears from her bodice by the cord at her neck. The coyote howling at the stars.

"Both and neither, for in truth do I serve Her, but I am no Seer. I am Seldan Padaryn, of Her Silver Guard." The term suggests not a priest, but a paladin of Eluna. The boyish smile returns at the woman's option not to answer the question, and remains as his eyes fall on the coyote. "Ah, a servant of Alamarn the Bard King." More proof of his origin, for he uses the Myrrish term for Tarien. "Are you then to be cagey with me, or might I know your name as well?"

Bina tucks the symbol away where it came with a coy smile and a growing temptation to be cagey. Stiffling the temptation with a suffered sigh she answers. "Sabina is my name, good sir. And no I've not been in the city very long. In fact just a span of days."

She gives him a shrewd look and then softens it with a grin. "A holy paladin of Eluna? I've had little conversation with those of faith of other gods. The Vast was my birthplace and my home for many a year. And while I met many travelers .." She trails off and shrugs. "Few of them were of the faithful."

The name seems to ring a bell with Seldan, for he simply nods. "I am given to understand that is so, yes. My lover hails from the Vast, and I think he yet does not understand what it is that I do." There's the smile again, accompanied by silent, affectionate laughter. "I have not yet given up hope that he will understand, but the matter is not a promising one. Still, the people of the Vast are good folk, for all that few know the gods. You will find things very different here from the Vast."

She giggles in her throat and through a closed-mouth smile. "He does not understand what you do? You mean that you serve Eluna or the way in which you serve her? And yes we tend to be godless heathens in the Vast." She winks playfully without any true meaning to the gesture. "Would you share with me what you do? I've discovered that I must understand a culture or way in order to promote wisdom and laughter both."

"The way in which I do so, I think, for Malik is no stranger to Eluna himself." Seldan reaches up and pushes aside a stray lock of hair that has managed to fall into his face, and from the automatic nature of the gesture, it probably does that a lot. "The concept of vows appears to escape him. He does as he will, and does not hesitate to make it clear when he disagrees." The affection there is very evident. "I strive to teach him better. It is a mercy that he does not seek to cause explosions."

"What am I given to do? First and foremost, defend the innocent from those who would misuse Her gifts, and punish such misuse. Such am I sworn to do, and such do I do as I may. I also do work for the Explorer's Guild."

The priestess applauds lightly. "I like the sound of your man already." She laughs lightly and continues. "I am a firm believer in doing as one wills... for the most part. But you just keep on striving. I'm sure he loves you for doing so for that is you?" She adjusts in her seat and sighs as the colorful bird continues to complain. Finally she plucks him from her shoulder and holds him in her arm like a babe. "May I ask what constitutes misuse of magic?"

"Magic is intended to uplift and to serve, not to oppress or ruin, to bring joy, not pain. Perhaps I shall share with you an example?" Seldan's smile fades away. "Indeed, if you are new to Alexandria, you should learn of this quickly, ere you learn by the painful path. A magical plague stalks Alexandria, infecting her people and feeding upon magic. The jelly ... an ooze, if one speaks truly - is itself a living being, drawn by magic from the Source itself, but its purpose has been turned, and it is the plaything of one who experiments upon prisoners, to learn of their natures and its effect upon them. -That-," and he leans heavily upon the accented word, "is misuse of magic. To spread an illness using it, that you might draw power from those infected. To create playthings."

Sabina scrunches up her nose in distaste and slowly shakes her head. Her hand pets her bird, likely tryingto soothe both herself and the creature in her arms. "That is.. " She struggles to find a word polite and yet strong enough to use and comes up with nothing. "Has a way been found to end such illness and put a stop to things? Perhaps I should have held off my arrival for a few more weeks. Dragged my feet on my journey. But that is not Tarien's way."

Slowly, sadly, Seldan shakes his head. "Even now do we strive towards such an end, and the punishment of those responsible. I fear that dragging your feet would not have saved you, for can it be found in the countryside as well. I fear to think what would happen were such to be cast into the Vast." He shakes his head again, this time more quickly, as if to clear it. "But no matter, it is not so, and we shall see this through."

The priestess nods in an absent way and then remembers herself. A smile is found and returned to her lips and she turns back to Selden. "Well, I for one thank you for your work in seeing the plauge ended. Thank you. And I can see a greater need for smiles and laughter during this time of troubles. Perhaps now more than ever."

She nods her head to the temple of Daeus. "Vampire attacks in the temple of the sun. A illness that affects magic and those that use it. What else is going on within this great city that I need to know?"

Although Seldan makes some attempt to school his expression, it is not all that successful. In fact, a rueful _oh, *that*_ is plainly written across his face. "Yes, Kol Demontry is no ordinary vampire. I spoke of she who stole this creature and now creates playthings with it? The vampire is her lackey, her hands when she wishes a thing done within the city, and many atrocities has he committed. I think I know how he may be brought down, but it will be no easy task."

"I.." Bina starts and then sighs, smile slipping again. "That is horrible. And while my journey with Tarien has realyl just begun, if I may assist in some way I offer up my help in the cause to stop him and his mistress."

She pets the bird, going with the feathers, never against. The bird seems to be falling asleep as the pair shares warmth and the cloak. "My lord is he of the traveler, trickery and tales. But to me he has always been the laughter from the heart. Those that steal such laughter will have my anger and I believe have my lord's as well."

"She has most certainly done that, for far too many." Seldan watches the bird curiously, but keeps his hands to himself and keeps his distance. "But ... we are in need of all that may be mustered. There is another I would have you lend your wisdom to, for I have asked of her a task, but find her a bit lacking in judgment?"

Bina looks up at the paladin with a wicked grin returning to her face. From under strands of hair she peers at him with emerald eyes. "Are you sure you wish /me/ to share anything with one who you deems to lack judgement?" Her laughter returns and the bird's eyes open and then close again. "If you truely think I could assist this person then I will."

Perhaps you will understand when you meet." Seldan and Sabina are sitting by the edge of the fountain, the latter with a peacock wrapped in her cloak. Seldan wears full armor, his usual wont of late, although that appears to be a new thing, and seems untroubled by the chill of a gray spring day. "May I find you in a few days, when I know where she is? I would gather those willing to help, perhaps in a few days' time."

The cloaked woman nods while chuckling. "Of course. A few days would and should be fine. Unless some strange fate drags me off and away from the city. Doubtful but I always leave the chance open when my feet wander." She looks down at the bird asleep in her lap and shakes her head with wry amusement. "Silly bird. You best not complain too much when we get up and move."

Faranmidahn endures the chill in relative comfort, as does the large glossy black spider in matching leather parding, upon whose saddle she is astride. The Lucht is still rocking her plain broach, and her helm is hooked onto the saddle, and the hood of her cloak is drawn up to afford some warmth to the white fuzzy spider staring out at the world from where Faran's neck meets her shoulder.

A white-scaled sith-makar wearing layered wizard robes emerges from the Temple of Daeus, shades her eyes, and walks into the square.

Seldan laughs lightly, watching the bird wrapped in Sabina's cloak. "So many here I find have unusual pets and companions. None seem obedient. Must be the quiet the unusual companion for your travels."

Sabina chuckles again and nods. "Some folk believe me to be a traveling performer. Others a pampered noblewoman. Still others believe me to just be crazy as I walk about with my bird."

It's hard to miss Faran riding the large spider. Still a first for the woman who likes new things. She does indeed watch entranced for a time and then grinning and waving to the rider. "Speaking of unusual pets and companions. Hello Faranmidahn!"

Garak strides across the bridge towards the plaza, accompanied by a heavy warhorse. The bridge is lightly travelled and it's easy to see the horse is walking along beside the priest rather than being led by reins, and Garak seems to be speaking with it. Although they are still too far away to hear the particulars of their conversation.

"Emperor Extravagance! And his portable perch, Sabina. Good to see you again." Cryosanthia calls, as she spots the pair by the fountain and approaches. She moves smoothly, with strong strides, "Hello Seldan. Peace on your Scabbard. Hello Faran."

