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Wiki logins should be working, now. If something is amiss, please let us know!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Welcome to an Age of Heroes

In Taara's wake the earth crumbled. Gods fell, others rose, and the race of mankind looked forward and saw the destruction of nations. For five years, necrotech seared the world's landscape and forces unknown decimated the once-insurmountable Walls of Charn. Nations turned against one another with the vanishing of monarchs--brother to brother and kin to kin. During the struggles, the nation of Dragonier attempted to keep the peace before it, too, fell. Other nations threatened to follow.

Now returned from the Mists, Alexandria finds itself thrown into a world in turmoil. In this world, the Pantheon of Light stride forward in anger, the Twilight fall into debate, and the forces of Darkness are locked in a war between Maugrim and Taara. High arcana soars over the landscape with the renewed activity of the Old Races, while guilds and organizations struggle to find their footing with the fall of Rune. The sildanyar and khazad have moved forward into the world once again, driven by the perceived neglect of the world by humankind.

The world had waited for the return of Alexandria and the return of the Myrrish and Bludgun kings for five years--only to find Alexandria suddenly returned unchanged, and unknowing, from the Land of Mists. To Alexandria, the War of Sendor is just days past. To the world--

It is the time for heroes.

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Recent Website Updates

June 29, 2017

Made by one of our players. Thank you! :D

Tene qr.jpg

June 1, 2017


Hey, there! Due to feedback, RPP approvals will now be posted publicly! You can also indicate in the RPP request if you would not like it posted. Don't miss this opportunity to let folks know you enjoyed the RP. :D


Hey, there! At this time, folks should be able to login, but we have not fixed editing permissions or new accounts as yet. We're working on an upgrade, so please bear with us!

Feb 16, 2017

Khazadi Fest Takes to the Streets!

Happy festival, everyone! Please take advantage of the opportunity to roleplay, host meetps, a and generally celebrate with your fellow players! Also, don't forget Keggerfest Bingo--check out the Tribune for details!

Holidays kfest.jpg

Jan 23

Release Package 27, Part 2!

...due to the size of this Release Package, we will be rolling it out in stages! The first stage saw the release of new Aspects. Now, we are adding two new options!

  • We've updated RPP requests! In addition to rewarding an RPP, any +request/rpp will award bonus XP and GP.
  • Add people to legwork! After submitting a LEGwork, you can use the +myjob/source command to add your friends!

Associated +help files have been updated to reflect these changes.

As always with new content, there may be some burps. We are still working on the final parts of this Release Package. It may take some time, so please be patient.

In the meantime, please send Whiteout a big THANK YOU! He has been making this magic happen. :D

Jan 17

Tomorrow is...

...Winnie the Pooh Day! How will YOU celebrate this holiday? (And don't say, oh bother!)

As we anticipate this holiday, here is some Winnie the Pooh gamerart for us to enjoy: Pooh Fighter!

Jan 15, 2017

Punplot Challenge!

So, every now and then I am going to CHALLENGE THE PLAYERBASE.

If you run a plot and manage to turn it into a pun that makes me laugh, I WILL PERSONALLY GIVE YOU A SMALL BONUS.

Consider this a challenge from me to all of you. THE WHIRLPOOL PUNPLOT CHALLENGE.

Jan 13, 2017

Gnomepocolypse Avoided!

The Tribune has not been flooded by gnomes...THIS WEEK!!!

Though the risk remains on the horizon, it has been averted for now! For now, Whirlpool sits at his GM's Screen, plotting away...

To celebrate the averted GNOMEPOCALYPSE, as promised, staff is offering bonuses to any PrP next week featuring giant war golems with pew-pew lazers!

Game on! :D

Pew-pew ZAP!

In celebration of next's week's WAR GOLEM EXTRAVAGANZA, Old Clunk's has been set as the Spot of the Day! Hit +sotd for mayhem!

Jan 10, 2017

+help roll updated!

What the title says!

Jan 04, 2017

Save the World!

I just realized!

Last edition featured TWO gnomish articles...and if that was not horrible enough, a picture of a gnome!

We face a gnomepocolypse, people. So this is what I am going to do.

If we receive at least two, nongnomish articles by the end of this week, I will offer bonuses next week for PrPs featuring giant war golems with pew-pew lazers!

If we receive one or none, I will offer bonuses to anyone who features gnomes in every single plot next week, with generous additional chocolate chip cookies sent to Whirlpool for the use of contagious weregnomes...

The yours.

Tenebrae's future is in your hands. Let's save the world.

- Lahar

Jan 02, 2017

Legwork: A Mini-Guide for Player GMs

What is a Legwork Queue, and Why do I want one as a GM?

Have you ever had one of the following situations?

  • Players want to look into the bad guy's organization!
  • Players want to follow-up on a rumor!

Perhaps you'd like to:

  • Encourage players to coordinate their inventories/purchases for an especially tough scene ahead!
  • Let players accomplish some things that require some effort, but not necessarily a full scene run by you. Or perhaps it just happens over time. These efforts probably lead to a scene, but you're not there yet.

...and so on. The above are examples of what you might want to use a legwork for. They are not the limit!

How do I Set One Up?

Any player GM may request a Legwork queue, and have as many or as few players added to it as they wish. There are two ways to do this:

If your legwork immediately follows an event, type: +event/leg <#>=Hi! I've opened a legwork on this scene. Use +myjob/add <#> to reply to it. This will auto-add all /confirmed players from that scene.
If your legwork does not immediately follow an event, just +request/legwork a scene yourself! Then, +myjob/source <#>=<name> <name> <name>. This command only works on legwork!

What Can I do with Them?

You can...

  • Ask for +rolls for investigative work
  • Ask players how they intend to accomplish a goal
  • Offer details on investigation, and any updated rumors
  • Even provide a miniature plot summary
  • ...and anything else you can think of

Legworks are a tool for every GM and player. Also, players may request or open them as well. Though this mini-guide isn't focused on that, you are free to request other PCs be added to your own legwork queues, as well.

UPDATE: Check out +help requests2 for some new options, just for GMs!

Dec 31, 2016

The Gnomish Traveler

Have YOU:

...ever dreamed of photobombing gnomes?
...ever dreamed of photobombing gnomes into Whirlplots?
...or anywhere on Ea?


Simply direct your browser to: Gnomish Photobomb ...

...and copy, paste away! Send in your work to the Tribune, as a bonus, and we'll include it in Gear's mighty travels! (Also award bonus RPP!)

Dec 16, 2016

Happy Holidays, pt 2!

Not so long ago, we had some of you send in ideas. Many ideas! Wonderful ideas for Aspects! Well, our new Aspects page just expanded! We're pleased to announce the addition of two! new aspects, as well as an edit to Dream-Touched.

As with all new material, expect adjustments to be made over time. Also, if you possessed a different Aspect and would like to change it for a new one, this may also be done at this time.

While these were originally to be part of the next Release Package, health and the holidays have interfered with that. But, we wanted y'all to have fun just the same!

- Lahar

Dec 6, 2016

Letters to Heth!

For those who do not know him, Gearbear Sparkthistle is a talented, exuberant traveler and gnomish explorer! In his latest escapade, he will be traveling to the very doors of Dragonier!

Gearbear has offered to take your letters with him! Yes, YOUR letters!

Have something to say to Heth? Would you like to write him a letter? Gearbear will deliver it!

Please send post to:

Alexandrian Tribune
Alexandria, Alexandros
OOC: Just type +request/trib !

Nov 17, 2016

Congrats, Great Paladin!

Our Great Paladin hit level 20 this week! This has been a lifelong journey, so give them a congrats!

Great paladin20.jpg

Nov 16, 2016

Sparkliest Holiday Evar!

Howdy! This year, we thought we'd hit the holidays a little early! 2016 has been a big year, and we see no reason not to make 2017 the most sparkly on record!

So, starting on the 26th--that is, after Thanksgiving--anyone who runs two PrPs from then until the end of December will receive a gift of their choice! One of these PrPs must be a 4-8 scene. The reason for this ofc, is to let folks test out their new awesomes, and to give our new players--many of whom recently reached L4 or are close to it, some time in the limelight.

  • If you're new and between 2-5: Earn 1 full level to any alt!
  • If you already have an alt that's at level 6 or higher, pick one of:
  • A new, L7 PC! The primary class must be a wizard, cleric, bard, witch, or cavalier! We are offering some <3 to our support PCs this year! Also, if you have one of these in a higher tier, we ask that this new PC be of a different class. This is just to keep things mixed up.
  • A full +1 level to any alt of L9 or lower!

