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This simple multidescer allows you to store descs in 2 segments, clothes and body, and then recall and combine them how you wish. First, create the commands you'll use to save the descs, and can be coded in just a few minutes yourself when there isn't one readily available. With minor changes, it can work with just about any major MUSH codebase as it relies entirely on Hardcode, not softcode.

&cmd_newdesc me=$+newdesc */*=*:&desc_%0_%1 me=%2

Once this is set up, to add a new desc you will type +newdesc <clothes/body>/<name of desc, eg casual>=<Contents of Desc>

Next you will need to set up a command to change your desc.

&cmd_setdesc me=$+setdesc *=*:@cpattr me/desc_body_%0=me/desc_body_current;@cpattr me/desc_clothes_%1=me/desc_clothes_current

This way you would type +setdesc <body name>=<clothes name> to set your current desc attributes.

Finally, you will need to make it so that these actually show up in your @desc.

@desc me=%R[u(me/desc_body_current)]%R[u(me/desc_clothes_current)]%r

This will make it so that the descs currently stored in desc_body_current and desc_clothes_current show up as your description when you're looked at.

Finally, type:

@set me=!halt
@set me=!no_commands
@lock me==me
@lock/use me==me

The first two activate your commands, while the locks prevent other people from inadvertently triggering your commands if they have a similar multidescer.