Faranmidahn enjoys her naturally occuring bubble of traffic as she straightens up in her saddle, looking about for-Aha! She hears her name from over by the fountain and and lifts her hand to wave, "Hello, Miss Sabina! Sir Seldan!" and with a little select tension on the reins and a couple of taps with her foot, she steers the large arachnid toward the two in time to see, "Cryo!" enter her line of sight and, reminded about others from her friend's words, "Your Emperership, and... umm... Seldan's sword! How is everyone today. While Torrent settles to a halt at his mistress' signal, the liffle puff on her sholder lifts a foreleg and wags it a couple of times.

Seldan inclines his head to the newcomers, and from his body language, he seems to know them all, but the boyish, good-natured laughter fades into a more formal and appropriate bearing. "Ah, I see that they are known to you. Cryosanthia, Faranmidahn." His gaze lingers on the plain brooch holding Faranmidahn's cloak, and he frowns, but says nothing of it, at least not now. The sword at his hip does not appear to respond to the greetings, not immediately. "Lady Faranmidahn, I have named the blade Reunion." This is explained with a very small smile.

"I still say that's a very rude name!" This time, the sword does speak, an irascible and crotchety old man's voice.

"Kanian, shut up. You're only proving his point." The second voice is a deeper female one.

First Sabina blinks as she's called out to by Cryo who then gets a wave. A smile for the approaching Garak, not to be rude. Then a confused look as Faran says hello to Seldan's... sword?

Bina turns her head and looks down at the blade who then..SPEAKS! Her eyes go very wide and then she bursts out into laughter as it seems to argue with itself. "My pardon, Reunion. Had I known I would have said hello as well. Please forgive me." She says through her laughter.

Meanwhile the Emperor opens his eyes to peer at all the noisey folk arriving and squawks shrilly.

Garak reaches the edge of the plaza and raises a hand in farewell to his horse. It bobs its head seemingly in response and then turns and walks by itself begind a wall and out of sight. Garak on the other moves closer to the fountain in the center of the square. A brief look quickly takes in the adventurers gathered. Then he inclines his head in a nod, "Greetings."

Faranmidahn lowers her eyes some, her expression sobering as she figures out where Seldan's eyes are, but she blinks at the chorus, as she's not yet used to the actual spectacle of such a thing. She bows her head, not entirely sure the sword can see it, but, "Well met, proud Reunion!" She'll roll with it. 'Lady' Faranmidahn does fidget a little at the title, color taking her cheeks, but, it is her sidelong glance askance that she spies the fellow talking to his horse. Hmm. Her attention returns to the group itself, "I would... speak with you at your convienience, Sir Knight." her voice suddenly weighted and soft. Ahem, "So, how is everyone-?" The new hail draws the Lucht's eyes and she straightens in the saddle, "Oh, hello!"

"Hello Kanian, Tisa." Cryosanthia says, sweeping close with her robes flutering about her. She gives a curtsey to the Peacock, extra flattery, then looks around. She nods to Garak, smiles at Faran. She ends up standing nearby, hands clasped.

"And I you, although not here," Seldan tells Faran, all trace of smile flown away, but he lets that quiet exchange flutter away like leaves in the wind, instead letting Reunion's truculence cover up.

"I don't care, Tisa. I'll say what I want, and what I want to say is that you need to show proper respect for your elders, boy. Why, when I..." The irascible old man launches into a story that, even on the face of it, doesn't seem to make much sense.

"Yes, we know, Kanian. It really is improper, you know, Seldan. Perhaps something with a finer ring to it, such as ... oh, I don't know. Fairy-smasher."

A burst of laughter from several other voices, and a gruff male voice with a khazadi sound chimes in. "Fairy smasher? Fallia, I hope you never named a blade in life, because that makes us sound like a toothpick at a party."

Tisa, at least, returns the greetings directed her way. "Greetings to you all," she tells everyone in general. "I cannot say that I know any voices, save Cryosanthia's, and to you I give greeting. Never mind these louts."

Garak eyes Seldan's sword in what is probably one the common reactions for those not familiar with the talking weapon. After a bit he turns to look at some of the others. "It's good to see you all. I trust you are well today?" He moves towards the edge of the fountain, while still casting occasionaly glances about to maintain eye contact with the others.

"I shall try not Tisa. Thanks for your greeting." Cryosanthia says, her voice careful and controlled. Her tail curls around her shins, "I've been warned I do not properly respect Seldan's ancestors and have had several troubling personal things of late. I would love to make light with you but do not trust myself to join in your... lively discussions without causing irreverant offense."

The sith bows at the scabbard, a gesture that is likely lost on it. "Although if you have seen the Fae I have Golain, smashing them would not seem such a weak undertaking."

Cryo clasps her hands low in her front against her robes, makes a slight bob of her head toward Garak. "This one is fine."

More then two? Bina blinks again and then smiles so wide it has to hurt, stiffling her laughter behind a hand. She chokes down the last of it to give greeting, "Hello Cryosanthia. Good to see you as well." Then to Garak a lighthearted wave and a nod with smile attached. "Good and I hope you are well too?"

She is then tempted to reach out and pet the rather large spider but even she has some wisdom within her and she waves first to the small spider riding Faran and then the mount. "Suddenly it's busy here. I believe I like it that way rather then quiet."

Faranmidahn bows her head, "It has been a nice day, yes." she says, "I am Faranmidahn, it's nice to meet you!" she offers to the Arvek, then looks to Cryo, smiling warmly before she reaches across her shoulder to gently stroke the little coconut puff on her shoulder, "This is Zephyr." And the other hand, still holding the reins, gently strokes the chitin under her saddle, "And this is Torrent."

"He doesn't either, Cryosanthia," the irascible old man grumbles. "Nobody does."

Seldan looks down at the blade, quietly. "That is not what you said in the Draco Solis' temple last week, Kanian."

The chatter continues, but the paladin ignores it, looking up. "Forgive me. They are a," he nods to Cryosanthia, "lively lot, and unafraid of making their opinions known."

Garak looks thoughtful at Seldan at the implication the voices from Seldan's sword, are those of his ancestors. He can't help but smile at Faranmidahn's multiple introductions. "Garak," he replies. He casts one last glance at the scabbard, but instead of commenting he turns to Sabina. "I'm fairly certain that as the days grow warmer, you'll see more and more people spending time here. It was built before I ever lived here, and I don't know the complete history...but it seems a particularly fitting place for a fountain."

"Of course Seldan, don't worry about it." The white-scale sith-makar says. She smiles softly, although she seems tired and that makes her look old, or perhaps, her actual age. Her gaze drifts over to the fountain, she observes the water spashing out.

"Has this water been cleaned, or would casting on it be a bad idea?" She wonders aloud, not at anyone in particular. She ends up gazing at Faran before her attention drifts back to the scabbard, "Do intelligent weapons have any opinions on True Death ones? I image they migth have an odd perspective."

Sabina settles back down with a sigh of pleasure as conversation shifts focus to things she has no idea about. She goes back to petting the bird in her arms while keeping her attention on the words spoken. "Sabina." She says to Garek in reply. Then to Cryo, "Who are the True Death ones?"

GAME: Seldan rolls knowledge/the planes: (3)+9: 12 to Cryosanthia and Aftershock
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls knowledge/the planes: (8)+2: 10 to Seldan and Aftershock

Garak watches Cryosanthia now. "It is purified. Regularly." he replies. "By acolytes and monks. The same way that much of this district is kept clean. But what sort of spell were you planning to cast?" Clearly the idea seems a bit foreign to him. "The fountain is for the public, but it's as much a part of this district as the temples."

Reunion falls silent at Cryosanthia's question, even as Seldan looks down at the scabbard. "Vanguard, a pleasure to see you again," he greets Garak, but most of his attention remains on the sword, which seems to have having some sort of very quiet internal conversation. When it does speak, it is an older woman's voice, the same one that suggested calling the blade Fairy-smasher. "Cryosanthia, we've never heard of such a thing. Isn't a killing edge well-wielded enough?"