This is awardable once per player. The above takes the place of your runner's awards for those 2 PrPs.

Happy holidays, everyone!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Nov 14, 2016


Hey, folks. We know there is a lot going on right now in the US, and that we have many players, and staff from that area. In light of it, we'd just like to reiterate that Tenebrae will continue to be supportive of LGBTQ, and of people of all races, genders, religions, and stripes.

Thank you for making this game what it is.

Your Tenebrae Staff

Oct 17, 2016

Code Update

Do you hate math?
Do you like HP?
Do you like others taking notes for you?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are a winner due to the following updates to +timestop and +sheet damage-related code:

  • Damage is now tracked, and current HP=MAX HP - Damage
This means it's now properly correct, and changes to MAX HP will adjust current appropriately
  • TEMP HP now display in +hp!
  • Temp HP are now mentioned, if appropriate, when damaged
  • Our new Bloodragers (and good ol' Barbarians) now get their Rage temp HP auto-added (and removed) when using +rage!
- Whiteout

Oct 16, 2016

The Hunt is On!

"In the honor of the White Stag, we call the Hunt! Tonight, we course under Eluna's light! Let no prey escape us--be it wight or undeath that marks these cursed lands! Let them be felled beneath blade and steel!" Gilead's Hunter lowers his arms. Speaking in hushed tones, he moves among the ranks of warriors. Steam rises from the landscape ahead of them, the wight-filled wreckage of Heth's domain. Beneath it all, the wretched cry of the Green, and lost souls beyond.

This season, the High Hunt has been declared on the wreckage of Dragonier's borders. They go to rescue souls, and claim back the Green. At least, what they can.

To celebrate the HUNT! (and Halloween!) we'll be giving out unique Candy Corn MIs, in addition to normal Small Story and PrP awards! PrPs and stories are assumed to take place along the borderlands.

What do these do? When you run a PrP or SS related to the Hunt, we'll provide an @mail letting you in on the details! Some will be useful adventuring items, others will produce random acts of mayhem!

Game on, and ride high!

Oct 15, 2016

Release Package 26!

Welcome to Release Package 26! As with all new material, please expect some bugs and burps as we go along! Also, as with all new material, you will be able to make adjustments at this time.

In RP26, you will find...

  • BLOODRAGER! Noble warriors crafted by a secretive oruch clan, their magic has set loose upon Ea's soil! What role these heroes play in the upcoming war is too early to tell... If you are planning to convert to bloodrager, please do the following:
1. Rename your current character to OLD<name>. Log out!
2. Create a new character bit, and name them your old PC's name.
3. Go through chargen and advance to L2 as normal! Remember to copy over your old @desc, shor-desc, background, and any +finger information as well. Also: PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT THIS TIME. Nor should you transfer your inventory, or exchange items between PCs! Staff will take care of this at approval.
4. Apply for approval!At this time, staff will award you the rest of your XP, and a stipend. You will be set at your WBL equal to your fractional XP. Huzzah!
Also, while Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple should work fine, there may be some issues with Bloodrager + Sorc + DD, but we will hammer those out as they come!
  • New rage powers! We have added the Celestial totem!
  • New spells! New spells for almost every class!
  • New artificer discoveries! Pew pew chaos and law!
  • Tweaks to Ranger and Paladin spellcasting! The -3 has been removed. When Paizo crafted bloodrager, removing the -3 was one of the things they tested. We saw no reason to continue it, as it makes calculations more difficult. Hopefully this smooths things over a bit for everyone!
  • Tweaks to Ranger AC! The -3 has been removed. If you are a ranger, please contact staff via +request so that we can set you up.

We hope you enjoy the new content! We're expecting a high number of +requests, so please be patient with us. In the meantime, THE HUNT AGAINST HETH opens tomorrow, so please check it out!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Oct 6, 2016

New Event Type!

Howdy! To help things a bit, I am going to try a new thing! This thing is adding OPENS: and CLOSES: events to +events! OPENS is when something starts, such as Aspect submissions! CLOSES is well, the last day!

Please let me know if this is helpful for you!

Sept 30, 2016

Magic of Ea!

We are looking at Bloodrager officially launching sometime between the 15th and 17th! This is BIG NEWS, and I know everyone has been pretty excited! Bloodrager represents honor, strength, and the development of arcane in new, awesome ways across Alexandria!

The world is responding.

Nations, denizens are beginning to report new developments, new sparks across Ea.

We'd like YOU to help make that happen! While Release Package 26 is on the horizon (thank you, everyone!) we're beginning work on 27! In it, we would like to add two new Aspects! So, for the next two weeks, until Bloodrager! is released, pepper us with your ideas! I will describe how in the next post.

Also, please feel free to RP various magic "sparks" happening during RP. For example, a pair of magic shoes walk out of Sandy's mysteriously breaking stove! It is all part of the story. :D

- Lah

How to Pitch Aspects!

Have an idea for ASPECTS? Please +pitch it! Here are some guidelines!

T1: +1-2 skill or +Language
T2: +3 to skills in a descriptive situation, or 1st level spell or minor 2nd
T3: Narrow 2nd-3rd level spell

Aspects try to:

- Focuses on a theme
- Emphasize that they're Ea's magic responding to you. SF-X is a thing!
- Emphasize and aid roleplay!
- Not emphasize combat power (and never hit/damage, as these are available elsewhere, and this would result in whackiness!)
- Sometimes offer thematic utility to concepts that might not otherwise have access to it

Whew! See you soon! :D

- Lah

Sept 29, 2016

What are SS Groups??

So, what ARE these things? Small Stories are traditionally focused around a PC, but recently staff realized--hey, why not do one together? But, isn't Tenebrae !clique?

Well, let's look at what a group is:

Group: A group is something easily definable and reachable in a way that makes it INCLUSIVE. That is, races, classes, and so on. Orgs can be a group if you include that org's allies. The point is, anyone with those interests, class, organization/ally membership could join in.

Clique: Cliques are by their nature EXCLUSIVE, and tend to be defined by vague "friends only" terms that are not achievable by folks outside the clique. While it is human nature to attach to those like us, and exclude others, this sort of thing over time ends up doing more harm than good, and is not something we want to see here on Tenebrae., for Small Stories, the first is awesome, but the second is probably not intended. This doesn't mean not to RP or make stories with friends--it does mean branching out. Small Story cliques are treated similarly to PrPs in terms of rewards. That is, an increasingly reduced reward, so the same policy applies there as here.

Anyway, Small Stories are a unique thing, after all! So, if more ideas or questions come up, please ping us as in a lot of ways, we are learning, too.

Sept 27, 2016

The Revel

In just 3 days, Alexandria celebrates THE REVEL! You may have seen this on +events (as a CAL +event).

During the Revel, the Theatre District is the place to be, though celebrations will spread throughout the City. Alexandrias' noted theatres, the Flightwright and Hope, will compete for players and audiences alike, the Arcanists will be out in force with demonstrations of whimsy and illusion.

The Revel marks the last chance at celebration before the coming cold months. As with any IC holiday, it is open for RP, PrPs, and anything else you can think of. So, game on!

Sept 23, 2016

Share Favorite RP Poses, Get RPPs

Please use +bb 9 to share your favourite stories, or fun poses from AWESOME RP!!!, today! We'll award you RPP just for doing it, and you might just make someone's day awesome by complimenting their RP! This can be poses, or a summary of something cool that happened.

- Your Tenebrae Staff!

Sept 20, 2016

Small Story Day Tomorrow!!!

THIS THURSDAY!!! marks our first SMALL STORY DAY! Staff will be about to answer questions and do our best to help you devise story ideas for your PC! In addition, there will be plenty of bonuses to be had for folks out roleplaying!

Some of you have noticed that there's story-related bonuses running from this Thurs (Sept 22) all through next month (Oct 22)!

That is just the start, but it all kicks off Thursday!

See you then!

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Thank You, Story Mentors!

A big THANK YOU! to our players. This thank you! is big enough that it deserves its own post! A number of you have stepped up to be story mentors! What is a story mentor? Page them to find out! You'll see 'Story Mentor' appearing beside their name in WHO at select weeks during the event, Sept 22-Oct 22!

These are awesome folks. Thank you! :D

Sept 18, 2016

Dran and Rune War!