Faranmidahn looks supiciously at the fountain at the question, then arches an eyebrow up at Cryo, "Maybe a nice glass would be more fun." It would probably make for a smaller... reaction. Hmm. The little white spider on her shoulder starts to bat at her. She sighs and glances at the sword, "Were things always so clear cut. Alas, some foes take more killing, it seems."

Cryosanthia settles onto one of the steps. She sweeps her robes so she can sit on them nicely, untangles her tail from the folds. Seated, her head is around chest height for everyone else sitting. She crosses her arms over her knees, "They are weapons wielded by the Claws of the Death Singing Dragon, and bring one slain directly to her, and they don't come back. Ever. You might kill a god with one. That's what I've learned so far."

The sith looks over at Garak, "I'm not, but there were problems with the city water. I guess they were resolved."

She grins at Faranmidahn, "It always comes back to a glass of water doesn't it?"

Seldan stands up, suddenly, as of one in deep thought. He walks around to where Cryosanthia has just seated herself, and squats down on his heels in front of her, heedless of the blade that skitters against the stone steps, looking up at her, and slowly, he puts off his gauntlet to lay his hand on hers. "Cryosanthia. My people are the wrong people to ask about the fae and their mysteries, but yours ... yours are the people of the natural world. Who knows what may lie within the depths of their mysteries and lore? Great mysteries lie within your heritage, Cryosanthia. It is written upon your every scale. Perhaps will you find more there than you guess."

Garak returns Cryosanthia's look, with a hint of understanding creeping into his own expression. "I'm not certain the entire city's water is clean...I can only speak of the water here, and a few other places." He gazes absently to the west-northwest.

GAME: Cryosanthia rolls knowledge/the planes+3: (10)+2+3: 15 to Seldan and Aftershock

Cryosanthia stares back at Seldan, her gem-like eyes revealing little. She places her hand on top of his maintaining the gaze. She has a wane smile. While her horns and her patterns do hint at the ancient and the draconic, she seems very lacking in the appropriate mysteries. She pats, "Seldan you know my memories are full of ghosts, and I'm out of touch with my heritage, to say nothing of my ancestors. I have thought deeply, I just don't have anything about these weapons I haven't read, seen, or been told directly. Thank you, for... the confidence I might know more."

She grins at the lucht, then tells the Arvec. There isn't many to overhear and they all seem to be adventurers. "If you truly wish to test, you'll need a glass of water, and a large glass bowl, a glass plate, a good solid mallet and some soapy water and some beer, and a torch. Situate the glass on the plate, be ready with the bowl, cast something on the glass of water. If it produces an ooze, trap it in the glass. If it escapes, it will attack the nearest person or chase a magic item. It will burn off your clothes and give whomever it touches the plague. Hit it, throw soap or beer on it, burn it. Do not cast more spells, do not slice or stab it. If the water sits there after your first spell, you'll know it's safe to drink."

Sabina had been listening quietly, lulled to near sleep by the warmth of her bird and the cloak as well as the conversation going on around her. But at the mention of oozes and how to produce, trap and kill them she blinks fully awake. "Soap?" She asks. "If only I had known earlier. When I first arrived in town I managed to.. loose my way and end up with some folks heading down into the sewers. There we found and did away with some sort of soap construct. Sounds like it could have helped against this trouble."

"Perhaps it is time that what is rightfully yours be returned to you, Cryosanthia." Seldan simply nods and pushes himself up to stand, withdrawing his hand. As he steps away, though, he shakes his head quickly as if to clear it, blinking a few times, then looks around at the others and coughs. "The plague is far worse than anything to be found in the sewers, Sabina, and any form of liquid will dilute this plague, not only soapy water." He pushes a lock of stray hair out of his eyes. "It is a living creature, and so may be slain as Cryosanthia describes."

"I don't wish to test," Garak assures Cryo. "I simply misunderstood your question." He peers into the water. After a bit he tugs off one of his gauntlets and runs his fingers through the water. "Although I do believe it is safe. We couldn't very well allow people to be near if we thought otherwise." Lifting his hand he flicks it a few times towards the fountain to get the largest drops off the fingers. Then he tugs his glove back into place. "If you'll all excuse me, I have a dinner appointment."

"Truly you serve Tarien. That is funny. That the solution is to send a soap golem into the cisterns to fight the oozes, and Adventurers destroy the goelm." Cryosanthia smiles, shaking her head as she looks at Sabina and holding her cheek, "Did the construct have blue blood, explode once damaged?"

She nods at Garak, "It should be, I've been out of touch Garak."

Sabina offers a wave to the departing Garak. "Have a good meal, Garak.", she says before offering Cryo a wry grin. "No. Though when cut it split into two parts. It was human shaped..melted, likely by the sewer water. The arm that was cut off attacked on it's own and it smelled... " She coughs through her smile. "..smelled like peaches. No explosions or blood other then soap."

Kira emerges from Althea's temple. Due to the time, and for a change, she is not carrying a basket of bread, cauldron of stew, or other portable foodstuffs.

Faranmidahn cants her head, "I suppose that answers the question of 'Why a soap golem?'...." she muses. she looks, "Though, it would still be good to get someone with experience to study one of them under a detect magic spell if one should appear."

"Oh you know that's impossible Faran," Cryo grins.

"Not impossible, merely risky," Seldan puts in, moving back toward the edge of the fountain where he'd been sitting with Sabina and several others. "I would not attempt such a thing lightly, and the waters of the fountain might well have been created. Such is not so great a thing, and may be trusted."

Malik moves through the crowd easily, the paladin relatively easy to spot, even in the Temple District. Moving up beside the others, he manages to catch the tail end of a conversation. "Soap isn't a good investment for a golem," he muses. "You're probably going to want something more durable. Unless you're planning to give Goblintown the most expensive bath in history."

It's totally unnoticed at first, which is interesting because everyone /was/ looking at the water. But gradually... the water /is/ darkening. Not like ink has been poured into it, but rather as if some shadow from the sky has managed to slowly darken the entirety of the fountain. Then the foutain gives a unhappy burble. It bubbles. It /foams/. It turns pitch-dark and expands. Spills over the edge of its containment and onto the ground. But it's not as thin as it was a few seconds ago. No... it's /thickening/ as quickly as it darkens.

Cryosanthia leaps up, jumping away, "Remember what I said! No magic! Blunt weapons, fire and soap! It will chase magic items, if you're wearing a lot, like me, get away from it. Throwing something down might keep its interest fixed."

The peacock in Sabina's arms gives out a shrill and loud cry just as Sabina's posterior dampens from water and one hopes not darker things. She yelps in an unlady-like fashion and /moves/ away from the strange happening behind her with heart in throat. "What in the name of Tarien's smiling face?!"

Kira was just glad to have another rewarding day of serviec and work, though some rest might be nice, too. She coughs into her elbow as she walks, thinking the fountain she's nearing might be refreshing. Though she wouldn't drink out of it. It's more for decoration. And then she gasps as it starts to darken and people yell. "Oh no..."

GAME: Malik casts Mage Armor. Caster Level: 14 DC: 15

Faranmidahn squeaks in surprise and draws sharply on the reins, "Get clear!" even as she starts kicking Torrent into an angle to race toward the civilians around them, screaming, "PLAGUE! RUN AWAY!" Hoping that if her words don't get the message across, the charging giant spider will make them scatter in better directions.

Seldan, having just turned his face towards Malik, and having been prepared to speak when the fountain goes berserk, drops whatever it was he was going to say. "It is as she says!" he shouts, going for the mace at his right hip, not the blade at his left. "The plague infests the fountain! We will need to kill it, and quickly! Fire, water, blunt weapons!" he echoes Cryosanthia.

"Speaking of which, a blunt weapon would be really nice to have right now. On fire too." Cryosanthia comments, as she looks around. She adds her voice to the lucht's, "Plague Ooze! Clear out!"

Kira turns her back to the fountain to help wave away others who might be near or approaching it. "Everyone, please! Get back for your own safety!"

Malik, for his part, eyes the water warily, taking some of the current advice and backing up. There's a bow on his shoulder, and several pointy objects on him, but nothing overly blunt. Still, the bow comes off the shoulder, and the wizard looks around for -- something, his expression suggesting that he has at least something of a plan here.

Bina is panting and a touch wide-eyed. After all there is a rather large thing that is the plauge attacking. She reaches into her dress through a nicely hidden pocket and pulls out a small container that is familiar to moany folk. Alkemist fire..

People... well the initial reaction is to freeze and stare at the fountain. Then Torrent is sent into their midst and they're more than happy to flee in every direction. It's total chaos in seconds. The word 'plague' probably would have been enough incentive, but the spider added to the mix? The fountain expands, and expands. It bubbles outwards and reaches out with bulbuos arms to grab at those not /closest/ to the fountain but rather seems to target specific people. Namely Malik... And Cryosanthia.

GAME: Cryosanthia spends ONE point of PANACHE. (4 remaining)
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (8)+16: 24
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls acrobatics: (20)+9: 29
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (18)+16: 34
Aftershock says, "Okay, ooze grabs both Cryo and Malik"
Cryosanthia says, "charmed life on save"
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls fortitude+3: (2)+4+3: 9
GAME: Cryosanthia spends ONE point of PANACHE. (3 remaining)
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls 1d6: (5): 5
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls escape artist+5: (4)+9+5: 18

Cryo was running, but it wasn't enough. She's engulfed, and as she struggles she's feeling the ooze sting in many place. She's also unable to wriggle out of the mass.

GAME: Malik rolls Escape Artist: (14)+14: 28
GAME: Malik rolls fortitude: (10)+8: 18

The ooze takes Malik by surprise, moving with a speed that the wizard wasn't expecting. He lets out a cry more of annoyance than pain, feeling the thing tighten against him, though the dextrous wizard apparently knows exactly what to do. Taking a breath, he focuses for a second, changing his body position just enough that the thing cannot maintain its hold, rolling up to his feet. "Not this time," he tells the thing, shaking his head.

GAME: Kira spends ONE point of KI POOL.
GAME: Kira rolls cmb+7: (15)+18+7: 40

Kira gasps as not one, but two people immediately get ooze-glomped! Luckily, it looks like one manages to wriggle out, so she dashes to help Cryosanthia. It's like the gardens all over again. "Hold on! I've got you!" She manages to prove her words true (thank the Healer!) and gets a good hold to pull the Sith free.

GAME: Sabina rolls ranged: (13)+2: 15
GAME: Sabina rolls 1d6: (2): 2

The loud sounds of hooves heralds the arrival of Garak. He holds his long cavalry spear in one hand, but it's held lowered and to one side. The tip skims along the ground barely avoiding scraping. As he draws up next to Malik, the priest hefts the spear and brings it up and around to hold in front of him, more like a quarterstaff than the piercing weapon it's designed to be.

"I'll try to keep it's attention!" Faran shouts even as she glances to her familiar and says, "Get down, it's not safe here!" She breaks out her weathered old skipball and infuses it with her mystical energies before she wheels Torrent around and shouts defiantly, "Over here, you phlegmy refuse!" The spider under her gallops at a decept clip to a little better than double the distance she was at before. Let's hope it's slow.

Zephyr, the little ball of coconut fuzziness, is left off to the side and scurries a little further away. Run, little spier, run!

GAME: Seldan rolls mace: aliased to weapon2: (19)+16: 35
GAME: Seldan rolls mace-5: aliased to weapon2-5: (18)+16+-5: 29
GAME: Seldan rolls mace-10: aliased to weapon2-10: (9)+16+-10: 15
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg: aliased to 1d8+4: (5)+4: 9
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg: aliased to 1d8+4: (6)+4: 10
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg: aliased to 1d8+4: (3)+4: 7

"MALIK!" Seldan's shout is almost a scream as the man is engulfed, but before he can pull his wits together to move, the wizard has pulled free, and the paladin spares only a brief nod of appreciation for Garak's assistance, instead leaping at the giant ooze with mace in hand. He makes no effort to invoke any magic of any kind, his only magic is the magic of training, laying three hard, fast strikes into the bubbling mass. Black goo splatters everywhere, but curiously, it rolls right off the moonlit armor, leaving it completely untouched despite the rest of him being a mess.

Aftershock says, "Alrighty, fort saves from Cryosanthia, and Malik ;3"
Cryosanthia says, "charmed life again"
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls fortitude+3: (7)+4+3: 14
GAME: Malik rolls FOrtitude: (15)+8: 23
Kira will use PS as an immediate for Cryo, then, as it's triggered by fail. "And I know she's in range. :)"
GAME: Kira casts Paladin's Sacrifice. Caster Level: 9 DC: 17
GAME: Kira rolls fort: (13)+19: 32

Kira had only just yoinked Cryosanthia from the stuff when she senses its lingering vileness trying to corrupt her. "Healter, let your grace pass from me to her..." It does, which also allows, or forces(?) the vile to pass from Cryosanthia to herself. To join that which was already plaguing her.

That the conduit was empowered by mana seems to enrage her current residents despite (or because of?) the new housemates. And it makes its ire known. "Go! Get aw-rungh..." She doesn't get the full warning out before she's bent over hacking and retching. At least she turned away from anyone so as not to be rude and cough all over them.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (4)+16: 20
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (14)+16: 30
GAME: Cryosanthia spend ONE point of PANACHE. (2 remaining)
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (6): 6
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (6): 6
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (5): 5

The ooze it seems is determined, ignoring the pain it can not feel and expanding rapidly in order to persue its prey. It lashes out at Cryosanthia and Malik again. And while this time the wily sith-makar evades Malik does not and finds himself once again enveloped by the nasty black ooze which begins to sparkle in the dim lighting offered by your surroundings.

GAME: Malik rolls Wisdom: (8)+3: 11
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls wisdom: (19)+0: 19
GAME: Garak rolls wisdom: (18)+5: 23
GAME: Seldan rolls wisdom: (5)+3: 8
GAME: Kira rolls wisdom: (11)+5: 16
GAME: Sabina rolls wisdom: (13)+2: 15
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls wisdom: (8)+2: 10

Everyone realizes abruptly that the foutain is still spewing forth this black ooze. It's coming UP from somewhere.

"Silver Empress mating Maugrim on Heth's haunch with the Teacher watching!" Cryosanthia swears, sputtering and shaking the droplets of ooze off as she's dragged out of it. Is that the sting? Am I infected again! "How! HOW! Didn't we tell them! The fountain is still spewing it. It's coming up from somewhere. Weren't the Cistern's dealt with already!"

The sith squirms out of Kira's grasp. She felt the protective warmth, and well, she's the reason she isn't swallowed so Cryo gasps a quick, "Thanks, it's still after me."

She bolts away into an open part of the square. "Malik I think it's after your magic stuff!"

Malik attempts to duck, even as the acid from the first grapple is starting to eat through his clothes -- and the skin beneath. He gives a grimace, half pain, half frustration, closing his eyes and -- simply vanishing. Or so it appears, for a split second, before a strange distortion of space occurs on the steps of the temple of Eluna. The wizard is there, looking annoying, already reaching for his bag.

Sabina watches all the chaos unfold. The ooze continuing to flow from the fountian as people and creatures scatter. "Something to do..to do..what to do!?" It's then she spies poor little Zephyr scrambling to get away and she dashes for the spider, "Here to help!" She tells it before trying to scoop it up as gentley as she can before /running/ faster then a priest should be able too from the ooze and danger.

GAME: Garak rolls spellcraft: (14)+13: 27
GAME: Garak casts Wall of Stone. Caster Level: 13 DC: 20

Garak notes out of the corner of his eye that Malik is trapped. And then just as quickly he's gone. Hopefully of his own doing, Garak thinks, but doesn't have time for more than wishful thoughts. At a murmured word his horse backs away. Garak speaks another word once he deems them far enough way, and the steed wheels around and trots even further. As it goes Garak chants a spell, and soon a dome of stone forms over the fountain in attempt to limit further ooze from emerging.