Okay, folks! The final battle for Rune is on! The shield has been breached and bad thigns are going on all over the city! Dran's nose has been bloodied and their initial assault repulsed by the fury of Rune's wizards, but a few towers have been toppled by explosions. Elementals, mammoths, rocs, and countless soldiers of Dran are pouring into Rune, facing off with the unmatchde might of the wizards, their summoned creatures, constructs and more. It's brutal, ugly, and all of the Alexandrian irregulars have been comissioned to help continue evaucating civilians from the city as well as to strike at Arendt's men. Arendt wanted his fight versus Rune's power and he's finally got it. So far, it dun look good for him.

This event will be run over the course of a few weeks OOC to give everyone the chance to run a war-related PRP that wants to as well as take part in fighting Arendt's forces in bloody street-to-street battles as Dran tries to advance (at great cost). All PRPs will be death consent automatically and receive FULL REWARDS commensurate with the risk incurred.

Take advantage, folks!

The actual-time space of the warfare will be only over a few days despite the length of time required to play it out. Once it is all complete and wrapped up, we will have another scene to cap it off and move onto the next part of our story!

Death Consent is a Go!

Since it was buried in the text of my previous post, I'd like to reiterate:

All plots relating to Rune and Dran right now are automatically death consent plots. If you die, you die. They will receive full rewards in XP and magical items for the duration.

Please take advantage of this! :D

Sept 14, 2016

New Area Ongrid!

Only weeks ago, the Artificer's Hall ripped upwards from the earth, lifting itself on spiderlike legs. It remains in the air today, supported on eight, mechanical legs. Underneath however... is whispered the Hall's basements lead to places they should not. That, should one delve deep enough, they might lead even to Morduzum. But...that's crazy. Right?

There is no official statement, yet. However, officials are scambling to get a response out. They say to expect a column within the next issue of the Tribune.

OOC: We're opening a new are ongrid! You're now welcome to run dungeons, and dungeon-adventures beneath Alexandria! The access point is beneath the Hall--which even now, agents of Reos are scrambling to block off. Eventually, there will be a well-constructed, locked doorway that will be guarded around the clock. Of course, adventurers can still get access.

Local artificers will all be called in this week and next to finish the door. :3

If you'd like to find out more, RP with our artificers ongrid!

Aug 16, 2016

Celebrating Six Years!

So as it's been over six years! since we converted to Pathfinder, or near enough! ...and, after 25!!! Release Packages, our new content is pretty awesome! But, what went on behind the scenes for those 25 packages? How much has changed in that many years?

  • Streamlined equipment slots and +inv commands, and some backend work
  • Recoded most of chargen!
  • Recoded most of advancement!
  • Upgraded and improved +sheet code! Again, and again...
  • Replaced the core of our +roll system to reduce the WhirlDice Effect (TM) (yes this is a thing!)
  • Redid timestops!
  • Then added more timestop features than ever, including editable, savable, and loadable ingame maps!
  • Redid timestop help, again, and again, and...!
  • Added functional, leveling animal companions with equippable objects, and selectable choices as you develop!
  • Recoded and standardized ALL ingame help! From +help, to +advhelp to +cgh...
  • Added pattern matching to ingame help!
  • Redid entire staff help system!
  • Recoded the guts of our feat system, and associated commands, data format...!
  • Created the RPP system!
  • Coded the RPP system!
  • Recoded the grid (stressssss...)!
  • Created and coded a new +map!
  • Adjusted leveling speed through ingame options and systems to give folks more control and individual choice!
  • Created a new +nom system and tiering!
  • Recoded vendors!
  • Created the current wiki!
  • Collected and archived old theme documents! Created a library!
  • Created staff archives!
  • Updated theme to match current DM plots and goings-on!
  • Removed and cleaned out many old ingame themefiles, news systems, and so forth from the ingame system!
  • Created staff-droppable vendors for large scenes!
  • Opened more commands to PrP DMs!
  • Created more commands for PrP DMs!
  • Created +events and PrP tracking!
  • Created special +event commands for GMs of all stripes!
  • Added efficiency commands for new PC reviews and quickcheck options for staff!
  • Redid ingame damage commands and variants and variants and...
  • Added commands to handle ingame spell effects and tracking, such as polymorph!
  • Recoded sorcerer bloodlines and behind-the-scenes class mechanics!
  • Replaced the staff-request system entirely!
  • Added more permanent, multiple-levels of archiving!
  • Recoded ingame spell handling, particularly for bonus spells!
  • Recoded more spell handling to prevent +sheet breaking!
  • Several efficiency upgrades, reducing the number of rechecks inherit in the system (in cases, the system checked more than it needed to; we focused it)...!
  • Security updates here and there (despite bidding, Renfrey was not hired for this job)...!

...the above largely went on behind the scenes over the years--looking through it, it is quite a lot and I know I have left out so much. The game has been busy since our launch into Pathfinder. Our coders, general staff, and DMs deserve a large thank you!! for making all of this happen, including a number of player volunteers! Thank you! Whiteout has done some amazing things since he came onboard, and Earthquake deserves all the credit for bringing us to Pathfinder in the first place!

And with that...keep a lookout for RP26! It is still a few weeks out, but please send our coders and staff a thank you!

- Lah

Jul 15, 2016

Release Package 25!

We're pleased to announce the launch of Release Package 25! In it, you will find:

  • Updated racial feats! Nearly all races received a few new options. In addition, the "National" feats are now called Fervor, to represent human dedication, zeal, and idealism. We just think it is a better name, so you may notice an update to your sheets. Also, some race feats have been clarified to be a little more useful (the Fervor feats are an example, as is Territorial Defender).
  • More Aspect options! Many of you have asked for Aspect Tattoos, and so here they are! We've also adjusted Tinker-Touch to be a little more useful.
  • New artificer discoveries! Hooray! Also, we've adjusted a few levels for discoveries, just to smooth things out. We think you'll be happy with the changes.
  • New artificer page! Artificer discoveries got the rage powers treatment.
  • Minor bug fixes and the like
  • Companion skills! These are now in code. The next time you level, you'll be asked to fill them in, plus any from previous levels. See staff for details if you've questions.

As with all new content, expect there may be adjustments as time goes on. This is just the nature of the beast. Game on!


Your Tenebrae Staff

Jul 12, 2016

PrP Policy Update


Given local challenges in running PrPs, as well as us having added a lot of new options, SPELLS!, FEATS! and neat things lately, we are adjusting our encounter guidelines a bit. That is:

Groups will be assumed to be APL+2 as "Average"
(higher or lower numbers of PCs adjust this, ofc)

Previously, we had assumed APL+1. However, we have added a lot of options to the game since then, as well as learned more about Pathfinder! We believe this change is needed to keep things challenging. In the end, it is a pretty small change overall, and plot runners are generally free to pick whichever challenge is appropriate.

We've also worked to provide better guidelines for what might, or might not be, challenging for groups on Tenebrae. Where before things were kind of a sweeping statement, we've tried to be more nuanced:

T1: Up to CR+3 (up to CR+4 if 5 or more)
T2: Up to CR+4 (up to CR+5 if 5 or more)
T3-4: Up to CR+5 (up to CR+6 if 5 or more)

Are these more helpful? Please let us know. We'll be testing things out as things run, and taking your feedback.

Also, the numbers above should not be considered the standard, but upper limits. As normal, creatures using tactics will always be stronger than those without, groups are better than singles, so always consider the party before selecting challenges. (The reason the upper tier numbers ramp up is that power can rachet up pretty quickly in the upper levels, and we hope this opens the floor to new challenges and fun.)

We will be taking feedback as with all new things, and may adjust along the way, so please keep in contact with staff and other PrP Runners. If you've questions or want to run ideas by us, please do. Also, don't hesitate to make use of the GM's Guild (page Hurricane about the next meeting!).

Finally, we are considering allowing Mythic rules for creatures at T2 plus. These could make running a "single boss monster" against groups more viable. What do YOU think? Should we test it? Would you be interested? Such tests would be nonlethal, ofc.

- Your Tenebrae Staff

Jul 4, 2016

Heroic Fantasy, Tequila, and a FAQ


More seriously, we went ahead and tacked this onto the FAQ because it does come up from time to time, and here is kind of something folks can point to. It addresses the small picture, big picture, how much we dislike policing alignment, and also things like the general lack of gray morality in a heroic fantasy setting.

Because we're crazy, it touches on inquisitors and paladins, too.

Someone please pass the tequila!

Yours in Spirits,

The Tenebrae Staff

June 25, 2016

Sparklepire PrC!

Staff is pleased to announce that we are hard at work on an upcoming, Sparklepire PrC! While it will primarily be aimed at gnomes, we hope lucht, oruch, and more will take a bite out of the sparkle side!

PS We're totally serious. Totally.

June 19, 2016

GMs Guild...?

Hey there! Some of you have requested a 'Tenebrae GMs Guild' and we are working on that! What this means is that once a month, or every few weeks, we'll host an open gathering. Someone can propose a topic, but the rest of the time is up to you--whether you'd like to share resources, or bring up ideas. We'll be putting Hurricane on the spot to start with, but I am sure he'd love to hear voices other than his!

This 'Guild' is ofc open to everyone. What I'd like to do though, is make a logo for it. Any ideas?


May 24, 2016

Did You Know These GM Commands...?

Did you know about these great DMing, and other scene-related commands?

+tdamage: Like +init, this handly little feature comes packed with options. Would you like to damage everyone because FIREBALL? Type: +tdamage all=<amount>! Use negative numbers to heal.
+tnote: Want to track rounds of Haste? +tnote lets you set notes on characters such as, "Stinky" or "Haste." You can also set a duration.
+init: More than just rolling initiative, the +init command takes modifiers, too. For example, you can +init+2 if you are a swashbuckler and have at least 1 panache available to you. (Situational bonuses like these are not coded in, but we try to make them as easy to use as possible!)
+tmap/reach: Curious about a creature's, or your, reach? This can help! This command takes into account a creature's size. Default is medium. Note, it does not take into account reach weapons.

These are a few of the commands found in +timestops! Whenever a +timestop is present, just type +thelp for more things you can do.

But wait, there's more!

+request/plots: Had a great adventure? Share your journals! This helps new players catch up to what's going on and is a great help. Personal journals may always be created and kept using +help journal, although this is more of a note-keeping system to help you keep track of recent stories, such as: Today we rescued the Prince Otyugh. He looked great in tightpants.
+event/leg: Want to do some followup to a great adventure? This +events command creates a new LEGwork queue with all confirmed players.

I hope these are helpful, and awesome! For more possibly unknown commands and options, hit +bbread 1 and look for the "Did you know...?" titles. The last I checked, they were around entries 1/54 and 1/55.


Breaking Down +breakdown!

The question came up: why doesn't +breakdown work on +csheet? The answer for this lies in how +csheet values are encoded. To get it really, truly broken down would require recoding +csheet. In the meantime, +breakdown does work for your rollable +sheet values. Tinker with it and see what comes up!

Also, I am reminded that +timestop code now takes into account +polymorph. Three cheers for White, guys!


More news.png

"The roads shall be painted teal!" announced the maddened hobgoblin king. And lo, his subjects bowed before him, and all roads from Hither to Yon became teal with bright green roses.

Recent Rumors in Alexandria

Variday, Hattanan 22, 1019

Ad: Mysterious Alexandria Serial!

Flitspring Theatrics is pleased to present Tales of the Underside...of Alexandria! A bardic serial exploring the unknown, the mysterious! You'll experience each Tale of Terror from the comfort of your living room. Each piece of the serial is lovingly crafted to illusion magic, packaged and then delivered to your home once a week. You'll experience the mystery as it unfolds!

All of this is possible through the power of... <dramatic pause> ...magic!

Just drop by Hope Theatre, and ask to speak with one of our representatives. We'll deliver each serial right to your door!

OOC: We'll be publishing parts of an ongoing Serial Mystery! for the next few weeks! You are welcome to contribute, or to use it in your stories and RP!! Think of it as a radio serial, but done via Mysterious Envelopes, filled with theatrical, illusion magic.

Variday, Hattanan 22, 1019

Ad: Balefire Silkworks R&R!

Trib rescuescorpion.png

Your donations make a difference!

Kirday, Hattanan 18, 1019

Sandiel's Generosity Saves an Aleh

The Empty Flagon became the Endless Flagon this last week, thanks to a kind donation of ale and beer from Lady Sandiel. Smiling, and bowing behind her kerchief, Lady Sandiel blushingly presented the drinks to the owner of the Endless Flagon.

"We were ...sur--grateful for her generosity!" chuffed the owner, Bobbins.

"And the kisses she gave everyone later were just darling," he added, with a modest blush. "It was generous enough that we felt we were no longer the Empty Flagon, but the Endless Flagon!"

These events would occur only days before the Empty Flagon erupted into a fountain of rum, which many attribute to some meddling adventurers...or a leftover blessing from Lady Sandiel. In response to the patronage and the unexpected fountain, some have taken to honoring with the title: "Her Ladyship of Rum," or "Her Rummy Ladyship."

Eliday, Hattanan 07, 1019

Poetic Shadows

Shadows mysteriously retreated this Ceriday and continued to be absent into late night. Its cause is uncertain, and has been attributed to a variety of sources--including the bright, burning of fires in celebration of the God of Inspiration. Weather changes for example, though others list religious ones.

In response however, the Tribune reports a great(er) outpouring of poems from various, mul poets within Alexandria. Such poems are a longstanding tradition of the race; it is only of late that they have received prominence. Below, we have published a few samples provided to us.

"Growth from Glass"

I drown in darkness
The darkness of despair
I suffocate in lies
The truth I cannot hear
I yearned once for sunlight
But that it betrayed
Truths no more
Light ravages my soul
Hear the tear drops
As they fall from my eyes
The hidden secrets
And stolen lies
Down dwell deep
Where the truth shall rest
Germinating, growing
Until we slaughter the rest

"Heart's Blood Staggers"

<this poem consisted of a paper covered in red dye; it is scrawled as to be mostly unlegible and with the words 'suffering' written alongside the margins>

Ceriday, Bernfleur 29, 1019

Grisht Letters Uncovered

We at the Tribune have been receipt of a remarkable set of letters--remarkable! How they were delivered, their mysterious source, remains unknown. They arrived to us recently through means of a courier, its only mark a setting sun. We have spent the previous week verifying their authenticity, as much as possible.

Though private, we believe these may offer a "last look" into the life of one of Alexandria's fallen heroes, and perhaps the end of an unsettling mystery that has bedeviled family and friends alike.

We therefore publish them in their entirety.

Dear Grisht,

I'm so glad you wrote me. There have been so many things said of the District of late. They talk up the fights as--well, I am sure you know. They've painted your opponent as a dangerous, half-maddened troll. And here you are sending me letters of sitting down for a drink!

How much can a troll drink, I wonder? Or is he a troll at all? Oh, it's all a mystery to me--you and your world. It's like peeking into a fairytale sometimes, one I'm just beginning to learn about. ...though I admit sometimes to being a little afraid of it. Were you not at its center, so strong and so steady, I would be frightened, indeed.

I know you tell me not to worry, but you know I will.

Missing you.

Dear Grisht,

It was good to read your letter. We shared it over the table, mum and I. We're making a lamb for tomorrow night--won't that be wonderful! We both look forward to your stories, as always. You lend them a warmth we just don't see in the papers.

I'm not supposed to tell you this, but we watched the match from the stands. I suppose your opponent wasn't a half-troll, but he sure was frightening, as he swing his axe. Never fear that I missed my studies to do it; well. I suppose you should, but we all take a little risk now and then, I suppose.

Dear Grisht,

I was so glad to see you at dinner the other day. We didn't get the time we wanted--but that's always true, isn't it? Between your practice and my studies...but, you'll be that carpenter one day, and ...well, I've a few more years, until we get there.

I'll see what I can find about that ring of yours. If you won it from a nobleman, well--that could be a story, couldn't it! It's gorgeous, in its own way. Gaudy, a bit--but considering its origins, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Either way, I'm excited.

...please stay safe. I know it's all show, but. ...well, you know I always worry, but I'm always so glad to see you, too.

Dear Grisht,

I found something on that ring of yours. From what I can tell, it's tied to the Temple of Althea. ...well, not directly to them, but it carries their magic. It was made years ago, for a young nobleman, then passed on to his daughter, and then to her son. The original noble was Fifshen, and he was of Alexandria. He...his house died with the passing of his granddaughter.

According to my notes, it possessed a strong curative effect.

Grisht, are you in trouble?

Regretfully, the letters end here. Grisht's letters--to whomever they may have been--we may never know. As to a "mysterious ring," it remains a mystery to us! If you have any information on this object, please supply it to the Tribune.

As you know, Grisht's death was eventually ruled a murder, by causes unknown. Any information may help both his family, and fans.

The Tribune Staff

Tariday, Bernfleur 25, 1019

Rainbows Brew Vandalism

Stoneworks' Calzones reported vandalism this past Gilday. "Someone came in here, and put food colorin' in all our drinks," reported Embma Shaletracker, co-owner with her husband, Jaruda. "When we served them, there were these rainbows and sparkles, and imaginary horns stickin' out on top."