Faranmidahn glances to the side as she feels Zephyr's sudden jolt of alarm, seeing the cause, she trusts the other sorceress to protect her new friend as she moves in to draw the ooze away from her best. Infusing her energies into the Torthai de Olc once more, she nudges Torrent to rush closer to the slime, then edge back, trying to draw it back to the center, away from the others, even as she shouts, "DETECT MAGIC! FIND THE MECHANISM AT WORK!"

GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa: aliased to weapon2-3: (4)+16+-3: 17
GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa-5: aliased to weapon2-3-5: (2)+16+-3+-5: 10
GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa-10: aliased to weapon2-3-10: (8)+16+-3+-10: 11
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg+padmg: aliased to 1d8+4+6: (1)+4+6: 11
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg+padmg: aliased to 1d8+4+6: (4)+4+6: 14
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg+padmg: aliased to 1d8+4+6: (1)+4+6: 11
GAME: Malik rolls Fortitude: (14)+8: 22
GAME: Malik rolls Fortitude: (19)+8: 27

And Malik goes under again - and Seldan doesn't have time to look to see where he went! Hard-pressed by the growth of the ooze, it's all he can do to stay out of it himself. He lets out a roar and -lays into- the ooze again, but it's a good thing it's so slow, else none of those distracted blows would land at all. Land they do, but they are poor blows at best, and he shakes his head. "Focus, Seldan."

GAME: Faranmidahn rolls perception: (10)+4: 14
GAME: Seldan rolls perception: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Sabina rolls perception: (18)+3: 21
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls perception: (5)+5: 10
GAME: Kira rolls perception: (7)+21: 28
GAME: Garak rolls perception: (17)+20: 37
GAME: Malik rolls Perception: (1)+20: 21 (EPIC FAIL)
Aftershock says, "Okay the ooze will attack Seldan and also Faranmidahn.
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (7)+16: 23
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (20)+16: 36
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (5)+16: 21
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (5): 5
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (12): 12
GAME: Seldan rolls fortitude: (5)+20: 25
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls fort: (12)+6: 18
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls fort: (8)+6: 14

The ooze lurches away from the fountain that birthed it, attacking Seldan and Faranmidahn with its tendrils. Both warriors are eaten by the thing, sucked into the dark sparkling semi-liquid with wet squeltching sounds. Torrent is left alone for the moment, his misstress devoured...

GAME: Konstance casts Know the Enemy. Caster Level: 2 DC: 14

Konstance was in the temple of Eluna. He had been bored mostly and after feeding his magical fish which feeds on magic, he makes his way out of the temple to see the scene going on in the district. He blinks a few times and growls, putting out his cigarette on his boot and he begins to activate the spell Know the enemy, asking the gods on how to defeat this foe.

Cryosanthia spins around, staring at the ooze. When Faran calls out, she ends up echoding it, "Yes! Someone examine it with Detect Magic! Understand the mechanism!"

She's about to do so herself, when her friend is suddenly plucked right off her spider. "Sssshsss!"

Stripping off her magic items as she runs, she bundles them and tosses them to Sabina: Her Anygarment sleeves, her white gloves, and the ring that protects her mind from being read. "It'll chase these!"

Once divested, she moves in to assist the lucht.

Malik fishes into his bag, pulling something out and tossing it off to the side with a whispered word. Almost as soon as he does, a roaring fire blazes up, and the wizard is pulling arrows out of his quiver -- wicked looking iron things that he proceeds to hold in the fire, eyeing the ooze balefully. "Let's see if you like this."

GAME: Kira rolls cmb+7: (8)+18+7: 33

Kira gasps for some breath after her retching, then gasps again when the ...retched starts to move! "Oh no!" No. Nope. Nay. Nuh-uh. She sure as Althea's inifinite mercy isn't going to let something from her harm anyone else. It's her problem, so she immediately embraces it. Owns it. At least tries to keep it from oozing away.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (8): 8
GAME: Konstance rolls knowledge/arcana+10+3: (20)+7+10+3: 40
GAME: Konstance rolls melee-4: (6)+3+-4: 5
GAME: Konstance rolls 1d4+2: (4)+2: 6

Konstance utters a prayer and then he looks to the ooze and pulls off his crossbow. He looks ready to aim it before he runs in and tries to hit it with the butt of the weapon. "Bollocks. Anyone who dont know, these things split when an edged weapon works. blunt weapons. Dont let it touch you, it is made from a form of acid!" He calls out

Sabina looks up from placing a frightened spider on her shoulder, just in time to get a glove and several other things to the face. She snorts and scoops the items up into her arms, bobbling them a moment and then her eyes grow dish size. "What?! Wait WHAT?! WHAAAAT?!" She runs the enlarged eyes over to the slime and gets ready to run if it moves her way.

GAME: Garak rolls 11: (18)+11: 29
GAME: Garak rolls 6: (20)+6: 26
GAME: Garak rolls 5: (3)+5: 8
GAME: Garak rolls 1d3+11: (1)+11: 12
GAME: Garak rolls 1d3+11: (2)+11: 13
GAME: Garak rolls 1d4+5: (2)+5: 7

Garak's face darkens as the ooze continues to menace the adventurers. He snaps something and his mount gallops to where they last saw Seldan. The warrior horse thrusts one of it's hooves at the ooze in a stomping motion, even as the warrior priest riding it frees one of his feet from the stirrup and does the same. "My dome isn't going to work for long!" he bellows. "The fountain itself is cracking!"

GAME: Faranmidahn rolls cmb+2: (18)+3+2: 23
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls fort: (1)+6: 7 (EPIC FAIL)

Faranmidahn is amongst the souls currently well aware of it's PH balance. She'd apparantly misjudged it's reach, badly, and is plucked from Torrent's back with a burbling scream as she is suddenly returned to her primary nightmare du jour for the last several weeks. She shuts her eyes and bites back on the pain. It burns... it burns! In liue of her first impulse, diluting the offending abberation with her tears, the Lucht tries to swim her way back the way she came, latching onto the limb(?) her blind flailings make contact with and she pulls her way free with a weak, distressing >Slur-r-rrp!<.

GAME: Seldan rolls cmb: (7)+15: 22
GAME: Seldan rolls fortitude: (12)+20: 32

The all-too-familiar sensation of ooze flooding Seldan, trying to snake its way into nose and mouth, isn't one he ever cared to repeat, but here we are. He holds his breath, closes nose and mouth, and with quick and decisive movements fights his way free of the ooze with a massive sucking sound. Not trusting himself to speak or breathe more than needed, he simply backpedals a few feet and brings the mace to the ready again.

The ooze is perks up like an excited puppy and leaps at Konstance. Because he just said: HERE PLEASE EAT ME.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+16: (10)+16: 26
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+12: (8)+12: 20
GAME: Aftershock rolls 2d6: (8): 8

The ooze seems to realize that Konstanace is there in the way that one might recognize that their soul mate is in the same room with them. Immediately and without reservation it attacks him, sucking him down into its dark belly. Meanwhile the fountain is cracking... creaking... telling you all that it's not going to last much longer before /something/ gives.

The white-scale sith flicks her arm, whipping the ooze off. She managed to assist her friend getting out. This pleases her. Seldan, thank Eluna, saves himself. She catches sight of Konstance being sucked back in. Also, something more disturbing.

Cracks are forming around the fountain, the stones breaking and bulging up.

"Get away from it! More is coming through! That Cap was a good idea! Any more stone walls to drop on it? Something to push over? Get back. Get Fire! Throw Rocks! Wall it up!"

She grabs up Faran and runs, snatching for the reins to pull Torrent, "Come you too."

GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+2+1-2-3: (13)+9+6+2+1+-2+-3: 26
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+2+1-2-3: (16)+9+6+2+1+-2+-3: 29
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+2+1-2-3: (1)+9+6+2+1+-2+-3: 14 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+4+6+2+1-2-3: (1)+4+6+2+1+-2+-3: 9 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1: (2)+5+3+6+2+1: 19
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1: (6)+5+3+6+2+1: 23
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1: (5)+5+3+6+2+1: 22
GAME: Malik rolls 3d6: (11): 11

Malik lines up his shot, firing off the arrows. Streaks of fire fly through the air, two of them falling short of the mark, but three burying themselves in the ooze -- and seeming to do as much harm as good. The wizard frowns, shaking his head, looking to the paladin once more and this time, not pulling out more of the arrows. Instead, he looks ready to move.

The your arrows hit, seem to do /something/ because the ooze retracts from the areas damaged. The arrows are eaten by acid, and then the ooze gets /incrimentally/ bigger.

GAME: Kira spends ONE point of KI POOL.
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0: (12)+15: 27
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0: (20)+15: 35 (THREAT)
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0: (3)+15: 18
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0-5: (11)+15+-5: 21
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0-10: (10)+15+-10: 15
GAME: Kira rolls 1d8+2: (3)+2: 5
GAME: Kira rolls 1d8+2: (5)+2: 7
GAME: Kira rolls 1d8+2: (7)+2: 9
GAME: Kira rolls 1d8+2: (4)+2: 6
GAME: Kira rolls 1d8+2: (7)+2: 9

Kira can't hold onto the thing forever, with it burning her and the fountain falling apart. Still, she doesn't want to let it get away. Normally, she wouldn't strike someone, but this isn't a someone. It's a thing. It's not really alive and it's more a ... mobile curse. So she releases it, but only to better free her limbs so that she can strike at it. Fist, elbow, knee, heel. Just like one of the sequences from the monastary. As if it were a practice trunk. A squishy one. That splatters apart.

GAME: Konstance rolls cmb: (11)+3: 14
GAME: Konstance rolls fort: (14)+4: 18
GAME: Konstance rolls fort: (16)+4: 20

Well...shit. Konstance closes his eyes to keep from burning them from the acid and struggles to try and get out of the slime. Failing that he grips his crossbow and holds it out so if someone reaches in they can grab it (and him) and pull it out.

GAME: Garak casts Stone Shape. Caster Level: 13 DC: 18
GAME: Garak rolls 5: (17)+5: 22
GAME: Garak rolls 5: (19)+5: 24
GAME: Garak rolls 1d4+5: (4)+5: 9
GAME: Garak rolls 1d4+5: (2)+5: 7

Garak slips out of the saddle so that he can kneel, one hand touching the ground. "Serriel, shape this stone as your servants need!" he urges. Immediately there's are additional cracking sounds. Fainter this time, and interspersed with tremendous rumbling noises. Sounds like heavy stones thudding agianst one another. Grinding noises as if heavy slabs were sliding and shifting under the earth. New stone appears over the cracks in the fountain. Garak rises to the ground and takes up his spear again, ready to defend or strike as needed.

Still wide-eyed Sabina looks at the cracking fountian and the ooze and makes a choice. "Sorry! Gotta go!" She turns on her heel and runs like the wind. As if the hounds of Hades were after her. And she can move, dodging about items left behind and odds and ends that normally don't seem to be in the way but now are.

She's shouting too, to anyone that happens to still be on the street. "MOVE! MOVE! PLAUGE! SLIME! MOOOVE!"

GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa: aliased to weapon2-3: (12)+16+-3: 25
GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa-5: aliased to weapon2-3-5: (2)+16+-3+-5: 10
GAME: Seldan rolls mace+pa-10: aliased to weapon2-3-10: (1)+16+-3+-10: 4 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg+padmg: aliased to 1d8+4+6: (5)+4+6: 15
GAME: Seldan rolls macedmg+padmg: aliased to 1d8+4+6: (3)+4+6: 13

With the fountain cracking and the splitting of stone, there is but one thing left to do for Seldan, and that is take this thing out before the fountain explodes. He applies himself with a will to the task, pounding it into submission - but the last strike goes horribly awry, slamming into the stone of the fountain as the thing -explodes- in a shower of black sparkly ooze and water, drenching him and everything around him.

The ooze EXPLODES! The fountain, finally freed of the ooze constraining it sprays everyone down within range with a deuge of water. Which... doesn't really wash the ooze out so much as it kinda makes it runnier.

Somehow, that moonlit armor remains pristine, with not a speck of dirt, sweat, or blood on it. Creepy. The paladin, too, shows only minimal burns from the acid despite being submerged.

GAME: Konstance rolls perception: (2)+8: 10
GAME: Garak rolls perception: (20)+20: 40
GAME: Seldan rolls perception: (8)+5: 13
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls perception: (7)+5: 12
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls perception: (1)+4: 5 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Malik rolls Perception: (1)+20: 21 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Kira rolls perception: (15)+21: 36

The sith sprints towards the Temple of Daeus. Cryo thinks of it as home so it's the instinctive choice. She's ducking and dodging to avoid the spray. She's got Faran clutched against her chest. She's got nothing else, no weapons, no possessions. Her eyes are roaming the sides of the building. No shovels, the weather's been too nice. Nothing reminds her, the thought suddenly comes. "SALT!"

"Dessication works! Amythyst used that spell inside it! I know where the winter salt bins are. In the temple, come! Get salt!"

Cryosanthia mounts the stairs, dashing into the temple, yelling at anyone there that the fountain has just blown up and they need the path salt for the Daddy of all Oozes. And people to throw it.

Faranmidahn managing, despite her delicate condition, not to empty her roiling tummy all over her friend's beautiful scales, nor asking why she's skyclad again(She feels this may be becoming a thing. Mental note: observe with expectation to intervene) gloms onto Cryo's plan at once and she nods fervently, rushing to scoop up a bucket's worth and decides to go one better, yelling, "FIRE BRIGADE!" as she turns on the ball of her foot and runs back outside.

Malik watches as the ooze seems to explode, raising an eyebrow. He's clearly unsure why everyone is still running around, but keeps the bow out for now, running over to Seldan as he looks the man over, burn holes in his clothes and angry splotches on his skin. "Are you ok?," he asks, seemingly unaware of whatever the others are making a fuss about.

The ooze explodes and now the fountain is spewing water again... sort of dilluting the ooze? "Is this better?" She isn't sure, but as she looks she spies someone, or something, that is most definitely NOT better. She darts off, not towards the salt, but to a tall man with dark hair, green eyes, and pale skin who seems to be watching all this. And smiling.

Kira's own smile is very thin after all this. "Pardon me, but you need to stay where you are. I have some questions to ask you."

Konstance looks like he is swimming and he feels nothing but air, he opens an eye and takes a breath. He then puts the crossbow on his back. He does inventory of his stuff and growls as his only source of tobaccco got ate by the acid. He then walks over to selden, muttering. "The high priest of Eluna isnt going to appreciate their robe being acid ate." He says as he looks to the mace. "Where did you get that. I need my own stick of bludgeoning."

A quick look over her shoulder..and over a spider..is given as the sound of rock and water rumbles down the street. She slows her feet and notes the lack of chase. Biting her lip she trots back the way she ran a ways, lookingto see what's going on.

GAME: Garak casts Antimagic Field. Caster Level: 13 DC: 23

Garak looks aghast as the fountain explodes despite all of his efforts. Clearly it must have been his miscalculation and not Serriel's. As others run for the temple of Daeus, Garak also begins to gallop in that direction. Only at the last moment, when he's nearly at the entrance, he veers off after Kira towards the same onlooker. As he nears the two he chants under his breath. His chanting grows in volume and the final words of his benediction are audible: "--that there is no Power greater than yours."

GAME: Faranmidahn rolls ranged: (8)+7: 15
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls ranged: (8)+7: 15

The slime being... absent when she returns from the temple with the way of possibly killing it brings Faran to a stop. What the hell? She shakes her head and starts to turn, and, seeing the man, her eyes widen in utter, unFaranian -hate- and she pounds the cobblestones on her tiny feet with a hateful squeak, "DIEEEEEEEEE! YOU HAIR TANGLING BUTT GOBLIN!!!!" and unloads her bucket of salt... right over his shoulder.

GAME: Seldan casts Magic Circle Against Evil. Caster Level: 13 DC: 19

"There are several fine crafters within the city that can make such. Konstance. Buy the finest you can afford." Seldan is still brushing soaked hair from his eyes, his own skin a little pink in places. "No, Malik, I am will. I will see to those when we...." The words die into nothingness as Faranmidahn makes her shout, and it takes him bare seconds to identify the figure that Kira and Garak confront.