"They looked like liquified unicorn in a cup," replied Jaruda, wryly. "Not that...we'd ever serve such a thing."

The "unicornification" seems, after investigation, to be a harmless prank. In response, Embma and Jaruda have declared a "week-long happy hour" in which visitors may enjoy ales and beers (if a little more colorful than usual) at 1/2 price.

"Help us clear out tha inventory!" Jaruda declared!

Tariday, Bernfleur 25, 1019

Murder at Dawn

Officials report the death of a llyranesi wizard, nearby Sage Orum's. Locals are encouraged to be careful within this district for the next few days, as the cause of death is investigated.

Tariday, Bernfleur 25, 1019

Visiting Poet Strikes a Prose!

"Vengeful Sorrows Within"

What have you done to me? A haze of betrayal, as perceptions crawl...
Once we drank of paradise, glad-hearted within Darkness
And wide-eyed, but your thirst soured into a vengeful morass of
Blood and tears
Follow hate, follow blood, love ground to dust
In a torrent of vengeance, I condemn you!

...such are the words of Elviran, visiting and sponsored Council Poet! Known among the Caverns for her powerful verse and heart-felt, savage prose upon the stage, the poet Elviran represents a rarity among mul'niessa. That is, she has been sponsored by the Council to "share the as-yet unknown beauty of the mul, and the strength the pain of their noble sacrifice and ascension represents." The above is a translation from Undercommon, whereupon the words are harsher, and considered to have that essential "burrsome, yet vengeful snarl" associated with such emotions.

The above poem is said to reference ties between two mul, one of whom turned from the One True Darkness (aka, Taara).

Elviran has not stated the length of her visit, only that she intends to enjoy the Alexandrian theatre and it's "more relaxed approach, so alien to the joyful, fulfilling rigours of mul society."

Eliday, Bernfleur 23, 1019

Body Missing

Officials are still investigating the dissapearance of a corpse associated with a recent discovery (and investigation) of a Mage's Prison.

Mage's Prisons are so-called because of their usage to bind extraplanar beings and unwholesome experiments, the existence of such prisons outside of official sanction (for enforcement purposes) has been under close scrutiny of local governments for years. Rune had officially looked down on the practice, though less scrupulous mages were known to practice in secret. With Rune's dissolution, it has fallen to local governments to decide on enforcement.

Investigations are still underway.

Bernfleur 18, 1019


Front Page

Attack in Nobles' District!

A building in the noble district belonging to the prominent Telenil family, distant relatives of head of the city council Rawyn Telenil, imploded.

City officials have been somewhat circumspect on the cause of the collapse but several notable adventurers were said to be on scene and some speculate that they are likely to blame. Others say a group of children stumbled upon a dangerous magical artifact which has now been contained by the Aquisitioners, the Elunan sect, some of whom were said to've been spotted on the site after the implosion.

Rawyn Telenil issued a statement indicating her continuing support of the Guild of Explorers and its membership in solving problems too dangerous and difficult for the common man. The loss of a family property is 'small, compared to the dangers that were faced'.

Soldiers' Defense News

The Soldier's Defense Hospital was evacuated in the wake of some kind of poison gas attack. Several golems and hardy adventurers were called to clear the place out and it seems to be that foul and fallen individuals deliberately let loose the gas in an attempt to rob the tithings vault. They were swiftly defeated and none survived and no doubt Althea will ensure they receive their just rewards.

The Watch Constables of Alexandria are asking all citizens to keep an eye out for a five foot eleven, slender and dark haired man who has gone by the name of 'Argus'. He has a dinstinctive scar on his right hand running from his pointer finger to his wrist.

The Hearthguards' extend their thanks to those who assisted.

Tribune Trails Comic
Trib divwizard.png
Trib rabbitdice.png
Trib navospriest.png

Howdy, folks! The Tribune will be going on hiatus for a while, as I investigate a different approach. Thanks for your support! In the meantime, please feel free to use +bbread 7 for rumors and updates!

Ceriday, Bernfleur 08, 1019


Front Page

Veshanti Delegation Attacked

An explosion occured in Upper Alexandria, near the Veyshanti Embassy. While the cause of the explosion is unknown, it does seem to have upset Merchant Tangisir, the bronze dragon who has family both in Alexandria and Veyshan and unofficial member of the Veyshanti delegation.

"It is unacceptable," he's quoted as saying. Master Tangisir suggests his warehouses had recently been set pon by thieves, but expressed confidence that Alexandrian authorities would look into the matter.

No deaths were reported as a result of the blast.

Editor's Note: We've reported previously on Merchant Tangisir, in the following editions:

OOC: This ties into the Grisht series of plots, run by Lahar.

Mage's Prison Presumptiously Uncovered!

Officials in Alexandrian uncovered a Mage's Prison. Uncovered in the northern wilderness, it is suspected the prison was used on Fel residents. Although some speculate its usage may have been recovery-based, a brief investigation into the area confirms this was not the case. "Runes along the walls, scratch marks from multiple escape attempts. In a legal prison, the wards merely block a dangerous and convicted creature from leaving, there's documentation, that sort of thing. Here, the prison was kept in secret, and the wards were set to rend on attempt of exit," a spokesperson from the Arcanists said.

Mage's Prisons are so-called because of their usage to bind extraplanar beings and unwholesome experiments, the existence of such prisons outside of official sanction (for enforcement purposes) has been under close scrutiny of local governments for years. Rune had officially looked down on the practice, though less scrupulous mages were known to practice in secret. With Rune's dissolution, it has fallen to local governments to decide on enforcement.

Local Watch constabulary suggest the Prison has been "eradicated and nullified," thanks to the heroic actions of local adventurers.

IMAGE: An image is included of all adventurers, complete with flying capes. A crook'd wizard in a goatee is seen running away, shaking his fist and yelling, 'Curses!'

OOC: This ties into the Grisht series of plots, run by Lahar.

Ghost Spooks Celebrants at vonIronBrew's!

During the celebration at the loss of a great warrior, Grisht the Half-oruch. Many stories were told about his great standings in the arena and some of his past deeds, such as the alleged child that he sired with a Princess from another land. However, the tale on everyone's lips about this event had to be how the celebration was shaken by the appearance of a ghost who marked a few of the revellers as they fought over a mysterious bracelet that disrupted the celebration.

The glowing figure appeared moments after a bracelet fell to the floor, seeming to summon the glowing figure. Perhaps this is the spirit of the late Grisht, trying to reclaim something important to him? Either way, the figure faded before leaving its mark o a number of those who were fighting over the bracelet. Anyone with further information on this story is asked to contact the Tribune.

OOC: By Chezni! This ties into the Grisht series of plots, run by Lahar.

Explosions Light Up the Sky in Noble District

A pillar of light shot into the sky, followed by a building imploding today in the Noble District.

Guards promptly sealed off the area and spoke to several adventurers who were on hand. Because of course they were.

OOC: This refers to a plot run by Whirlpool! Contact Kira, Fazahd, Elisabeth, Stjepan, Terewin and Astaren for details!

Fashion and Culture

Gladiatorial Celebrations

Alexandria's own gladiator, Grisht, will be celebrated at vonIronBrew's this Kesenday. Noted for his strength as well as jovaility, Gresht will be sorely missed by locals and businesses alike, who often liked to wager on his matches.

Local fan 'Caps' had this to say: "I saw his match against Gresher the Thresher! It was really cool! He swung his axe, and Gresher yelled. He had a mountain on his ax." Caps is 10 years old, and attends matches with his mother.

Although recent sspicions of poisoning have raised concerns among the local gladiator community, well-wishers say they don't intend to let that sully his memory at the celebrations. Reports fan Gildain Troughrough, "There was a Grisht in all of us. He tried hard, and he wasn't the best--but he was damn good. That's worth drinkin' to."

Editor's Note: See our follow-up coverage of this event in the Front Page.

Tribune Trails Comic
Trib corgiwigglebutt.png
Submitted by Roselle!
Personal and Editorials

An Invitation to the Crimsons Pen!

Mikilostravia Abrioudelanarchie Mithralla, Lord of Estranillia, Archmage of the Sixth, extends a formal invatation to the ladies of the Crimson Pen, to Mithralla Manor for tea and conversation. Arrangement information can be obtained via the Tribune offices, or directly by Mithralla Manor. The magus suggests Ambassador Abrahil Brindelgear as chaperone.

Korday, Eatonis 16, 1019


Front Page
Something Wicked

There have been rumours floating about the grand city about the shadows that are cast by Desolation are... moving. Most insist this is merely speculation on the part of some of the more wary, though some might say 'paranoid', denizens of this great nation.

Recently, a team was dispatched into the distant range between Alexandros and Desolation in order to research these claims, though their investigations proved only to bring about more questions from a curious and, yes, frightened populace. Though they have admitted that there was activity involving the undead out there in the cold and unwelcome reaches, there is still much to be discovered about whether or not this threat has anything to do with the apparently 'moving' gloom cast beneath the prison state's ever-watchful presence, or is simply nothing more than an unfortunate event that just so happened to be in the area in which they arrived.

If you ask the guard, as I have, they would tell you: 'It's nothing more than a routine response to reports from someone that's obviously gotten into the drink. Desolation is a fine and stable bastion against lawlessness Ea over, and we owe it to the Keepers of that place to at least assume they'd know if something were brewing under their noses. Look, I'll tell you what I told my toddler. Nothing's wrong. The shadow's the same as it always has been. The sun still rises every morning. That enough?'

Some people are still skeptical, but this is one citizen that's convinced.

OOC: This relates to an amazing plot run by YOKAI! Contact them for details.

Pembroke Springsworth Lets the Dogs Run at Khazadi Fest

Pembroke Springsworth, gnomish woodscrafter, never thought to achieve fame in the world of war dogs. "I just set out to make the best companion possible!" he said. From his Inspiration, the world now has Dire Corgis.

The corgis arrived in Alexandria for the first time, just days ago. Inspired or perhaps emboldened by the Beer Fest, Pembroke decided to show off his invention. His very fluffy, adorable invention.

Of course, in true gnomish fashion, no good invention is without mischief. A group of children acquired corgis with odd, elemental powers, and mischief was had.

OOC: Dire Corgis are now available ingame, thanks to gnomish obsession with making things better and in this case, fluffier. You may request this change from staff. Also, our Animal Companion code still doesn't auto-level in chargen. So, you'll need to ping staff when you level, anyhow. We're able to do it from our end; the advance code is just kerflundling.

Stats available here:

OOC2: A big thanks to ASTAREN for featuring the dire corgis in plot! You can read the mischief, here:

Murdered Wizard to Seek Damage Against Apprentices; Third Still on the Loose

As reported in: "No Magic Clues Found in Murder of Wizard," in our Kesenday, Vhast 20 edition, the wizard Maraxos continues to have trouble with his apprentices. The three apprentices left him for dead, only to have Maraxos return to life later as an arcane duplicate.

Two apprentices have been arrested so far. The second apprentice, Tergip the Bloody Lip, attempted the summon of numerous elementals in order to bind them to himself as a source of power. He was prevented in his task by agents from the Adventurer's Guild, though is expected to recover. Manxoff will be seeking ajudication from the Parliament of Magi in punishing his wayward apprentices and a trial is set to begin once all three have been located. Only one remains on the loose, Grinto Bloody-Maw. Enclosed is an artist's render of this individual. If encountered report to the Watch immediately.

OOC: This relates to a story arc by the amazing WHIRLPOOL. Contact him for questions!

Owlbear Sightings--be Wise when Venturing into the Forests this Week

The Tribune has received claims from Wilderness Pointe of owlbear sightings, and sent this reporter to investigate. A survey of those at the Wayfarer's Inn resulted as, one local lumberjack reported, overhearing the distinctive hoot-growl of an unknown number of the beasts near a foresting site. Based on this information, an expedition was sent to find the creatures.

The ranger Ga'Elian happened to be in the pub that same evening, and was able to give a description of the owlbear. He described how that the tracks and other observable signs of owlbears are nearly indistinguishable from those of ordinary bears, in appearance. However, an expert tracker can tell the difference by the depth of the impressions of the forepaw prints versus those of the hindpaw prints, and by the length of the owlbear's gait. In addition, while bears do break branches as they move through the trees, owlbears often leave feathers behind where they push through. Finally, the diet and resulting fewmets of owlbears are somewhat different from those of ordinary bears. For example, owlbears don't seem to feed on honey as much as ordinary bears do. Hunter Ga'Elian did say that he has found owlbears here and there in the woods between Wilderness Pointe and Mictlan, but not anywhere that civilized folk would ordinarily encounter them.

In response to the increased sightings, villagers in Wilderness Pointe have laid up weapons to fend off a potential incursion by the creature. Children are being kept under close supervision at the edges of the village. The innkeeper has volunteered to collect the reports of any who might encounter signs of the beasts too near their community, and the tension among the locals is noticeable. This reporter notes, however, that the country folk of this village are often held to be a touch on the paranoid or trigger-happy side by authorities in Alexandria. Furthermore, Ga'Elian said that the Ygdrassil Union does maintain a vigil in these forests and solves potential problems far more often than the villagers are ever aware of, through methods that city dwellers would rarely expect.

Fashion and Culture
Muscle is out! Slender is in!

Trends in Alexandros come and go with the season, but this season is straight from Llyranost! The Pen's latest work draws on trends; it does not reinvent them. Tall and slender is in, with long flaxen hair. Some nobles are getting ear extensions, to make theirs longer. Togas also, are in style in every variety.

What a season!

OOC: This is all your fault. Everyone's. - Tenebrae Staff

Tribune Trails Comic

None this week. :(

Great Paladin Advice Column

While there is no column this week, certain Demon Lords have been filing a higher number than average of claims for health insurance in Taaran temples.

Korday, Eatonis 02, 1019

Alexandrian Tribune

Front Page

Grave-Robbing Artificer Builds Concern

The Vardaman temple has expressed concern publicly over the recent grave robberies that've plagued the local cemetaries lately.

Apparently there were advances made in locating the culprit of this unforgivable defilement of these sacred lands, but when attempts were made to apprehend this heinous individual, resistance was offered in the way of constructs made from what is presumed to be not only the treasured items of the dearly departed, but the departed themselves, turning them into horrific beasts with the ability to still the body and kill the mind. In the fray, the culprit, a goblin survivors name as one 'Gragle', last seen wearing a black wizard's hat, and a ratty robe to match, fled the grasps of justice. It is believed that he will offend again.

The Temple asks that the public report any information they might have regarding this most unfortunate of events, appealing to the kindness of others with the rising slogan seeming to be: "What if it was your family?"

What, indeed?

OOC: This relates to a plot run by the amazing YOKAI! Contact her for details!!

Local Hero Felled

Grisht, a local favorite among Order Paramount battles, was set to fight another well-known and loved competitor in the ring last Kesenday. Instead, Grisht was found by his assistant in one of the preparation rooms. A Mourner confirmed the death just hours later, although preservation was not able to take place until some time after, due to the nature of the incident.

A celebration of Grisht'd life and times is scheduled at vonIronBrew's this coming week. The nature of his death is still under investigation.

OOC: This has become a full-scene, and will be story and legwork focused. I'll be running the brewery scene later next week, as my schedule shakes out. Folks already investigating have priority, ofc! - Lahar

Spiders Attack While Lurking from Alleyways

Late in the morning of Pryntar 27, the Lower Market District was shocked by the sound of a blood-curdling scream from one of its alleys. Witnesses say that two adventurers responded even as shoppers gathered to watch--from a safe distance.

The scream came from Lara Tess, a half-Sildanyari local resident who had been heading into the alley to collect laundry that she had hung to dry. Ms. Tess was both startled and terrified by a trio of giant spiders who had built a web between the shop building she lives in and the next one over.

The Tribune learned that the adventurers who responded were the Sunblade Lysa Hrolfdottr, and the ranger Ga'Elian "Ettin-slayer". Witnesses say that the Sunblade's first action was to pull Ms. Tess out of harm's way, before slicing one of the monsters clean in half with her noble sword. Ga'Elian fired volleys of arrows at both of the other spiders, dropping them quickly. Watch spokesman Titus Cooper reported that the adventurers promptly reported the situation, including what appeared to be an opening into the sewers where the spiders seem to have come from. Measures were taken without delay to stop the opening and clear away the spider mess. Watchman Cooper expressed thanks to the adventurers and appreciation to the Adventurer's Guild for the services they regularly provide to the residents of Alexandria.

OOC: The foregoing was based upon a spontaneous scene RP'd on grid! The log is at

Fashion and Culture

Crimson Cookoff!

In response to our EMERGENCY EDITION, you've sent in your votes! ...and delicious recipes! The Crimson Pen--or is it Pens--are thrilled, and assure us that a draft is already underway. Still, it could go either direction, couldn't it?