"Konstance, Malik, do not move!" Instantly, his hand lifts to draw several complex sigils in the air, then draws the symbol of Eluna through all of them. They burst into silver-blue fire before him, and he shours an arcane phrase, then gestures the sigils to the ground, where they form a circle around the three of them. "Kol Demontry. An ancient and powerful vampire, and Her lackey. He is not to be trifled with, but the circle will protect you from his mind games."

Aftershock says, "Kol will attempt to grab the little Lucht by the scruff of her neck
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+23: (12)+23: 35
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d4: (3): 3

The man smiles at Kira, bowing his head to her politely. "As you will, it would be my /pleasure/ to entertain you." There's something wicked in those words. And he glances at Garak as the other man draws in on his steed. He doesn't seem concerned at all, leaning against the building comfortably, but he tilts his head to the side and blinks twice... And then Faranmidahn enters the scene, throwing salt at him and with a quick grab he snaches her up and grins at her. "Mmmm. What shall it be? Pleasure, or pain my little friend?"

Before she can think to answer his fangs have decended and the vampire sinks his fangs into her little neck, drawing her body close to his and drinking her blood down as if it's a sweet nectar. Not a trace of blood escapes his hungry taste.

Cryosanthia, unaware that her rival for the Mistress' love is lingering outside, continues with her salt plan. She grabs a bin and hauls it outside the temple as fast as she can. Emerging on the steps she sees, the ooze seems taken care of; the fountain is spewing water and the remanants are being washed away.

There is that commotion off to the side, she turns her head. Straightens, "Kol?"

Seeing Faranmidah dangling in his grasp, her neck wounded and his teeth bloody, she roars, "NO! Not her!"

Her hands turn to claws. Her jaw drops and fills with immense teeth. She readies to leap at the vampire.

GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+5+2+1-2-3+1: (14)+9+6+5+2+1+-2+-3+1: 33
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+5+2+1-2-3+1: (18)+9+6+5+2+1+-2+-3+1: 37
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+9+6+5+2+1-2-3+1: (1)+9+6+5+2+1+-2+-3+1: 20 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Malik rolls 1d20+4+6+5+2+1-2-3+1: (1)+4+6+5+2+1+-2+-3+1: 15 (EPIC FAIL)
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1d6: (3)+5+3+6+2+(1): 20
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1d6: (5)+5+3+6+2+(5): 26
GAME: Malik rolls 1d8+5+3+6+2+1d6: (3)+5+3+6+2+(1): 20

Malik doesn't waste a heartbeat. He hears the name, his eyes tracing in that direction. His fingers are already moving to the quiver before his mind can fully process it. The look on his face is perfectly stoic, going through the motions with the practiced zen of someone skilled enough to hit the man even in the midst of his feeding -- and hit he does, three of the arrows striking their intended target powerfully, the streaks of magical flame even brighter and hotter than the ones made by the natural flame.

GAME: Kira rolls cmb+4: (4)+18+4: 26

Kira's eyes grow to saucers as he grabs Faran and bites. "No!" She immediately grabs for him to try and give her someone else to worry about, and ideally free the luchet, but she can't get a good grip on him.

GAME: Konstance rolls weapon1: (19)+6: 25 (THREAT)

Konstance turns and draws the crossbow and aims it. "Good to know. I know where I am placing this bolt." He says as he aims and fires, the bolt flying through the air only to be snatched up by the vampire. He blinks and just watches. "Bloody hell..."

Sabina gnaws on her lip until she nearly bights through to draw blood. "I'm so crazy...this is crazy!" She moves forward and back into the danger zone with spider on one shoulder and peacock on the other.. and a arm full of magic items. With her quick feet she manages to get in and behind Selden. Feeling better for having the paladin in front of her but square in the thick of things again.

Garak slips off of his horse and grabs for an arm to try and help pull the vampire away from the Lucht. After all the efforts against the ooze earlier, Garak looks haggard and it's likely only the rush of battle that's keeping him going. He can't get a grip on the figure any more than Kira can, gritting his teeth. "He can't use his powers - for once! He at the same disadvantage as us!"

GAME: Faranmidahn rolls weapon5: (15)+6: 21

A soft giggle and, "Bored now...!" she sighs softly, one hand curling into his hair, "Eternal life... power on a leash... hehehehe." The other curls around the hourglassed hilt of her Lucht knife, "This is the best you have for a thirty pound woman, Kol...?" The knife hisses free and flips upright in her grip, "This is why mommy didn't love you, you know... this is why I -defy- you and your thrice cursed mistress!" and she tries to drive the blade home, but, alas, his flesh is too tough and the point skates aside.

GAME: Seldan rolls 1d8+7: (3)+7: 10

Still watching in horror as this unfolds, a long-ago comment from Mikilos floats into the paladin's head. His eyes narrow, and he whispers to those closest. "Tackle him into the water," is all he says before raising his voice. "Kol Demontry, why the lucht? You know as well as I what it is you truly wish. Come, then. Face me, and perhaps you will get what you truly desire." There is something coolly dangerous as he takes a step to the side, raises Reunion, and effortlessly slashes his own forearm, ice-blue eyes steady as he waits for Kol's reaction.

GAME: Garak rolls weapon0: (14)+14: 28
GAME: Kira rolls weapon0: (3)+15: 18
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+23: (18)+23: 41

From across the square Kol hears his name and lights upon the paladin. It's hard to tell if there's any recognition there, but the vampire is suddenly /moving/. Like lightning. Like a black streak across the pavement he moves, Faran still clutched tightly to his chest like an infant. He moves unnaturally, with jagged grace to Seldan's side and leans into the paladin, breathes in his scent with a soft inhalation and grabs his arm. Licks the wound that Seldan caused himself and sways as if the taste of the blood is a drug to him. Seldan has mere instants before the feeling of teeth grates against his flesh and the vampire tastes his so-sweet blood.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d4: (3): 3
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls cmb: (14)+8: 22

Cryosanthia coaxes her feral side down. It will not help. Her claws and jaw return to normal. She rushes the vampire and the paladin, shouting as she races across the flagstones. "Seldan knows what he's doing! Fire and Holy! Holy Water in the baptismal Fonts!"

Then she's near enough to grabs at Faran, pulling on the lucht to get her away, both pleading, taunting, threatening and making a joke of it all with the vampire.

"No Kol, No! She's mine. Spiders and dust bunnies, not your thing. She's barely a slip. You want a tall glass of water! Give her to me, let me have her. You're usually so talkative."

Cryo scrabbles, trying to get her hands in, attempting a grip, to pull and save her friend. Kol, does not let go.

Malik frowns deeply as he sees what Seldan is doing, the pieces coming together more quickly than he can react to. Stepping to the side, he manages to get out of the way just in time for the vampire to come barreling past, bracing himself and looking for all the world like he's just about ready to -tackle- the vampire Something odd is going on.

GAME: Seldan rolls fortitude: (3)+19: 22

Faranmidahn really isn't feeling good after that. She was sure trying to mess with his head was the way to go, but.. Ok, the sudden -zip- over toward Seldan does make it feel like something in her stomach climbed up to take a quick peek and see what all the hubub's about. Laughing off the pain was easy. She read the stories, she knew as soon as she was off the ground it was coming. The... emptying feeling, however, well, that and the dizziness are starting to be harder to bluff her way past... she thought for sure... The little sorceress feels the scaley hands on hers and she reopens her eyes with a groan.

"Bloody hell." Konstance says as he puts his crossbow back and moves out of the way but he moves quickly, ready to tackle grimmy mcgrimmdark when the signal comes.

GAME: Kira rolls cmb+7+paladin+charisma: (10)+18+7+9+5: 49

Kira's passing strike at Kol was ineffectual, and now he's bitten another! One who looked to lure him out willingly at risk to himself. "No! I won't let you have them!" She's not smiling anymore; just a tight look of determination. She's not undead, but she can move very, very quickly when she needs to, and she needs to now. She all but appears behind him and hooks an arm under and around his own and throws her leg between his, using leverage and knowledge, more than might, to get hold of him.