- The Tribune

Preparation of Sky Eel

Sent in on behalf of favoring Magelos Jithralla

For those unfamilar, Sky Eel are a common creature from the elemental plane of water, named for their vibrant sky blue color. Easily aquired from a range of arcane sources, many believe this delicacy to be ficticious, or even poisonous; simple misunderstandings from improper preperation.

Sky Eel should be prepared fresh, and the meat spoils rapidly when exposed to air or direct sunlight. The eel can be prepared like any aquatic animal, removing the head, skin, bones, and internal organs, leaving a rubber flesh of sky blue. A this point the flesh is indeed toxic, and should not be consumed. A white or grey flesh has spoiled, and should be discarded. By rubbing the meat with common sea salt, the texture should harden, and the color deeper to a rich navy blue. Simple shake off the excess salt. Any earth based material, such as common dirt, can have a similar effect, but sea salt best preserves the flavor.

Once the meat has been prepared, it can be cooked similar to other fish. This author recommends a light coating of basil and lemon juice before frying in olive oil. A properly cooked Sky Eel will take on bright green highlights, and the meat flake easily. Serve with white wine and asparagus.

Chicken and Rice

Sent in on behalf of Mereth

You will need bacon, 2 cups uncooked white rice, two pound chicken leg quarters, can of cream of mushroom soup, seasonings. Place a layer of fatty bacon along the bottom of a 9x13 cake pan. Pour even layer of 2 cups uncooked white rice. Lay chicken over top of rice, pour cream of mushroom soup over entire pan. Sprinkle with black pepper and oregano. Over with foil, bake at 325F for 30 minutes. Uncover, bake additional 15 minutes. Serve hot.

Pheasant or turkey can easily replace chicken, other cream soups can replace Cream of Mushroom. Common troubles are dry chicken. Make sure to leave skin on, and uncooked rice, which may need additional hydration. Experiment to suit personal tastes.

Delicious Summer Strawberries

On behalf of Magelos Jithralla

As the summer heats up, so can you with simply sensual sliced summer starberries. Begin with stawberries, plucked in the burning heat of a summer sun, sweat glistening. Soak in wet, dripping, water to wash away those impure thoughts. Chill in a private cellar, in the dark, pressed close, hidden from the world above.

With a sharp knife, slice lengthways, revealing the tender flesh within. But be careful, or you might get hurt. Spread the pieces out on a plate, exposed, unashamed, a feast for the eyes and sences. Drizzle with warm, dark chocolate, and rich golden honey, the two mixing, swirling, becomming as one. Consume slowly by candel light, savoring every piece, as the favors explode across your tongue.

Serves two, or more, if you dare.

Sandy Soother

On behalf of Magelos Jithralla

Pie for Pacifying Irate Sandys:

Take one (1) quantity of sweet pastry, and one (1) bottle of High Density Alcoholic Beverage, and roll the pastry out to form a casing for a good-sized deep dish pie pan.

Take a large swig of alcohol. Taste pastry. Toss the entire casing out as a bad job as it's not sweet enough. Take enough alcohol to bring the bottle downto half.

Take three (3) cups sugar, twelve (12) eggs, separate the whites from the yolks, and beat the sugar together with the egg whites until they form soft peaks - but that takes too long so just empty 1/4 of the alcohol into the mixture and give it a sloppy stir. Hoick the whole pie case into a heated oven and bake on the highest possible heat.

Finish the rest of the alcohol in the bottle, take another bottle of same, and finish that too.

By the time the world stops spinning around, the pie ought to be ready, and slightly burnt on the top, which only adds to the flavour. That is, if it hasn't caught fire first. If it has, put out the fire with a swipe of a damp cloth, scrape off the burnt bits, and mix more alcohol with the contents, by which time one can either consume, or imbibe, the resultant mixture. Which ought to then put any irate Sandys to sleep.

Tribune Trails Comic
Trib door2.png
Where in Ea is Severson Sparkthistle?

Our regular, 'Gnomish Traveller' column is replaced by an emergency. Gearbear's cousin Severson has been kidnapped and is being taken across Ea! With your help, the search is underway! Please help us identify the locations in the sketches!

Send your responses to: +request/trib Severson=Your guess!

The Latest Evidence

Trib missingnome01.png

How to Identify Severson v. Gearbear

Trib gnometraveler cousinwbear.png

Balefire Silkworks Rescue!

Trib rescuescorpion.png

Variday, Pryntar 20, 1019


Front Page

Dark Pathways Ahead

Adventurers were dispatched this evening last in response to a cry for help so uncommon that many had at first thought it a hoax; the Lunar Grove, a local druid circle known for their insular and reclusive ways, requested the city's aid in the shadow of heavy losses suffered in the previous months, claiming an inability to properly uphold a natural balance in the outreaching Westwood Copse on the very brink of their perview.

Lead by a scout from 'Dancing Shadows', the militant arm of the unusual grove used primarily for the culling of an overpopulace of predators, the group of wayward warriors encountered a cyclopian threat, complete with what reports have called a 'hunt-to-kill' trained pack of worgs, unindiginous to the area in question. According to the recollection of one such Adventurer, 'Observation: Attempted ambush. Resolution: Elimination. Summation: Mission successful.'

Heavy casualty was sustained by the party, but due to the bravery and will of those involved, it seems that the danger is, for the moment, quelled in the west. Merchants and travellers alike are still warned against the trails that extend through that distant territory without protection, but the way is open, and the possibilities are endless.

OOC: This refers to a prP run by the great Yokai! Contact her for details! Participants were Aodh, Zant, Ollithial, and Sasha!

Chimeria Brings Questions About Its Arrival

A caravan being escorted to the bank of Alexandria was interrupted by a hideous, monstrous Night Hag whom challenged the mercenaries guarding it for the rights to a particular gem in their care. Accepting her challenge (despite apparent rumors of flirations between her and one Aesir warrior), they defeated her pet Chimeras and were able to proceed to the bank and deposit the wealth of owner safely.

She left peacefully, after that, though whispers hint that a gem has gone missing from the bank.

OOC: This ties to a scene by Whirlpool! Contact him for details! Participants were: Alba, Mayahuel, Jokul, Durrankar!

Fashion and Culture

Brews Hopping in Alexandria!

Local brewers are showing their pride this week with new brews. Some are only available this week! Here is what you've had to say...

Lysa Hrolfdottr writes:

Worldgrog's World Grog: Rumlike drink with not just Earthy undertones, but tasted like Rum on the rocks... rocks as in stone and soil.
Blue Banner Ale: Quite good. More traditional ale flavor with the hint of something tangy and metallic. Iron? Bronze? Mithral? Hard to say!
Magmabreaker: Tried burning out my taste buds for good with this one. Lysa didn't even know what Magma was until it was too late. Afterwards, there was a lingering burn. Her review is: Tastes like FIRE.
Deepjaw Stout: Mostly because it was so much cooler than the Magmabreaker, the Stout had a -very- soothing and smooth taste to it. Like caramel though in liquid form and with less sugar. Tasted like it should have been thick... a beer milkshake? Hrmmm...
Strongarm IX: Strong enough to cross the eyes, a good bitter taste to it. Drink enough, and it will fool you into thinking you are far stronger than you really are. Well-named bew!

Thank you, Lysa! Keep sending in your reviews, and celebrating the Festival!

Tribune Trails Comic

The Nar-sektoth was really bugged by this incident. In fact, when we handed them the script, they ripped it.

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Great Paladin Advice Column

The Great Paladin reports that Charn's weather is terrible this time of year, but then it is always terrible. Column returning as soon as she makes it back from her vacation! May the corpses of evil cleanse the earth before you, as a kindly, comforting carpet!

The Gnomish Traveler

Gearbear Sparkthistle is returning from Blar this week! Please send in your letters--where should he go, next??

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Spring Staves!

Spring Staves! Mithralla Merchandise now offers a line of magical staves! From fire to ice to the ever famed Staff of Power, Mithralla Merchandise now offers a wide range of arcane staves. Located on the Mountain Road, under the giant sword, Mithralla Merchandise continues to offer a wide range of quality magical items, crafted from local mateirals, with over two centuries of crafting experience.

Seeking Stories!

Want to spread RUMORS? SLANDAR? ...or just tell everyone about that awesome PrP you just ran, or roleplay you'd had? Send it to the Tribune! We give out bonus RPP for every article when we publish! (Publication cycle is every 2 weeks, earlier if we have enough articles.)

Tariday, Pryntar 07, 1019


Front Page

Conspiracy Uncovered

Sir Enworth Steadyhand, speaking for the Alexandros Ministry of Internal Affairs, told the Tribune, "On Tariday, Vhast 31st officials of Alexandria's Watch took into custody a Charneth national who styled herself Lady Jaquetta. This Jaquetta was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit necromancy and (a badly attempted) conspiracy to overthrow the government of Alexandros. In addition, condemning evidence was sent to the royal government of Dun Mordren, as the evidence pointed to another conspirator allegedly being in Khazadi jurisdiction. The Ministry now possesses conclusive evidence of the conspiracy, including detailed plans, but for reasons of public security has decided to withhold further information from public dissemination, but does with to thank members of the Adventurer's Guild for their assistance.

The Tribune has learned that the evidence upon which the arrest warrant for Lady Jaquetta was issued ties back to the story we reported two issues ago, in which we told of a mysterious box that was delivered to Professor Argus Bumblebottom of the Artificers' Hall from a wreckage of a wagon in the mountains. When we asked Professor Bumblebottom to shed more light on Sir Enworth's statement, he replied, "The box was merely a secure container for the incriminating documents. Once I saw what was on those pages, I made all due haste to alert the authorities."

Lady Jaquetta's arrest took place at the suite she had been renting at the Fernwood Public House. When Watch officials arrived to execute the warrant, a further search was made of her rooms, in which was found a make-shift laboratory for the construction of a flesh golem, and a shrine to Thul. The Fernwood Pub's management told the Tribune that clean-up was already well underway, thanks to the generous assistance of volunteers from the Shovelers of St. Rarvin.

OOC: Contact Ga'Elian for rumors!

New Brews Bingo!

This Kegger Fest, be sure to hunt down these new, Khazad Duin-inspired brews in the city. Although nothing will be revealed until the holiday, we've received reports of the following new drinks to hit the streets, restaurants, and food carts of Alexandros:

  • Magmabreaker
  • Woldgrog's World Grog
  • Deepjaw Stout
  • Earthbrand Haleshaker
  • Limeg's Blue Banner Ale
  • Blue Gobber Bitters
  • Rosey-Nosey
  • Old Peculiar Cavern
  • Strongarm IX

To help you out, we've attached a "Keggerfest Bingo" to this edition. Be sure to cut out the card, and check off new drinks as you encounter, and try them! Festival goers who try every brew will win a unique prize from the Tribune!

OOC: Please send Lahar an @mail if you do this, or if you'd like to ensure you get an extra, bonus RPP with it, send in your review of the Kegger Fest brews to the Tribune!

Fashion and Culture

Toga-tastic Fashion Trends Sweeps Alexandria!

Following a sweeping fashion change among the Myrrish royal elite, shops in Alexandros are struggling to import togas. The Prestigious Moon received their first shipment this week. By all accounts, shop owner Lady Sandiel Jn'Rajh Arwenieniallwehn was ecstatic. Her wife stood by, weeping tears of joy at the fashion trend.

When asked about the new fashion, Lady Myrana Jn'Rajh Arwenieniallwehn replied: "Well I certainly did say they were the mode, didn't I? Hm? Oh, no, this isn't gin I'm pouring in my coffee, not at all."

The Tribune is pleased to report that all togas sold out within a short period--after a visit to the prestigious store later that evening, none were to be found!

OOC: This relates to the Fashion plot, run by Whirlpool! Contact him, or Abrahil, Ga'Elian, Kravar, Myrana, Selerik, Stirling, Verna, or Thyrson for details.

Kegger Fest for Foodies!

Although the focus of Kegger Fest has traditionally been on getting smashed, foodies in the city can expect a plethora of new offerings. The nod between Khazad Duin's and Alexandros' adventuring community is partially responsible, though it is also true that post-Shadows, khazadi culture has been becoming more influential world-wide.

This festival, look for as many as 24 new drinks this season, from established brewing-houses in Alexandros, as well as the explosion in the robust fare we've come to expect of khazadi cuisine. In Vadran, Stoneworks' Calzones appears to have gotten the jump on celebrations, but for foodies, don't expect that to be the end of the story.

This festival, expect to experience an explosion in the variety of mushroom-based brews. Rich, poingant and flavorful, these broews go well with any khazadi-inspired items you'll find on menus this week, and the Festival is an opportune time to try them. Popular sides include the crispy, yet rich breads farmed from the underearth's mossflower and litchensgra. With these dishes, expect a mushroom or lichen-derived oil, and rock salt, to be placed on the table.

Any new khazadi-inspired meat dishes are not to be missed this festival season. Freshwater mollusks, tusklizard tailchips, lichen salads, and tide-eel on mossflower biscuits represent just some of the variety to be had. Whatever the dish, expect to be served a good, strong drink alongside it, and a helping of their poignant but flavorful taevar sauce. Taevar is uniquely khazad. Made from an eyeless, underground fish, it is fermented through a special process to achieve its unique flavor, which some describe as possessing an initial bite--that explodes in a deep burst of flavor along the back of the tongue.

As a major sea port, Alexandros' seafood dishes pair well in general with Khazad Duin's taevar sauce. Even if you're avoiding the tide-eel, the sauce could be the one item to try this festival season.

Stoneworks' Announces New Mead!

Stoneworks' newest drink offering is a nod to Alexandria's heritage, with a khazadi flair. The crisp yet sweet, 'Northmountain Golden Apple' stands as the fourth drink to the sturdy menu. Its selection followed loud, thunderous debate, during which Embma and Jaruda Shaletracker had to call for order several times. Northmountain is produced by a connection to Lysa Hrolfdottr, of the northern mountain lands.

Present during the debate were the Shaletracker couple, Lysa, Astaren, Dubtle, Hildr, Khogh Dorahl, and numerous neighbors and extended family.

OOC: This connects to the recent Meetup! Log here:

Tribune Trails Comic
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Great Paladin Advice Column

There is no Great Paladin this week, as the Great Paladin is visiting the Hells on a holiday, because somehow this is a good idea. We wish you well, Great Paladin!

The Gnomish Traveler

Gearbear Sparkthistle here, or "Bear" as I am known to friends and foe alike! I am a traveler and explorer of faraway places and unknown lands! Recently, I set my sights on BLAR!

What can I say of Blar, but that as I crested the hills, I understood immediately how Bludgun had named it the CRIMSON BASTION! Blar is certainly a display of arvek industriousness, and any war chief would think thrice and twenty times before attacking it! Yet, I Gearbear Sparkthistle descended the hill fearlessly!

Arvek organisation is such that the devastations of the Sendor War and following Taara's Tears seem only a memory--at least compared to the rest of the world. It's said they put this same strength to all of their endeavors! Hearing this of course I, Gearbear, saw it as a challenge! And opportunity, of course! What great traveler endures without mighty bunions? Could this finally be the place to ease them? I wondered but alas--I was never to find out. Read on, brave traveler!

Advek industriousness, as you tour the city, knows no limits and fewer bounds! The arvek have rebuilt not only homes, but streets and walls! From earlier accounts in the Tribune, we know of the devastation of not one, but two wars prior to the Tears: witnesses spoke of crumbled stone and blood-red walls. And yet...

...yet, today the city is a military marvel! With a few new quirks, I might add. Quite unexpectedly, the arvek are now experimenting with color! Why. ...quite a few colors, enough that I lost track of them all. Within the walls is an almost blinding array of them--though knowing the arvek, rainbows may well be a secret weapon!

Upon speaking to one of the guards (or a normal citizen, I couldn't tell exactly you know, what with the marching and saluting and all that!) I was assured that nothing in Blar is unuseful or frivolous! At this, the arvek have given me no reason to doubt them, though I do wonder at their naming conventions. While visiting I was led to "Thirstplace," which was of course, a place to wet your throat as well as "Bootsoff," which was a resting area for the military.

Hrmm. At this place, I was looking for easment of my bunions. I thought I had found it, when I approached an older gentleman, who seemed to know his way around. see, there are no OLD arvek. Or if there are, they are such who have survived horrifying tales! Bedlam! And terror!

This ancient told me that yes, while I stood within the temple district--an area of great majesty, I might add! The temples were built on top of an ancient ziggurat! That, underneath area renamed "Don'tvisit" by locals, it's said to contain the corpse of a Child of Thul, as well as the entire stock of romance novels written by the former Crimson Hand cultists. They assure me the latter involved tales of Zombiesflutter, a Thulian-Taaran genre featuring muls and zombies, made originally as a cultish celebration of that unholy alliance.

Er. ...well! With that, I was forced to end my visit, and look forward to exploring many, many other places on Ea! Please do write to me at the Tribune!

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