Sabina blinkblinks. Her shield moved! And then offered himself as bait for the monster! Her brain scrambles tryingto keep up with the chain of events. But with the vampire already glued to the paladins blood she spies a chance to toell the others what's going on. "Seldan! What do you think you're doing?!" She cries out while motioning everyone else to come in closer with a wild wave of her arms before moving behind the paladin again herself.

Garak scowls as the vampire rushes by. He snaps a punch but it passes through empty air inches behind the green-eyed blur. Garak gapes for a moment at how much distance the vampire covers, followed by Kira. Then he snaps out of it, turns and rushes after, trying to keep the enemy within range of his magic-negating spell.

GAME: Faranmidahn rolls cmb: (5)+3: 8

Faranmidahn really isn't feeling good after that. She was sure trying to mess with his head was the way to go, but.. Ok, the sudden -zip- over toward Seldan does make it feel like something in her stomach climbed up to take a quick peek and see what all the hubub's about. Laughing off the pain was easy. She read the stories, she knew as soon as she was off the ground it was coming. The... emptying feeling, however, well, that and the dizziness are starting to be harder to bluff her way past... she thought for sure... The little sorceress feels the scaley hands on hers and she reopens her eyes with a groan. She flits her gaze about, seeing the shifting of her companion's positions and tries to quirk a weak smile for Cryo's benefit before letting the traveller's knife slip from her fingers.... then tries to swing her legs around him to try and bind up something and impair his ability to defend himself.

GAME: Malik rolls CMB: (12)+14: 26
GAME: Konstance rolls cmb: (2)+3: 5
GAME: Sabina rolls cmb: (14)+0: 14
GAME: Seldan rolls cmb+6: (3)+15+6: 24
GAME: Seldan rolls cmb+6: (11)+15+6: 32

A wave of dizziness hits Seldan as Kol grabs his arm and drinks his blood, but he shakes it off. He's got the vampire right where he wants him. "NOW!" he shouts, as loud as he can. "HOLD HIM IN THE WATER!"

The result is an explosive struggle of flailing limbs, shouts, bodies, water, blood, and chaos, as multiple bodies tackle a held Kol into the running stream from the broken fountain. The struggle is real on all sides, and it's a fight that leaves everyone involved soaking wet in seconds.

GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+30: (11)+30: 41

The vampire thrashes in the water, a loud, uneasy grating noise and the sound of harsh half-caught sounds rise from the creature as it slips free of your grasp and rides the paladin. A writhing of limbs and somehow /he/ is on top but he's a terrible sight to behold. Half his face is /gone/. His skin slaughed off and his skull showing. Fangs snap in the air and he laughs, and laughs. He's not even mocking your efforts, he's /enjoying/ them. "GOOD, GOOD my sweet friend." His body shakes and jitters. His fingers are claws of bone and ye-gods he's /healing/. You can see his flesh knitting back together. It's sickening. It's disgusting. This /thing/ shouldn't be /capable/ of speach and yet his voice comes through that half-melted death's mask. He flows backwards, still within reach but not in the water any longer.

Aftershock says, "Ye roll your assists and whoever rolls highest rolls for you all <3"
GAME: Faranmidahn rolls cmb: (3)+3: 6
GAME: Seldan rolls cmb: (8)+15: 23
GAME: Malik rolls CMB: (14)+14: 28
GAME: Sabina rolls cmb: (20)+0: 20
GAME: Garak rolls cmb: (15)+14: 29
GAME: Cryosanthia rolls cmb: (2)+8: 10

Cryo knows this game! She used to play it as a youngling... so, so long ago. Jump on the wriggling pile and hold the victim so they couldn't escape, until they drowned. Of crouse, the 'victim' was usually an adult Egg-Watcher, not known for being easily overcome. So this is almost exactly like those barely forgotten childhood games. Get in the squirm and hold everyone down. A couple hundred pounds of lizard woman join the efforts.

Bina yells at her bird. "Emp! Take the spider and go! GO NOW!" And for once the bird follows orders, greatful to get away, taking hold of the spider in it's beak and flapping wildly away as Bina stuggles with all her might.

Aftershock says, "Sabina, you want to roll Kira's attack plus the bonus please?"
GAME: Sabina rolls 1d20+18+10: (1)+18+10: 29 (EPIC FAIL)
Garak says, "Can I contribute an RPP for a reroll :D"
Aftershock says, "You have to spend 3 rpp"
Sabina says, "I have those to spend."
Seldan says, ""I'll contribute an RPP to reroll that."
Malik chips in his!
GAME: Sabina rolls 1d20+18+10: (12)+18+10: 40
GAME: Aftershock rolls 1d20+30: (20)+30: 50
GAME: Sabina rolls 1d20+18+10: (4)+18+10: 32
Aftershock says, "Okay since he escaped the grapple last time you don't get the +5"
Aftershock says, "Okay then ANOTHER CHECK SABINA QUICK"
GAME: Sabina rolls 1d20+18+10: (15)+18+10: 43

Malik isn't letting go. This monster, green-eyed and smiling, has haunted him for months. Not personally, no. But through Seldan, and through the effects he has on the city. The lingering paranoia and destruction. The wizard has a personal stake in this one, all traces of that stoic mask lost as he holds on for dear life, fire in his eyes as he pushes down, down into the water. "DON'T LET GO!" he shouts, muscles shaking as he strains.

"Master Mithralla was right!" Seldan roars, seeing that half-melted face, his eyes lighting up with new-fired determination. "Get him! All of us together! He's ours now!" So shouting, the bleeding paladin clinging to the slippery creature for dear life, desperately trying to hold on.

Sabina feels more like Lucht as the mass of bodies tries to hold down the physical might of the vampire. She's holding on to Selden's armor at the neck, fingers running along his spine and pushing along with all the others in the water in a reverse tug-of-war. Teeth gritted and tears threatening to fall, not that anyone can tell in the splashing. Then adding in a wordless scream.

Cryosanthia grabs hold, hands closing around Kol, feeling him shrinking and bubbling beneath her, skin leaving, bone lingering. She's holding a thigh, a wrist, lying with her weight, wrapping her tail around. She's in the mess with the others, feeling them moving. Being submerged doesn't bother her. What's unsettling is Kol, still moving, laughing, when there's no flesh to him. She doesn't look at his eyes, tries not to listen lest some last command from her Mistress turn her. Maybe this time, hold on a little longer. It's got to work sometime! Maybe this is that time...

Garak shakes his head to clear his eyes. There's no telling if it's blood or water or tears - or even ooze. He lends his strength to the cause of grabbing Kol and shoving him over the side of the fountain. "This is for Verna, and for Azog and all those you twisted against their natures and their friends," he grunts as he grabs a flailing arm and pushes it back under the surface of the water. It's somehow fitting that after the horror from earlier it is the fountain that now ends the vampire. "And this is for the horrows your kind committed against mine in Bludgun," he grates, now pressing down on a shoulder to make sure it doesn't rise. "And this is for making a killer of those who would rather die themselves than to take a life." The last is murmured, voice shuddering with tension and also sadness, his eyes on Kira, who of course is doing the lion's share of holding this monstosity in place.

The vampire refuses to stay down. He heals and burns, steam rising from the fountain in great gouts of white clouds. The struggle seems to last forever though in reality it lasts only a few seconds. Even the water, running as it is doesn't seem to stop him from healing the damage that it is done to him so that he clings to life far longer than any vampire has a right to. His nails leave scouring marks on all of you. His teeth dig furrows in your flesh. His cackles haunt your ears. He rises from the water, easily escaping your grasp but you drag him back down again. Pulling him like an unrully dog back into the water with you. You don't let go. You perservere. You keep him until the last echo of his laughter dies away and his bones melt into the water. Until there's nothing /left/ of him but bits and pieces bubbling in the water. Until those pieces disappear, fading away into smoke.

It seems like a dream that he's gone. That he can really be defeated. Somehow the touch of him lingers on your hands and around the edges of your ears. As if you could still hear him laughing that his friends are giving him such /joy/.

Yet... He's gone.

Ghoulish cp line.png